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(Harvard Crimson)   Harvard revokes admission of girl who sued to be high school's sole valedictorian   ( thecrimson.harvard.edu) divider line
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2003-07-13 01:58:41 PM  
ha ha...
2003-07-13 01:58:46 PM  
THAT is farking awesome.
2003-07-13 02:00:30 PM  
Ha Ha!
2003-07-13 02:01:20 PM  
See! There *IS* a God!

Now watch those legal billable hours start rolling as she fires up her Lawyers....
2003-07-13 02:01:33 PM  
Harvard = Hero
2003-07-13 02:01:39 PM  
I love you now, Harvard.

But it'll wear off in week.

Anyone got any deep fried bacon?
2003-07-13 02:03:24 PM  
No better use of the HERO tag than here.
2003-07-13 02:07:14 PM  
Harvard probably did this more out of self-interest then "moral obligation". There was a definite stigma attached to this girl, and that could have harmed the reputation of the school if they had let her in. I figure this was action in their self interest. Even if she did admit to it, they never did give examples of the misconduct, even if her exquse was pathetic.
2003-07-13 02:07:44 PM  
Countdown to "Girl sues Harvard for revoking admission" arcticle begins in 5...4...3...2...
2003-07-13 02:08:06 PM  
This is a weekend of unexpected things. I never expected Pirates of the Carribian to be good - it ROCKED btw, and I never expected this to happen, and I think this pleases me as well.

There is a sense of poetic justice here. Had she decided to just let herself be co-valedictorian and played nice, even though she was technically right, she would be in everyone's good graces and going to Harvard. But she got greedy with the lawsuit. And because she made a big stink about how great a person she was, her past, which had been ignored so far, was placed in scrutiny. In other words she really dished it out, but I don't think she was prepared to take it.

But hey, she still got to be SOLE valedictorian, and she'll always have that.
2003-07-13 02:09:28 PM  
The Moorestown school board president, Cyndy Wulfsberg, says that Blair's previous academic work will be examined for uncited borrowing (plagiarism).

If they find some, will they retroactively adjust her grades (and hence GPA)?

The school board might have financial incentive to do so, as that might impact the lawsuit against them.
2003-07-13 02:09:53 PM  
2003-07-13 02:10:22 PM  
Looks like the school district is still reviewing her coursework as well for -er- 'mistakes' (oops.... sorry
lack of training....)

In preparation for further discussions, the Moorestown school board is investigating the integrity of Hornstines academic coursework, said Cyndy Wulfsberg, the boards president.

We need to find out absolutely everything that we can. If it means examination of her work, and if that work is there to be examined, Im sure well do it, she said, adding that the board will also likely interview all those involved in Hornstines education, including her tutors and guidance counselors.

(Quoted from the article...).
2003-07-13 02:10:51 PM  
I can't keep a grin off my face after hearing this.
2003-07-13 02:11:26 PM  
My respect for Harvard just increased 40000%
2003-07-13 02:11:46 PM  
Didn't I read this somewhere already?
2003-07-13 02:11:46 PM  
Well farking done
2003-07-13 02:12:26 PM  
Karma is a biatch, isn't it?
2003-07-13 02:12:41 PM  
It is probably for her own good.

Would YOU want that baggage starting from Day One freshman year?

She should content herself with an associate degree at a community college. I hear you can learn skills that help you gain respect and $$$ in the workplace!
2003-07-13 02:13:51 PM  
Excellent... put that on your resume honey. You be fark'n forever.
2003-07-13 02:14:06 PM  
Wasn't this posted a couple weeks ago?

2003-07-13 02:14:07 PM  
Sucks for her! now she has to settle for some crap community college. and yes this one deserves a hero tag
2003-07-13 02:17:50 PM  
Plagiarized is such an ugly word.

Copied from someone else looks much prettier.
2003-07-13 02:17:55 PM  
In a column by Hornstine in June printed next to the Courier-Posts note about the misused sources, Hornstine said her citation problems stemmed from a lack of training in journalism.

Lack of training in journalism? I call bull-feces on that. If you're writing for a newspaper like she had been doing, you've had the training. At the very least, you've been told to cite your damn sources.
2003-07-13 02:18:59 PM  
Rage-fueled AK47 and Molotov cocktail biatch rampage in 3...2...1....
2003-07-13 02:19:12 PM  

2003-07-13 02:21:25 PM  
Hahaha This does deserve a hero tag. biatch is now getting everything she truly earned.
2003-07-13 02:23:10 PM  
It's cliche, but I was the initial person to submit this article, and I did so more than two days ago--before the servers went down.
2003-07-13 02:23:47 PM  
So what do we have so far?

1) Sues school to be SOLE valedictorian
2) Doesn't show up for graduation
3) Admits plagiarism
4) Gets kicked out of Harvard before even attending
5) ??????
2003-07-13 02:24:22 PM  
This deserves the "Hero" tag.
2003-07-13 02:26:41 PM  
She should have just gone all-homeschool instead of trying to sneak in under a public school. Shows what kind of people they are; just use other people's work and reputation to get your own way.

You don't have to hide behind a public school's name to get into college. Most colleges nowadays actively seek out homeschooled students.

I was homeschooled and you just take what you get, keep your head down. No way would I have considered suing to get onto some public school's list, or into some college. Scores and entrance essays do all the hard work.
2003-07-13 02:26:52 PM  
Now she'll have to settle for Brown. Brown is a fine school, right Otto?
2003-07-13 02:28:01 PM  
Sooner or later this girl needs to learn how the real world works. Ironically, Harvard may be the institution to teach her this lesson...

[image from aasa.org too old to be available]

Blair Hornstine

2003-07-13 02:28:58 PM  
I don't recall this bit of news being posted before. We did hear about her plagiarism a while back, but at that time her status at Harvard was uncertain. This is the first, I think, we've heard about this development.

I think that while she was technically right with her suit, she forgot that good PR goes a long way. Had she just accepted the deal, which meant that she would have been a valedictorian, just not the only one, she'd be in at Harvard.

A friend of mine was one of SIX Valedictorians from her high school. But she wasn't bitter, and she didn't raise a stink, and she was and still is a very cool person.

And you know what, in college NO ONE cares if you were valedictorian. And even the valedictorians don't care anymore as they realize that as college freshmen, they are worthless pieces of crap and we can replace them in a minute. It's a whole new ballgame and you cannot rest on your high school laurels or even brag about them. Harvard is always swarming with valedictorians, so THEY aren't impressed. Also people who were co-valedictorians, and they CERTAINLY wouldn't be impressed, and there are people who were 2-10 in their school, and they wouldn't care at all.

On an interesting note, the guy who would have been co-valedictorian in this case still IS going to Harvard, and he is the town's hero. When his name was called, everyone cheered the loudest. This whole affair has been great for him, and people are going to love him at Harvard.
2003-07-13 02:29:34 PM  
Wow, I wanna see her face when she found this out... or better yet hear her reaction. What a coont
2003-07-13 02:31:26 PM  
I think it's time for a Nelson "Ha ha" tag....I heard it ringing through my head even before looking at the talkback, and whaddya know, it's the first thing posted...

2003-07-13 02:32:47 PM  
Beorn, I think I've seen that grin before...

[image from i.imdb.com too old to be available]

2003-07-13 02:34:48 PM  
I wonder if she ice skates?
2003-07-13 02:34:50 PM  
Blair, meet Blair.
[image from saja.org too old to be available]
2003-07-13 02:35:05 PM  
Man, you farkers are a judge/mental lot.

Poor girl didn't kill anyone, like Susan Smith, (You'd hit it) she just cut 'n pasted some items for her local newspaper - to get accolades.

Who here doesn't know how to cut 'n paste?

Do you/all cite all sources?

Holier than thou farkers!
2003-07-13 02:36:20 PM  
hahaha....that's a spank to her ass
2003-07-13 02:36:33 PM  
She is queen of the biatches.
2003-07-13 02:37:07 PM  
Now she'll have to settle for Stanford! Poor little baby.

She wants to be a poverty lawyer? what the hell is a poverty lawyer?
2003-07-13 02:37:32 PM  
But now how will she be a "poverty lawyer"?

barred: Plagarism is quite possibly the highest of all academic crimes . Suing your school because you're an entitlement whore is a pretty high crime. To hell with her.

The above represents a statement of opinion (who would've thunk?)

2003-07-13 02:37:47 PM  
It says that her dream job is "Poverty Lawyer". People who think that their mission in life is to 'fight for others' and 'fight injustice' are often acting because they expect too much of life to be 'fair', like they watched too much Sesame Street or something. When they think something unjust is happening to THEM (which is always), look out here comes the crazy.

This is that chick who aces all the tests, then holds up the whole class for 15 minutes one day arguing with the teacher because she got a single question wrong. I vote we find her, hold her down, and jam a #2 pencil into her ego.

Or eyes. I'm not sure where the ego is, we may just have to stab her in the eys.
2003-07-13 02:37:57 PM  
This has reaffirmed my faith in Karma. Thank you, Harvard.
2003-07-13 02:38:14 PM  
#2 how long till she poses in Oui?

rm -rf /my/brain/
2003-07-13 02:38:30 PM  
2003-07-13 02:03:24 PM BruinPi3

No better use of the HERO tag than here.

Hear, hear!! :)
2003-07-13 02:38:57 PM  

Reading this article made my day....usually litigious biatches win in this kind of thing. But in this case the biatch lost. She is now the shame of NJ...and thats pretty farking said all in itself. But now Harvard did the right thing.

Here is what the discussion was like with the harvard admissions people "yeah, do we really want this biatch here? if she gets a b on a paper, we're all getting sued....yeah fark it, shes out"
2003-07-13 02:38:57 PM  
Troll much barred?

I think people are looking at her actions as a whole, not just the plagiarism. Remember that she sued her school to make her the sole valedictorian. Mind you, she was already a co-validictorian... she just wanted to be the only one. When you couple this sort of behavior with the plagiarism thing, it doesn't paint a pretty picture of who this girl is (or at least who her parents are).
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