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(Reuters)   Missing girl found asleep under pile of toys. It's always the last place you look   ( reuters.co.uk) divider line
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2003-07-17 04:51:27 PM  
Three squad cars began searching the area around the family home in the northern town of Luebeck before the unit assigned to the house found a way through the toys several hours later.

That must have been one farking huge pile of toys.
2003-07-17 06:24:47 PM  
I like lego. Even though i am a Dr.
2003-07-17 06:26:57 PM  
Of course it's always the last place you look --it wouldn't make much sense to keep on looking after you found what you were looking for...

/got nothing
2003-07-17 06:31:27 PM  
Hey, it worked for E.T.
2003-07-17 06:32:31 PM  
Yeah, it starts with sleeping under furry toys. Next thing you know... Cosplay.

It's sad.
2003-07-17 06:32:39 PM  
that happened to me once
2003-07-17 06:33:22 PM  
Considering how children fill adults' need for toys in their own lives, I find this story to be.....poignant.
2003-07-17 06:39:28 PM  
When I first read the headline I thought it said "huge pile of BOYS."
2003-07-17 06:41:14 PM  
Hey! On a brief different note, my namesake Simpsons episode is on right now! Yay.
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-07-17 06:59:27 PM  
hehe, this happened at my house when I was a little older than this kid. I was up in my room minding my own business and my dad thought he lost me, so he called the police and my mom and my uncles...

I had heard him yelling in the front yard, but I figured he was pissed off about something so I kept my distance.

They set out a search party, my mom came home, went upstairs knocked on my door and out I came--just as three police cars roll down the driveway.

Parents over react, but it's so darn cute.
2003-07-17 07:04:38 PM  
Sadly enough, Blip stole what I wanted to say.

/less than nothing
2003-07-17 07:10:28 PM  
2003-07-17 06:39:28 PM SomeFarker
When I first read the headline I thought it said "huge pile of BOYS."

Me to.. My mind is as filthy as yours.
2003-07-17 07:14:47 PM  
Errm, too.
2003-07-17 07:14:54 PM  
it's nice to hear a story about a missing child that doesn't end up with something tragic.

with that said, I remember when I was 5 or 6 and my parents were frantically looking all over the house/outside for me. I was hiding underneath my little brother's crib. it was one of those low to the ground deal. I don't really remember how I was found, or if I just got tired of hiding and came out, making them feel like doofs, but I do remember wanting to giggle every time I saw my mom's feet as she walked by ;p
2003-07-17 07:16:05 PM  
WRONG. I keep looking after I find stuff. Just to be sure.
2003-07-17 07:24:22 PM  
Future plushy-fetishist.
2003-07-17 07:28:39 PM  
Women tend to find the "perfect outfit" and then continue looking.
2003-07-17 07:36:12 PM  
At a church lock-in when I was 12, I hid in a pile of hard plastic toys for about two hours for hide and seek before I started to get too warm (it was July with no air-conditioning) and had to get out so I could breath. I won the game though.
2003-07-17 07:49:28 PM  
I remember pulling a knife on my babysitter. Needless to say, she never babysat me again after 'the incident'. Sonya, if you are reading this, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies and also my sincerest thanks to you for seldom wearing a bra.
2003-07-17 07:55:55 PM  
LuckPusher, do I know you? Oh wait, my name isn't Sonya... damn kid pulled a knife on me once..
2003-07-17 08:39:49 PM  
Hah, I've seen this happen too.

Visiting a friend of mine who was at the time a mother to a three year old daughter.

Daughter has somehow managed to lock the door to her room, after having snagged the keys to it. Adding to the problem was that this took place in military base housing, so ways of gaining entry that included damaging the door were not an option. The window was a large paned sliding job, but natch it is designed to only be opened from the inside.

After we managed to pick the lock, Momma goes in to reprimand her offspring.

Kiddo isn't visible. Not on the floor, not in the bed, not in the closet(with the racket we made opening that door, we figured she would have gone hiding). Window's open--DAMMIT, she bailed out and is charging around the neighborhood! Lean out the window and yell to the neighbors: nope, they haven't seen her. Back to searching the room.

And there she was, asleep and looking angelic in the middle of a giant pile of stuffed animals.
2003-07-17 09:18:11 PM  
My daughter will do this. I'd be willing to bet money on it.
2003-07-17 09:57:44 PM  
Is the fact that they found a way through the toys several hours later not disturbing to anyone???

This could mean a one or a combination of things:
1. Girl has a lot of toys
2. Someone is not a good housekeeper
3. I read it wrong and they finally looked through the toys hours later, not that it took several hours to get thru the toys.
2003-07-17 10:07:49 PM  
This happened to me, too. When I was 5 I fell asleep under a mound of blankets on my parents' bed (I took a bottle of baby aspirin under there and was trying to get it open because i liked the way they tasted). Four hours later I woke up to my grandmother sitting down on the bed to cry. About 10 police cars and a few firemen were at my house. We have a ton of acreage with several ponds, and they were diving, coming the pastures, calling newspapers, etc. All I wanted was the grape-flavored baby aspirin.
2003-07-17 10:27:36 PM  
Once at our local church yard sale my little brother (then 3) went into one the buildings, used a chair and locked himself in. After police searched our home, the neighborhood and all unlocked buildings we finally unlocked the third building finding him ready to blame me for locking him in there. After that anytime a cop came by he would try to turn me in for anything possible.

/that brat
2003-07-17 10:49:08 PM  
That happened to me last weekend. My 3 year old daughter went into the bedroom, climbed into bed, and fell asleep. Of course, we never looked in the bed because she's NEVER fallen asleep on her own.
2003-07-18 12:11:39 AM  
i have a life, therefore preventing me from telling any farking stupid childhood stories...
2003-07-18 04:59:21 AM  
thebigkahuna its called "contributing to a thread" I havea life therefore I don't expect people to only post things i find extremely interesting.
2003-07-18 11:24:26 AM  
My sister fell asleep under some toys once. Then, bam! 10 years later, she got married.

Just a little more than a coincidence, don't ya think?
2003-07-18 01:15:31 PM  
Old joke:

Phone Rings...

(whispered voice) Hello
(voice on phone) Hello? Are you the man of the house?
(whispered voice) No, I'm a little boy
(voice on phone) Is your mommy home?
(whispered voice) Yes
(voice on phone) Can you go get her?
(whispered voice) No, she's busy
(voice on phone) Is your daddy home, then?
(whispered voice) Yes
(voice on phone) Can you go get him?
(whispered voice) No, he's busy with mommy
(voice on phone) Well, what are they doing?
(whispered voice) Looking for me
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