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(   Cult films, no not the indoctrination tapes from scientologists, but rather strange, offbeat, eccentric or surreal, cult films feature oddball characters and demented plots. What is your fave? Voting enabled   ( divider line
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2003-07-19 06:06:40 PM  
Eating Raoul
2003-07-19 06:25:00 PM  
Pink Flamingos, naturally.
2003-07-19 06:26:11 PM  
a truly beautiful love story

[image from too old to be available]

2003-07-19 06:31:56 PM  
Dianetics - the Movie.
2003-07-19 06:42:25 PM  
2003-07-19 06:31:56 PM ricardomontalban

Dianetics - the Movie.

I believe that was specifically discluded by the headline.
2003-07-19 06:49:18 PM  
2003-07-19 06:58:25 PM  
2003-07-19 07:01:02 PM  
2003-07-19 07:06:47 PM  
Wow, I have 7 of the flicks mentioned in the article on DVD. I frighten myself.

For best cult flicks, (and their inclusion in the genre may be subject to disagreement,):

A Boy and His Dog, The Usual Suspects, Dogma, Big Trouble in Little China, True Romance, and most everything by Joel and Ethan Cohn.
2003-07-19 07:10:26 PM  
dandamanfl Ahhh. Some sort of wacky cult vernacular. Appropriate.
2003-07-19 07:11:42 PM  
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Life of Brian.
2003-07-19 07:13:51 PM  
"What would you do if you had a million dollars?"

"Two chicks at the same time."

/Office Space
2003-07-19 07:18:45 PM  
Having just watched it, my favorite right now is Withnail and I.

/goes for attempt #6 at making a Camberwell carrot.
2003-07-19 07:32:43 PM  
Coen brothers = best directors ever.

I also enjoyed Living in Obvilion, The Clockwatchers, and Brazil. I guess Ghostworld would count too, but don't tell anyone...
2003-07-19 07:47:58 PM  
"The Killer Shrews". Cinema at it's finest.
2003-07-19 07:55:11 PM  
Well, probably the best cult film I can think of is The Groove Tube, from 1972. It has one skit that stars a young Chevy Chase - a commercial for "Geritan" where his wife strips and smothers her tits all over his face! Richard Belzer also stars in a bunch of skits. This movie is a great snippet of "head" culture - arty humour/social commentary from the early 70s. All in all a fantastic flick.
2003-07-19 08:02:56 PM  
I should say more about the groove tube - the "sex olympics" skit is really funny when they get to the "curl-sweep-probe" lines. The Dealers skit is really funny, especially if you like smoke weed and trip and stuff. And the Brown 25 commercial is farkin funny. I'm tellin ya, this flick has gags all over the place from the get-go. It's really worth tracking down and smoking a fatty while watching.
2003-07-19 08:08:41 PM  
Smoke's a movie about coming of age in a modern day Indian (Native American) reservation.
2003-07-19 08:08:45 PM  
Clerks, just cause its popular now doesn't make it not a cult flick
2003-07-19 08:09:02 PM  
Night of the Living Dead.. or Donnie Darko, but I wouldn't call that a cult film. Still a high quality flick.
2003-07-19 08:11:28 PM  
Yep, Night of the Living Dead. A vote for me is a vote for Blayvis.
2003-07-19 08:11:29 PM  
2003-07-19 08:11:37 PM  
Glitter, starring Mariah Carey
2003-07-19 08:11:41 PM  
Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter!
2003-07-19 08:12:25 PM  
UHF. That movie kicks ass.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 08:12:39 PM  
And, I'll add Evil Dead to the booty.
2003-07-19 08:12:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 08:13:20 PM  
TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, I am ashamed of any and all who dont immediately think of this... oh so bizarre movie.

Monty Python and the Holy Grain... I guess that might.. MIGHT be one too... but that is by far the best movie ever anyways.
2003-07-19 08:13:31 PM  
Kentucky Fried Movie, Prospero's Books, Strangelove (o' course), Toxic Avenger II...
2003-07-19 08:13:35 PM  

Quite possibly John Cryer's finest work.
2003-07-19 08:13:35 PM  
The Kentucky Fried Movie.
2003-07-19 08:14:23 PM  
"Gummo"...So strange it's mesmerizing. Also,I'll secondDandamanfl's vote for "Eating Raoul". Great flick.
2003-07-19 08:14:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 08:15:39 PM  
Jack Frost - hilarious.
2003-07-19 08:16:14 PM  
Cult Films?

I still love "Mac & Me"...the ET ripoff with dance scene in a McDonalds (they sponsored the movie.)
2003-07-19 08:16:38 PM  
Jack Frost found here.
2003-07-19 08:16:40 PM  

/irvine welsh whore
2003-07-19 08:17:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 08:17:21 PM  
Pulp Fiction
2003-07-19 08:17:37 PM  
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
2003-07-19 08:17:40 PM  
Jack Frost, no really.

Blah blah blah voting blah blah I love you mods will you marry me, all of you?
2003-07-19 08:18:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I don't think it's a cult classic, but the site says it is. Therefore, it must be true!!!
2003-07-19 08:18:14 PM  
Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, it has to be the best zombie move ever made. other good cult moves, Repo Man, Harold and Maude, Dead Alive, and any thing made by Troma.
2003-07-19 08:18:26 PM  
Freaks if you've never seen it try it, you'll like it(and be disterbed by)
2003-07-19 08:18:35 PM  
Boondock Saints
2003-07-19 08:19:27 PM  
Any Bruce MacDonald film, including Roadkill, Dance Me Outside and (the best) Highway 61.
2003-07-19 08:21:18 PM  
Romero's original Night of the Living Dead trilogy, and of course Army of Darkness.

Also, Maximum Overdrive.
2003-07-19 08:21:18 PM  
Blue Velvet...creepy Lynch film
Brazil...Best ending to a movie EVER! ("oh yeah, he's gone!)
Bottle Rocket (with the wilson brothers...fairly new, but unappreciated)

To name a few...
2003-07-19 08:21:23 PM  
2003-07-19 08:21:28 PM  
Flowers in the Attic. Anytime I want to creep out my sister, all's I gotta do is sing that theme song.. "Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh" (that's me.... singing.... the theme song. nevermind.)
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