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(Ben Maller)   NBA player injured when his pager struck him in the eye   ( divider line
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9144 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jun 2003 at 3:38 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-27 12:34:17 PM  
What is with the idiot Bulls? And did you see that haircut on their draft pick?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-27 02:16:17 PM  
Hey, Kirk "The Crow" is going to be a decent PG. There's something to be said for white guards with crazy hair. [image from too old to be available]
2003-06-27 03:42:11 PM  
Farked already...Yeesh.

2003-06-27 03:42:36 PM  
Can you see me now?

/Cheap Joke
2003-06-27 03:42:55 PM  
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2003-06-27 03:43:07 PM  
Heinrich's sister?

oh yeah, I'd hit it.

/corn fed
2003-06-27 03:43:07 PM  
I hope someone copied/pasted, since i know its farked already.
2003-06-27 03:43:55 PM  
Who still uses a pager?
2003-06-27 03:44:40 PM  
And these are the best stories today??

2003-06-27 03:45:14 PM  
Bulls player injured by Pager

In a sign of the times of today's NBA, Eddy Curry suffered a previously reported eye injury when a pager struck him in the eye."We were goofing around at home," Curry said.

"My friend tossed me my pager from upstairs, I wasn't paying attention and it hit me in my eye." Curry received stitches and had bleeding in the sclera of his left eye, which curtailed his workouts. But Curry said he began a program Thursday with Tim Grover at Hoops The Gym.

Source: Chicago Trbune permalink
2003-06-27 03:45:43 PM  
<------Is "ABABYGIRL" in prison?
2003-06-27 03:45:57 PM  
I bet he didn't see that one coming.
2003-06-27 03:46:09 PM  
jeez -- he must has a windows web server over there or something ...

why doesn't he get something with a little muscle instead of some wussy-computer.
2003-06-27 03:46:18 PM  
Bulls are still going to stink it up next season! GO SPURS GO!
2003-06-27 03:46:48 PM  
2003-06-27 03:43:55 PM gmstudio

Who still uses a pager?

Exactly what I was thinking when I read the headline.
2003-06-27 03:47:41 PM  
drug dealers use pagers, ONLY!
2003-06-27 03:49:01 PM  

I concur about the Bulls sucking hind tit, but it will be the Lakers year next time around.
2003-06-27 03:49:14 PM  
This crap gets posted but the soccer guy that said "Boys, even if it means dying on the pitch, we must win this semifinal" then goes out and dies doesn't?

Linky dink
2003-06-27 03:50:37 PM  
DancingInTheFark Hey man, if this were "The Real World," you would have just exposed your racism!

And since when are the Bulls in the NBA- the NBA consists of PROFESSIONAL TEAMS ONLY!!!!
2003-06-27 03:50:40 PM  
did anybody see any of shaq's movies like kazaam or steel? THEY WERE FARKING AWESOME!
2003-06-27 03:51:31 PM  
GIS for Basketball Retard
2003-06-27 03:51:36 PM  
Actually, the fiance has a pager. 'Course, she's an Ob/gyn, so it makes sense.
2003-06-27 03:52:03 PM  
Yes. He won an Oscar for "Steel".
2003-06-27 03:52:07 PM  
2003-06-27 03:52:39 PM  
Did anybody else think this was going to be a Latrell Sprewell article?
2003-06-27 03:53:33 PM  
yea man, xmen, spiderman, nor the hulk got anything on steel, BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER!
2003-06-27 03:54:02 PM  
He should have used one of these:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-27 03:54:44 PM  
f u all Pistons win it all next year.
2003-06-27 03:58:05 PM  
Hahaha, great pic
2003-06-27 03:58:40 PM  
Oh sure, he says it was his pager, tossed to him by a "friend". His "friend" and he were tossing something, I'll wager, but it wasn't any pager.

/don't know where I'm going with this.
2003-06-27 04:00:23 PM  
DancingInThe Fark,
drug dealers use pagers, ONLY!

And hookers.
2003-06-27 04:01:23 PM  
It's "Hit 'im in the hip" not "Hit 'im in the eye", dumbass.
2003-06-27 04:01:38 PM  
P.S. This article is boring so I'm going to threadjack by saying: "I am taking my son to Disney, in an hour."
2003-06-27 04:05:48 PM  
If only he had tossed the Mercedes-Benz instead of the pager. Ah well, there's always next time.
2003-06-27 04:05:49 PM  
Cool! What rides are you taking him on?
2003-06-27 04:06:11 PM  
Actually it was more of a fight, this guy took the first swing.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-27 04:09:41 PM  
What a tosser.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-27 04:11:25 PM  
P.S. This article is boring so I'm going to threadjack by saying: "I am taking my son to Disney, in an hour."

Don't forget to tape your butt cheeks shut. Or was gay week last week?
2003-06-27 04:33:10 PM  
So did he have page the hospital and put the numbers "911" in the message so his page would not be ignored ?
2003-06-27 04:35:52 PM  
Ugh. I hate it how Ben Maller links just load the entire page at once.
2003-06-27 04:42:08 PM  
On the subject of Chicago sports -- it's 3 - 3 going into the bottom of the 9th...

/biting nails
2003-06-27 04:47:35 PM  
Best sports injury since Henry Cotto's Q-tip(tm).
2003-06-27 04:59:32 PM  
One more time: Let's avoid all Ben Maller links:

* The guy rips off his content
* He gives little to no credit to the source
* He has no bandwidth whatsoever

Let's send Fark traffic to sites that have earned it!
2003-06-27 04:59:40 PM  
How is it that Ben Maller links have pretty much exclusively replaced SbB links as the source of our illegally-copied-and-pasted, boring sports news?

Also: people still have pagers these days? (besides firefighers, doctors, and maybe drug dealers)
2003-06-27 08:23:46 PM  
Powerslacker, that's 2 day old news.
2003-06-28 12:01:38 AM  
a few stories down...
Charlotte Bobcats? Did they get a new team?
2003-06-28 01:22:50 AM  
hahaha thats some funny shiat right there.
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