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2003-07-02 05:18:18 PM  
[image from media.bonnint.net too old to be available]
i wonder if i'll ever stop laughing.
2003-07-02 07:21:40 PM  
my god ... how is that guy keeping a straight face? even if they are his camels and he wants to protect them, still ...
2003-07-02 08:11:17 PM  
Word is they're having difficulty training them to wave glow sticks and hug each other.
2003-07-02 09:44:39 PM  
That damn camel only has 3 legs.
2003-07-02 09:48:04 PM  
Let's hope they don't try to rivet on any of those little orange triangles.
2003-07-02 09:48:18 PM  
Now there's something you don't see everyday.
Guess you'll see them a lot better now!

/send help... can't stop laughing!
2003-07-02 09:49:29 PM  
Now, if only they could do that here in the US with deer...
2003-07-02 09:50:03 PM  
2003-07-02 09:50:55 PM  
This just screams Photoshop
2003-07-02 09:51:11 PM  
That damn camel only has 3 legs
That's not his leg!
2003-07-02 09:52:21 PM  
[image from 2goglobal.com too old to be available]

Well ya know how those camels get hurt during rush hour!
2003-07-02 09:54:06 PM  
Liz Taylor sure has gone downhill lately.
2003-07-02 09:57:51 PM  
Speaking of which, check this out: Deer Vs. Durango (Click with caution: May be considered slightly not safe of work, as it's a little gory and involves a disemboweled deer, but not nearly as gory as the brown recluse bite from a couple days ago - that thing still gives me nightmares)
2003-07-02 10:02:31 PM  
That camel has 4 legs. You can see a slight part of the fourth leg behind the left front leg.

/If any mods are reading this, MAKE THIS A PHOTOSHOP!
2003-07-02 10:04:34 PM  
Answers to the name of "Tripod."
2003-07-02 10:08:57 PM  
"That camel has 4 legs. You can see a slight part of the fourth leg behind the left front leg."

naw, your wrong, I think thats some dirt on the front right leg.. It obviously only has 3 legs.
2003-07-02 10:09:52 PM  
Already submitted for photoshop.
2003-07-02 10:12:04 PM  
Reflective strips are already used to protect horses. So why are you people finding this funny? God damn city people.
2003-07-02 10:14:28 PM  
In all seriousness, this is why I love Fark. I never would have seen something like this otherwise and gotten a good laugh to pick me up this evening. Long live Fark!
2003-07-02 10:21:31 PM  
[image from estellesreflectivewear.com too old to be available]

OMG! lol! lol!

Oh no wait, that isn't funny because I don't view horses as 3rd world beast of burden.
2003-07-02 10:25:10 PM  
The beduin are pretty amazing. Something about nomadic people, especially in modern times, is really impressive.

They've never been involved in oppressing other groups, they just want to keep wandering around their traditional range and survive. And anyone who can wear huge black robes in desert heat is impressive (yes, I know it's actually much cooler than wearing almost nothing).
2003-07-02 10:25:40 PM  
So is this the 'Crisis in the Middle East' that I've been hearing so much about? I'm glad they've solved it.
2003-07-02 10:27:25 PM  
I'm surprised no one has said the word cameltoe within this post yet. I'd expect better from farkers.
2003-07-02 10:30:42 PM  
For metros232

[image from cameltoe.org too old to be available]
2003-07-02 10:32:55 PM  
2003-07-02 10:34:20 PM  
I'm with Cpu_thrasher

if this isn't a photoshop within 24 hours im losing my faith in fark ;)
2003-07-02 10:39:02 PM  
I'm waiting for the pic with taillights.
2003-07-02 10:55:36 PM  
Incidently, camels are referred to as "Ships of the Desert" because they're filled with arab seamen (sp?)
2003-07-02 10:55:55 PM  
the more interesting link on that page was to the "email the president" thing: http://capwiz.com/wtop/bio/letterslist/?id=20004
2003-07-02 11:04:36 PM  
'Trust in Jahweh, but light-up your camel.'

/refurbished saying
2003-07-02 11:06:47 PM  
anything to spot camel toe!
2003-07-02 11:20:48 PM  
Not a bad idea--

I read on Fark once that 7% of Ohio traffic accidents are deer-related. Must genetically alter deer with reflective fur now....
2003-07-02 11:23:02 PM  
...and I agree with you other Farkers, this one had better be a Photoshop!

I have no skills there, but I like watching the other Farkers.
2003-07-02 11:29:52 PM  
Given how much a camel would cost and its importance to that culture, its a pretty good idea. I fail to see why its funny.
2003-07-03 12:12:10 AM  
Pull that stick out of your camel toe.
2003-07-03 12:15:22 AM  
it was submitted several times and denied ...
2003-07-03 12:28:11 AM  
Amish to fight use of reflectors in court in 3.2.1...

Oops, wrong backwards religion.
2003-07-03 12:35:56 AM  
The camel also has a bumber sticker that reads.

If your not Muslim you aint Shiate!
2003-07-03 12:36:11 AM  
My question: does this camel look more like a deranged ostrich or emu? Discuss amongst yourselves.
2003-07-03 12:38:57 AM  
«I read on Fark once that 7% of Ohio traffic accidents are deer-related. Must genetically alter deer with reflective fur now....»

I'm actually surprised car companies haven't begin putting "deer whistles" standard on vehicles. Wait... my cynical side says "why would Ford do something humane when they can make the consumer pay to do it?"
2003-07-03 12:43:34 AM  
Aww, that ain't nuthin', we've been doing that to the amish fer years!
2003-07-03 12:46:26 AM  
Goatboy, It's funny because brown people are doing it. Don't you get it? See, brown people from far away are primitive and have laughable ways.

Good, honest americans have their reflectors on the bumpers of their cars, and wouldn't have anything to do with brown people from far away.

Now you understand.
2003-07-03 12:59:56 AM  
GoatBoy: You're right, thats not funny.

It's ficken hilarious.
2003-07-03 01:11:38 AM  
Let's give the photographer some credit here.Nice work.
2003-07-03 01:52:53 AM  
endosymbiont My point exactly. It would be funny if the story was about reflectors for cats or even for humans.
2003-07-03 01:57:15 AM  
[image from msnbc.com too old to be available]

I thought that this pic was funny also.
2003-07-03 07:51:57 AM  
I saw a camel?
2003-07-03 09:45:00 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-03 02:19:14 PM  
just make your photoshop and post it
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