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(Cincy Post)   Burglar leaves picture of penis behind   ( divider line
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9724 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jul 2003 at 11:43 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-04 11:21:36 AM  
That's one wild & craaaaaaaay-zeee judge!
2003-07-04 11:47:49 AM  
eeewwwww she was 79!
2003-07-04 11:47:56 AM  
I tried to do that once but I ran out of film.
2003-07-04 11:48:29 AM  
was it autographed?
2003-07-04 11:48:50 AM  
frank or did you forget your microscope and tweezers?
2003-07-04 11:49:24 AM  
A picture of my crank in my senior citizen neighbor's weekend just filled up nicely
2003-07-04 11:51:42 AM  
Whats the real story, the real story is the guy was probably some middle man in a local drug scene and instead of deliverying he kept the stash and so the local thugpins put a price on his head - 6 months in jail - safest place to be - if you dont mind a little bubba action.
2003-07-04 11:55:32 AM  
Geez guy go check out a granny fetish site or something. Oh and get some therapy.
2003-07-04 11:55:39 AM  
If they hadn't known it was him right away, they could've done the good old tallywacker lineup from Porky's.
2003-07-04 11:58:03 AM  
good thing john wayne bobbitt wasn't in on this. who knows what might have happened.
2003-07-04 11:58:29 AM  
What they didn't mention in the article, is that it was really hard to determine who's penis it was since they had to enlarge it in the dark room 6 times.

It was grainy.
2003-07-04 12:19:15 PM  
Was his name Luke Atmadeek?
2003-07-04 12:49:59 PM  
Hang on here.
Muench [the burglar] rejected a sentence that would have resulted in him serving some time in the Hamilton County Justice Center followed by one year of probation because, his attorney said, he didn't want the threat of a possible probation violation that could return him to jail hanging over his head.

This guy doesn't think he can keep his head out of his own ass for one year? Does he have plans to commit some crime after the six months in prison but before the twelve months of probation would end? This guy should be put down.
2003-07-04 12:59:51 PM  
He also left several x10's...
2003-07-04 01:02:28 PM  
Hmm - so was it glossy?

Enlarged? more if you want 'em
2003-07-04 01:36:08 PM  
do the guys drop their pants for a line up?
2003-07-04 01:43:04 PM  
that looks like luke perry on the right
2003-07-04 01:51:22 PM  
Hope he left a thumbnail so it looks bigger.
2003-07-04 01:59:33 PM  
2003-07-04 02:01:33 PM  
maybe it was something in the way the old lady's eyes glistened as the young couple tongue her crusty nipples, but I knew I had to have her there and then.
2003-07-04 02:07:11 PM  
2003-07-04 02:36:13 PM  
Why are people always having to remind me my past?
2003-07-04 03:50:57 PM  
wow... just... wow.
2003-07-04 04:15:55 PM  
is it hot in here or is it just me?
2003-07-04 04:23:37 PM  
What, no Porky's reference???
2003-07-04 09:29:37 PM  
eeewwwww she was 79!

And he showed the picture to her once before??? Double Ewwwwwww!

This guy needs to go to Federal "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison.
2003-07-04 11:10:48 PM  
Crimony! Why are these people always from Cincinnati?
2003-07-04 11:28:07 PM  
2003-07-05 03:17:03 AM  
So where's the photo?

2003-07-05 03:38:36 PM  
My thoughts exactly Deschit . Maybe he had an incriminating mole.

Here chicky, chicky, chicky...Hi, I'm Polly Penis...
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