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(WTOP)   Cities filling in deep ends of public pools. Soon we will live our lives in padded cocoons, safe from all harm   ( divider line
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14128 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jul 2003 at 3:38 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-02 03:51:54 PM  
I bet I can make a bigger splash than you can!!!!!

dont go in yet your gonna get a belly ache, why dont you lay on the side of the pool and play with your cock and balls, do it for momma
2003-07-02 03:51:55 PM  
I don't care. I avoid the public/municipal pools altogether. First time I saw a BandAid brand adhesive bandage float by, I was done.

Though I have even heard of worse things in the pools. Like the shiat.

Municipal pools are just farking big toilets.
2003-07-02 03:51:58 PM  
Walk it off
2003-07-02 03:52:16 PM  
"If anyone wonders why conservatives are so exasperated by liberals--this illustrates it nicely."

Jesus man, if a monkey farts is that political to you? You have some issues you need to expel upon a mental health professional...
2003-07-02 03:52:17 PM  
Bullshiat, the deep end of the pool is plenty busy at the local pool. The diving board was very popular, untill the assmonkeys came and took it away.
2003-07-02 03:53:03 PM  

If anyone wonders why conservatives are so exasperated by liberals--this illustrates it nicely.

Haven't heard your bile in a while, GEAH. Welcome back!

Please feel free to familiarize yourself with the following chart.

[image from too old to be available]

Please note that there is a 2nd dimension to the political world. Not every political decision is one of "left" vs. "right". The asshats that do this sort of thing can found be on the left or the right.
2003-07-02 03:54:15 PM  
I can see that having shallow-only pools can be a good thing, for family. As long as you have good facilities available for people who want to dive and swim laps.

That way you also keep the more serious swimmers from having to deal with all the little screaming 5 year-olds running around.

But that's only if there are many open facilities, and everyone can find somewhere to swim as they see fit.
2003-07-02 03:54:29 PM  
What is wrong with living in a padded cocoon?
And what about all those old guys with eternal life in outer space. Sounds O.K. by me.
2003-07-02 03:54:39 PM  
We put a pool in at our house about four years ago, and actually had to push the various salespeople around town to look at models that included a deep end and a diving board.

I remember visiting my grandparents in Portsmouth, Ohio when I was growing up, and the summer visits *always* included trips to the municipal pool. It was huge. Actually had two or three "islands" in the deep end that you could swim to and sun on. And it had several diving boards, a couple of which were quite respectable in terms of height. The last I heard it was shut down and filled in some years ago. If someone tried to open that sort of thing nowadays, the lawyers and bleeding hearts would swarm like a hive of enraged killer bees.... Sigh.
2003-07-02 03:55:35 PM  
Holy smokes. We suck.

I love the deep end!
2003-07-02 03:55:50 PM  
This is a great idea! Now if only they'd fill in the oceans. The water gets a little too deep once you wade out a few yards.
2003-07-02 03:56:51 PM  
Did someone say forgetful?

2003-07-02 03:57:42 PM  
someone wanted jim carrey?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 03:58:02 PM  
Yeah, it's the "liberals"...

More like, complaining pansy parents of all ideologies, combined with the "cool" water park design kids like.

And the "eased entry" for the growing senior demographic who won't just get some balls and belly flop in from their walkers.

Oh, and lazy lifeguards whose jobs just keep getting easier and easier. They must have a god-damned union or something.
2003-07-02 03:58:08 PM  
Forgetful Jones.

2003-07-02 03:59:45 PM  
Aren't municipal pools, another word for public toilet?

2003-07-02 04:00:02 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]

2003-07-02 04:00:19 PM  
i cant wait until life resembles Fahrenheit 451
2003-07-02 04:00:30 PM  
"...but then they were left with a drowning pool," with children sinking in the deep end, said Griffiths, director of aquatics at Penn State University".

Geez. Whatever happened tp people actually WATCHING their kids when they went swimming. So much for personal responsibility.
2003-07-02 04:00:39 PM  
In my day, the only thing we had were deep-end pools. And guess what; they were filled with acid and hungry sharks. Why, I even had to swim through such a pool every day on my way to school. It was an uphill swim too! The acid would burn my clothes off and the sharks would eat at least one of my friends each and every day. Of course, I'd knit another set of clothes before I got to the school house because I was just so thankful and happy to get an education.

not like kids today, you lot have it too easy.
2003-07-02 04:00:42 PM  
It just seems like the pool numbers in this case are way too skewed. 1 in 8, soon to be 1 in 40 or 1 in 80? That seems way, way too low. Give the overly paranoid parents a few places to go, give the normal parents who figure their kids will have more fun playing if they can jump in places to go, and give the lap swimmer and serious divers places to go.
2003-07-02 04:00:47 PM  
Millions of people will break their necks from diving in shallow water! We need to make the pools deeper! DEEPER!
2003-07-02 04:00:52 PM  
I can't tell you how many times I landed flat on my back or my front trying to do flips off of the high dive. I got two and a quarter flips once, landing on my back so hard they heard it in the parking lot. I got out and tried again.

And speaking of municipal pools, I was a lifeguard when I was 18-20 in the summers at a public pool (in a nameless municipality). One summer we tried putting some chemical in the water that turned urine purple. Whenever you'd see someone with a purple or pink cloud around them, you knew they were peeing in the pool. Most of the time it was old people, actually, and the stuff virtually eliminated peeing in the pool. Alas, complaints about it made us stop ("It's stinging my eyes" or "My skin is irritated" or some other such nonsense). I'm sure nobody said, "I want to pee in the pool, but now I'm embarrassed to do so."

I don't swim much any more (used to be on the swim team, too).
2003-07-02 04:01:17 PM  
Cities filling in deep ends of public pools. Soon we will live our lives in padded cocoons, safe from all harm......

so that kids everywhere can dive into the shallow pool and become and get one of these
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 04:01:49 PM  
It's not us being safe from all harm, it's cities being safe from all lawsuits.
2003-07-02 04:01:52 PM  
I give up.
2003-07-02 04:01:54 PM  

This is nothing to do with being "Liberal" or "Conservative". Both sides contribute to this asshattery.

It's about CONTROL. Insecure two-bit politicians of both stripes love the sense of power they get from introducing rules and regulations. They are mostly bullies who grew up physically, but not mentally.

Josef Stalin - Leftwing bully
Adolf Hitler - Rightwing bully
2003-07-02 04:01:55 PM  
[must remember to proof before posting]
2003-07-02 04:02:28 PM  
when i was a kid in the early 70s we all played street hockey with actual hard rubber hockey pucks, and the goalie was lucky to find some catcher's shin pads to use.

we eventually had a no flip shots rule, but only after too many fat kids crying.

today, my wife practically wraps our kids in bubble wrap before they go out.
2003-07-02 04:03:11 PM  
I used to swim in ponds and lakes filled with snakes and snapping turtles. I would ride my bike down a hill and jump off and try and catch a rope I tied to a tree branch and then swing up into it. Play was not organized, scheduled, or planned. My parents traveled on their respective jobs alot, and I know I got into things I shouldn't have. I also hunted with a bow and arrow, climbed trees, and built forts from old scrap wood. It wasn't a sanitized youth, but it was fun.
2003-07-02 04:03:47 PM  
What is with people today? I can remember doing all kinds of "crazy" things when we were kids:

1. Riding bikes with no helmet.
- and seeing who could build the biggest ramp with a piece of wood and some bricks ( its amazing I was able to reproduce)

2.Playing in the public pool that they used to fill with a fire hydrant like device that they used to keep on while we played.(stepped in front one year and got knocked on my arse and 5 stitches when my foot got caught in a rut in the cement) What would that be worth today? perhaps..100 billion dollars!!!.......

3. PLaying in the street

4. Playing with fireworks and no adult supervision

5. Ride in the back of a pickup on the way to watch the all night three stooges festival at the drive-in.

6. Playing in the creek at camp (my mom always warned me I'd get polio, or drown)

7. Hopping the trains on the 19th street tracks (that WAS crazy)

8. Staying out late despite all the "crazies" out there.

9. Listening to the devil rock and roll music..(KISS -Knights In Satans Service,..AC/DC - After Christ Deamons Come..remember that

10. Hangin out with that "bad" kid from around the corner.

11. Finding someone who could get us some beer.

12. Finally being able to get our own beer cuz one of our buddy's sister worked at the local bar.

I'm sure theres even more crazy shiat we did....How did we survive and become responsible parents?....Who knows..gotta go tell my kids to turn that damn rap music off before she becomes a gangster...
2003-07-02 04:04:51 PM  
Three words:

2003-07-02 04:05:04 PM  
What a bunch of morans.
2003-07-02 04:05:25 PM  
bump, sudie, forsythe-

I'm 39 and I remember all that. My Mom never knew where we were during the day. I walked to school since I was in kindergarden. We rode bicycles down state highways with people riding on the handlebars. (No helmets.) In wintertime we'd close roads with big hills and go sleighriding. Btw, there are no more diving boards because the insurance companies consider them liabilities.
2003-07-02 04:05:28 PM  
Alright, I have a bit of advice to ask all you legal types:

I have a black eye right now. Last Friday I was pretty messed up and (accidentally) rammed my face into a post on my porch. My question is, do I sue

*The bartender/bar where I was drinking for getting me so drunk

*My landlord for not taping bright-colored tape on the posts

*The pharma company for making Ambien so fun to take while drunk

*or myself for being a questionable substance abuser?
2003-07-02 04:05:39 PM  
3horn Speaking of forgetful, I've been a little forgetful ever since I smacked my head on the bottom of a pool. Made tough though! I'll tell you about it sometime.
2003-07-02 04:05:47 PM  
Diogenes you forgot leeches...those were always one of the worst parts about swimming in non-chlorinated water. Oh, and goose crap.

But anyone who missed having mudball fights around a big lake as a kid missed out.
2003-07-02 04:05:47 PM  
Ah... our litigeous society! Makes me want to cry that my daughter may never be able to belly flop off the high dive like I did when I was a kid. Guess we'll have to save our dough and buy a pool of our own. *sigh*

On a lighter note, I used to date a quadrapalegic guy and almost every quad that I met broke his/her neck while diving. They told me that was the most common method of breaking necks.
2003-07-02 04:05:59 PM  
Je5tEr: I didn't have any of those.

I had Rusty.Metal.Tonka.Trucks.
2003-07-02 04:06:04 PM  
Oh Yeah, palying TACKLE football in the street as soon as the first milimeter of snow stuck.
2003-07-02 04:06:14 PM  
God.....this type of thing makes me think we're slowly spiraling into an over-protective-mother-induced hell. Childhood is all about injuries and practically bounce considering all the injuries they recover from. Now I'd be scared to do what I did in my younger days (biking down super-steep hills with no helmet, diving off the high board, still into the tree-climing, though) but I survived into adulthood. Blech!
2003-07-02 04:06:27 PM  
Forsyth P Jones Yep, guilty as charged (just turned 41, but having kids makes me feel 90.) I appreciate proactive safety - especially as a parent, but the air we breathe these days is thick with stress, worry and fear. I loathe raising kids in this environment - the enjoyment factor is squelched by the panic factor.

I'd welcome a little blissful ignorance now and again...
2003-07-02 04:06:35 PM  
I shudder to think what life will be like 50 years from now. Demolition Man comes to mind.
2003-07-02 04:06:40 PM  
"Pools found out people were breaking their necks, so they took out the boards, but then they were left with a drowning pool," with children sinking in the deep end, said Griffiths, director of aquatics at Penn State University.

So let me get this straight pools became sentient? It sounds like the problem was that pools weren't deep enough to start with. Then instead of fixing the depth they diving boards were taken out. Somehow this caused kids to drown in the deep end in what can only be seen as the most bizarre of correlations. Without diving boards the children apparently forgot how to make sense of a pool that was deeper on one end than the other. Not only that but apparently once the diving boards were removed children forgot how to swim and lifeguards were no longer employed.
It saddens me to think that I'll have to make my house a death trap just so my kids won't grow up little biatches. When I was a kid I remember riding bikes in the woods after a nice long ass rain. Then jumping a log and landing on a rock surrounded by 2-foot deep sucking mud. I lost my shoes, sprained my ankle on landing and had to limp 2 miles home but god that was fun. Now kids can't even play dodge ball or our favorite WCW style Red Rover. I hope that I'm dead before America is over run by Cuba because everyone is to big a pussy to fight.
2003-07-02 04:06:42 PM  
...and if you're taught correctly to steer with your arms as you dive in to pull your body up to the surface, you can actually dive into relatively shallow depths, yes, even 5 feet.
2003-07-02 04:06:58 PM  
I've always wanted to know, do they really make stuff to put in your pool that will change colors when someone pees in your pool???
2003-07-02 04:08:09 PM  
another childhood danger memory: There was always one kid who stole a playboy from his older brother and stashed it in the woods and you'd go see it. and sometimes he let you ride his minibike (talk about a dangerous toy)

or was that only me...?
2003-07-02 04:08:26 PM  
Crackback, they're underutilized because they GOT RID OF THE DIVING BOARDS.

So when I was a lad, my maternal grandmother lived in a community with a killer L shaped pool. Swimming lanes, a deep end, one short diving board, one ten foot diving board, and a slide. Freaking HEAVEN when it's a humid summer day in VA, right? Well, first to go was the 10 foot diving board, and next was the slide of all things. Why? Insurance reasons. My sister managed to gash open the back of her head doing a flip off the shorter diving board, and nowadays that'd be a hefty lawsuit right there. Last I saw, it still had the short diving board, but for how much longer? And will college campuses be the only place you can find a high diving board/platform if this keeps up?

Suprisingly enough in Maryland I saw a community pool with a deep end and (short) diving board still, which I was suprised about. And was it being utilized? Hell yes. Until I stepped up to the diving board, a large number of kids were playing 'sharks and minnows' in the deep end, but quickly formed the line for the diving board as well.

I used to hate adult swim... now I think it's the greatest thing. I had that diving board all to myself.. very nice.

Forsythe, I'm a little younger than you are but that was how things went down here as well, and it suprises me to see such concern about them physically when we're starving them mentally. We really are watching a generation raised to be obedient consumer sheep.
2003-07-02 04:09:07 PM  
I can remember riding my bike without a helmet, crashing, getting up bleeding from various parts of my body and then riding back home (or carrying my bike, depending on how it survived).

I remember playing tackle football with no gear on, on concrete, and getting knocked out from being tacked by 2 guys... After I got up I went back in to play.

I remember playing "war" with *everyone* in town (guys and girls) with bb guns. 1 pump and you shoot. My buddy had a bb go through his cheek because the other guy was too close. He spit the bb out and continued on...

We didn't "wimp" out back then... we didn't cry to our mommys and daddys... we didn't put on safety gear... and guess, what... we all turned out fine. Nobody died... nobody got permenently disfigured... nobody got brain damage.

I told my wife when we have kids I'm not going to make them wear helmets and stuff... she went nuts... *sigh* she'll learn... her parents never let her do anything... she still doesn't know how to swim nor ride a bike... it's sad really....
2003-07-02 04:09:46 PM  
Forsythe P. Jones, Sudie, Bump et al

Our pussification is rapid. I recall doing all the things in the Sudie post but I am a child of the 80s. (Er, born in mid 70's but actually able to do stuff in the 80s)

My favorite is playing around with mercury... heh.. cool stuff. Nowadays the hazmat team comes out for 1 drop from an old thermometer...

Ah... to be old. Forgive me, I am new to this!
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