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(Atlanta Journal Constitution)   Burglars break into apartment, try to force 13 residents into bathroom. Hilarity ensues   ( divider line
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11857 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jul 2003 at 4:45 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-01 10:57:20 AM  
Rule#1. Never, NEVER, try to fark with drunk rednecks. Especially from Norcross. Gwinnett is Great!
2003-07-01 04:49:00 PM  
13 residents? wtf?
2003-07-01 04:49:02 PM  
I had 18 in the crapper once

Oh wait, you mean PEOPLE!

Soylent Brown is poop
2003-07-01 04:49:35 PM  
haha not rednecks, buddy. didnt you see? 13 people in one apartment? obviously mexicans.

and i know, my mom was one of 12 kids.
2003-07-01 04:50:50 PM  
Personally, I would have beat the idiots to death for breaking into my house. Good ol' self defense.
2003-07-01 04:52:10 PM  
"The bathroom? Not the bathroom! There's SOAP in there! Rush 'em!!!"

2003-07-01 04:52:35 PM  
AHAHAHA (repeat until funny)

Dumbass indeed
2003-07-01 04:53:32 PM  
Sounds like a game of The Sims gone bad...
2003-07-01 04:54:40 PM  
I bet they were just trying to go for one of the Guinness world records, like stuffing people into a hatchback.
2003-07-01 04:55:02 PM  
Have you heard of the Hero tag?
2003-07-01 04:55:50 PM  
The sad thing was they were burgerless.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-01 04:55:56 PM  
Jimmy Carter Blvd.

Marcus Marquies Jones

Jones has been charged with burglary, armed robbery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping and cruelty to children
2003-07-01 04:55:58 PM  
"charged with ... cruelty to children"

Nintendo will be in court any minute now.
2003-07-01 04:56:22 PM  
Have you heard of the Boobies tag?

I got nuthin.
2003-07-01 04:58:53 PM  
Queue Benny Hill theme.
2003-07-01 05:01:03 PM  
Cruelty to children? Looks like they were looking for everything they could find to throw at them. Hey, they forgot 'possession of a firearm during the comission of a felony'. I think that should have a higher priority than cruelty to children. Maybe the state wants to register them as sex offenders too....
2003-07-01 05:04:13 PM  
Jimmy Carter Blvd.. Is like a MLK Blvd. for poor whites and Mexicans?
2003-07-01 05:07:26 PM  
It's curtains for this robber, shower curtains !
2003-07-01 05:12:02 PM  
shoulda killed the burglar, now he's gonna sue.
2003-07-01 05:13:39 PM  
Hamburglar, you SON OF A BTCH!

I'll hunt you down and get my burgers back if it's the last thing I do!

/Ronald McDonald
2003-07-01 05:26:38 PM  
This wouldn't have happened if it was a 5-star bathroom.

Uncivilized heathens.
2003-07-01 05:29:12 PM  
There's a bathroom where I would *definitely* flush with my feet.
2003-07-01 05:55:52 PM  
I like these folk. They think like me. "Oh, your gonna rob us? Okay, let us get out of your way.... Oh!. You're gonna start shooting at us? Fark that, Fark you, Get'em boys!"
2003-07-01 06:19:06 PM  
There's only three in my crib...Me, Heckler & Koch

2003-07-01 06:26:58 PM  
AHAHAHAHAHA...hilarious indeed

i bet the guy that got left behind got his ass pounded so farkin hard.
2003-07-01 07:15:14 PM  
Robbers....they used force to get what they wanted. Burgulars don't
2003-07-01 08:05:53 PM  
burgular just means someone who entered a location with the intent to preform an illegal act.
Robber=Just stole something
Burglar=Planed on, and stole something
2003-07-01 08:06:56 PM  
there is no indication in the terms as to if any force is used, or to what extent
2003-07-01 08:32:18 PM  
HAHAHAHAHAHA that is a great story! The good guys win another one!
2003-07-01 08:50:54 PM  

Burglar-Enters an unoccupied structure (house, business,etc) with the intention of stealing.

Robber- Steals from another person

A Robber can be a Burglar, but a Burglar can never be a Robber
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