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5353 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jul 2003 at 11:30 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-16 11:39:32 AM  
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2003-07-16 11:43:15 AM  
Dreaming about fish means someone's pregnant.

Dreaming about your teeth falling out means bad things.

Dreaming about getting sponge bathed by Tony Blair, and that you're GWB means you need to see a therapist.
2003-07-16 11:43:41 AM  
So... Do dreams of sex, improve your chance of impotence?
2003-07-16 11:49:09 AM  
In addition, dreams of being sexually embarrassed means you can expect a smooth courtship with a new partner.

Somebody's into dom-i-na-tion...
2003-07-16 11:53:58 AM  
How exactly does one become a "dream expert"? Or is it more of a self-proclaimed thing?
2003-07-16 12:00:29 PM  

-- Being seduced in a dream is a sign you're about to lose money in a business venture.

Man I should be bankrupt by now then.

I'd think this guy is full of crap.

Although I can see how dreaming about impotence could improve your sex life. Either you'd be depressed and upset about it, or you'd try to prove your dreams were wrong. Or you just wouldn't give a damn. But I guess dreams like that do have a chance of improving your sex life.
2003-07-16 12:07:45 PM  
dreamanalysis == [horsepucky]

being a dream analysis is something that people do when they are only slightly more sane than the 'celebrities have 14 strands of dna' guy
2003-07-16 12:09:28 PM  
He left out "Believing that your dreams predict the future is a sign that you're a gullible farktard."
2003-07-16 12:17:55 PM  
-- Being seduced in a dream is a sign you're about to lose money in a business venture.

sounds like you are about to be seduced by a hooker.
also - this guy is full of crap. Freud surrenders.
2003-07-16 12:23:42 PM  
Am I an verile butterfly dreaming of being an impotent man,
Or am I an impotent man dreaming of being a verile butterfly ?
2003-07-16 12:29:15 PM  
POSTER: tag should be "ironic" - not stupid. Good luck next time...
2003-07-16 12:36:08 PM  
It's not's NCBUY...whatever that is...???
2003-07-16 12:48:33 PM  
My dreams tend to either reflect on actual events, places, and people in my life, or they tend to be completely out of this world in terms of weirdness. Whoever came up with this is completely out of it. If you're dreaming about being impotent, it probably means you have fears of being impotent, which may or may not be grounded in reality. Has anyone ever polled men who would not be impotent to see whether they actually dream about impotence? 'Cuz I don't think the facts are going to support that. There is no way that dreaming about impotence is connected to having a better sex life. You either dream about situations not far removed from your current situations or you dream about the most unreal and whacky things your little brain can concieve of. Well, then there's the possibility of divine revelation, I guess, but that's off topic (or is it?).
2003-07-16 12:57:18 PM  
The most logical thing I've heard about dreams and meaning is that the symbols in dreams mean something different to everyone, i.e. a fish means something different to you than to that other dude that sits across the hall. All of which means, of course, that you are the only person who can correctly analyze your dreams. Although I would admit that sometimes there could be general things that mean the same thing to most people in a given society. Assuming dreams even have meaning, of course, which may or may not be the case.
2003-07-16 01:34:41 PM  
but dreams of NON-impotence are good for, dreams of NON-impotence!
2003-07-16 01:42:45 PM  
-- Finally, dreams with lots of cursing mean you're uncomfortable with the opposite sex.

F*ck that sh*t.
2003-07-16 01:43:25 PM  
I dreamt one time that I woke up and didn't have morning wood.

But then I woke up.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-07-16 02:42:21 PM  
What does it mean when you dream you are about to get married to your ex-girlfriend who wouldn't sleep with you when you were going out and wouldn't even touch you in your dream?
2003-07-16 04:46:17 PM  
No, no, no and no. I do NOT buy into the idea that dreams predict future events. I believe dreams are a look into your own sub-conscience and reflect on recent events that have happened to you.
2003-07-16 09:42:26 PM  
I have a dream. A dream that next time I have a dream it'll involve lots of whipped cream and Cameron Diaz. And she won't care how important I am.
2003-07-17 06:28:17 PM  
For a long time, most of my dreams were either about my teeth falling out or failing miserably with a chick. Nothing bad happened but my sex life didn't improve either. I dunno, maybe they cancelled each other out.
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