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(ICNetwork)   Inebriated man, who napped peacefully on tracks as 90-mph train hurtled over him, may face charges   ( icberkshire.icnetwork.co.uk) divider line
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2003-07-17 09:43:31 AM  
"If he had woken he would have lost his head."

Two - if it was in the morning.
2003-07-17 11:10:20 AM  
2003-07-17 11:12:47 AM  
He's lucky he's not facing his maker.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-07-17 11:21:42 AM  
Is this really a police officer's worst nightmare? Worse than a bus full of kids catching fire? Worse than Krispy Kreme going bankrupt?
2003-07-17 11:37:50 AM  
Drinking saves another life.
2003-07-17 11:44:56 AM  
Lol, you know that is just around the corner from where I live, I never thought that I would say that on this site.

I had a drunk freind who decided that it would be a good idea to try and jump into the on-coming train once, would have been messy but an off duty police officer dived on him and threw him out of harms way. Ah the memories.

Isn't the UK grand? Could be worse, could be texas.

2003-07-17 11:46:43 AM  
What are the charges? Being extremely lucky? He should get the key to the city.
2003-07-17 11:48:25 AM  
My favorite line of the article is
"Railway lines really are not a place you should be when you are intoxicated." /obvious

How long before this story is repeated
/Going on precedent. See Priest stories
2003-07-17 11:53:37 AM  
2003-07-17 11:44:56 AM Feed_The_Walrus

Lol, you know that is just around the corner from where I live, I never thought that I would say that on this site.

It's not that far from where I live (Farnborough) - I know what you mean, never expected local news to show on Fark. :)
2003-07-17 11:56:21 AM  
whoah, they need to put cattle guards back on trains
2003-07-17 12:00:26 PM  
My first not closing of the tags. Its such a happy day, yet a sad one. I bet God vomits people like me.
2003-07-17 12:06:43 PM  
No, trespass is NOT a very serious crime.
2003-07-17 12:06:56 PM  
Good lord, this guy has the mother of all bar stories to tell for the rest of his life. I'd beg them to press charges and ask for a court reporter in the trial so that I'd have proof whenever someone called shenanigans on my story.

That is so awesome!
2003-07-17 12:59:20 PM  
Yet another example of the proverb that God watches out for drunks and small children.
2003-07-17 01:06:57 PM  
What is it with people falling asleep on railroad tracks? This seems to be a rather common occurence. Aside from the obvious hazard, they just don't look to comfortable.
2003-07-17 03:38:19 PM  
This happened in my area a few weeks ago. A completely drunk 45 year old bum fell asleep on the tracks. He wound up with a broken arm. He didn't know he was hit by a train.
2003-07-17 04:33:18 PM  
A few years ago, this happened to a kid on his way home from a party after a football game. He lost both his legs and got pretty farked up. A cult support group of students began selling t-shirts and merchandise to raise money for him, and I can see the virtue in that, but I can't see myself supporting a kid who got drunk and passed out on the railroad tracks. It may be harsh, but let it be a warning.
2003-07-17 07:02:50 PM  
2003-07-17 10:28:32 PM  
My 81-year-old aunt told me she and her friends would do that on a dare, back in the 1930's. They'd lie as still as they could between the tracks while a freight train went by over them...
2003-07-18 12:49:45 AM  
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