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(Some Nut)   North Carolina man uses candy bar as bait to capture Bigfoot on thermal camera (with video proof goodness)   ( divider line
    More: Unlikely, Bigfoot, infrared sensors, North Carolina, United States National Forest, capture video  
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2010-11-03 12:15:39 PM  

Mr Rusty Shackleford: Bigfoot certainly lives in the mountains of northern CA. Specifically, Siskiyou wilderness, and the western Marble Mountain wilderness in the Wooley creek canyon. Little north fork of the salmon river, outside of Etna is another good bet if you get out there quietly well off trail.

You think it's a joke or people are crazy, but I suggest you spend a week hiking some of those remote river canyons alone and get back to me. I stick to the high country at this point.

Here's where my problem with this logic breaks down. Same as the ghost threads. If you know where you can take a picture that'd leave you rich for the rest of your life...
2010-11-03 01:08:29 PM  
If you were 8' tall and smelled like burnt ass hair you'd be camera shy too.
2010-11-03 08:24:46 PM  
You fail your Thermography Level I class for failure to FOCUS!

In short, the bigfoot is bogus. Focus. People and creatures are not consistently heat emitting like those images if they are focused.

So, focus the image and it becomes a man in a suit. With focus comes clarity. But the last thing the charlatans want is clarity.

So, fake. Yes, that's a professional opinion.

Speaking of fakes....

I can make anyone look like a ghost, simply choose an appropriate color scheme (decent imagers have an array of choices) and do a soft focus.

Presto, a ghost. White and all.

Want to see really spooky? Look out there's something behind you stuff? Misunderstand thermal reflections. I was amazed at what would reflect heat when I was learning the skills. Don't understand that and you'll swear there are extra things there.

Understand reflectivity and emmisivity and the world becomes clear. As my mentor taught me, You must learn to think thermally.

And any image of a "ghost" is simply misunderstood. Willfully.
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