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5275 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2003 at 5:33 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-05 03:21:22 AM  
You would think companies wouldn't need any "encouragement" to make internet security a priority... kind of like you not needing a reminder about rampant car theft so that you don't leave the f*cking keys in the igniton...
2003-07-05 03:25:04 AM  
Heh.... my parents seen something about this on the news today and got all nervous and asked if i was gonna have any part of it.... heh
2003-07-05 03:26:44 AM  
Are you?
2003-07-05 03:28:24 AM  
Nope..... closest I've ever gotten to hacking was being sued by the MPAA for hosting the dvd crack code on my website... and on another note... just signed up for TotalFark tonight woohoo!!
2003-07-05 03:49:20 AM  
I find many companies don't really understand computer security and don't bother to learn until something like this is hyped up. So either way, it raises awareness.
2003-07-05 05:40:53 AM  
Good point cscx!
2003-07-05 05:43:00 AM  
well... even if it WAS a hoax... It won't be now that everybody is talking about it... I bet all the script kiddies and crackers will be out trashing sites tomorrow
2003-07-05 05:47:06 AM  
The company I work for supports a large government department and emails were rife from the web monkies there about this stupid thing. Cue a zillion panicked phone calls to our helpdesk from numpties who actually fall for this shiat.
We still get two or three calls a week saying "I've got this enmail from a friend about a teddy bear virus so I've deleted all these files and passed it on, was that OK?" GAAAHH!!

2003-07-05 05:48:40 AM  
I thought it was a hoax, most people who spend alot of time on the net, (like most farkers) know whats up.
2003-07-05 05:49:34 AM  
Oh darn companies are fixing holes that have had patches out for days months or years OH THE HORROR!!! God I love this and any company that gets hit YOU DESEVE IT!!! If your dumb enough to not have an effective security plan in force what the hell do you expect to happen. There is enough info out on the web alone just to help you set up a basic plan.

Besides the fact that most of this (if any) is gonna be by script kiddies and morons. I doubt too many "hackers" are gonna be doin this.

/sits back and waits to see how many (if any) sites get hit and how many are for well known exploits and flaws..
2003-07-05 06:01:44 AM  
Hackers are security heros
They give expense-conscious (money-tight) corps the incentive to keep OUR personal info safe...
Have you ever known a corp to do something because it is simply right? There is always a PR, economic, legal, or marketing reason for what they prioritize, but rarely a moral one.
2003-07-05 06:04:28 AM  

The only reason we're hearing about this is because of Terminator know, that movie where every computer in the world is corrupted by a massive virus through the Internet, and oh yeah, Arnold blows things up.

This happens every once in a while. Move along, nothing to see here...


P.S. Something _MIGHT_ happen, but we're _HEARING_ about it because of the flick.
2003-07-05 06:12:39 AM  
Should make tomorrow night/morning fun here in the NOC.
2003-07-05 06:13:41 AM  
Go ahead, give my Sonicwall your best, hacker fiends! I want some interesting logfile reading on Monday.

I *love* that shiny blue piece of magic.
2003-07-05 09:04:18 AM  
It's not a hoax; the last week or so my primary firewall has been getting dozens of probes a day on port 21 (FTP), 1080 (Cable/DSL router remote admin), and 1434 (MS SQL).

Either it started as a hoax and a bunch of out-of-the-loop kiddies are picking up the idea and running with it, or a list of easily exploitable systems is being collected.

The rate has dropped down to almost nothing now, which is why folks are starting to wonder if it was all a hoax. I figure it's just the calm before the storm. After all, if they are going to try to hack 6000+ systems in 6 hours, they need to have a list of likely targets ready in advanve.
2003-07-05 09:42:54 AM  
ouaouaron: Security doesn't cost money, you just have to rub two brain cells together and add elbow grease.

I use a multilevel firewall configuration. First level is an el-cheapo Linksys cable router. By using Linksysmon, I get to see the incoming probes and port numbers, even if they are successfully blocked by the router.

The second level firewall is running Linux with IPTables and Swatch.

When Linksysmon logs a incoming probe that I've configured as a known exploit, Swatch picks that up and executes a small script I wrote that adds the probers subnet to IPTables with a log and drop. It then reloads the secondary firewall with the new configuration.

This in turn kicks off an (SSH tunneled) rsync of the updated IPTables configuration to all the peer secondary firewalls, which then reload the new configuration.

All done with free software, and the only thing I had to do was glue it together with about 50 lines of scripting and configuration entries. And this is just my home network!

Any company that says that security is an expense is just trying to rip-off their shareholders. Oh, wait, that's all of them...

2003-07-05 10:54:29 AM  
2003-07-05 11:09:21 AM  
hackers = very sad people
2003-07-05 11:11:23 AM  
You are of course right
except most companies don't have elbow grease
so they must hire it... so yes, security costs money
2003-07-05 11:58:29 AM  

Never put that much faith in your firewall. All it takes is a google search for "sonicwall exploit" and your caught with your pants down.

Maceinator has it right, multi-layed security model is the most reliable.
2003-07-05 12:01:55 PM  
This is an example of social hacking. Causing a programmed response through false stimuli. Kind of like the Teddy Bear virus hoax... preying on people's ignorance and nievete... very amusing.
2003-07-05 12:06:16 PM  
I understand not the language you computer people speak. Will someone speak English around here?

Oh nevermind. I don't care anyway.

2003-07-05 12:09:47 PM  
This is a hoax, but an intentional one by white hats. What is a white hats mission? To convince companies that they are vulnerable by hacking them and then showing them what went down, well if they convince every company on the planet that they are gonna be hacked sunday all of the companies are gonna patch known flaws. This will keep all of the script kiddies out, and accomplish a white hats goal but on a MUCH larger scale. Isn't this obvious to you guys?

2003-07-05 12:15:19 PM  
isn't this obvious to all you guys? not just the guys but the oh so beautiful farkettes such as happygirl

I really hope there is a shiatstorm tomorrow so that I can sit back and laugh at all of those sys. admins and IT peeps that went through the 1 week of training at some BS school.
"How can linux be more secure than windows if hackers can just read all of the source code and see all of the flaws."
lol, I LOVE! stupid people
2003-07-05 12:25:25 PM  
It's going to happen, count on it

There are asshats out there hacking every day, why should July 6 be any different? The hoax hoax, was released to try and deter anyone else from joining in. According to their site, Defacers Challenge it's most definately on.
If anyone is interested in seeing the hacks, or scores, this site Zone - H is going to be keeping score. Hacking for the hell of it is just stupid. I can understand (though not approve of) hacking for personal gain, like say, robbing banks, or changing your math grade, but this is just dumb. It's just vandalism.
2003-07-05 12:29:00 PM  
Zone - H,(the scorekeepers) was unfetchable due to timeout. If you give it a few minutes, it'll probably be back up. copy and paste away. I'll try linking again later.
2003-07-05 01:27:53 PM  
2003-07-05 01:35:01 PM  
"assets" ... scrambling to cover their "assets".
2003-07-05 02:29:44 PM  
It's not "6000 sites." It's "6000 sites/group." That's a horse of a different color.
2003-07-05 02:46:08 PM  
Hey, is "Off the Hook" on WBAI still on the air?

I always called it the "hacker show". The host was/is Emmanuel Goldstein (which is probably not his real name).
Lots of interviews with jailed hackers, etc.

In an altered state once I actually gave them some money, just because that show was so entertaining.

Of course I regretted it later when I started getting "save the whales" type stuff in my land box.

Should have known better - practically every host they have somehow managed to segue into anti-republican talk.
2003-07-05 02:50:40 PM  
I spit on your 6000 sites. I double the bet, and I will do it myself... oh yeah, that would be if hacker contest werent "who has the bigger dick contests".
2003-07-05 02:55:31 PM  
Properly grammer not importance on hacker thread
2003-07-05 02:58:29 PM  
and if this does happen, i say all the farkers post any site 'defaced' they can find.
2003-07-05 08:13:22 PM  
I did my part

2003-07-05 09:14:58 PM  
It isn't teh |-|04><0rz! J00 will B teh ownz!
2003-07-05 10:33:48 PM  
Just a bunch of nerds whose only experience talking to a woman involved giving a credit card number beforehand.
2003-07-06 02:00:30 AM  
Only 58mins left until the planet is hacked. GG all.
2003-07-06 02:36:57 AM  
whoa, it started 36 min. ago.... anyone see anything yet? no? ok, i'm going to bed then, it's 1:30 my time....
2003-07-06 05:35:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-06 05:40:33 AM  
well, nothing happened.. it's 12PM contest-time and the Internet is still here.

I hope you pansies who get all worked up over this type of non-sense have learned your lessons.

I'd smack all of you, if i had the time.
2003-07-06 05:41:34 AM  
Someone hack Jersey's computer for posting that horrible picture, please.
2003-07-06 05:46:57 AM  
its probably some FBI sting thing
2003-07-06 03:26:21 PM  
This blows, i really really wanted to see a huge shiatstorm
2003-07-06 07:04:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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