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(Wired)   Court rules bloggers can't be sued for libel   ( divider line
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7917 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jul 2003 at 9:34 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-01 09:32:32 AM  
Bloogging is so 2001.
2003-07-01 09:38:10 AM  
I wonder who actually says "boy i can't wait to read some stranger's rantings today."
2003-07-01 09:38:13 AM  
Inflated self-importance is a basic freedom. Because after all, everyone is dying to know about my life. Dildomunchers.
2003-07-01 09:38:37 AM  
Big Al is a drooling one eyed cat box sniffer.

I can see where this one could be headed.
2003-07-01 09:38:43 AM  
...for infomation they republish. As in, copy and paste from Wired. If you make up smack, presumably they can still sue you.
2003-07-01 09:38:44 AM  
isn't this yesterday's news?

and in tomorrow's news:

bloggers realize only bloggers read blogs; happily continue circle jerk... err linking.
2003-07-01 09:38:46 AM  
I just realized the irony of my above statement.
2003-07-01 09:39:20 AM  
Looks like Drew may have slipped out from another one.
2003-07-01 09:39:23 AM  
Upon further review, we won't sue 14 year old girls for libel.
2003-07-01 09:42:21 AM  
Shockingbird Don't forget gangly, lonely, acne scarred and full of shiatty poetry.
2003-07-01 09:44:03 AM  
In other news

Copy/pasters sued for copyright violations.
2003-07-01 09:44:15 AM  
Can they be sued for boring me? How about for self-importance? How about for telling me about every little change to their precious Web rag every day at work? How about for constantly updating the blog while they should be working and nearly getting fired?

One blogger I knew (sadly) actually took pictures of a co-worker and posted them on a blog. That person should have been sued for that. Plus, this person is a total dick, but lawsuits can't be filed for that.
2003-07-01 09:46:10 AM  
Hi, I'm not Himmler's granddaughter

What a great line. I will have to use that one myself because it's true. I am not Himmler's granddaughter. Hell I aint even a chick.
2003-07-01 09:46:25 AM  
So when is the court going to rule that Farkers can't be sued for libel? The kind of stuff that gets said around here in a good flame war could easily be prosecuted.

Oh wait, there's that new ruling that the government has to stay out of our bedrooms. So as long as you do all your Farking in bed, you're safe, right?

Did I just say "farking in bed?" My apologies.
2003-07-01 09:47:24 AM  
Yeah, that FREEDOM OF SPEECH thing, and "rights" keep getting in the way of those frivolous lawsuits.
2003-07-01 09:49:55 AM  
I present for your amusement:

GIS for "BLOG"
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-01 09:54:48 AM  
Just testing....

George Bush is a prolific homsexual.Bill Gate's made most of his money in the slave trade.Michael Jackson does it with childrenMichael Jackson does it with MonkiesHillary Clinton paid Monica Lewinsky, to suck BillThe Queen is a Nazi sympathiserMc Donalds use minced pensioners in their Big Mac'sThe Ford Explorer has potentially fatal design floors and Ford knew itAOL is rubbishThey never landed on the moon
...lets see if Drew get sued.

2003-07-01 09:57:41 AM  

Well played.
2003-07-01 09:59:18 AM  
Cindy Cohn was quoted in the story. I wonder if she's related to Mindy Cohn from the Facts of Life?
2003-07-01 09:59:36 AM  
Oh and another thing BIGBOX30:

AOL IS rubbish. If you want to get sued say this:

AOL is fantastic, always works fast, and never puts trash on your hard drive.
2003-07-01 09:59:41 AM  
Just wondering if there are any requirements that the writers of headlines acutally read the article they are posting before they write the caption? The court only ruled that a blogger cannot be liable for republishing a defamatory statement. So, if that acne-scarred 14 year old girl who writes about her sad life in norther Wisconsin and how she can't wait to go to college so she can live in Appleton writes a statement about a public figure that is either knowingly false or that reflects a reckless indifference to the truth, that figure is free to sue her for everything she is worth, which would probably be limited to the latest Xtina CD and the Logitech webcam that she bought from Best Buy and that she planned on using to create her own vanity cam whore site.
2003-07-01 10:00:11 AM  

The only statement there that isn't true is the George Bush one, and that's only because it should read 'Homosexual'.
2003-07-01 10:00:24 AM  
I wish my car had fatal design floors.
2003-07-01 10:01:00 AM  
I almost started dating a girl once, then I found her blog and saw that she was extra insane. Blogs are good for something.
2003-07-01 10:02:31 AM  
but AOL is rubbish...
2003-07-01 10:05:23 AM  
I too am not Heinrich Himmler's granddaughter, but I hear Bill Frist is.

Godwin's Law surrenders.
2003-07-01 10:09:00 AM  
what the hell?
2003-07-01 10:09:19 AM  
A lot of people don't realize that Fark is a blog too. Just because Drew doesn't post what he had for breakfast today and why the new neighbor's a biatch, doesn't mean Fark is not a blog.

Blogs are here to stay no matter what the major news media want to say. Free speech rules. Here's something I wrote: The 'Blog Potential...
2003-07-01 10:09:25 AM  
nothingyet - I'm not scared, i'll say it. OK here goes... AOL is really rather good, it wont delete all your other connections and it'll be dead easy to get your computer back into the same state as it was before you put that free CD in.
evil_carrot - fatal design floors are generally considered to be a bad thing, but each too his own.

binnster - How do you know George Bush is 'homosexual' and not 'homsexual,' I bet you don't even know what a homsexual is.

El Cerdo Loco - Di she show you her blog or did you just catch a glance when she was getting changed?

2003-07-01 10:10:13 AM  
blogs are good for another thing, methinks. a lot of times over-emotional teenage girls use their blogs to vent their frustrations and feelings so that we guys dont have to hear about it. thank you, inventor of the blogger. got the biatch away from between me and the tv. ya bahstads
2003-07-01 10:11:44 AM  
I will wait for the comments when this same link is posted on slashdot (if it has not been already).
2003-07-01 10:14:32 AM  
Damn that pesky Freedom of Speech thing.
2003-07-01 10:16:33 AM  
I found this on a blog one day. Should we be worred for this person:

"What sick, ridiculous, puppets we are, and what a gross, little stage we dance on. What fun we have, dancing and farking, not a care in the world. Not knowing that we are nothing. We are not what was intended."
"On the subway today, a man came to me to start a conversation. He made small talk, this lonely man, talking about the weather and other things. I tried to be pleasant and accommodating, but my head began to hurt from his banality. I almost didn't notice it had happened, but I suddenly threw up all over him. He was not pleased, and I couldn't help laughing."
2003-07-01 10:18:07 AM  
ProgeriaKid: wow you've read my blog ;)


I think it's amusing that the guy heard some conversation about nazi's...say some artwork on the wall...and put 2 and 2 together and got 42. Don't people know to mind their own business and never assume?
2003-07-01 10:18:27 AM  
it's not libel if it's true
2003-07-01 10:19:13 AM  
you can, however, get fired from your job because of your blog. Just ask Dooce.
2003-07-01 10:19:20 AM  

Se7en rules.
2003-07-01 10:19:57 AM  
Ok, can I try?

I heard that bigbox30 sells crack to nuns and that the ringtones on his site make you not good at sports.

No. When I was 14 I wrote it down in a little book where it had no potential to harm anyone or make them stupid. Now I am an adult and I can hide it away and take it out and laugh at how stupid I was.


"Although I walk the barren wastes..."

was the first line in some of my 'poetry'. Do you want me to write anymore? No, didn't think so.
2003-07-01 10:20:56 AM  
Moby has quite a good blog here. Moby is a proper fruit cake (and i mean that in a nice way) and his journal is well worth a read.
2003-07-01 10:21:44 AM  
That banality schtick is from a movie script.
2003-07-01 10:22:04 AM  
Long live Lum the Mad!
2003-07-01 10:22:38 AM  
I had honey nut cheerios for breakfast today.

your father is a lesbian.
2003-07-01 10:22:49 AM  

That is an actual quote from a serial killer.
(Which killer it is escapes me, but it is a quote)
2003-07-01 10:22:50 AM  
fark ain't a blog.

blogs are what 'tortured' angst/acne ridden teenagers and wanna-be celebrities and 'thinkers' post to daily because they can't figure out html, let alone cgi.

fark is a news aggregate with its finger on the funny.
well... that's how they sells it.
2003-07-01 10:24:02 AM  

Very true. I know two people that either got fired or nearly got fired for blogging. Reasons included blogging way too much while at work and/or blogging about people at work. These two deserved everything they got. Self-centered, self-important crumbs, the both of them.
2003-07-01 10:26:23 AM  
SockMonkeyHolocaust - weightlifters have small knobs because of all the steroids. All weightlifters take steroids. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a weight lifter, therefor he takes drugs. He also sells them to children.
2003-07-01 10:27:54 AM  
"I am not a crook!"

2003-07-01 10:37:41 AM  

2003-07-01 10:22:04 AM Nelno
Long live Lum the Mad!

LTM had been dead for a looong time man.
2003-07-01 10:37:43 AM  
Dullest blog in the world, for your delectation.
2003-07-01 10:41:18 AM  
Yeah turns out LTM was a corporate shill just like the rest of us.
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