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2003-07-04 09:10:03 AM  
Maen. First he scores an iPod, now this?

Time to buy a video camera and favorited! it on!

/looks down at beer gut.

2003-07-04 10:10:16 AM  
Not that it wasn't before, but once again:

[image from thedoor.ws too old to be available]
2003-07-04 10:18:06 AM  
Why would George Lucas do this? He's pretty hard core on some of his copyright infringement stuff. I know he sued a bunch of porn films that were a parody of star wars titles.

/Maybe hes smart not to sue his fans.
2003-07-04 10:22:27 AM  
I think the real story here is that there are people watching the Star Wars webcam 24 hours a day.
2003-07-04 10:26:44 AM  
He'll play lardass #3 in the Cantina scene on Tattoine when Ben tries to find a place to hide Luke.
2003-07-04 12:12:44 PM  
He'll play lardass #3

Maybe he is a young Jabba the Hut?

[image from mediafans.com too old to be available]
2003-07-04 12:15:40 PM  
2003-07-04 12:44:13 PM  
Whatever happened to the story of the kid (or his parents) sueing over the whole thing? The story on waxy.org goes cold on May 29th.
2003-07-04 12:57:22 PM  
Watch, Lucas'll probably give the kid a major role, too.
2003-07-04 04:46:46 PM  
Lucas is a tool... using this poor kid as a farking marketing gimick.
2003-07-04 04:48:56 PM  
that twi'lek is hot
2003-07-04 04:48:58 PM  
ok, someone gime a quicky as to who the hell star wars kid is so i dont have to read anything boring!
2003-07-04 04:56:27 PM  
Old news. Didn't you guys hear? Ewan McGregor dropped out and Star Wars kid is taking his place. Neat huh.
2003-07-04 04:57:12 PM  
There's an article on Totalfark saying that Barry White is dead, this is sad: http://www.abc22.com/news/index.php?story=3430
2003-07-04 04:57:21 PM  
Someone post a screencap from Hyperspace over here, before Lucas and his lawyers get it removed.
2003-07-04 04:58:51 PM  
Ah, the first hint that Ep3 will suck hairy rocks even worse than the last two. Someone kick Lucas off the planet. Marry him off to Knowlese so they can go and be fat together.
2003-07-04 04:59:10 PM  
Well, Jabba was originally supposed to be a human...
2003-07-04 04:59:21 PM  
That would be pretty darn cool.

I'd still give it a "-1 unlikely", though.
2003-07-04 04:59:37 PM  

This little butterball better farking apperciate the god damn attention that farking film clip got him.

First off, he's an IDIOT for not capitalizing on it. The opportunity that clip created were ENDLESS. This kid got more exposure than AOL for Christ's sake and for FREE to top things off. He should've milked it for all he was worth...Think Letterman, Leno, whatever. This kid could've been rich beyond his belief.

So, what does he decide to do about it? SUE.

Now he's getting a farking part in Starwars Episode 3?

Are we still expected to feel sorry for this kid because people laughed at him for this clip?

fark NO!
2003-07-04 05:00:24 PM  
Never gonna happen.

RIP Barry White babeee
2003-07-04 05:00:47 PM  

Plans for World Domination

1. Record a silly video.
2. Post it 'anonymously' on the internet.
3. ????
4. Profit!
6. Scream "I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION" with an outrageous french accent at everyone that called me a loser.

[image from orthanc.univap.br too old to be available]
Starwars Kid, I salute you.
2003-07-04 05:02:05 PM  
RIP Barry White.

The first, my last, my everything.
2003-07-04 05:02:15 PM  
EL_FABREZ: Video here

Imagine a spazzing kid with a video camera. Makes a video of himself, leaves it in a public place, watches it get distributed over the internet, gets upset, gets an iPod, gets worldwide notoriety.
2003-07-04 05:02:23 PM  
wait ... fanbois are watching a makeup artist, who knows that fanbois are watching her, make a joke about that dumbfark being given a cameo, and believe it?

because we all know that makeup artists make casting decisions.

2003-07-04 05:05:29 PM  
I'm thinking it's the equivalent of a major leauge baseball player telling some retarded kid wearing a baseball uniform at a fundraiser "maybe you'll be in the majoy leagues some day."

And I'm still reaching for that goal.
2003-07-04 05:07:23 PM  
woops i forgot

"ass barnacle on george lucas' puckering anus" is a ® of nihil8r enterprises © 2003 all rights reserved
2003-07-04 05:08:32 PM  
i dont understand what the fascination with this kid is. everyone of us from time to time has made complete asses out of ourseleves and dint get praise for it. once, during last semester, my friends and i got loaded, bought plastic lightsabers, and staged a duel of fates outside my dorm building. i dont see me getting an ipod. this kid is just a dumb, clutzy fatass running around in circles. woo-farking-hoo. the first time i saw it i chuckled. the second, third, fourth and fifth times i was subjected to it i just shook my head. now im angry
2003-07-04 05:09:43 PM  
Why is he getting so much attention? If that video showed anything, it was just how uncoordinated and pathetic he was. I remember doing stuff like that when I was 5, and the first three movies were still new.

2003-07-04 05:10:29 PM  
it just goes to show how the advent of the internet has brought about such extreme idiocy in some people. curse you internet, curse you
2003-07-04 05:11:32 PM  
it must be true! some lady in the makeup dept. said so!

this is retarded.
2003-07-04 05:11:35 PM  
I rely dont care about this because in all likelihood episode three will be yet another insult to the Star Wars name.
2003-07-04 05:12:39 PM  
Thanks for the link FngKestrel. That might be the gayest thing ever. Not that there is anything wrong with that...
2003-07-04 05:15:25 PM  
[image from xibo.com too old to be available]

Thats right Eeyore, nobody cares
2003-07-04 05:16:10 PM  
Obviously Lucas doesn't give a rat's ass about acting ability, so basically anybody can be in his movie if they can swing a stick. The whole purpose of the last 2 movies is for George to play with his computer toys.

The only reason the first three movies didn't suck ass was Lucas accidentally cast a good actor -> Harrison Ford. That guy was the glue that held the whole shiatmobile together. This time around, Lucas isn't making the same "mistake"
2003-07-04 05:18:28 PM  
There's an article on Totalfark saying that Barry White is dead, this is sad:

The CNN.com article is much more detailed. (They must have had it in their "sandbox" ready to go.)

2003-07-04 05:18:33 PM  
Barry White has died :(

2003-07-04 05:18:42 PM  
To use the classic SW line, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

OMFG! You don't think Lucas saw my little ditty about "Young Porkins" and went "Hmmmmmmmmm.........", do you?
2003-07-04 05:22:35 PM  
wow, 58...he was rather young. RIP barry, you were awesome
2003-07-04 05:23:39 PM  
[image from espn-ak.starwave.com too old to be available]

Yep, that's how I feel too.
2003-07-04 05:31:57 PM  
I downloaded his little video on Kazaa and found it to be hysterical. I won't be able to watch episode 3 without laughing my butt off. Could someone explain the complete adventures of star wars kid please?
2003-07-04 05:32:51 PM  
Oh yeah, Star Wars. I remember that movie. It was pretty cool. And the sequel was good too.

Did Han Solo ever make it out of the carbonite?

/Transmitting from a VIC-20, sometime in 1982
2003-07-04 05:35:07 PM  

Holy carap. That's some funny stuff. Thanks for the link.

Shyt, for an ipod I'd tape myself doing the tuck scene in the silence of the lambs and leave that for someone to find. Naw, maybe not.
2003-07-04 05:39:43 PM  
Who cares. The new trilogy sucks ass.
2003-07-04 05:42:38 PM  
Did Han Solo ever make it out of the carbonite?

Yeah, and to say it must've sucked is putting it mildly:

...It had been a grim sensation--as if for an eternity he'd been trying to draw breath, to move, to scream, every moment in conscious, painful asphyxiation...

2003-07-04 05:43:09 PM  
LemurBoy2000: Nope, thats the end... The last movie is just an hour and a half of the Luke talking with Leia.
2003-07-04 05:53:51 PM  
Wasn't just Harrison Ford. All the actors in the first were good.

The third...... ugh. It's ALL that I hate in crap like this. It's not a stand-alone movie, it's riding its old success by shoving in the Wookie. Most people want to see it because it will have Vader, not because it will be a good movie. Feh.

George is riding his past successes like a cheap whore. I won't see the movie... Yeah, I do think Vader is a great bad guy... So why would I want to see him in a crappy film? I can just watch Star Wars again.

As for shoving in the Star Wars Kid... As what, exactly? Y'know what, screw sequels in general. Screw the next Matrix, screw the next Star Wars, screw.... screw Legally Blonde 2 (though I never saw the first)! Maybe I'll watch the next Lord of the Rings... since they aren't even really sequels. After that, screw all damn sequels!
2003-07-04 05:55:30 PM  
By the first, I mean the first ACTUAL three star wars movies.

By the third, I mean the third one about to come out.
2003-07-04 05:57:45 PM  
I guess attention whoring can get you somewhere...
2003-07-04 06:03:28 PM  
It would appear that I am an ass barnacle on George Lucas' puckering anus.
2003-07-04 06:06:29 PM  
Oh come on you guys. I think that it is cool. Like it or not he had to go through the cliched nightmare of having something embarrassing spread all over the Internet and then the world. I even heard a story about this a few months ago on BBC world report!

Let him have the part. Good for him I say.
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