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(Some Guy)   UAW on strike at battle tank plant, God bless the UAW.   ( divider line
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4810 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Oct 2001 at 2:57 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-15 03:00:39 PM  
What ever scum eating worthless piece of shiat labeled this hero needs to have their genitals ripped off and fed to them.

fark you america haters.
2001-10-15 03:00:49 PM  
someone has some serious explaining to do about this tag.
2001-10-15 03:01:29 PM  
Maybe a union member posted it.
2001-10-15 03:01:42 PM  
Which ever mod posted this needs to be sumerially dismissed from duty.

2001-10-15 03:01:58 PM  
Maybe whoever posted it wants us to stop attacking other countries? Not sure, but this is BS. I hate the UAW.
2001-10-15 03:02:17 PM  
did anyone consider that maybe the tag is sarcastic? just a thought.
2001-10-15 03:02:49 PM  
WAIT!! WAIT!! I get it..

the tag was chosen in sarcasm because we all know what a POS the UAW is, right?? RIGHT?

Or at least it BETTER be sarcasm.
2001-10-15 03:03:17 PM  
Or it could be sarcasm..
2001-10-15 03:03:30 PM  
Mods don't post articles, admins do. I generally leave tags alone when I pass something through from the queue. Whoever posted it put the hero tag on it.

BTW fb-, take a damn pill already.
2001-10-15 03:03:41 PM  
Hero? More like 'Asinine'. In a time of war, we need to be arguing about whether we have to pay 30% or 40% of our kid's dental work? As a Michigan resident, its obvious to me that UAW workers will strike at the drop of a hat. Very rarely are their demands realistic.
2001-10-15 03:03:49 PM  
Since when is pro-union = anti-American ?
2001-10-15 03:04:34 PM  

The yellow or the blue one?
2001-10-15 03:04:39 PM  
Whether in sarcasm or seriousness, the poster should have known what a problem this would cause. I think it was really ignorant and rude to use the Hero tag for this.
2001-10-15 03:05:42 PM  
2001-10-15 03:05:48 PM  
you guys are right. As soon as war is declared people should let themselves be overrun by their employers. These people should just forget the fact that retirees aren't insured. After all, we don't have enough tanks.

(note the sarcasm)
2001-10-15 03:05:58 PM  
How the hell are these lazy bastards heroes?

Whoever labeled this is an idiot.
2001-10-15 03:06:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Suck it up or be replaced, it's that simple.
2001-10-15 03:06:23 PM  
Hey, just because we're at war doesn't mean we should give up our basic rights, such as the right to unionize... of course, the tag was inappropriate.
2001-10-15 03:06:25 PM  
If it's not in sarcasm, then the person who posted this is obviously trying to start trouble. Funny, funny, ha, ha...
2001-10-15 03:06:27 PM  
God bless SCABS!!!

They are the backbone of this country. They step up when the over paid, mullet-wearing union employeeshiat the pickets. Screw unions and every head-in-the-ass member.
2001-10-15 03:06:42 PM  
lousy union loving communists
2001-10-15 03:07:24 PM  
fb- , if you mash em together and add a bit of water you should get a nice green paste. yum!
2001-10-15 03:07:28 PM  
since day one, jim
2001-10-15 03:07:49 PM  
Wow. I forgot the space between 'employees' and 'hit' and the filter turned it into 'employeeshiat'. Hilarious.
2001-10-15 03:07:59 PM  
Anyone with a problem with the concept of unions ahould go back to the main page and read about the fiasco at Excite@home. Unions are necessary for maintaining equity between the average joe and corporate america.

Bad timing-yes
Anti-american- no
2001-10-15 03:08:37 PM  
Let's remember what we've fought for. Free speech is one of them.

Whoa!? Did I say that?

yeah. I guess so. I think that the poster probably: a) sucks animal penis for fun and profit, 2) allows boar hogs to repeatedly sodomize them to avoid constipation, and c) uses monkey feces to flavor their tea, but they still have the right to say it. Even when it's objectionable.
2001-10-15 03:09:08 PM  
This article is grossly mis-labeled, but I don't think the union workers are unjustified with their strike...I mean, I can't imagine trying to buy health insurance at that age. Their contract just happens to be up, it isn't like they planned it this way. Should they just sit quietly by and continue to get screwed?
2001-10-15 03:09:17 PM  
Retards, damn retards. Maybe we should introduce them to the products they have been making. M1A1's are very affective against autoworks. Maybe we can even bring back beehive rounds for them.
2001-10-15 03:09:44 PM  
Flame armor activate!
2001-10-15 03:09:50 PM  
There is nothing anti-American about unions. I feel unions are essential to a capitalist system. That said, there is nothing heroic about shutting down production of war equipment in a time of national crisis. I just hope this was posted from a pro-union perspective, rather than from some tree-hugging, anti-war liberal brat perspective.
2001-10-15 03:09:53 PM  
Punkr10426: People (most of us at least) are complaining about the tag and the headline, not the people.

Besides, in a time when we're supposed to be in this together, now is not the time to strike, even if it is to take advantage of the situation. A lot of people will find this unpatriotic. I hope they had fun with their jobs, because I don't think Bush will hesitate to send in the scabs.
2001-10-15 03:10:16 PM  
Whether in sarcasm or seriousness, the poster should have known what a problem this would cause.

Hmm...ya think? I'll bet they did it on purpose..

Oh, BigPeeler even with a space, the new improved shiate filter will get ya. Even with a hard return.
2001-10-15 03:10:27 PM  
"Hey! I barely got through high school, but i DESERVE to get paid $45.00/hr. to work an assembly line. BTW, I also need a 2 hour lunch, 50% yearly raises, full benefits and a snowballs chance in hell of ever being fired. And if you don't give it to me, me and my buddies will strong-arm you until you do."

Does that about cover it?
2001-10-15 03:10:51 PM  
I KNOW I closed that tag.
2001-10-15 03:12:22 PM  
Lets not forget 3 20 minute smoke breaks per hour.
2001-10-15 03:12:46 PM  
The tag is sarcasm.

UAW local leader: Hmm, let's see. America is at war. There's going to be a ground war. America will need more tanks soon so it's imparitive that we build many soon. If we don't build them, American soldiers could die.

Let's see... how can I use this to increase my wages and make MY life better? Let's strike!
2001-10-15 03:13:04 PM  
At least build the damn tanks first.... I mean how long does it take to crank out 8 M1-A1 tanks? Like 20 minutes?
2001-10-15 03:13:56 PM  
I agree that unions are good and fun, but when I worked at a grocery store as a bagger, I had to join the union. I had to give up almost 25% of my pay to the for a year, minimum, and I never saw that money (maybe because I quit, haha). Seriously, though, every bagger was treated like shiat and the union did nothing to raise our pay, or even to stop taking some of our pay.

Hopefully, not all unions are like this...
2001-10-15 03:14:06 PM  
maybe there needs to be a union of auto worker employers so these 'heroes' can be black-listed.
2001-10-15 03:16:19 PM  
Fb-, that little one that says on it "condensed rat poison", while you're at it.

worker unions are the basis for a solid and health economical system, w/out them america would be like the entire east and south-east asian markets - exploited and devostated. but then again, it's simpler to keep your slaves out of sight. out of mind.

taking part in the union, despite the fat-yet-foundationless contract working is heroism.
2001-10-15 03:17:37 PM  
Unions are pieces of shiat.
They are worse than any corporation that they claim to be protecting the workers from. Mog is right, they take your money and call strikes even if u don't want them. It seems wrong that they have so much power.
2001-10-15 03:17:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-15 03:17:47 PM  
"equity between the average joe and corporate america"= communism.

You should talk about equity between the average UAW worker and the average joe. I know engineers that don't make $25 an hour like the UAW guys I know do. No wonder all the jobs are going to Mexico.
2001-10-15 03:18:29 PM  
look at those guts on the UAW workers. Maybe if they ate a little less, they could save up for health care.
2001-10-15 03:18:53 PM  
Ya I really don't like unions. The idea is cool, but I must say, ALOT of union workers are all alike. I deal with them all day long, and I have to say, they are pretty much all lazy. But, there are a few things, alot of guys here don't get paid for holidays, don't get any benefits, and if they do, very small. So I guess it could go both ways, kinda shiatty time to strike though. And definitely not heroes for it.
2001-10-15 03:20:20 PM  
well put, BradBrening
2001-10-15 03:20:27 PM  
Which ever mod posted this needs to be sumerially dismissed from duty. "

Only drew and mike post articles AFIK.

We have enough tanks right now anyways, this isnt bad timing. The army doesnt order tanks when they need them they order them welll before.

General dynamics make some hella cool shiat.
like this badass mofo(yeah it says United defense but GD is doing alot of work on this thing):

(I actually know a dude who is doing computer simulation for that)
2001-10-15 03:21:02 PM  
I think 'hero' is appropriate -- note that they're using non-union workers. So really, the company is the Hero for working around the work stoppage in this time of war in our country.

Maybe that is obvious to everyone, maybe not.

2001-10-15 03:21:16 PM  
Good timing on their part... during a war, and in the middle of a recession. I wonder if Michael Moore will make a documentary about them when their company starts laying them off.
2001-10-15 03:21:32 PM  
Fire all the bastards and give the jobs to real American's who have some work ethics.

I don't know who I hate more. Unions, the ACLU, or the Taliban.
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