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(MSNBC) NewsFlash Vancouver chosen as 2010 Winter Olympics site. "Freezing your ass off" added to list of medal events   ( divider line
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4206 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jul 2003 at 11:59 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-02 12:00:51 PM  
Well, it's aboot's never beeeen in Vancouver, eh?
2003-07-02 12:01:39 PM  
For those of you who were wondering, the winter games generally DO take place in cold climates.

This facilitates events such as skiing and ice skating, which, oddly enough, require low temperatures.

Thank you.
2003-07-02 12:02:19 PM  
canada? boooo
2003-07-02 12:02:23 PM  
that's perfect 'cos I've got a weird thing for nordic ski-ing girls who say "aboot".

2003-07-02 12:03:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

What's this aboot?
2003-07-02 12:03:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

albeit a wee bit late...gimme a break, I'm in Japan...miss ya mom!
2003-07-02 12:03:32 PM  
WHee! Unlike Athens, here you can get some fine pot with your hookers.
2003-07-02 12:03:47 PM  
I was first submitting this ... I guess the headline wasn't quite funny enough.
Which is funny in itself, as Vancouver is probably oneof the warmer cities the games have been to in the last couple decades. It's a hellof a lot warmer than Calgary and Lillehammer, marginally warmer than Nagano, and I guess it is colderthan Salt Lake, but ... other than that ... dumb headline.
2003-07-02 12:03:53 PM  
Really Perisoft. Did the submitter think holding the winter games in Hawaii was a better idea?
2003-07-02 12:04:12 PM  
Newsflash: Go to Vancouver during the winter and you will NOT freeze your ass off. I lived there and it doesn't get below freezing very often unless you go to the mountains. Awesome place.
2003-07-02 12:04:21 PM  
cool. Haven't been west of Canada yet. I'll look forward to that!
2003-07-02 12:04:21 PM  
In related news, a new event will be added: smoking a bong while sodomizing your gay partner while on skis.
2003-07-02 12:04:44 PM  
Does anyone have a link to a site that gives you like the top 40 music on the date you were born?

2003-07-02 12:04:45 PM  
I mean it Vancouver Olympic COmmittee...

Not ONE DAMN CENT of my tax monay had better be spent on this crap. NOT ONE CENT, do you hear me, Ottawa?

I didn't want Toronto (my hometown) to win 2008, and they didn't so I was happy.

Mark my words: This will cost a CRAPLOAD of money, NOBODY will care 2 weeks after it's over, tourism will NOT go up except for teh initial two weeks, and the IOC is a DIRTY organization that poisons eveythign they touch.

Great work 'couver. You're screwed. I can already see teh newscast in 2012 with local residents saying "well sure, it was great gougin people on rent for two weeks, but we're still paying for the damn thing. ASk Sydney, ask Atlanta, ask Calgary.

2003-07-02 12:04:51 PM  
Argh! On behalf of Toronto:


The spoiled child of Confederation.

/still hurting from 2008 rejection.
2003-07-02 12:05:05 PM  
Ah, the good old days when we had the winter olympics in jamaica.

Cool Runners!
2003-07-02 12:05:11 PM  
With all the hash bars up there, things could turn out interesting. I'd put some money on the Jamaican bobsled team.
2003-07-02 12:05:18 PM  
Vancouver is not cold. It rains in the winter. This is a lame-ass headline by someone who doesn't know Canada from an american news site.
Yes I am bitter because the one I submitted was much better.
2003-07-02 12:05:25 PM  
Crap that means New York is not going to get 2012
thanks alot you heartless Canadian b'stards.

I knew all Canadians were terrorists anyway... now some poop-hole like Paris is going to get it instead.

stupid ass-monkeys.

/useless rant.
2003-07-02 12:05:36 PM skiing Blackcomb. Steep, icy, and treacherous, just the way I like it. It gets a little crazy when people burn a doobie in the gondola though.
2003-07-02 12:05:42 PM  
Congratulations Vancouver, B.C. !!

It's couldn't have happened to a nicer city.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 12:05:46 PM  
I don't know, but I've been told
Vancouver pu...
2003-07-02 12:05:57 PM  
Why the hell is this a newsflash

/obligatory whine that sports stuff shouldn't be a newsflash
2003-07-02 12:06:02 PM  
Man, Panama gets rejected again...
2003-07-02 12:06:45 PM  
But, will they add more brothels in anticipation of the Olymic 'traffic'?
2003-07-02 12:06:55 PM  
I like Vancouver and all, but I'm kind of sad I'll be hearing about budget overruns and kick-back allegations for the next seven years. *sigh*.
2003-07-02 12:06:56 PM  
Was there an explanation as far as why the other sites were not chosen? Maybe b/c south korea vicinity to north korea aka i have a bomb, & want to use it? or Salzburg, AU, does it snow in Australia?
2003-07-02 12:07:46 PM  
Sucks for Pyeongchang, they had a orchestra and a crowd of people waiting for the announcement that they would become the next host.

2003-07-02 12:07:58 PM  

/lives in Vancouver.
2003-07-02 12:08:24 PM  
WHOO WHOO!! Oh ya baby,
Hockey and Snowboarding World Class style,
Taking Bong rips all the while
Love this shiat, yes I do!
Oh and those in Toronto: a big fark YOU!
2003-07-02 12:08:33 PM  
Just as long as London doesn't press on with this damn Olympic bid. I don't want to have to cough up an extra few hundred quid a year on my council tax just so that they can build a monorail in Hackney.
2003-07-02 12:08:37 PM  
Vancouver got the bid. Yipee. Kelowna better get a new farking bridge otherwise no one will get there. They will be stuck in trafficoontil 2011.

Stupid floating bridge.
2003-07-02 12:08:39 PM  
and the seven year party starts.......... now.
2003-07-02 12:08:58 PM  

Salzburg, AU, does it snow in Australia?

Salzburg is in Austria, not Australia and yes it snows a lot in Austria.
2003-07-02 12:09:28 PM  
Doug and Bob McKenzie rejoice...
2003-07-02 12:09:52 PM  
Can't you just move all the stuff left over from Calgary to Vancouver? That would save money.
2003-07-02 12:10:21 PM  
Oh yea! Hardy-Har-Har to the 'No Games Colalition' in Vancouver.
2003-07-02 12:11:01 PM  
oh, my mistake, you're right though... it snows year 'round there. :)
2003-07-02 12:11:01 PM  
CBC says that Pyongchang damn near won (56-53). I guess with the World Cup having just been there they figgered Korea had enough money.
(Ross Rebagliati just surrendered)
2003-07-02 12:11:11 PM  
docfate: LOL....I live there on weekends..TO TRUE!!!
2003-07-02 12:11:17 PM  
My submission was funnier - Vancouver to host 2010 Olympics

/mandatory meaningless observation
2003-07-02 12:11:22 PM  
Let's see...

Montreal gets an Olympics...
Calgary gets an Olympics...
Vancouver gets an Olympics...
Toronto gets...oops, no, sorry. Maybe you'll get your shiat together in 2030 or so, guys.
2003-07-02 12:11:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Best thing from Canada ever. I give you...5 Neat Guys!
2003-07-02 12:11:28 PM  

Speaking of Doug and Bob: What is a took (sic) from their 12 days of christmas?
2003-07-02 12:11:40 PM  
SO SO SWEET!!! Congratulations Vancouver! (Hoping to scoot over there from Ontario)
2003-07-02 12:11:54 PM  
2003-07-02 12:12:28 PM  
2003-07-02 12:11:22 PM GeneFrenkle

Let's see...

Montreal gets an Olympics...
Calgary gets an Olympics...
Vancouver gets an Olympics...
Toronto gets...

2003-07-02 12:12:29 PM  
Dumbest headline this week.

So where would the poster like to hold the winter olympics? hmmm ... let's see, how's the snow in LA? Rome? Barcelona?

Cheeze and flies.
2003-07-02 12:12:41 PM  
Seems like a natural choice what with all the ski resorts not too far from there. Plus there is plenty of weed to help those snowboarders get the gold!

I doubt there will be much ass-freezing going on. Vancouver is actually quite moderate. Then again, I live in Saskatchewan where it is a desert in the summer and the north pole in the winter. We set a record for being the coldest spot on earth one morning this winter. It was -50c without the windchill. Take that trendy, west coast jerks!

/west coast jealousy.
2003-07-02 12:12:57 PM  
As others have mentioned, while much of Canada is ass-biting cold, Vancouver certainly isn't. It rarely snows there, and the weather is similar to Seattle. And anyway, where did the submitter expect the Winter Olympics to be held, Phoenix?

Though it's not cold, Vancouver is an absolutely terrific city--one of the best cities in the world, in IMHO. It's a great choice.
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