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(Nature)   Waitresses who copy their customers' behaviour get substantially bigger tips than those who don't   ( nature.com) divider line
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2003-07-08 02:08:47 PM  
I also hear having big jugs helps also.
2003-07-08 02:14:46 PM  
Sounds about right to me. I mean, I'd definitely give a bigger tip to a waitress that tried to pick up another waitress.
2003-07-08 02:36:28 PM  
I don't like my meal interupted by a foul mouthed jerk-ass asking me what I want. No tip for copying me.
2003-07-08 02:38:36 PM  
Other studies have shown that smiling, greeting and touching the customer, and crouching down beside them while taking orders also lead to bigger tips.

Since there are plenty of people who don't like to be touched by strangers, I wouldn't bank on that part. The rest sounds good, though.
2003-07-08 02:53:38 PM  
The sentence that Sweater Girl quoted makes me think they did this study at a Hooters.
2003-07-08 03:06:21 PM  
I could care less what the waitress says when she takes my order. The only thing that affects her tip is keeping my tea full and not trying to jump in on the conversation. I've also found that counter intuitively I get much better service from young waitresses than old ones. If you automatically include the tip in the bill you aren't getting shiat else though.
2003-07-08 03:25:52 PM  
Just what I want. A waitress who farts every 45 seconds.
2003-07-08 03:27:25 PM  
touching the customer leads to a bigger tip

I actually remember learning that this was true in a pyschology class back in high school. I thought the same thing, some people don't like being touched, especially by people they don't know.
2003-07-08 03:36:02 PM  
I couldn't care how she acts or looks, as long as she gets my order right and keeps my glass full. Bringing the bill when I'm ready to go also helps (c;
2003-07-08 05:48:12 PM  
Duh on the greeting and smiling thing. It's called "being friendly."

I hate it when waitresses squat down beside the table (locally, only those at Outback do it, but ALL of them do). That's just weird and off-putting. I don't like it, but then again, every time I've been to that restaurant where they've done that, I wasn't paying.

The repeating things is a good idea. I work at a supermarket, and when a customer asks me to go check to see if we have an item, either on the shelf or in the back, I usually automatically repeat it, primarily to make sure I've got the right description and that I'll remember it. I'm really bad with getting exactly what people want; sometimes I just kind of go off with a general concept and screw everything off.

Touching customers doesn't seem like good advice. It may work in Europe, but in America we aren't that touchy-feely with our servers. Americans require nearly the most amount of personal space out of all nationalities and touching a person invades that space.

I think I'll take Thales' advice about not leaving an extra tip if it's already included. Generally that only happens when I'm out with a big group of friends (eight or more, generally), and we frequently end up leaving extra because we don't want to hassle with getting change (of course, that's exactly what they want). The worst part is that we normally get horrible service anyway. (I just hate it when everyone wants to go to farking yuppie places like TGIFriday's and On the Border. Pick a real restaurant.)
2003-07-08 06:59:18 PM  
Must be some funny shiat when the customer has tourette's syndrome...
2003-07-08 07:47:27 PM  
touching the customer leads to a bigger tip

Depends on where she touches me.
2003-07-08 08:12:36 PM  
in my world being nice, refilling my drinks, and not asking every 10 seconds if the food is okay...those are the things that will get someone a bigger tip.
2003-07-08 09:34:20 PM  
Repeating the order indicates that the waitress is bright enough to confirm the order with the customer to make sure she has it right, hence she is deserving of a bigger tip. As far as immitating me, I'm with Clarky. The touching and crouching thing is plain old flirting in an obvious attempt to inflate the gratuity. Could get her a bigger tip, could just be plain old annoying. Getting my order right and promptly usually works better, as does good food.
2003-07-08 11:38:02 PM  
Hear hear!
Why is it that so many only ask "How's the food?" when they're sure your mouth is full, but are over in the corner chatting when you actually need something?
2003-07-09 02:41:49 AM  
yeah. i hate it when i go with friends to places, and they always want to tip at like 15-20%, and she came to our table only twice. I think tipping has gotten way out of hand lately. You almost have to give a tip, even if you see them spit in your cup.
True story.:
went to a pizza hut in a nearby town. THe waiter comes by and asks how everything is, we all say fine(about 10 of us), i say, uhhhh, could you get me some more Pepsi, he goes, the machine is right around the corner, you can get it yourself. I just looked at him. THe rest of my goup still made me tip. We had buffet.The guy got money for saying a line to us. It made me so mad, they should work for the tip.
2003-07-09 02:42:40 AM  
crouching down beside them... touching the customer

Hmm... when they it put it that way, I can see why!!!

HARHAR!!!! *over-re-acted laugh
2003-07-09 02:44:56 AM  
I don't want people touching me getting forensic evidence all over me. Next thing I know I get blamed for a murder I didn't commit and get carted off to jail for life where I will spend years helping the jailor steal money, only to turn him in right before I escape the jail by crawling a mile through liquid shiat.
2003-07-09 02:45:16 AM  
I don't like have a waitress crouch down to take my order. There is just something wrong about that to me.
2003-07-09 02:45:58 AM  
Im a full time waitress. This is how I make my money... taking your order correctly and leaving you alone. Unless you stare at my breasts... then I make my money by leaning over your table ALOT.
2003-07-09 02:46:09 AM  
Must be some funny shiat when the customer has tourette's syndrome...

Better still:
[image from images.thesun.co.uk too old to be available]
I wonder if she increased her tip by 'mimicing', or just by crouching down and touching?
2003-07-09 02:46:19 AM  
Rosalea: not asking every 10 seconds if the food is okay

I never answer, it's rude to talk with my mouth full.
2003-07-09 02:46:44 AM  
I like the silent waitor the best. Politely askes what you want, watches your cup and when it's empty simply says "more [whatever]?", then is being alert enough to bring the bill when I nod at him. I go eat out to talk to my friends, not chat with the waitor. So, I want one that is unobtrusive and silent. I think overall, Indians (from India, not native americans) are the best at this. They are super polite and efficient. I love going to indian places.
2003-07-09 02:46:51 AM  
I don't even like the WORD 'crouch'

2003-07-09 02:47:02 AM  
Im a full time waitress. This is how I make my money... taking your order correctly and leaving you alone. Unless you stare at my breasts... then I make my money by leaning over your table ALOT.

mmmmm. breasts.

2003-07-09 02:48:08 AM  
dylanthomas: I don't even like the WORD 'crouch'

2003-07-09 02:49:15 AM  
Maybe they wouldnt have to repeat it if they WRITE IT DOWN. Ive had a waiter repeat my order ( for 3 people) wrong to me no less than 4 times and when I suggested he write it down each time he would saty no I got it.

I left him a bright shiny penny after I ate my boiled shrimp(after I ordered fried shrimp)
2003-07-09 02:49:40 AM  
Roukzeptea23 Yeah, I'm not sure why... maybe it comes from their ancestor's fear of being deported or something, but many Indians are very polite and efficient. Good for them.
2003-07-09 02:52:32 AM  
Why don't they pay waiters / waitresses more and abolish tipping?
That way, the job might attract more people with a pro mentality and a tip could go back to being a bonus for a job extra well done...
2003-07-09 02:54:48 AM  
Ko_no: whatever. who is going to pay me 20-25 an hour?? I have a pro mentality and I like being tipped.
2003-07-09 02:56:21 AM  
Thanks lindseyp. We all appreciate +20%
2003-07-09 02:56:52 AM  
hrm.. gives me naughty ideas!
2003-07-09 02:57:43 AM  
Mr. Blue: Our girl was nice.
Mr. Pink: She was okay, but she wasn't anything special.
Mr. Blue: What's something special? Take you out back and suck your dick?
Nice Guy Eddie: I'd go over twelve percent for that
2003-07-09 03:02:24 AM  
Well DUH!

Also, always give at least 20 percent, anything else just shows lack of class and understanding of the waitress' salary situation.

I've never had to wait but if I did, I'd expect at least this much. And oh yeah, always give more for boobies.
2003-07-09 03:03:44 AM  
I always tip huge. The server is making $2.33 an hour, and they have to tip out to bartenders, bussers, and hosts at the end of the night.

If the service is poor, I tip 15%. If it is really good, 25%. Most of the time I just figure out what 20% would be and then round up to the nearest whole dollar.
2003-07-09 03:03:52 AM  
Roukzeptea23 Yeah, I'm not sure why... maybe it comes from their ancestor's fear of being deported or something, but many Indians are very polite and efficient. Good for them.

The indian places in town are great. The second time I went to my now favorite one, the owner greeted me like I was an old friend. And my group of friends go there about once a month. Ocassionally he'll give us something on the house. And the guy waiters will pull back the seats for the ladies. Plus the food rocks. For the best service, worthy of that 10-15% tip, go Indian.

The worst service I ever had was at an Olive Garden at lunch. I was with a friend and we were both high school juniors at the time. Our salad didn't come out. We had to ask for it. We were very annoyed because the table next to us (older people) got what they asked for before us even when they asked for it after as. I mean, it was very obvious that she was giving them better service and screwing us over just cause we were kids. So, when our meal was over I made it clear that I even though I was a teenager (who are known for not giving good tips) that I did have the money and was planning on leaving a tip but since she was so horrible with our service (this was the worst i've ever had by far) she wasn't getting anything.

And like some have said on this thread, too many waiters today are a joke. Serivce is so bad. And as a poor college student, if I'm going to be leaving a tip, I want it to be worth it.
2003-07-09 03:05:52 AM  
I double the tax.

And christ, the damn dutch typically only tip 60 cents? No wonder everyone hates them.
2003-07-09 03:07:08 AM  
I could see this. kind of like if a hostage gets personl with the capture, it is a less likely chance of getting killed.

seriuosly though, I had a waitress at lonestar one time like sit down beside me and made small talk for a few minutes and then asked on the order and then touched my hand as she got up.

I don't think this increases the tip much, I did feel relaxed and uneasy as well.

of course it didn't help my wife was in the chair across the table.

the famous words out of her mouth after the waitress left were "get off my man your Whore"

it was pretty funny. I don't think the waitress was hitting on me but my wife seem to think so

still I tip pretty well becasue I have been in a job that involoved tips and I really liked them
2003-07-09 03:08:11 AM  
So imitation really is the most sincere form of flattery.
2003-07-09 03:10:22 AM  
Something is wrong here. Guilders are history since they were replaced by the euro in januari 2002.
2003-07-09 03:11:19 AM  

I always tip huge...Most of the time I just figure out what 20% would be...

20% is huge? You must not be in the USA.

I love some of the attitudes toward tipping that I have come across in my travels. One bartender in Spain kept pushing my tip money back at me, until he realized that I wouldn't take it. At the end of the night, when I ordered my last couple of beers, he paid for them with my tip money, which he had collected into a small pile behind the bar for that purpose.
2003-07-09 03:12:49 AM  
actually in europe waiters get paid salaries, not like in the US. They get paid decent wages, hence people don't tip. I personally find it stupid that waiters in the US have to get tipped because they only make 2 something an hour. If you dont like the service, you still have to tip a lot. Stupid.
2003-07-09 03:12:53 AM  
Ko_no: whatever. who is going to pay me 20-25 an hour??

I waitressed through the first half of University in a country that doesn't tip. The hourly wage at the time was from about $10.00 an hour and up in mid-range sit-down eateries.
The customers and the management expected more, and in exchange, the workplace provided a living wage.

Don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm not saying that *you* are unprofessional.
But on the whole, compared to just about any other country I've lived or spent time in, wait-staff here are sub-par.

And if you eat out a lot in the same area like I do, (close to work), it's hard not to tip because you know you'll be going back even if the service sucked.
I don't want to get the reputation of being a bad tipper in a place I go to several times a month, but sometimes the server is so fantastically stupid / rude / inept that leaving a tip feels like blackmail.
2003-07-09 03:13:27 AM  
Guilders are history since they were replaced by the euro in januari 2002.

As are Schillings here in Austria. But just about everyone here in Austria still thinks in Schillings, even though they pay in Euros.
2003-07-09 03:13:50 AM  
Antrax, 3 guilders says the scientists in question have been writing papers off the same data set for the last 5 years.
2003-07-09 03:14:14 AM  
Give good service and you'll get a good tip. If I feel like I'm getting crapped on, I'm not going to leave a big tip and it's not because I'm cheap.

Favorite bad waitress story:

Me and friends are in Vegas for New Years. We go to a buffet New Year's morning. Buffet wait people (gotta be pc) just bring you drinks and suprisingly, this joint wasn't that crowded (I guess people were nursing their hangovers). We had a pretty big group, but nothing tough. When we asked the lady for refills, it was like we were asking her for the world. Once we caught on to her dislike of us for whatever reason, it started to be a game. Whenever she would bring a new drink back, someone else would ask for a refill. She got a shiny quarter for her services and left in the remnants of a spilled coke. Yeah, we were jerks, but I have no sympathy for people who have really easy jobs and act like you are putting them out.
2003-07-09 03:15:07 AM  
One last note before I head off to bed. I waited on Warren Buffet twice, both times I got 20% and he said "Thanks, good job" when he left. I worked at Gorats then, so 20% there is next to nothing, but I did get tipped by a billionaire.
2003-07-09 03:15:57 AM  
Paisley: Did Buffet stare at your breasts?
2003-07-09 03:17:41 AM  
globe: no. but I did try for the bigger tip!!!!
2003-07-09 03:18:50 AM  
I've also found that counter intuitively I get much better service from young waitresses than old ones.

It's not counter-intuitive to me at all. The older ones have had much more time to become bitter about their job (if they choose to do so), which shows up in the way they treat their customers (not so easily fixed).
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