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(Hartford Courant)   News: Man stabs 4 people at party, killing one. Fark: They were making fun of him for farting too much   ( divider line
    More: Asinine, stabs, first floors, Marc Higgins, Stacy Buccheri  
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8962 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jan 2011 at 10:38 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-01-18 09:49:12 PM  
Silent but deadly.
2011-01-18 10:39:35 PM  
2011-01-18 10:40:02 PM  
That Cheeky Bastard!
2011-01-18 10:42:18 PM  
Jack the Ripper?
2011-01-18 10:42:49 PM  
Bet they won't make fun of farting again
2011-01-18 10:42:54 PM  
Was his nickname Jumping Jack Flash?
2011-01-18 10:43:16 PM  
but...........You can never fart too much...
2011-01-18 10:44:54 PM  
Sounds like a real gas at parties.
2011-01-18 10:45:02 PM  
Crazy people are crazy
2011-01-18 10:45:37 PM  
He sure deflated the mood of that gathering.
2011-01-18 10:46:40 PM  

kilgorn: but...........You can never fart too much...

My wife says she disagrees
2011-01-18 10:46:51 PM  
The one who dealt it, dealt it.
2011-01-18 10:47:06 PM  
Stabby and fartty.....
2011-01-18 10:47:20 PM  
Try farting past the cock that's going up your ass in prison.
2011-01-18 10:48:24 PM  

Rashnu: Sounds like a real gas at parties.

In for this.
2011-01-18 10:48:36 PM  
Armed with three knives?

Surely a law limiting people to carrying one knife will prevent this sort of tragedy in the future.
2011-01-18 10:48:41 PM  
You don't know how bad those farts smelled. That could have been a mercy killing.
2011-01-18 10:49:51 PM  
Guess the partygoers weren't having a gas after the attack.
2011-01-18 10:50:29 PM  
Over in one.
2011-01-18 10:51:14 PM  
imagine if he had a glock with a 30 round clip, amirite?
2011-01-18 10:52:29 PM  

Soumac: Silent but deadly.

Over in 1
2011-01-18 10:52:38 PM  

2011-01-18 10:54:12 PM  
If everyone else at the party had had knives, this never would have happened.
2011-01-18 10:56:56 PM  
Such tragic violence, which could have been prevented with Beano...
2011-01-18 10:59:16 PM  
I have a prediction:

This will be the No. 1 pun thread of 2011 on Fark.

/You just wait and see
2011-01-18 11:00:23 PM  
Clever use of asinine tag is clever.
2011-01-18 11:00:27 PM  

Pinworms: Such tragic violence, which could have been prevented with Beano...

Or Flatuscents.
2011-01-18 11:00:34 PM  
He was just venting his anger.
2011-01-18 11:02:14 PM  
I am surely going to hell for laughing so hard at this story!
2011-01-18 11:03:41 PM  
Seriously, how wimpy do you have to be to kill someone because they laughed at your farts?

//crazy be crazy
2011-01-18 11:04:33 PM  
It's nothing to make a big stink about.
2011-01-18 11:05:24 PM  

Soumac: Silent but deadly.

This is the funniest comment I have ever read.
2011-01-18 11:06:03 PM  
party pooper
2011-01-18 11:06:33 PM  

logruszed: Try farting past the cock that's going up your ass in prison.

He may well be able to.
2011-01-18 11:08:26 PM  
They're all going to laugh at you!!!
2011-01-18 11:08:59 PM  
I don't know who to feel the most sorry for. The guy that was killed or this guy's future cellmate.
2011-01-18 11:09:28 PM  

logruszed: Try farting past the cock that's going up your ass in prison.

If he manages it, it may well stop said cock.

Nobody wants to fark a sewer.
2011-01-18 11:11:16 PM  
i fart alot, so im really getting a kick out of these replies...

2011-01-18 11:12:19 PM  

Gyrfalcon: logruszed: Try farting past the cock that's going up your ass in prison.

He may well be able to.

Or he may blow the balls up like balloons

/Member of the Blue Flamers?
2011-01-18 11:13:02 PM  
Something about this story stinks. I think we need to wait until they air out all the facts.
2011-01-18 11:13:35 PM  
The irony is this young man won't need to worry about farting when he's getting his shiat shoved in
2011-01-18 11:14:05 PM  
Should have blamed it on the dog
2011-01-18 11:14:37 PM  
I bet when the police showed up it took the wind right out of him.
2011-01-18 11:15:07 PM  
Rectum then killed 'em.
2011-01-18 11:15:24 PM  
The male ego: so fragile, so deadly.
2011-01-18 11:15:39 PM  
Three knives? One for each hand and one held in the teeth like a pirate?
2011-01-18 11:15:52 PM  
I haz a sad...

mrmethane.comView Full Size
2011-01-18 11:20:29 PM  
The story says that he initially left the party, but it looks like he came back when he got a second wind.
2011-01-18 11:22:18 PM  
Wow, ain't he a stinker?
2011-01-18 11:25:25 PM  
I guess he farted in their general direction, and then killed them.
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