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(Some Guy)   The U.S. used psuedo music videos as propaganda during the Gulf War. Here's an archive (the first one is the best).   ( divider line
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6644 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-17 12:05:24 AM  
A repeat, but an interesting one.
2001-10-17 12:08:12 AM  
Is the link not working for anyone else?
2001-10-17 12:12:07 AM  
Not working for me
2001-10-17 12:12:32 AM  
Hmmm... YVAN EHT NOIJ... :)

(It's a semi-obscure Simpsons reference...)
2001-10-17 12:13:07 AM  
Semi-obscure? thats my favorite quote :)
2001-10-17 12:15:41 AM  
"Thank you, NASA." Damn boy-bands...
2001-10-17 12:16:08 AM  
I think "Get up | Get Down" is the best.... I think Jimi would be pissed about the "ballistic ordinance beats"...
2001-10-17 12:20:40 AM  
hardly propaganda by the US. EBN was an art/video/music project by some students. They toured with lollapalooza at one point in a nifty hearse-looking thing.
2001-10-17 12:20:46 AM  
WOMBAT: You crack me up. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline. Hilarious.
2001-10-17 12:27:22 AM  
We Will Rock You is pretty cool :)
2001-10-17 12:33:43 AM  
It's a threefold process: Subliminal, liminal, and super liminal.


Here, I'll show you. *Opens window* Hey you! Join the Navy!
2001-10-17 12:48:41 AM  
whoevr wrote this headline is a jackass....the gov't didnt make these....

2001-10-17 12:54:27 AM  
Well, if the "Robotech" cartoon series is any indication, Music can not only lessen the horrors of war by raising our spirits, but it can disable our asexual, gender segregated, 50ft tall enemies with sharp lower body pains.

(now thar's an obscure reference!)
2001-10-17 12:55:57 AM  
Those are not gov't propagana videos, those were done by the now-defunct experimental video/electronic music group Emergency Broadcast Network. I don't know who wrote the description for this link but they obviously didn't read the page or they would realize this. They had an album called Telecommunication Breakdown.

check these out:
2001-10-17 01:18:09 AM  
Android 234: Well, if the "Robotech" cartoon series is any indication, Music can not only lessen the horrors of war by raising our spirits, but it can disable our asexual, gender segregated, 50ft tall enemies with sharp lower body pains.

(now thar's an obscure reference!)

Hmmmm, The (or one of the, I don't follow the series) Macross movie(s)?
2001-10-17 01:19:42 AM  
LOL Captain!!!
Well whatever that video was, Ordenance Beat I think. My brain is numb from watching it. I Feel like I have the American flag comming out my nose.
2001-10-17 01:21:10 AM  
2001-10-17 01:26:04 AM  
Frkboy: Too many Simpsons episodes for you my man.
2001-10-17 02:20:53 AM  
It's pseudo, you imbeciles! You cannot and shall not hold others responsible for your blatant misuse of English grammar!

-he who stacks pork
2001-10-17 06:43:45 AM  
Did anyone else notice that there were clips of Angus Young, after the JImi Hendrix clips? Did Angus know he was being used in American Propoganda films? I mean, he IS Australian.
G'Day Mate!
2001-10-17 07:21:58 AM  
What a load of crap... LOL. IMHO, course.
2001-10-17 07:26:07 AM  
Okay, streaming video is a good idea in theory only.
2001-10-17 07:37:53 AM  
When we went to panama to root out that pineapple looking drug dealer, we blared loud rock and roll music in front of the vatican's embassy to get them to surrender the bastard.

Not that it would have stopped anyone from popping his ass if he'd peeked out the window.
2001-10-17 07:42:52 AM  
WombatControl: YVAN EHT NOIJ

You spelled it wrong; it's YVAN EHT NIOJ.

I was wondering how long it would take somebody to post that one, though!
2001-10-17 07:52:31 AM  
i used to watch robotech in the mornings before i went to fouth grade, or third maybe... damn that's old. the music video wannabe scenes drove me up the wall. the animation was great though... ahhhhh, nostalgia.
2001-10-17 08:17:26 AM  
Yeah, EBN...Providence boys in the house.
2001-10-17 10:09:20 AM  
There's no such thing as too many Simpsons episodes.

None of the clips would play for me. IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!
2001-10-17 10:13:53 AM  
hella-lame. It sounds like a couple o' rednecks in their garage with a Tascam 4-Track recorder layin' down some serious riffs with their Peavey turd-box guitar.

And, I'm still curious about the purpose of these videos. why were these made?
2001-10-17 10:16:37 AM  
it was featured here just like three days ago under 'something something culture jamming'. it was [amusing] at the time, but posting it twice so short apart is [sad].

btw, where are the .gif's ?
2001-10-17 10:31:26 AM  
this is not official propaganda. it would be absolute foolishness to think so. they are a lot closer to jello biafra and adbusters than psyops. it's like calling front 242 evangelical because they use an overabundance of evangelist speech in their songs. but clearly it is to illustrate an opposing point.
2001-10-17 10:31:40 AM  
More OTV videos can be seen on

Heavy is an awesome site (check out "Stella" on there too)
2001-10-17 11:09:15 AM has a couple EBN vids, too. as well as a crapload of other worthy vids.

i personally like negativland way more than EBN. no videos, really. but much more clever.
2001-10-17 04:57:11 PM  
You know, I thought this was a repeat or something; I've seen it before and bookmarked it then. It's what, a week old? At least include "Repeat" in the headline.
2001-10-17 08:24:20 PM  
You can never have too much simpsons
2001-10-18 01:20:40 AM  
I made a friend of mine watch the EBN videotape when he was really drunk and he almost puked. Heh. Good think he's not epileptic.
2001-10-18 01:23:12 AM  
er... thing, not think
2001-10-18 02:10:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-18 11:27:56 AM  
yeah, interesting.
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