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(RedOrbit)   What was thought to be a dead whale turns out to be a 41-foot, 29,000-pound giant squid that washed up on a beach in Chile. This is the second one in 107 years   ( rednova.com) divider line
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2003-07-03 08:59:44 AM  
Upon closer inspection, the giant squid was asked to leave the beach, and take her lawyer, assistant and dog with her.
2003-07-03 08:59:51 AM  
Calamari for everyone!
2003-07-03 09:00:37 AM  
Amazing this creature has never yet been observed alive...
2003-07-03 09:00:46 AM  
Looks like something a cat would yack up.
2003-07-03 09:00:48 AM  
Heres the sick squid I owe ya!
2003-07-03 09:01:19 AM  
twice in 107 years??? something must be done!
2003-07-03 09:01:52 AM  
I bet that thing stinks something awful.
2003-07-03 09:02:05 AM  
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
2003-07-03 09:02:41 AM  
No Ackbar?
2003-07-03 09:04:51 AM  
"Chilean scientists"

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!
2003-07-03 09:04:51 AM  
Cormee: you do realise that although that's a pretty funny line, only 1 in 10 people here will get it?
2003-07-03 09:05:51 AM  
I had an inkling thats what it was. That really sucks.
2003-07-03 09:06:19 AM  
Is the
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tag supposed to indicate that this story was posted on Fark the first time this happened 107 years ago?
2003-07-03 09:06:28 AM  
*dumb keanu voice*

2003-07-03 09:06:37 AM  
giant squid my ass, its probably milhouse
2003-07-03 09:08:28 AM  
I do fla and I'm guessing the ones that do get it will not be Americans
2003-07-03 09:09:01 AM  
Loch Ness Monster maybe...

[image from scotland-calling.com too old to be available]

2003-07-03 09:09:49 AM  
Marinara, anyone?
2003-07-03 09:10:02 AM  
[image from ackbar.org too old to be available]

2003-07-03 09:10:17 AM  
13 tons? That's a big freakin spineless thing. I wanna see a video of one of these things alive and swimming. How hard could it be to find something of that size? I'm not even going to think what else may be living deep in the ocean.
2003-07-03 09:10:20 AM  
Anybody remember the name of the old B Horror movie where the ship was attacked by one of these? Ohh wait there were like 30 of those movies, nevermind.

[image from 100megsfree4.com too old to be available]
2003-07-03 09:10:29 AM  
What washed up 107 years ago in Florida was never determined to be a giant squid, in fact the prevailing theory is that it was an octopus. Squid longer than this are routinely hauled up in fishing boats every couple of years. Bad science, Red Nova.
2003-07-03 09:10:34 AM  
for the other nine,it's six quid (pounds sterling)- sick squid
2003-07-03 09:10:34 AM  
It looks like Gollum at the end of Return of the King.
2003-07-03 09:11:04 AM  
fap fap fap...
oops...this isn't a boobies thread? The pic looked like...
fap fap fap...
2003-07-03 09:11:20 AM  
There's lots of weird stuff down there. If I ever saw a picture of an alien, this is it:

[image from calacademy.org too old to be available]

You can see it moving here:
2003-07-03 09:11:23 AM  
right, cuz americans never heard of "quid" before.
2003-07-03 09:11:25 AM  
Deep friers of the world surrender !!! New episode of "Iron Chef" in the works..
2003-07-03 09:11:55 AM  
spatr: but the pictures I have seen of the squid seem to be much smaller and than this appears to be with the length including the tentacles. Right?
2003-07-03 09:12:27 AM  
13 tonnes != 29,000 lbs
13 tonnes = 26,000 lbs
(Unless "tonnes" is not the same as "tons.")
2003-07-03 09:13:34 AM  
Where's farkette shesChilean when you need her?
2003-07-03 09:13:34 AM  
2003-07-03 09:06:37 AM EL_FABREZ

giant squid my ass, its probably milhouse

[image from home.insightbb.com too old to be available]
EL_FABREZ: You get a gold star for that one.
2003-07-03 09:13:44 AM  
sounds like spatr knows what he's talking about.
2003-07-03 09:13:46 AM  
Sponge Bob, I have some bad news for you: Squidbert is dead. There, there now. Patrick, get him a glass of water.
2003-07-03 09:13:50 AM  
tonne = 1.102 tons
2003-07-03 09:14:14 AM  
[image from cooknsee.com too old to be available]
2003-07-03 09:15:39 AM  
I could be wrong here, but I think a tonne is a metric ton, which is 1000 kg, or about 2200 lbs. So that would make 13 tonnes about 29000 lbs.
2003-07-03 09:16:21 AM  
bleah, still looks like shiat.
2003-07-03 09:16:45 AM  
29000 lbs = 14.5 tons

The deep ocean has some pretty amazing beasts... it's amazing to me that we are running to Mars and such but yet haven't observed every inch of our own planet.
2003-07-03 09:17:52 AM  
Obviously, President Bush has to do a pre-emptive strike against all sea-life. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN! Think of the children!
2003-07-03 09:18:06 AM  
2003-07-03 09:18:39 AM  
It's a farking big squid OK, no matter how many tonnes or tons it is.
2003-07-03 09:19:39 AM  
Woohoo! A gold star! It's like I never left special ed.
2003-07-03 09:19:50 AM  
2003-07-03 09:11:23 AM son of secret police
right, cuz americans never heard of "quid" before.

No! cuz americans are dumb! :p
2003-07-03 09:21:02 AM  
right, cuz americans never heard of "quid" before.

Geez, don't take much for an American-bashing threadjack. That may become an obselete term when you switch to the euro. You know you will sooner or later.
2003-07-03 09:21:10 AM  
Now all we need is a giant jar of pepper rings, a giant pan and 2000 gallons of olive oil.
2003-07-03 09:21:19 AM  
107 years? a SIXTY FOOTER washed up LAST YEAR in tasmania.. http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/science/07/22/australia.squid/
2003-07-03 09:22:11 AM  
2003-07-03 09:25:02 AM  
Italian zoologist Lorenzo Rossi, a specialist in marine fauna, said after receiving photographs that the squid would make a fine concentration camp guard.
2003-07-03 09:25:12 AM  
Yipes! A farkin' sea monster. That's the last time I swim in the ocean!
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