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(Some Guy)   Abysmal West Virginia education system saves lives: Janitor flips out, pours gasoline on school board members, then shoots a gun randomly. Matchstick deemed too obvious   ( wvgazette.com) divider line
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2003-07-17 11:42:38 PM  
yeee-haww! Let the Breakfast Club references begin.
2003-07-17 11:42:39 PM  
*insert grouds keeper willie here*
2003-07-17 11:43:10 PM  
what, that's it?
2003-07-17 11:46:17 PM  
Lousy Smarch weather
2003-07-17 11:47:18 PM  
'cuz, y'know, if I were a school board member, I too would sit idly as gasoline was poured on me.

What on earth sort of story is this?!
2003-07-17 11:48:46 PM  
wyounggw glad to know i'm not the only farker out there with no life outside of cartoons.
2003-07-17 11:50:37 PM  
Oh oh, here comes the inbred, trailer park, mulleted southerners to biatch about the headline. For the duration of this thread you will be serenaded by our guest musician. Squeeling lke a pig is much appreciated.

[image from destgulch.com too old to be available]

2003-07-17 11:51:43 PM  
interesting... a match DOES sound like a good idea.. isnt that ironic?

/got nothin
2003-07-17 11:51:50 PM  
Is that Woody from Toy Story?
2003-07-17 11:53:18 PM  
how can something be rusty and bright at the same time?
2003-07-17 11:56:53 PM  
shut the hell up skinink. i'm from wv and we are not all rednecks. you'd be surprised at how many different varieties of people there are in this state.
2003-07-17 11:57:41 PM  
"'Do not touch Willie.' Good advice."
2003-07-17 11:57:59 PM  
no no dont get me wrong, id tap that .... but just wondering if anyone else noticed
2003-07-17 11:58:56 PM  

Typical redneck response.
2003-07-17 11:59:24 PM  
im from wv and we are all hicks all over the state there isnt a single n0n-hick, and we dont wear shoes, and we marry our cousins
2003-07-17 11:59:31 PM  
Dang - and the school board was going to review a new textbook for learnin' your summin' and gahzintas.
2003-07-18 12:02:46 AM  
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2003-07-18 12:04:07 AM  
2003-07-18 12:04:21 AM  
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2003-07-18 12:04:30 AM  
hey corporal-clegg, i'm not a redneck, never have been, and never will be. so until you know me or how the states inhabitants really are stop making judgements.
2003-07-18 12:04:41 AM  
"shut the hell up skinink. i'm from wv and we are not all rednecks. "

j/k . I live in Boston, where the people can't drive, and think they know everything. And are rude as well. Visit here and you know I don't have a leg to stand on if i'm gonna mock someone.

2003-07-18 12:05:32 AM  
What's a west virginian unemployment line share?

A full set of teeth.

I'll be here all night, try the veal.
2003-07-18 12:09:00 AM  
i just get really angry when people make judgements about this state. if it weren't for "Deliverance" and "Wrong Turn" people would not stereotype it. it's one of my biggest pet peeves. especially when people know nothing about it.
2003-07-18 12:13:03 AM  
My Fodor's U.S. map doesn't even have a West Virginia on it.
2003-07-18 12:14:10 AM  
what did I miss?

/not a member *sniff
2003-07-18 12:14:47 AM  
Easy there, hoss.
2003-07-18 12:15:06 AM  
I am not a member. Who the hell submitted this? Asshat.
2003-07-18 12:17:30 AM  
The novel Deliverance, by James Dickey, takes place in North Georgia.

The West Virginia educational system is not bad. But may people there give-up on education when they realize that it has little effect on working a full time manual job and having a family by the age of twenty.
2003-07-18 12:19:47 AM  
In defense of WV: I had to spend a few days in WV training some brokers to use software. The seemed to understand my speech in a rudimentary sort of way. They offered me one of their women, but I declined. She stank of the yeast. But I don't hold it against the state of WV. It's the people that are unclean, not the land. Educate yourselves people, and stop villifying WV.
2003-07-18 12:19:51 AM  
If our school system is so bad explain me...granted where I live is almost Ohio but...yeah...
2003-07-18 12:23:43 AM  

true, but almost everyone associates that movie with West Virginia. the movie "wrong turn" was filmed in canada but says it takes place in the backwoods of Greenbrier County, i believe.
2003-07-18 12:26:41 AM  

Better article...guy had a flippin assault rifle

Something to think about:

If this were a teenager, this would have been international news.
2003-07-18 12:27:03 AM  
sorry, i missed the "N" in your name, Nanookanano. hit "B" by mistake
2003-07-18 12:27:08 AM  
user: guest
pass: guest

seems to work just fine
2003-07-18 12:47:49 AM  
I guess in WV, rednecks still get offended when they are called rednecks. (I guess, they can't take a joke.)

Here in KY, we accept it, and laugh with them... Then we make WV, VA, and TN jokes!
2003-07-18 12:48:13 AM  

I just get really angry when people make judgements about this state. if it weren't for "Deliverance" and "Wrong Turn" people would not stereotype it.

No, I think I'd still stereotype the south, given that I've lived here for four years now after living in Buffalo, NY for most of my life. Actually, I really won't stereotype the south, I'll just stereotype Tennessee.

I won't even vilify the Tennesseean education system, either. I'm a Sophomore at ETSU and I think it's a pretty good university. However, there's a problem that seems to be plaguing the state's drivers: The Tennessee Turn. You see, it's becoming readily apparent that Tennesseeans feel the need to completely stop their car, then make the turn at about the same speed that a cripped 80-year-old using a walker can achieve. Come on, people, can we just turn our damn cars?

2003-07-18 12:51:34 AM  
Relax people. Remeber two things in life:

1. Thee sun shall rise in the east and set in the west.

2. People will always make fun of WV

These are eternal.
2003-07-18 01:03:21 AM  

You have to be a member to access the previous day's news. How farking gay is that?

Deliverance refferences in 4... 3... 2... (beep!)
2003-07-18 01:03:48 AM  
If our school system is so bad explain me

Shouldn't that be explain to me?

Heh, just havin' sum fun with ya, Sarphram
2003-07-18 01:06:40 AM  
WV people are not "rednecks". They are "hillbillies" like all Blue Ridge Mountain folk.

And, they're okay folks for the most part. Their culture has problems just like ours does. It has its advantages, too. There is something to marrying a teenage bride and being a homeowing, family man by twenty.

If I was rich, or could work online, I would move back to the BRM area soonest. It's really beautiful up there.
2003-07-18 01:07:56 AM  
Here's the article for those who don't want to bother with guest/guest.

Man opens fire at Kanawha County School Board meeting

CHARLESTON (AP) -- A man opened fire at a Kanawha County School Board meeting Thursday night injuring one person.

Charleston Police Chief Jerry Pauley said Rusty Bright, a maintenance worker for the Kanawha County, arrived at the school board building on Elizabeth St., in Charleston, doused several people with gasoline and then began shooting into the room at random, hitting one woman.

Det. James Rollins said the woman was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center and that her wounds were not life-threatening.

Pauley said two or three people wrestled Bright to the ground before police arrived and took him into custody.

The incident happened shortly after 7 p.m.

Police were not yet releasing the names of the woman who was shot or the people doused with gasoline.
2003-07-18 01:08:15 AM  

I have been called worse, and have sometimes deserved it.
2003-07-18 01:15:33 AM  
*stab Machtyn*

I meant it as is actually. Without trying to sound boastful or anything I'm rather smart, for lack of a better phrasing. (Sad, I know...)
2003-07-18 01:31:16 AM  
Try the Gazette main page. The site just updated with a bunch of staff-written stories. (And a photo of Mr. ... er, Bright)


P.S. I'm a West Virginian and I can attest that the state if full to overflowing with ignorant rednecks. There are, however, 5 or 6 really cool people in the state.
2003-07-18 01:36:11 AM  
West Virginian here as well... would like to point out that Kanawha County is as close to civilized as you'll get. This doesn't say much, but at least there's a nice mall downtown (here where I live the local mall is half-occupied by the FBI and other clandestine government groups)
2003-07-18 01:37:12 AM  
I'm from Charleston and I work for The Charleston Gazette. All hell broke loose in the newsroom when our education reporter Eric Eyre called and said, "There's a guy with a gun in here! Holy shiat!" When we realized he was OK, we calmed down a little bit and started feverishly reworking our front page. For those who want a slightly different version of the story, go to the in-house version of it on our paper's Web site, instead of the AP wire version. We also have some pictures that our staff photogs grabbed.

Deep, dark secret: We were all hoping that certain board members were the ones who bought it, but alas only the innocent were injured. :(

We also thought it was amusing that the guy hid his gun by simply wrapping it in a black garbage bag. He had it sitting right by him the whole time until he went bonkers. I assume that the board will find the money for a metal detector now.

And interestingly enough, the school board very recently voted to stop televising their meetings. One of the major topics of the meeting tonight was supposed to be what the future of the school-owned TV station is going to be. And to think, the news people almost had a live feed of the maintenance man going postal...

Parting shot:
Make fun of West Virginia all you want, Yankees, but at least we don't have our own tag like Flori-duh.

2003-07-18 01:39:28 AM  
Wow, we West Virgians are plentiful. I wonder how us rednecks got them thar electro-mackines that have the naked girlies on them? Anyway, it's only those east West Virginians who live in the mountains that are backwater, stump-jumpin', jibber-jabberin', cousin-marryin', hog-tying rednecks ;)

SarphramYou wouldn't happen to live in Parkersburg, would you?
2003-07-18 01:41:26 AM  
Wood county isn't bad either...

Yeah, I'm in Parkersburg.
2003-07-18 01:51:27 AM  
Sadly, the most beautiful part of the state (eastern W.Va.) has the highest concentration of rednecks. It's not all bad, though. We have some of the best swimming holes in the eastern United States!

Hi, Speedy! Hell of a night in the newsroom, wasn't it?
2003-07-18 02:02:04 AM  
Surely was, blondiegrrl007. Looks like you got home from the final edition in one piece, however. Too bad about Pete Thaw, though... ;>

And as for swimming holes, you are absolutely right! You certainly would not want to swim in the Kanawha River. Hey...maybe that's what's wrong with that guy. I bet he's been swimming or -- GASP! -- eating fish out of the Kanawha! Good Lord that would make anyone go postal. I'm pretty sure there are six-eyed fish living in the silt down in there. (shudder)

Another thing that suprised me was that Sheriff Tucker didn't do the perp walk with the guy. He usually manages to be seen walking the high-profiles to the court. Maybe it was too late in the day for a wheel like Tucker to be up and about for a perp walk, even for one on the 11 o'clock news. Or heck, maybe he's too busy baby-sitting Mike Clifford.

/inside baseball
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