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(Yahoo)   Gates of hell set to swing open as Mariah Carey announces cover of Def Leppard song   ( launch.yahoo.com) divider line
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2003-07-01 09:41:12 AM  
Glitter Gleebin Glouten Globen
2003-07-01 09:50:09 AM  
Anyone else want to punch her in the face?
2003-07-01 09:51:05 AM  
I'd still hit it from the darkest depths of mordor, till gollum and the evil one, ran away with her... HEEEEEERR HEEEEER


2003-07-01 10:23:33 AM  
"Pour some acid on me....oooh in the name of looove"

...what? That's not how it goes?
2003-07-01 10:25:07 AM  
Christ I can feel my ears bleeding already
2003-07-01 10:46:16 AM  
Isn't it time for another breakdown so she'll go away.
2003-07-01 10:50:03 AM  
Maybe ironically, she'll have a freak accident and lose her tongue like the DL drummer lost his arm.....
2003-07-01 11:19:21 AM  
As long as she stays away from Angus & the boys...
2003-07-01 11:34:49 AM  
Darkhorse23 I'll give you a everything in my bank account if you make that accident happen.
2003-07-01 11:37:04 AM  
Well you may have to pay me considering my accounts usually negative. God I love overdraft and draft and bottled.
2003-07-01 02:28:13 PM  
I'd like to see her cover something from Motorhead.
2003-07-01 02:43:18 PM  
She should cover Patsy Cline....
2003-07-01 03:11:38 PM  
I was hoping it would be Animal. Man, what a great song.
2003-07-01 03:21:35 PM  
kick ass, bump
2003-07-01 03:23:06 PM  
I already heard this on Howard Stern a month or so ago. Makes me want to stick a screwdriver in my ear so I'll never hear it again.
2003-07-01 03:24:13 PM  
I heard that Avril Lavigne was covering "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." Now that would disgrace the two good versions of it already.
2003-07-01 03:24:46 PM  
speaking of cover, i wish someone would cover her mouth. although i will say that her videos aren't bad, if you turn the sound off. i remember when she was flat chested. anybody else remember that?
2003-07-01 03:24:58 PM  
2003-07-01 03:25:09 PM  

Yes! Or a lovely sensual duet with Lenny or Lemmy(sp?)?
2003-07-01 03:25:15 PM  
nudes....looking for nudes!whos got em'
2003-07-01 03:25:19 PM  
I heard this a few weeks ago. She sounded like she was having an asthma attack.
2003-07-01 03:25:40 PM  
SAw the video on a Fillipino channel last night. Dave Navarro makes an appearance in the "live" band. Scary. Mariah however, has gotten seriously HOT in the past couple years....
2003-07-01 03:26:29 PM  
I hope I never have to hear her version, would ruin years of Rock N Roll history in my memories!

2003-07-01 03:27:28 PM  
I thought Avril was covering Metallica. I was at the Washington, DC 9/11 benefit concert in which Mariah Carey waited for about an hour to come on stage because she wasn't ready to perform her 5 minute set. I honestly thought someone was going to kill her because we had been standing around for 10 hours and our reward was hearing her suck, I mean sing.
2003-07-01 03:27:54 PM  
I'd still bone her.
2003-07-01 03:28:20 PM  
bump, farking hilarious.

This is old news, her cover was released in December.
2003-07-01 03:28:28 PM  
Oh, come on, Glitter was a great movie. It cured my insomnia.
2003-07-01 03:28:49 PM  
Say what you will but I'd still hit it.
2003-07-01 03:29:18 PM  
Mariah: I'm not really a big rock person..

No shiat. I think she should cover her mouth.
2003-07-01 03:29:25 PM  
Why can't the people of today come up with their own songs? P Diddy ruined a Zepplin tune. Pink Floyd was just trashed Bu the Go Go Dolls I think it was singing Wish you were here. And all the others who have done remakes.
2003-07-01 03:29:53 PM  
The original version of this was good, then Def Leppard re-released it and pussified it with strings and shiate.

Mariah sings "Ace of Spades" ? I love that.
2003-07-01 03:30:06 PM  
Ok.. she's got pipes but she isn't gonna make a crappy song sound good. Why not cover a good song for christ sake?
2003-07-01 03:30:41 PM  
Mariah Carey announces cover of Def Leppard song

[image from homestead.com too old to be available]
2003-07-01 03:30:43 PM  
I understand the Gates of Hell part, but the rest of that headline just doesn't make sense no matter how you look at it.
2003-07-01 03:31:04 PM  
darkhorse23 suggests: Maybe ironically, she'll have a freak accident and lose her tongue like the DL drummer lost his arm.....

Looks like she's one step ahead of you:
2003-07-01 03:31:05 PM  
bump, Col. Angus? I heard he lost a bunch of the "boys" at the battle of Big Beaver.
2003-07-01 03:31:31 PM  
I want to hear her cover Frank Zappa's "Why does it hurt when I pee"

Ike Willis hit a really high note in that song and I think she might be able to hit it too!
2003-07-01 03:32:27 PM  
On second thought, does anybody really give a flying fark about either one of them anymore?
2003-07-01 03:33:10 PM  
And here's the photo I tried to link to, in teeny-tiny .jpg format:

Yes, it's much more hilarious this way.
2003-07-01 03:33:39 PM  
It's better to burn out-

Then fade away....
2003-07-01 03:33:55 PM  
bump: LMAO!

I never really liked bringing on the heartache anyways....
2003-07-01 03:34:26 PM  
Jesus Christ, kill her now. Do it. Go on. Stop talking about it and DO IT! The world needs to see her die!
2003-07-01 03:35:10 PM  
"Love bleeds...."

And now, so do my ears.
2003-07-01 03:35:24 PM  
Can't believe "ball-gag" and "hate-fark" haven't been mentioned yet.
2003-07-01 03:35:27 PM  
Ah, Fark it. I quit.

It was her with her arm behind her back, see, so she looked like she had only one arm. Like Rick Allen, see.

Much more hilarious, indeed.
2003-07-01 03:35:39 PM  
Actually, its "Bringin' on the HeartBREAK"

/ashamed for being the Weeners this
2003-07-01 03:36:12 PM  

On second thought...you're right...

I humbly retract my former statement and replace it with

[image from ianai.net too old to be available]
2003-07-01 03:38:52 PM  
Q: What has 9 arms and sucks?

A: Def Leppard

(Okay, so the first CD I ever owned was Def Leppard - Hysteria... but I still like the joke)
2003-07-01 03:38:54 PM  
Mariah Carey at Ceasers Palace Tickets start at $120 and go to $805. Tickets

2003-07-01 03:39:00 PM  
coolpapaboze "i remember when she was flat chested. anybody else remember that?"

I remember, and I still say she's got the best boobjob I've seen in a long time.
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