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(Detroit Free Press)   Man charged with felony for killing kitten while driving. No, really   ( freep.com) divider line
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2003-07-19 12:31:47 PM  
Dammit, as if I didn't have enough problems, now I'm on Fark as well. Stay out of my business, busybodies.
2003-07-19 12:52:42 PM  
"People have gone crazy over this case," said Sean Daigle, Valladares-Guillen's attorney. "He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

He's also a sick fark who kills defenseless animals is an uncaring and inhumane manner.

Book him, Danno.
2003-07-19 12:57:32 PM  
This is the church he volunteers at.
2003-07-19 12:59:38 PM  
I'll bet he wouldn't throw this cat out of the window...

[image from superherophotos.net too old to be available]
2003-07-19 04:05:57 PM  
I hope he gets the maximum possible sentence
2003-07-19 04:06:29 PM  
I wonder if drew is gonna get bail?
2003-07-19 04:06:36 PM  
It's an ANIMAL, people! We eat them, for crying out loud!
2003-07-19 04:06:49 PM  
"He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

thats one talented 5- month old baby :O
2003-07-19 04:07:43 PM  
We need an Evil tag.
2003-07-19 04:08:09 PM  
Hopefully, his baby will grow up with more respect for living things then his dad.
2003-07-19 04:08:50 PM  
2003-07-19 04:09:39 PM  
[image from breastfeeding.com too old to be available]

Not cool, I say we hang him.
2003-07-19 04:09:50 PM  
I think this is how we should take care of this guy
[image from members.cox.net too old to be available]
2003-07-19 04:10:22 PM  
... whereupon the poor kitten was promptly run over by Tunces the Driving Cat.

2003-07-19 04:10:37 PM  
They shouldn't send this guy to jail- they should toss him out of a police cruiser going 70 mph. Christ almighty, what an asshole.
2003-07-19 04:10:39 PM  
Can I throw that farking bastard out of a window? Please?
2003-07-19 04:11:19 PM  
literally or figuratively?

[read article]

oh. that's brutal.
2003-07-19 04:12:23 PM  
[image from clean-funny.com too old to be available]
Episode II: The Kittens Strike Back
2003-07-19 04:13:33 PM  
he may attend church but he sure doesn't pay attention to the leasons taught.

and J that it was a defenseless animal is all the more reason to burn him.
2003-07-19 04:15:05 PM  
He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

You mean going to church or having a kid or playing the guitar doesn't preclude one from being a complete asshole? Will wonders never cease.
2003-07-19 04:15:54 PM  
Great reasoning there. Hey we can't keep the cat, so I'll just toss it out the window of a speeding car!
2003-07-19 04:16:15 PM  
Better to kill kitten when sailing, no really.
2003-07-19 04:20:08 PM  
If killing kittens is a crime, looks like I should call a lawyer.

Oh wait, we're talking about actually KILLING a kitten, not just fapping?

Good, I'm safe.

*fap fap fap fap*
2003-07-19 04:22:22 PM  
so you mean, all i have to do is play the guitar and go to church, and i can toss animals out of a moving vehicle? well sign me up, man!

tell you what, asshat. we'll toss your 5 month old daughter out of a moving car. then we'll see if it feels blown out of proportion.

i have no problems using animals for meat and products (i.e. leather). but this was just senseless. this was the taking of a life out of a matter of convenience, with no tangible product at the end of it. farker could have taken it to a shelter, it could have made another little girl or family happy.
2003-07-19 04:22:45 PM  
This asshat needs to be defenestrated himself...from a Learjet at 30,000 feet, with a cocktail napkin for a parachute.
2003-07-19 04:23:08 PM  
why can't he kill kittens the way everyone else does? This guy seriously need more boobies postings
2003-07-19 04:23:38 PM  
No doubt this guy is a moron, but it is a farking cat.
4 years in prison or 500 hours of community service!!!???
People have done less time for killing a human being. Get your priorities straight people.

Besides I kill a kitten at least once a day
2003-07-19 04:25:11 PM  
No, No.... the joke is that, you know, YOU ran over the cat, and then felt bad about it, and you went door to door until you found the owner, and then paid gave her 20 bucks because you felt so bad...and then the police arrested HER.
You know, for sellin' her pussy.
2003-07-19 04:25:45 PM  
Children, don't kill kittens and drive.

Especially when you're like two miles away from my house. That sick fark.
2003-07-19 04:26:34 PM  
Well, I grew up in a rural area, and cats and kittens were killed all the time. Drowning in a sack with a rock, bashing them with a shovel, shooting 'em, strangling, one instance of a pitchfork. No, I didn't kill any myself, but this guy is probably from an area south of the border that's similar. It's only the squeamish modernists that have a cow with this stuff.
2003-07-19 04:27:37 PM  
poe01: Good call. I second the motion for having an "Evil" tag.
2003-07-19 04:28:13 PM  
"He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

What an amazing baby. I wasn't playing the guitar until I was at least a year or so...
2003-07-19 04:28:56 PM  
He should have just strangled the stupid thing and thrown it away. Friggen felony for killing a friggen cat...what stupid law in this stupid country is going to be passed next? Friggen animals have more rights these days than human beings...
2003-07-19 04:29:21 PM  
2003-07-19 04:29:24 PM  
J and OlegTrevordovsky

Wow. You guys can go to hell.

Instead of doing the right thing (NOT GETTING A FARKING KITTEN), or the second best thing (DROPPING OFF AT THE HUMAN SOCIETY), he THROWS IT ONTO THE HIGHWAY.

He endangered the lives of other drivers and kill a defenseless living creature in a meaningless, horrible way. I hope he burns.
2003-07-19 04:30:06 PM  
OlegTrevordovsky: No doubt this guy is a moron, but it is a farking cat.
4 years in prison or 500 hours of community service!!!???
People have done less time for killing a human being.

Then we need to increase the penalties for killing a human being, not lower them for pointless killing of the most defenseless of animals.
2003-07-19 04:30:34 PM  
Makiki: I really don't think people take the killing of human beings lightly either. I see no problem with a strong disapproval of animal cruelty. (We CAN have both.)
2003-07-19 04:30:56 PM  
Well, obviously, the boobies drought is to blame for this.
2003-07-19 04:31:09 PM  
Why didn't he just use a "catapult" to get rid of it?
2003-07-19 04:32:13 PM  
Sick mutha farker
2003-07-19 04:34:15 PM  
Whoops, looks like Blackstar beat me to the punch on the guitar-baby.
2003-07-19 04:41:51 PM  
oh, he plays the guitar! that's a sure sign of a great guy. give him a choice, getting his butt farked in the slammer, or thrown out of a car at speed. what a farking loser.
2003-07-19 04:42:22 PM  

You are absolutely right. Anyone who kills another human being (outside of war) should either be killed or spend the rest of their lives repaying their debt to society. This doesn't mean rotting in a prison cell, it means being forced to do the most laborious, mindless tasks for the rest of their lives.

I guess cats don't always land on their feet huh?
2003-07-19 04:42:59 PM  
I hope all of you people whining that it was a 'poor defenseless little animal' are vegetarians. You don't think the cows, pigs, chickens, etc that you eat have any sort of chance to run away from the mallet before they become your next meal, do you?

I eat meat, and I don't care. I'm not a hypocrit who only likes the cute animals.
2003-07-19 04:44:40 PM  

Haha, exactly. I was thinking the same thing.

Charles Manson played the guitar too.
2003-07-19 04:46:05 PM  
Well, farkers may not give a shiat about personal liberty, but at least they'll step up to the plate for a kitten.

That might sound like I'm not for this guy roasting in a vat of boiling cat piss for the rest of his life. I am.
2003-07-19 04:46:05 PM  
err.. that was directed at nancysid, oops :)
2003-07-19 04:48:17 PM  
That's stupid. Killing stupid, non-sentient animals should never be as serious as a felony.

Hell, Farkers kill the world population of kittens several times a day.
2003-07-19 04:48:55 PM  
Who gives a fark if this guy goes to church? Plays guitar? please. He's an asshole who deserves what he gets.

And for all you numbnuts saying, "it's just a cat", get a farking clue will ya. He had a shiatload of options besides hurling the cat out of a speeding car onto a highway. Ever hear of an animal shelter?
2003-07-19 04:49:15 PM  
I eat meat, and I don't care. I'm not a hypocrit who only likes the cute animals.

Squirrel, not entirely a great comparison. There are regulations in place that allow for the humane killing of animals in order to provide food/other products for which there is actual need/demand. Just killing an animal in a slow, painful, cruel manner is disgusting and unnecessary, especially when there are a MYRIAD of other options.
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