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2001-10-13 08:04:29 AM  
Time for Nukes.
2001-10-13 08:04:37 AM  
.. wtf, all al queda should go to hell, i am so fed up with these farkers, why the hell do they have to involve civilians.
2001-10-13 08:17:18 AM  
Could be linked? We've had how many cases in the last 100 years, and now 4 in the last couple weeks? I know, I know, we need that almighty proof. fark that, haven't they ever accidentally tripped and fallen on a missile launch button before?
2001-10-13 08:24:01 AM  
They involve civilians because they don't think any American is innocent. Bin Laden has been quoted as saying if you pay taxes you support the actions taken by the U.S. government. So in his eyes, ever American is a criminal and should die.

As a side note, what better way to spread fear and create hystaria then attacking the media first.
2001-10-13 08:26:18 AM  
It is all bullshiat. A woman comes down with a rash and goes to the hospital. Now, thanks to all the problems going on, they decide to test for Anthrax. Comes up positive. Who knows if there have been more cases of it in the past 20 years? We havent been testing for it. She just caught the Clap and when they tested for Anthrax, it came up positive. People are just too paranoid.

Sending a letter to 3 people in an office isnt getting what these guys want done. It is much more difficult than the news is projecting to spread the disease. If they really wanted to kill thousands again, bio-weapons are not what they would use. Chemicals would be much easier or just use the old car bomb.
2001-10-13 08:28:53 AM  
Of course, Cheney says ben Laden, however, it is becoming more obvious, ben Laden is bankroller and rhetorician in this Jihad. Al Queda has a world wide network that may have access to multiple strains of anthrax, can you say Sadam? If this isn't Al Queda and some white power organization as Ted Koppel suggested last night, I say we send in special ops and work the farking nazis over. No matter what organization is behind this, the damage is done, the 'evildoers' WILL pay.
2001-10-13 08:29:33 AM  
Chemmie: I don't know if that's the point. The point is the panic.

Don't try to tell us that people have been getting white powdery substances in the mail on a regular basis in the last 20 years.
2001-10-13 08:31:21 AM  
The terminal goal of a terrorist act is not necessarily a bunch of dead people, it is terror. It seems to me, 1 dead guy and three sick people have freaked out quite a few people, as you point out. Secondly, I must trust the CDC, so do you and everyone else.
2001-10-13 08:44:20 AM  
Chemmie: You said it. "Who knows.....?"
Who knows indeed. I suspect that Dick Cheney and Company are privy to far more information regarding this and related items, than you and I are. Better to err on the side of caution.

Side note: I like this guy. It's been a long time since any politician, much less our V.P. had the 'nads to step before a camera or a mike and say what's on his mind. I'm still cracking up over the "Osama's head on a platter" remark. It's high time we swept all the platitudes and PC buttkissing out the door.
2001-10-13 08:48:04 AM  
It's just too coincidental to be anyone but a terrorist cell or cells at work here. It can't be some random nut job(s) sending this stuff in the mail, from different parts of Florida, starting in September. That's just way too many coincicences. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more and more reports coming in as we speak.

Chemmie: I agree with Lordsam and Epistemon. Death to US citizens isn't the primary goal here, only an added bonus. Terror is the main objective. We can't let them win.

As far as people overreacting, how can you not, really? Every threat must be taken seriously. Wouldn't we rather be thorough and checking every threat out and end up being wrong, than to be blase about it and end up being wrong?

Just my $ .02
2001-10-13 08:59:54 AM  
No shiat they were behind it. We just bombed the fark out of their tents.
2001-10-13 09:02:32 AM  
Oh yeah, anthrax isn't really that dangerous of a disease. It can be treated with anti-biotics and you can even be vaccinated for it. I think it even occurs naturally in sheep feces or something.

These terrorist types sure a slipping the in the quality of their disgusting attempts to murder civilians.
2001-10-13 09:04:05 AM  
You have to analyze this situation from the standpoint of a terrorist.

They do not intend to obliterate the USA in one fell swoop. They can't and they won't. Terror is the key. Seeds of doubt. Panic. It's their M.O..

Look at the middle-east bombings. Hardly ever is there a gigantic attack. Instead, many smaller ones, here a market, there a synagogue, etc. They never know when or where. Perfect terrorism.

Same here in this country. It's been one month since Black Tuesday. Already we have the groundswell of a anthrax scare. You better believe the FBI, ADC, etc, are scrambling their butts off as we speak trying to head this off ANF predict what's next.

If anyone doesn't accept that we are under attack, they are sadly mistaken. This isn't Pearl Harbor. The enemy is relatively intelligent and is among us. They are utilizing the fact that we tend to NOT judge people by their appearances.

They hear all the PC platitudes through the media and I assure you, they use that for their own means. Dangerous attitude on our part. That's why we have two eyes. One to look straight ahead, the other to watch our neighbor.
2001-10-13 09:04:11 AM  
ABC just reported 5 Italians are hospitalized after handling a letter filled with white powder. If this turns out to be anthrax, the circumstantial evidence should be enough to pin this on Al Queda. If Al Queda has anthrax, Iraq knows what's coming, only possible place it could come from.
2001-10-13 09:11:26 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-13 09:18:20 AM  
Well-put BigPeeler.
2001-10-13 09:24:10 AM  
well it is time to round up all the middle eastern people in America and put them into concentration camps untill they are cleared 1 by 1...I know this sounds damn harsh and I can't believe I feel this way but shiat something has to be done and soon...
OK now you can all abuse the shiat outta me for being heartles..
2001-10-13 09:27:32 AM  
Just one problem with that, well, hundreds of problems with that. There are several million Arabs, where do we put them and who clears each one? Besides that, how are we going to afford the lawsuits afterwards?
2001-10-13 09:31:47 AM  
Yeah I guess your right...I just feel so sad for all you Americans that are at danger from these assholes...sorry my opinion was wrong but I just had to say how I felt.I know not all middle eastern people are to blame but geeezzz how does one find the responsible shiats.
2001-10-13 09:32:54 AM  
For the record, I'm a pacifist. I strive to keep a neutral stand on matters such as this due to my religious convictions. But I do get intrigued by the tactics and strategies involved. I hate to see people die. I also hate losing my pawns when I play chess. But I realize that sometimes it's needed for the greater good.

What our attitude should be towards Arabs, etc right now? I can't answer that. I do feel though, that it would be wise on all our parts to become as informed as possible (be careful of the source) and be prudent in what we say.

I have no idea where this thought is going. Too much coffee.
2001-10-13 09:33:39 AM  
It sounds horrible, but if this kind of thing keeps happening, we are insane not to initiate a policy of deportation of all unnaturalized citizens. I know the politcally correct scumbags who rule the media will kick and scream about this, but enough is enough. We need to protect Americans first, and when this war is over, we can return to our free for all immigration policy.
2001-10-13 09:36:50 AM  
All us Americans who are at danger? Do you live in Greenland? Every other country in the world has to fear the same things, whether its the Palestians getting blown up by Mohammed "Thumbs" Atma, bothcing a bomb building job. Or Jacque walking by an American Embassy. I think New York is probably the front line but according to the "Evil One" infidels everywhere are fair game.
2001-10-13 09:38:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-13 09:38:45 AM  
Speaking of the media, I find it morbidly ironic that one of the victims worked for a media outlet (NBC ?). Maybe that will change their butt-kissing attitudes.
2001-10-13 09:39:03 AM  
NO I do not live in greenland I live in Australia and if me feeling sympathy for Americans over the past month is wrong then I am sorry.
2001-10-13 09:39:42 AM  
Awesome BOrg9. Absolutely awesome.
2001-10-13 09:44:24 AM  
Bigpeeler and Spaghettiows:
I think we can make a few assumtions about what to think about our Arab neighbors. There are two kinds of Arabs, those who speak fluent American English, and those with a heavy accent. The heavy accent folks may very well be patriotic Americans and willing to fight terrorism but the huge majority of them seem to feel that the Palestinian situation is our fualt, even to the extent that Isreal is just a stooge. These Americans have sympathies with those who hate America. However, being naive about world politics doesn't necessarily mean its deportation time. I think a very small percentage of Arabs who have only lived here a couple years are suspect. The other Arab-Americans with faint accents have been here long enough to fall in love with American life and wouldn't give a farking shiat who, what or why people in the Mid East are unhappy!
2001-10-13 09:45:23 AM  
I've been worried about ALL delivery systems since the attacks. How many letters and packages travel around the country in just one day? You can't screen them all, and there's no way to find out who the sender was. This has the potential for very big trouble. Remember the unibomber?
2001-10-13 09:46:56 AM  
Feeling sympathy is most welcomed. However, what I was pointing out is that highly muslim populated countries with militant islamic movements are way closer to you!
2001-10-13 09:48:31 AM  
If anything needs a giant farking
img.fark.netView Full Size
, this does.
2001-10-13 09:50:33 AM  
Fortunaly we have not come across anything that even comes close to what has happend there or is happening at the moment...I feel we are very lucky and I do hope we continue to be that lucky but yes I do realize that we may be affected in the near future...I guess I am just trying not to think about it as it is very frightening.
2001-10-13 09:57:17 AM  
Farkeater, who has the comment before two and after zero, said literally exactly what I was thinking after reading the headline.

I mean, seriously, I'm sure we could use some low-yield tactical nukes to hit the mountain terrorist camps to basically eliminate civilian casualties.

If there's one thing I love, it's the smell of vaporized Al-Queda troops in the morning...
2001-10-13 09:57:24 AM  
Gee ya think?
2001-10-13 10:00:59 AM  
These incidents of anthrax are not at all what I expected the inevitable bio-terrorism acts to be like. I expected more of a concentrated release into a public metro area.

I have to say, just the confusion alone as to where these infections are coming from has me more apprehensive than the 9-11 attacks. Hell, they're now saying that a couple of those letters were mailed from right here in my neighborhood (Tampa Bay, FL). I'd hate to be a postal worker right now.
2001-10-13 10:20:40 AM  
What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that the repercussions of terrorism run a lot deeper than the mere acts. We're getting a first hand example of this.

Altho the bombing of the WTC, and Pentagon was an atrocity, the real threat was to the American (global) economy. The airlines are farked, the stock mkt. nose-dived, and business everywhere was bad. The 'trickle down' of those acts affected ALL of us in one way or another. What those bastards are trying to do is to BRING DOWN THE AMERICAN GOVT. -I can't say that loud enough.

They continue to try. Many Americans now have the feeling of being held hostage in their own country. The anthrax attacks are adding to it. If these cases continue to show up we are going to start seeing thousands, perhaps millions of postal workers, delivery service employees, shippers and couriers refuse to work. The resulting back-up of mail will wreak havoc.

As it is, anthrax is not really that effective as a killer. It doesn't vector well, and is hard to deploy effectively. But it does scare the hell out of people. Nobody wants to die. We can only hope that the CIA and FBI can get to the bottom of this plot quickly.
2001-10-13 10:22:46 AM  
finally, somebody realized that the number of recent cases is unusual.
2001-10-13 10:27:00 AM  
We are being watched. We are being monitored. Hell, I wouldn't doubt if this very thread is being read by subversives (My God, shades of McCarthyism). You know what I mean.

My point is this. How we react, whether to the WTC bombing or to the Anthrax scare, will determine what and how they strike next time. If they sense panic and in-fighting, that will only go to bolster their cause and they will find ways to take advantage of it.

Wasn't it Kruschev (sp) years ago who predicted that the USA would destoy itself from within? I think a lot of countries watch and possibly hope that will happen. They know they can't attack the USA outright, but covertly, that's another matter.

Rounding up 'suspects' and coralling suspicious looking people won't do it. That's a Band-Aid on a broken leg.
Intelligence and education of the American people will go a long way in stemming the tide.

If these creeps begin to think that the Joe next door is keeping an eye on him, then the element of surprise is taken away. If Ahmed down at the 7-11 sees you surreptitiously eyeballing him, then maybe, just maybe....

It's a very fine line here. We all need to walk it very carefully.
2001-10-13 10:31:10 AM  
Ozzie_Pride I am currently living in Australia; and didn't the Taliban specifically mention Australia as a supporter of American and therefore an enemy of the Taliban? Also, there have been more attacks on Mosques, Arabs and retaliatory strikes on Christians and Jews in Sydney and Brisbane than maybe the States(Probably not true, but you get the idea) This affects the entire world.
2001-10-13 10:34:31 AM  
Good gosh, people, stop talking about using nukes! Do you want the U.S. to reprise its role as the only country that has ever used atomic weapons? World opinion would crucify the U.S. if they did that.

Atomic/nuclear weapons are indiscriminate. They are in no sense "surgical", and they are dirty (i.e. fall-out). When you've got a cruise missile that can fly through somebody's front door (possibly ringing the doorbell on the way in), you don't need to go around blowing the crap out of things in the general vicinity of the thing you don't like.

Yes, I know that the U.S. hasn't explicitly ruled out the use of nukes. But that's just sabre-rattling; the threat (remember M.A.D.?) is the weapon, not the actual nuke.
2001-10-13 10:36:22 AM  
I concur with Timothy. Nuclear weapons aren't needed here.
2001-10-13 10:36:43 AM  
Oh, one more thing: you can now be sure that some sick bastards are going to be mailing letters around the U.S. and elsewhere containing baking soda. "Copycats" get their kicks in strange ways. I mean, if somebody can write a computer virus for 'fun', what else can he be capable of?

That, by the way, is why the authorities refuse to reveal what else is in the envelopes. They know there are going to be copycats.
2001-10-13 10:37:54 AM  
I do not remember the taliban specically mentioning Australia..If memory serves me right they said anyone who gets involved...yes we are involved but we have not suffered no where near the ammount that the Americans have...AS YET ANYWAY(touch wood)I am aware that this effects the entire world but there is no escaping the fact that AMERICA has suffered the greatest.
2001-10-13 10:40:29 AM  
2001-10-13 10:53:33 AM  
Timothy: It's already started, I'm afraid. Some yahoo sent some instant pudding mix to what used to be a military base up here in Maine, Limestone, Maine specifically. Like we need this crap. It takes away from the "legitimate" threats that need checking out. But like I said earlier, we need to check out every threat.

I also agree with you about the nukes. No way in hell that should ever be needed. Some people just love the idea of it I guess, because they are reactionary idiots, who probably never watch the news or read a newspaper on a regular basis.
2001-10-13 11:19:33 AM  
omg! its the same guys?
i thought it was just a coincidence!
2001-10-13 11:30:32 AM  
Looking out our windows and shaking down random Arabs on the street? Isn't that against the 4th amendment? The only way that this country would be in serious trouble is if everyone starts freaking out and violating our laws all willy-nilly.

The entire country needs to basically take a deep breath a chill out for a second. We are living in a dangerous time but getting completely wigged out makes things so much worse. Everyone is so damned serious nowadays. I sprinkle a little anthrax on my corn flakes every morning, gives it that extra kick to get me outta bed (I'm just joking FBI, hahaha, don't come and arrest me).
2001-10-13 11:34:26 AM  
I have a simple question.

If all they are doing is mailing anthrax contaminated powder... why don't we just spray a little Lysol on our letters before and after we open them? Won't that kill the anthrax too?

Seems like a good solution to me. Cheap, effective, and promotes a good old American product!
2001-10-13 11:44:38 AM  
Farking Farkers!

Lets calm down. There's one key thing you're all forgetting, all of these (antrax mail, 9/11) are attacks that exploit one single weakness: unpreparedness.

That said, that means that they're basically one-shot-deals. Have you ever heard of Game Theory? Apparently the terrorists have not:

Fark me once, shame on you, fark me twice, shame on ME.

Your opponent is not a static entity, they will change their approach and tactics in response to what you do and to how the game goes. This means you must constantly change your strategy.

The bottom line is that ANTHRAX can be treated, unless you sit around and let it infect and consume you. The main reason that 1st guy died (the ONLY reason in my mind) is the walked around with the infection for like a week before going to the doctor because he thought he had the flu.

No one mentions the 2nd "victim", who by the way, feels better and actually WENT BACK TO WORK on Friday. That's really devastating, he was sick for a few days. Scared? Yes. Could he have died? Yes. But he didn't, he was sick for a while, got treatment, and got better. A 5 year old with a runny nose running around a playground has a more devastating net effect than these "killer spores."

Face it, anyone with remote Flu symptoms will be going to the doctor to get checked out, and now, because of these events, Anthrax will be part of the testing.

2nd, in the longer term, somebody's going to come out with a microwave or radiation device, or a freezer or some process you can put mail through that will ensure its sterilization, and that will make people feel a lot better when the Usps installs that.

BTW, the stock market is NEARLY where it was before 9/11. I don't know if you've noticed, but airline load factors are as high as they were before 9/11, and in 4-6 months, that will be back to normal too.

The main weakness that the terrorists have exploited is our confidence that "it could never happen here", well, it did. Get over it and accept the relatively minor changes to your life. You'll go on living and be better off for it.

The terrorists blew their wad with this one, Anthrax is now essentially useless to them, unless we allow it to become so by our panic.
2001-10-13 11:48:22 AM  
I am NOT a pacifist. And I say kill them all, by the most expedient means available. How much longer are we going to take shiat off of these people? Until the American public is too afraid to leave their houses for fear of reprisal?

I know, I know, they're people too. But I don't care. Tough shiat. It's time for America to play the part of the 800 pound gorilla- we'll sit where we want, and maul whomever we please, and whiners and pacifists be damned. Let them whine and be peaceful under the blanket of security that only total extermination can provide. Let the arabs whine about 'foreign policy' in hell.

Go ahead and flame away. But deep down, you know it's true.
2001-10-13 11:59:45 AM  
The cure for this crisis:

[image from too old to be available]

Use this on suspicious envelopes.
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