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Jon Stewart to Reddit: you don't matter
Posted by Drew at 2010-11-01 2:41:26 PM, edited 2010-11-01 4:13:48 PM (5858 comments) | Permalink
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Backstory: Reddit has been pushing support for the Stewart/Colbert rally since its inception, possibly since before its inception.

At the Rally For Sanity press conference on Saturday, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, asked Stewart and Colbert a question: what role did the Internet play in convincing you to hold this rally? The response: "it didn't hurt."

Question at around 1:40
http://www.mediaite.com/tv/jon-stewart-and-stephen-colbert-hold-post-​r​ally-to- re store-sanity-press-conference/

Did you hear that Reddit? All that work you put into getting the word out, organizing meetups, and convincing people to go "didn't hurt". All that initial support in getting the ball rolling on this rally a few months back was great, but it wasn't a factor. Thanks for your meaningless and futile support that Comedy Central really didn't need at the end of the day to get a surprise crowd of 250,000 people to the rally. Did you hear that Internet? You had no role in this either, it was all Comedy Central all the way.

Colbert doesn't get a pass on this either, his "thanks Reddit for raising half a million dollars for our charity but it didn't affect attendence one way or the other" comment is a backhanded compliment at best.

And to say this all live, in a press conference, to the co-founder of a community of millions that did everything in its power to get the word out past its own readers to the greater internet, that is flat out disrespectful and wrong. Alexis is a friend of mine, and he's a super nice guy. He would never dream of saying this to Jon Stewart but I will: you owe Alexis an apology and you owe Reddit an apology. I'll stop short at saying you owe The Internet an apology because honestly I think The Internet owes us all an apology for a number of things, Justin Bieber notwithstanding.

In the clip you'll notice Stewart uses part of his answer to Alexis' question to make the point that Comedy Central had the idea for this rally "months" before Reddit did. Which is really odd considering Alexis didn't ask or imply that Reddit gave Comedy Central the idea for the rally in the first place. Sounds like someone feels a litle guilty about something. Who thought of it first doesn't matter, it is impossible to deny that Reddit's actions encouraged Comedy Central to actually pull the trigger. Except Stewart did, right to Alexis Ohanian's face, in a live press conference.

Why am I so bent about this? First and foremost, because a friend of mine got smacked down on live TV by a guy he helped, and I can't stand by and do nothing about it without at least saying something. But also because Daily Show writers have been doing essentially the same thing to me, every single day for the past 10 years. They use Fark every day to source material, and haven't mentioned Fark on air even one single time. It's the same attitude toward Reddit: "sure doesn't hurt, but not a significant contribution." Thanks to Fark, your writers don't have to go far to fill your shows up with material for you to use. Every writer I've met thanks me vociferously for Fark and tells me how much easier it makes their jobs. Sure that's not worth a daily mention, but I would think at least one in the last 10 years. It has yet to happen. I've learned to live with it, but Alexis is my friend and he does not deserve this kind of treatment. Especially considering the effort Reddit put into promoting the rally.

I'm not implying they owe Reddit or Fark any credit for the success of the Rally, that's definitely not the case. Comedy Central did the bulk of the work, that can't be disputed. This is about common courtesy. If someone does you a favor, a thank you is a kind and appropriate response. In Reddit's case, "it doesn't hurt" is a slap in the face. It discounts all the effort they went through - and they went through a lot. And they weren't the only ones, several other large web communities pitched in as well.

Here's my proposal: Jon Stewart should apologize for discounting the impact that Reddit and other Internet communities had on this rally, or next time The Internet should remember Comedy Central thinks they don't count and should show them what happens when "The Internet" actively works to convince people to not attend. Because if Reddit had put similar effort into convincing people not to attend, the crowd size would have been far smaller than anticipated. And if you don't believe me, let's see how it goes next time if Stewart makes the wrong decision.

PS: pretty sure this post will guarantee that I and/or Fark never get a mention on The Daily Show but that wasn't happening anyhow.
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2010-11-01 04:22:17 PM  
This could end up being the end of Fark as we know it.
2010-11-01 04:22:33 PM  
Maybe we can piggyback on those Iran protestors on Twitter and make it a Twofer. FEEL THE MIGHT OF OUR GREEN AVATARS, DREW CURTIS' FARK DOT COM EL EL SEE.
2010-11-01 04:22:37 PM  
Since you will be owning up to this, I suggest a good way would be for a free month of TF for everyone.

/or at least me.
2010-11-01 04:22:45 PM  

imapirate: Macinfarker: No shiat, Drew? You farking COMPLAINED TO FOX NEWS?

Wow...this is the first time in 8 4 years I'm actually thinking of ditching your site.

I followed Fark long before I created an account...and besides your math is teh bad: 2010-2005 = 5 years. 8 years is an estimate...but now that I think about it I don't remember if Fark started prior to 2003.
2010-11-01 04:22:45 PM  
"What role did the Internet play in convincing you to hold this rally?"

Am I wrong or did Reddit get involved after the decision to hold the rally was made?

/just wondering.
2010-11-01 04:22:59 PM  
This goes to everyone.
If you can take the time out of your busy day to deride those seeking answers to their seemingly simple questions and can't instead use your time to be a decent human being and answer the question, that makes you a bag of dicks.
All this random dick-baggery can't be helping the world to be a better place. The more it happens, the more the world will turn into an orgy of impish and cruel delight, where innocence is targeted for amusement by those who don't have the foresight to comprehend the fact that all of the shootings that have been going on have been because of the uncaring and insidious behavior you display anonymously on a daily basis.

In short, your behavior makes people hate humanity.
Try being indiscriminately kind for a farking change.
2010-11-01 04:23:02 PM  
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2010-11-01 04:23:03 PM  
i4.photobucket.comView Full Size
2010-11-01 04:23:04 PM  
Coming from a guy who takes user based submissions to create content blabbing about having his own content stolen, that's crazy mad lols right there.

Also Reddit doesn't matter. The layout is horrible, nobody in their right mind goes there unless they enjoy the graphics of the Unix command prompt shell. It's almost as good as Digg, another shiatty site.
2010-11-01 04:23:06 PM  

ThisNameSux: t.

We'll get over it.
2010-11-01 04:23:20 PM  

Pontius Pilates Class: I cannot take it too seriously when all you have is Peewee Hermanesque comebacks.

I have to call shenanigans here. I'll challenge you or any other Farker to find even ONE post of mine in this thread that reads "Mekka-lekka-hi, Mekka-hiney-ho".

*chuckle* I swear, you remind me of Temperance Brennan...
2010-11-01 04:23:26 PM  
Now I REALLY miss NaSkAr - he kept you sane and focused on beer and boobs.
2010-11-01 04:23:34 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2010-11-01 04:23:40 PM  
Oh, the drama of Fark!
i149.photobucket.comView Full Size
2010-11-01 04:23:48 PM  
img39.imageshack.usView Full Size
2010-11-01 04:23:53 PM  

el_dudarino: but while we're on the subject I hope you get eyefarked with a rusty mechanical pencil until your vocal chords give out from screaming, you nasty pus-faced cockmonkey

Oh noes! You have insulted me,I shall go cry in a corner now. ;_;
2010-11-01 04:24:01 PM  

Juniper Jupiter: Either that, or they don't know how to look too deeply into things...

You must be a man, because no woman I ever knew could say that
2010-11-01 04:24:01 PM  

aspAddict: el_dudarino: you nasty pus-faced cockmonkey

Oh, I'm sorry - the phrase we were looking for is "cock juggling thunder-coont" - but thanks for playing!

Look, I don't know you. I'm not familiar with your posting history, but I do know dudarino. The two of us hang out pretty often (yes dickwhistle, he has friends) and I can vouch for his character. He's a solid guy, just sensitive enough that he can't turn the other cheek when you take catty little jabs at him.

Maybe it's because I'm tired of his post-breakup blues, maybe it's because I'm still recovering from the sudden termination of a two year relationship myself, but for whatever reason I really just don't have any patience for your shiat. Leave dudarino alone and he'll leave you alone, and if you don't, you'll have more than just him to deal with.
2010-11-01 04:24:02 PM  
using a chess analogy....

I never thought that Fox would get comedy central into check using fark as a pawn.

Way to go drew.
2010-11-01 04:24:06 PM  

BuckTurgidson: STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

Link (new window)

Holy crap.

That was fast.

oh c'mon Fox is just looking for ways to slam Stewart. Drew is probably in communication with them. hell he might even be getting a kickback for this rant. did you get some of that sweet Murdoch moolah Drew?
2010-11-01 04:24:08 PM  

Crawdaddy The Farker: Isn't the question "what role did the Internet play in convincing you to hold this rally?" & not "what role did the Internet play in making the rally a success?"

I know...I know...

Words are hard.

I'm sure it's been said dozens of times, but lots of this.
2010-11-01 04:24:11 PM  
I wonder if arianna huffington and oprah are fuming because they haven't got their thank yous?

Oh, no, that's right, they don't need the free press.
2010-11-01 04:24:30 PM  

BroadbandGremlin: Okay, we need to start discussing ways Drew can abort from his original opinion piece.

Considering he is currently looking at "whiny biatch that complained about something that wasn't that serious and, when looking at the video, isn't even real complete with using media contacts to complain to Fox News since he knew they would attack Jon Stewart" or, as the alternative, "lowering himself to trolling for page views by getting faux outraged over something stupid and using media contacts to embellish the outrage because his site needs the page views for ad revenue"....I would assume "my account was hacked and we are looking for the culprit" is his only choice.
2010-11-01 04:24:35 PM  
i54.tinypic.comView Full Size

I have nothing to say, this pic just cracks me up for some reason
2010-11-01 04:24:36 PM  

ne2d: Moderator: No.

2010-11-01 04:24:56 PM  

Mr Rusty Shackleford: homeschooled: Is this where I comment and say I'm disappointed in Drew so I sound cool and edgy?

OH WAIT.......... Drew is 100% right. My bad.

/can't imagine people stealing stuff from my site for years without recognition. I'd be bitter too.

Note that this site's original content is, by and large, not created by Drew, and almost completely without recognition to those who did create it. Do you see any similarities here?

Have you seen the amount of shiat he sifts through to greenlight articles? He deserves a medal.
2010-11-01 04:24:58 PM  

SweetSilverBlues: violentsalvation: After reading all of Drew's rant, I kind of agree with him, Ive seen Jon Stewart and Letterman and Leno all use Fark headlines in their jokes, ENTIRELY UNCREDITED. Im sure they do the same with Reddit. The only show Ive seen give credit to Fark for use of headlines is Jeopardy.

Boortz also pulls from Fark and gives appropriate credit.

Kristi on Bob & Tom wouldn't have a job without Fark. Their "news" segments are taken directly from here.
2010-11-01 04:25:02 PM  
I want to quote so many of you but don't know where to start. So i'll just leave this here

i4.photobucket.comView Full Size
2010-11-01 04:25:11 PM  
I guess I should have kept this to myself and not sought advice. I'm sorry to have bothered everyone with any of this drama. I just thought there may be someone here that had gone through something similar, and might be able to tell me... never mind. ~ Drew
2010-11-01 04:25:16 PM  

STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

Link (new window)

After reading that, I think Drew could be setting up the mainstream media to actually prove the rally's point & to show how easy it is to get them to run a blown-out-of-proportion non-story based on something taken out of context. I wonder what other media outlets will pick this up...

It kind of reminds me of what Kevin Spacey's character did in "The Life of David Gale"

SPOILER: he showed that an innocent man could be executed by staging a crime, getting executed for it, and revealing it was staged post-mortem
2010-11-01 04:25:18 PM  

Pontius Pilates Class: @homeschooled

In defense of the doddering crybabbies in this discussion, Drew did change the layout of the website, and added three dots on the underside of every headline. Some of these guys have been waiting for years to be able to catch Drew in a vulnerable moment so they could spew the bile they are. It is nothing short of pathetic.

Four dots.
2010-11-01 04:25:21 PM  
i253.photobucket.comView Full Size
2010-11-01 04:25:21 PM  
Why doesn't Drew address this issue in this thread?
2010-11-01 04:25:32 PM  
On my way back to the office, I saw a black jumpsuit and a grappling hook in the middle of the road.

Do you think somebody accidentally hit a ninja?
2010-11-01 04:25:45 PM  
Oh gawd, I saw 3edges nipples *shudders*
2010-11-01 04:25:45 PM  
Maybe this is just me, but when I do something nice to help a person, I don't do it to get acknowledged or praised. I do it because it's the right thing to do. I do it to help. I guess that's a pretty silly way of looking at things, right? Wait... wrong. It's not. Bottom line, people shouldn't biatch about getting or not getting credit. What the hell does it matter if you know in your heart and other's know in their hearts that what you did mattered?
2010-11-01 04:25:48 PM  

Felgraf: Also, Drew:

It was really rather lame of you to threaten on 'our behalf', like you're our exalted leader or something. That was rather arrogant.

That's what I was thinking when I read that "he warned that Internet communities could very well pull future support if the Daily Show host didn't right his alleged wrongs" in the Fox article.

This guy seriously overestimates himself.
2010-11-01 04:25:50 PM  
Hey Drew, Fox News is carrying your concerns, in case nobody has posted this yet.


Here we go. You're discredit fodder.
2010-11-01 04:25:52 PM  
My take, as an anti-apologetic person whose friends are all anti-apologetic, but I've dated a guy that apologized (and he was so polite about it, I barely noticed).

1. you do not apologize around me
2. you do not apologize around my friends (same reason, they don't like apologies).
3. you do not apologize inside, anywhere
4. you do not apologize on my property. that's right. I don't care that there's a deck, don't apologize on it. This also includes areas close enough that the apologies would enter my home- aka, under windows, etc.
5. If you smell so badly of apologies that you leave areas of my home smelling of apology, then you're no longer welcome in my home.
2010-11-01 04:25:57 PM  

madmann.comView Full Size

2010-11-01 04:26:04 PM  
I whine in Fark threads.

So I am really getting a kick out of most of these replies.

Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know what you are talking about.

But trust me.... You don't.

I think you just want to make yourself sound smart, when in reality you dont know what you are talking about.

This is how bad info gets passed around.

If you dont know about the topic....Dont make yourself sound like you do.

Cuz some Farkers belive anything they hear.
2010-11-01 04:26:17 PM  
Don't know nor care what Reddit is, so, meh.
2010-11-01 04:26:17 PM  
2010-11-01 04:26:22 PM  
And the Repub butthurt over the Stewart/Colbert rally continues to grow!
2010-11-01 04:26:23 PM  
Well, Fark might get mentioned on the Daily Show. It's just not going to be the praise you were looking for.
2010-11-01 04:26:48 PM  
This is like when a man and a woman get a divorce and she's been sitting around the house, not working for years and years, just eating the bon bons and watching soap operas because he makes enough money for everything but then she's in front of the judge arguing that she has no job skills and would be unable to work because he kept her at home by saying that she didn't have to work and now she needs to get paid and besides she supported him and his career as brain surgeon all these years.

or maybe it isn't
2010-11-01 04:26:57 PM  

Joliet_Jake: When I was in high school, my latin/philosophy teacher would share bizarre news stories with the class on Fridays before we took an exam.

Drew, I think you owe Mr. Burr an apology for stealing his idea and not giving him credit.

Holy shiat, I took philosophy, latin, and AP European history from Mr. Burr. Poor guy kicked the bucket earlier this year. One of my favorite people in the world. Were you in his class at BHS?
2010-11-01 04:27:00 PM  

Anti_illuminati: ne2d: Moderator: No.


*shrug* That was the most random bit of copypasta I could think of.
2010-11-01 04:27:03 PM  
Fark you, Drew.
2010-11-01 04:27:08 PM  

ThisNameSux: I have nothing to say, this pic just cracks me up for some reason

i4.photobucket.comView Full Size

What about this one.

/i like this site.
//downplaying the issue with weird pictures.
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