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(CNN) NewsFlash Sen. Majority Leader Tom Daschle's office receives letter full of Anthrax   ( divider line
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4299 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Oct 2001 at 12:38 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-15 12:40:14 PM  
It's about time someone posted this...

There is a press conference on tv now...
2001-10-15 12:41:00 PM  
Yeah. And we're supposed to negotiate?
2001-10-15 12:41:19 PM  
This is getting insane
2001-10-15 12:41:45 PM  
Got it late because CNN's finally verifying their sources first. What a concept
2001-10-15 12:42:08 PM  
I think we're gonna start bombing Iraq
2001-10-15 12:42:10 PM  
And I bet he's not the only one who got one either
2001-10-15 12:42:21 PM  
hey, what the... aaaahhhchoooo!
2001-10-15 12:42:43 PM  
Crazy times .... god I hate this bullshiat.
2001-10-15 12:43:06 PM  
You arent on icq Drew, I was trying to tell you about this earlier
2001-10-15 12:46:51 PM  
I won't be on icq all week btw, I'm in South Carolina this week
2001-10-15 12:47:18 PM  
Shutting down the Postal Service is what the terrorists are hoping for. Disruption of an already jittery US economy. Shut down the postal service and watch the stock market drop 1000 points.
2001-10-15 12:47:25 PM  
Can the peace pussies defend this one? How many of them are left, I wonder?

No, there is no hard evidence (yet). But the 'coincidences' sure are stacking up...
2001-10-15 12:49:20 PM  
Oh I forgot about that Drew....

My stepdad works with hadzardous materials at the Post Office... they have a package with suspicious white powder quarantined waiting to see if its Anthrax
2001-10-15 12:50:11 PM  
I get the feeling e-mail is going to become VERY popular this year.
2001-10-15 12:51:34 PM  
I have a feeling that this is NOT the work of Int'l terrorists.
My guess would be that every wack job in this nation who can get their hands on this stuff, (which, I imagine isn't too dificult,) is going to be pulling these kinds of stunts for weeks, if not months to come.
Terrorists don't typically function in this sort of manner. They tend to go for, excuse the expression, "The big kill."
Anthrax is almost impossibly difficult to distribute in a way that will harm large numbers of people, and most terrorists know this.
Not to mention, I doubt that the terrorists are going to use this type of attack because it is EXACTLY the type of thing we are looking out for. The media has whipped up this "anthrax frenzy" to such a point that people are freaking out at every substance that they can't identify.
Hell, we had a case here last friday where someone called the police because they found a "greasy substance" on a roll of quarters!

Every nut-bag in the country seems to think that now is the time to pull this kind of stunt because everyone is going to be pointing the finger at someone overseas.
I'd be willing to bet that atleast 90% of these cases will be found to have been committed by US citizens who have some sort of gripe with the people that they're sending these anthrax-laced letters to.
2001-10-15 12:51:38 PM  
not just a little antrhax, but the letter was 'full' of it?..
2001-10-15 12:51:39 PM  
I was actually waiting for them to start targeting our elected officials.

It only makes sense.
2001-10-15 12:52:12 PM  

Speaking of coincidences, did you see that the 1st guy to die from anthrax rented homes to two of the suicide bombers?!?!
2001-10-15 12:53:51 PM  
"Shutting down the Postal Service is what the terrorists are hoping for."

Ha! They'd be doing us a favor.
Privatize that shiat.
2001-10-15 12:54:10 PM  

It's not about thinning the stupid investors, they are good for the market. It's about the thousands of jobs that are lost as a result. : (
2001-10-15 12:57:02 PM  
The one thing that makes me think it's international terrorism is the attack on the American Media Company. Obviously the attacks were polarized to media companies in the beginning. I speculate that was to draw attention to the attacks. Want some quick press? Attack the press.

They attacked several legit news sources, but the American Media Company? Every American knows they are just stupid rag tabloids that nobody takes seriously. Overseas terrorists would have no idea, they would only know that American Media Company outsells NY Times and LA Times combined. Who knows though, could be one, could be the other, could be a little of both. We will find out sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.
2001-10-15 12:59:25 PM  
You may be right. I hadn't given any thought to the fact that Iraq stockpiles this crap!

Looks like we'll be bombing someone else in the near future.
2001-10-15 01:00:59 PM  
You know, If you look at the pattern of those who recieved the anthrax, you get a tabloid, a prominant liberal politician, a software giant, and a liberal newscaster, and an author who wrote about anthrax. hmmm. Perhaps they figure if Tom Brokaw would die of anthrax while on the air, it would cause mass panic. Or maybe someone has a grudge against each of these entities. I don't know why Bin Ladin would mail anthrax to dachle and not bush, or another official. This mystery is just getting stranger.
2001-10-15 01:01:15 PM  
How many envelopes with anthrax so far? four? six? In comparison to the hundreds of millions of envelopes that flow through the USPS every day, it doesn't make sense to shut the whole thing down. It would make more sense for everyone to wear gloves and a gas mask when opening their mail. I was being sarcastc there. The best solution is to simply be alert and careful.
2001-10-15 01:01:56 PM  
Pretnar: Got a source on that one?
2001-10-15 01:02:14 PM  
I don't think shutting down the postal service is the answer. The biggest effect of this anthrax problem is the shock and fear it is causing. I think most people of whom are potential targets of these attacks are aware of it and will take steps to prevent people from becoming infected.

Keep in mind that more people have died from mail bombs than mail anthrax.
2001-10-15 01:03:09 PM  
I'm starting to get the feeling Baghdad will be a tad flatter in the coming months.
2001-10-15 01:03:50 PM  
What do you mean, do I have a source?
2001-10-15 01:05:54 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

The United States has begun spraying multiple terrorist supporting countries with unknown biological or chemical weapons in retaliation.

[image from too old to be available]

I wish.
2001-10-15 01:06:34 PM  
Next, we may well expect small rubber hoses stuck under doors at random, and the subtle smell of gas to pervaid our thoughts.

I thought summer was the silly season.
2001-10-15 01:07:37 PM  
Snail mail is so insecure, it's not even funny. You can't verify the return address, etc. The routing the USPS tells you how so much, and anyone can go to a distant mailbox.

I say they're gonna hopefuly do some sort of screening process(if possible) for anthrax thru envelopes, or make everyone use transparent plastic envelopes or something, so you'll see the powder before opening the darn thing.
2001-10-15 01:08:29 PM  
ummmm here's a question. I don't know how fesible it is. . .but is there anyway they could train dogs to go through the mail looking for the smell of that powder? (Granted I know there's a LOT of mail in the US but there's got to be a way to narrow it all down and sniff out the possible targets)
2001-10-15 01:09:45 PM  
I think it is the terrorists, examples of my opinion:

1. Supposed coded messages in Osama's broadcast, now Anthrax cases and distributing all over.

2. Terrorists aren't concerned with body count, they want to make us uneasy, that is exactly what is happening. People are worried about their own mail, and people are going out and taking an antibiotic(which the major side effect is Diarrhea), for a disease they don't even have.

3. They know the Feds, and people, are watching airports, airlines, crop dusting, Checking IDs at places of employment, more cops on streets. Whats the only other quiet way to deliver crap when its too risky to do it in person,, the mail!

just my opinion, offer expires while you wait.
2001-10-15 01:09:48 PM  
I heard an *unconfirmed rumor* that the reason Mohammed Atta went to that Walgreen's, or whatever, was because he'd been exposed to Anthrax.
2001-10-15 01:11:34 PM  
Knitwit: Not with my dog, you're not getting her anywhere close to Anthrax spores. Unless there is a valid canine vaccine, thay'd be dead before you could properly train them.

PS: Does Anthrax affect other forms of life as well?
2001-10-15 01:12:03 PM  
Fb- go and reread that part again.

Or I'll just post it here:

In what the FBI calls a strange coincidence, two apartments used by suspected hijackers in the terrorist attacks were rented to them by a real estate agent married to the editor of the tabloid where the employee died from anthrax. The FBI said there is nothing, however, to link the apartments to the anthrax outbreak.
2001-10-15 01:12:03 PM  
Why yes, Fb-, I did notice that. Hence the 'coincidence' remark.

Maybe the next target will be a liberal college. The fools in charge of this are doing a great job at making themselves completely unlikeable, and this would be the last thing they need to attack.
2001-10-15 01:12:18 PM  
Another thing that makes me wonder. If it was the local militia nutjobs, a-la Tim McVey, wouldn't they be attacking the targest they despise.. Like the IRS, FBI and CIA? Not Sony, Microsoft and the National Enquirier.

Just a thought.
2001-10-15 01:12:38 PM  
DREW, if you happen to come by North Greenville College, while you are in our backwater state, let me know!
2001-10-15 01:14:15 PM  
Cool, double postings at 180 degrees...
2001-10-15 01:15:02 PM  
I just received the deadly Anthrax CD "Attack of the Killer B's" in the mail from Columbia House. Preliminary field tests indicated the presence of Anthrax but sometimes yield false positives.
2001-10-15 01:16:01 PM  
Adjennin: NOT!
2001-10-15 01:17:15 PM  
How many of these letters have actually had anthrax? It seems that most of them have had "preliminary tests" that were inconclusive, and they never broadcast "ANTHRAX ENVELOPE DOESN'T CONTAIN ANTHRAX" the next day. Why do you never hear about the more thorough lab tests? Might be because they are negative, and 'good' news is not good news for the media. Might just be a lot of crushed up tylenol and noone cares to follow up on it.

Or it really is anthrax and we're all screwed, I don't know.
2001-10-15 01:17:39 PM  
Anthrax and the Symbols of the American Capitalist Machine:

- Free Press/Speech (NY Times, Tom Brokaw, that crappy tabloid)

- Corporate Behemoths (Microsoft - one of the most well-known)

- Our government, obviously (unfortunately Daschle was probably just the first victim)
2001-10-15 01:18:54 PM  
Anyone ever see the old "Roach Motel" Saturday Night Live skit? If we ever catch the people responsible for this shiat, we outta do that to em...

"Rip his arms off and beat him with them, burn off his reproductive organs with red-hot pokers, then shove a ball of cotten in his mouth while dangling some tempting food just outside of his reach... sure, it won't kill him, but it will teach him a lesson."

Sounds good to me.
2001-10-15 01:19:07 PM  
Just got this email ;)


This is not a joke...if you do not forward this e-mail to 20 other
people... you will receive anthrax in the mail.

I repeat this is not a joke this virus will come to you only a week
after you open this piece of mail in a very undiscreet package.

If you open this e-mail after opening others, it just
might come as a letter from your "buddy" Watch out!

You have one week... starting now.
2001-10-15 01:21:27 PM  
2001-10-15 01:22:09 PM  

Symbols of most other countries:

- Too much government

- Poverty

- Envy
2001-10-15 01:22:59 PM  


LONDON: The US administration had very specific information about Osama Bin Laden, his whereabouts, details of his al-Qaeda network and the degree of Pakistani military and security involvement in Afghanistan as far back as March, courtesy of the Russians, but still elected to take no action.

The latest issue of Jane's Intelligence Review, published from London, says that Moscow's Permanent Mission at the United Nations "submitted an unprecedentedly detailed report" to the UN Security Council six months before the American atrocities.

According to Alex Standish, the editor of the Review, the attacks of September 11 were less of an American intelligence failure and more the result of US inaction based on "a political decision not to act against Bin Laden".

The intelligence, said Jane's, included details of Pakistan's crucial aid to the Taliban, which enjoys a reportedly symbiotic relationship with al-Qaeda.

Jane's, which sources its report to a leak "from the highest levels of the UN", said the information also detailed the extent to which the Taliban is involved in drug trafficking.

Standish said that the Russians had not only provided "a listing of all Bin Laden's bases, his government contacts and foreign advisors", but also enough to indicate his whereabouts.

That, he said, was unfortunately out of date now and the only hope of the Western allies was for Pakistan's ISI "to divulge all the information it had on Bin Laden and his whereabouts".

Standish pointed out, however, that there was no certainty that this would happen even now "despite all the pressure that is being placed on the Pakistani government by the international community, because there will be considerable resistance from Pakistani intelligence and the Pakistani army, which are now shown to have very very close links with the Taliban".

The Russian intelligence report had detailed the precise extent to which Pakistan had built up, nurtured and maintained the Taliban.

This is why, detailed calculations at the weekend, by intelligence agencies say that the public musings of General Musharraf, in concert with British prime minister Tony Blair, on the shape and form of "a broad-based post-Taliban administration" puts the finishing touches to Western plans to topple the Taliban.

According to increasingly frenzied media reports, the US and Britain are leading the efforts to depose the Taliban before a single shot is fired or any military strikes are launched against Bin Laden.

The unnerving prospect of the Taliban being buried before it is even properly dead is reported by The Guardian as part of the quickening pace of preparations for a loya jirga or grand council of Afghan elders to choose a new administration.

The paper says that a council of 60 Northern Alliance delegates and 60 Afghan leaders nominated by the entourage of the former Afghan king, Zahir Shah, could meet as early as next week somewhere inside Aghanistan.

It said that the main Afghan groups in exile abroad, mainly in Europe, in Rome, Bonn and Cyprus, have affirmed support for a loya jirga and the 86-year-old king."
2001-10-15 01:23:22 PM  
Fb-: Until they can trace the letters to one source, they can just as easily be assumed to come from SEVERAL sources, all with their own axe to grind against the target.

Pretnar: How would privitizing the Postal Service help? I use a ton of shipping methods and they aren't any more secure than using your local post office. If you're going to cite tracking numbers that FedEx and UPS use, excuse me while I laugh. They've managed to lose parcels larger than a trash can for me, and they have no farking idea whither they've gone. Besides, private shipping companies are already giving the USPS a run for their money.
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