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(Fark)   Happy Halloween - Time for the Fark spooky story thread. (voting enabled; link goes nowhere)   ( divider line
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2010-10-31 11:18:57 AM  
I typed a string of 1's and 0's with a 2 at the end as a computer joke, and the ghost in the machine changed it to this:

111T1U_1U11$10001110T1J0101010 1 00101T1+)990Uj0101$10100 1.01JP1010U0111001J~100$1001000 10J).010102
2010-10-31 11:24:18 AM  
...and she said to the masses, "It's PRESIDENT Sarah Palin now."
2010-10-31 12:14:40 PM  
It was a dark and stormy night.

The calls were coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!


2010-10-31 12:26:14 PM  
Borrowed from mainstream:

"Suddenly, Susan emitted some strange guttural sounds and fell to the floor. She started thrashing about, as if in some sort of seizure. Susan's sister must have recognized what was happening, for she ordered us to gather around and place our hands on Susan's prostrate body."

"I tentatively approached the group and placed the edge of my fingertip on her shoulder ... In a voice I had never heard before or since, Susan accused me: "Bobby, you cannot even love Susan."

"The students, led by Susan's sister and Louise, a member of a charismatic church, engaged in loud and desperate prayers while holding Susan with one hand. Kneeling on the ground, my friends were chanting, 'Satan, I command you to leave this woman.' Others exhorted all 'demons to leave in the name of Christ.'"

"Whenever I concentrated long enough to begin prayer, I felt some type of physical force distracting me. It was as if something was pushing down on my chest, making it very hard for me to breathe. Being a biology major at the time, I greeted this feeling with skepticism and rational explanations. I checked my pulse for signs of nervousness and wondered what could cause such a sensation. Shortness of breath is a common symptom that can mean very little or may signal the onslaught of a fatal stroke. Though I could find no cause for my chest pains, I was very scared of what was happening to me and Susan. I began to think that the demon would only attack me if I tried to pray or fight back; thus, I resigned myself to leaving it alone in an attempt to find peace for myself."

"... the students dared Susan to read biblical passages. She choked on certain passages and could not finish the sentence 'Jesus is Lord.' Over and over, she repeated 'Jesus is L..L..LL,' often ending in profanities."

"Just as suddenly as she went into the trance, Susan suddenly reappeared and claimed 'Jesus is Lord.' With an almost comical smile, Susan then looked up as if awakening from a deep sleep and asked, 'Has something happened?'"

Witchcraft is no joke. (new window)
2010-10-31 12:37:57 PM  
I came into this thread with the best, most chilling story... and now I've lost it. So, I got nothing.

2010-10-31 1:12:24 PM  
2010-10-31 1:34:25 PM  

/they're going to hell
2010-10-31 3:04:58 PM  
One morning...

I was terrorized by the ghosts of the microwave burritos I had the night before!!!
2010-10-31 3:09:06 PM  
This morning....

My wife noticed that our cat's grave (she died in May) had been dug up.

/absolutely gospel truth
2010-10-31 5:34:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2010-10-31 5:53:46 PM  
The scariest story of all

On Halloween 2009, an old witch made a prophecy just as she was leaving this mortal plane. She split a serpent in half, smeared blood on her face and declared "Exactly one year after my death, all the users of I curse with my last breath: Tatsuma shall appear at their doors, and incessantly babble to them without end why Israel is right and how you're wrong forevermore"
2010-10-31 6:03:21 PM  
I opened my refrigerator last night.

The beer.

It was gone.
2010-10-31 6:05:52 PM  
They live above the ceiling, up where no one ever goes or walks. But they're still there, and no one can deny it. At least, I cannot deny it. All of the people around me deafen their ears and blind their eyes, pretending that they know nothing of the ones living above us, the ones that occupy the rooms upstairs.

My mother told me that I had an overactive imagination when I asked her about the upstairs people, the ones that scrape, howl, dance, and play. The ones who talked with me when I was younger, and giggled while I told them all my deep little childhood secrets. The ones who no one else could truthfully see.

I was always told that they would go away when I got older, that they would fade to the back of my imagination like an old faerie tale. But they never did.

They're still there, those people, those strange ones that live upstairs.

I don't remember why I believed them when they told me they lived upstairs, I have always known that the house does not have a floor above mine. But that is what they told me when I asked one night, as I became sleepy and asked where it was they lived when I closed my eyes.

They laughed, and pointed up, and I thought, as my mind clouded over with dreams, that they must only live one floor up. Just above my head. That's why they were always there, always ready to play, even on the rainiest of days.

They're still there, and I can still hear them. They never disappeared, and they never went away. They've changed, though. They aren't as mystically fun as they used to be. They don't giggle when I speak to them, they don't laugh when I joke at them.

They sit, and look at me through their odd little eyes. They cock their heads to the side, and study me. Their lips split into wide, horrifying grins, and they just sit there, staring.

I am beginning to wish that they would go away, and leave me alone.

I want them to go back upstairs, and stay there.

I do not want them down here anymore, where they do not belong.
2010-10-31 6:06:34 PM  
Happy Halloween! Full Size Full Size
2010-10-31 6:08:14 PM  
Justin Bieber. The end.
2010-10-31 6:12:23 PM  
Drew's movements became less fluid, more staccato. Smoke rose from his joints and mouths until nothing happened at all. Then, from the shadows, a creaky voice bellowed "Pay no attention to this! Go get me a Heineken!"

And from the depths beyond sight, stepped the horrific form of Rupert Murdoch, a complicated controller grasped in this bony hands.
2010-10-31 6:13:35 PM  
It's too long to post here but here is Ray Bradbury's The October Game (new window)
2010-10-31 6:16:22 PM  
...And when I woke up the next morning SHE WAS STILL THERE!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
2010-10-31 6:22:33 PM  
So it turns out everything the Republican party said was going to happen did.
2010-10-31 6:22:44 PM  
I will repeat this

I'm engaged...

i201.photobucket.comView Full Size

To a woman with 3 kids.

i201.photobucket.comView Full Size

Beat that!
2010-10-31 6:25:17 PM  
And then on his deathbed, he learned the final truth....even though there is an internet, trolls do not exist.

Everyone he thought was trolling, deep down held those beliefs. It was simply that many people in the world held different believes and many people of the world...are horrible. There are no trolls, only reality as it is.
2010-10-31 6:25:45 PM  
Here's one of my favorite spooky stories, posted on my blog: Hidden House (new window) ...

I'm sure there'll be a lot of you who claim it's tl;dr, but whatevs.
2010-10-31 6:27:11 PM  

Tachikoma: They live above the ceiling, up where no one ever goes or walks.
They sit, and look at me through their odd little eyes. They cock their heads to the side, and study me. Their lips split into wide, horrifying grins, and they just sit there, staring.

You have seen Ceiling Cat. Awesome!
2010-10-31 6:29:39 PM  
The effort tonight is astounding. Time for a poorly written, not copy pasta creepy story.


Back in the day (late 1990s), me and my brother were downstairs past our bedtime, as our parents were out at the bars, as is the fashion in Wisconsin. Around 10 p.m. we finally decide to head to bed, as Skinimax was recently canceled and all we had was HBO for anything good to watch. We called it a night, turned off the tv, put the remote away, and turned off all the lights.

As we get to bed, we hear the front door slam close. We thanked our lucky stars, as my step dad is a colossal asshole. I try to sleep, but the recently aforementioned asshole step dad is very hard of hearing and has the T.V. cranked to 11. Having enough of his bullshart, I go downstairs to tell him to turn the t.v. to human levels. Look in the family room. Empty, T.V. on, and lights on. Go to thier bedroom. Empty. Go to the kitchen. Empty. Look in the basement. Empty.

"OK, what the hell." is what I was thinking. I figured they went outside to feed the goats (every redneck in Wisconsin had pygmy goats in the 90s. Don't ask me why, I hate the little farkers). The flood light in the front of the house is off. Our dog is asleep outside. I check the garage. The car is still gone.

At this point I flip out, turn off all the lights and T.V.s and hide under my covers for the rest of the night.
2010-10-31 6:31:51 PM  
Okay, first off, I wish this thread had been started Friday, since we're missing stories from people who Fark at work.

Okay, first story (splitting this into two for voting purposes). This one happened to me:

For about a year, I lived in the tiny-but-beautiful country of Luxembourg on a consulting gig. My apartment in Luxembourg was in an ancient, pre-WWI building. The insides had been completely renovated, but the facade was still the original stonework. It was actually really pretty.

Anyway, I don't really believe in ghosts, but I still got freaked out there a couple of times.

Shortly after I moved in, perhaps two weeks or so, I was awoken from my sleep by someone knocking at the window (ground floor apartment). It wasn't unusual for visiting friends to just knock on my window rather than go through the arduous process of being buzzed in. I got out of bed and opened the window only to find no one there. It was four in the morning, no less. The knocking hadn't been in a dream; it had kept going after I had gotten out of bed. It stopped the instant I opened the curtains.

A few days later, it happened again. This time, thinking it was a prankster knocking on the ground-floor window, I yelled out something. It immediately stopped.

The knocking at the windows happened every couple of nights, and every night would stop the minute I said something, or the minute I opened the curtains. Sometimes the knocking would continue right up until I got to the curtains to open them; there wouldn't have been time for someone to run away. There was never anyone there.

Also, once or twice, I would come out of the bathroom, and the TV would be on. I watched TV over there about as much as I watch it here, so I don't know why or how it had gotten turned on. Sometimes, before I got phone service, the phone would ring. No one there (in retrospect it would've been cool for their to have been a ghostly voice saying "seven days" but I digress).

Finally, though, the thing that freaked me out the most: I was sitting on the bed one night, playing on the internet. The knocking starts at the window, and I tense up. Right after the knocking starts, the TV turns itself on, the phone rings, and then the knocking stops. I didn't touch the remote (it was on the other side of the room).

I still don't know what happened. Possibly steam in the radiator pipes and power surges for the TV and phone, but it was still creepy.
2010-10-31 6:32:31 PM  
Okay, this one happened to my friend; replace all first-person pronouns as appropriate:

my aunt moved into this crappy little apartment in some rent-controlled district in east LA and had only been there a week or so when she came home from work one day and found that the furniture has been reorganized in the living room.

she was bugged out, since she didn't exactly live in a nice neighborhood and she considered it likely that someone had broken in and rifled through everything, moving the furniture in the process.

nevertheless, she cleaned up the living room and went on about her life. a few days later she came home from work and the furniture had all been moved again - same position as before.

at this point, she called the landlord and asked to have the locks changed because she thought that perhaps one of the neighbors had a spare key, or that the previous tenant had a grudge against the apartment complex and was taking it out on her.

they came and changed the locks a couple of days later and she was feeling much better about things.

several nervous days went by, she kept coming home and expecting to see everything re-arranged again, but was relieved to find that the living room remained undisturbed.

after a month or so had elapsed, she came home one afternoon and sure enough, the furniture in the living room was back in that unsettling configuration. this time she was beside herself and she ran next door to tell the neighbor lady that she had by now befriended.

frantically, she described her ordeal to the nice lady and begged her to come over to the apartment and look around for intruders. as they looked around the apartment, her neighbor became very concerned...she asked my aunt if the furniture was always moved into that exact configuration when this happened. my aunt was sure that it was always so. her neighbor went on to tell my aunt that the previous tenant, an elderly gentleman, used to keep his living room in precisely that layout.

my aunt was confused, because she knew that she had had the locks changed and there was never any other evidence of forced entry. she asked the neighbor if she knew where the old guy had gone, so that she could determine whether or not it was him that had been breaking in and moving the goddamned furniture around and generally freaking her out.

her neighbor smiled weakly and said, "yes. he died."

my aunt moved out of that apartment at the end of the month.

about a year later she moved into a 4-bedroom apartment in the barrio district of east LA where she lived with 16 other people.

3 of them were members of the band "Los Lobos." true story...G.O.D.
2010-10-31 6:33:04 PM  
They say if you play this video three times in a row, you'll get a little kid at your door....
2010-10-31 6:34:18 PM  
My headline was better. And I linked to last year's thread.

And here's where I link to the Fark Scary Story threads for the last three years.
2010-10-31 6:45:29 PM  
Real ghost stories here:

Working as an IT tech for a Catholic Grade school, I had my own office in the basement. As I was walking down the stairs one morning, I saw what looked like a young student that turned the corner ahead of me. I called down to her that I'd be there in a second to unlock the door to the computer lab, and as I turned the corner, no one was there. Door at the bottom of the stairs was locked. The nun who was the principal of the school told me that I saw one of the ghosts that the school had. She apparently fell down that last flight of steps and died.

2 weeks later the 3rd floor of the school kept dropping its network connection. I went up to what was the gym area a long time ago and is now used for storage up on the 4th floor. The lights in the room where we kept the network switches up there were on, and I KNOW that I turned them off the last time I was there the day before. The network switches were unplugged from the UPS they were on, and the UPS was turned off. Only the custodians, principal and myself had the keys to get into the attic area, and no one had been there other than me in the last week. While I was plugging the equipment back in, the light switch began turning itself on and off, on and off. I then said to the 'air' that it was OK to play with the lights, but to please leave the equipment alone. I then asked the 'ghost' to flick the lights off and on 1 time if they agreed. Lights went off, then back on. I thanked it, and left the room with the lights on. As I got to the door leading to the stairway to the 3rd floor, I said back into the room "Ok, Lights out!" and the light turned off. None of the equipment was disturbed up there after that time.

Principal said that the area up there was haunted by the spirit of a young boy who slid head first into the wall and broke his neck.
2010-10-31 6:56:23 PM  
Quick Note: I apologize in advance, but I'm going to go ahead and re-post this story I posted in the scary story thread a couple days back. It's not my own story, but it's creepy enough that I think it deserves to be told.


Last Halloween, my twin sister and I (we go to the same university and live in the same building), along with her douchebag older boyfriend were going to a party. Now, the boyfriend was obsessed with his technology, with his latest purchase being an iPhone, which he probably jacked off to on a nightly basis. I mean, even his Halloween costume was an iPhone, as in, he took the time and patience to draw the pictures of actual apps and make it look as realistic as possible and the receiver boxed in his face. Who the fark does that?

My sister and I decided we were going to meet her boyfriend at the party, but he wasn't there when we were supposed to meet. After about an hour, she got pretty worried, so she called him. No answer, but she left a message wondering where he was. She received a text saying he was going to be about another hour late because of some costume issues, much to the chagrin of my sister.

About another hour, her boyfriend arrived, iPhone costume in all of its glory. By this point, me and my sister were both absolutely trashed and drunk. Him and my sister danced all night and eventually the campus cops busted the party, sobering us up a bit, saying that we had to leave and go back to our dorms, apartments, and houses immediately. But, luckily they didn't write anybody up for alcohol or noise citations. Her boyfriend fled the scene, even though he was over twenty-one and had nothing to worry about.

A bunch of my sister's friends approached her right as we got back into our residence hall, frantically in tears. Now, by this point, we are getting close to absolute sobriety because this is serious. One of her friends in a slutty nurse costume explained to her that her boyfriend was found dead.

My sister was shocked, as she was dancing with him no sooner than 30 minutes ago.

One of her friends looked at her, pale with wide eyes, and said in a quivering voice, "The police found your boyfriend's body about an hour and a half ago." Evidence showed both foul play and that his costume was ripped from his body.

So, If her boyfriend was murdered earlier in the night, then who was phone?
2010-10-31 6:57:56 PM  

Tatsuma: Craptastic: Hahahahaha! OK - Who sponsored steveurkel?


... there is no such user on Fark.

2010-10-31 6:57:58 PM  
Ladies and Gentlemen:

The new President of the United States:
Jon Stewert and Vice President Keith Olbermann.
2010-10-31 7:16:43 PM  
Guess I'll repost my story in this thread.

My family lived out in the country during most of the years I spent growing up. Country living can be very quiet and peaceful, but at night the landscape and sounds can transform from "peaceful" to "oppressive and isolating". This particular year our house was surrounded on all sides by corn fields, which added to the sense of isolation. I was old enough to be left alone at night, but the responsibility of having the house to myself meant that the feeding and care of the animals fell to me as well. This particular fall night (I remember it was fall because the corn was brown and dry) I had decided to procrastinate and watch some late night tv instead of taking care of my chores. At the time we raised rabbits in a small barn/chicken house my father had built. Often we would fill their water bottles at an outside spigot in the yard that looked like an old pump, but as I looked outside contemplating my chore I decided I would fill an old milk jug inside and carry it with me. There was no way I was going to traipse back and forth in the pitch black (I was already somewhat afraid of the dark). I got my jug and headed out. I remember a horrible sense of dread as I walked to the chicken house, and an immense relief as I flipped the light switch and entered a small oasis of light. I finished feeding the rabbits and started walking back through the dark to our back door. As I reach the door, here's where it got weird. I remember hearing a very loud rustling sound come from the field at the back of our backyard. I turned to look, slowly, and, as if my fears had become manifest, I see a man walk out of the cornfield into our yard. At this point, I'm frozen in terror, and I hear a sound like "chkFWSSssshh" as he strikes a match and puts it to the cigarette in his mouth. I remember feeling my body start shaking. The man turned his head to look at me, and starts walking toward me. I uttered a terror-stricken moan and immediately started fumbling at the door. I got inside, locked the door behind me, ran to my bedroom and threw the covers over my head. I still don't know who it was, but it still scares me after 15 years.

TL:DR - you lazy bastard
2010-10-31 7:22:56 PM  
I saw a cockroach walking across my floor and killed it with a shoe. I went to get a tissue, and when I came back a farkING WORM (new window) had crawled out of the now dead cockroach and was flailing about wildly on the floor.

I don't get creeped out. But that bothered me for some reason.
2010-10-31 7:27:59 PM  
Hell... Hell is a Justin Bieber-themed Glee episode on repeat forever. and ever. and ever.
2010-10-31 7:30:24 PM  
When I was 6 years old up until I was around 12, I used to see shadow people in my bedroom at night. They didn't stick to the walls, they were right there in the room. No glowing eyes, no sinister anything. I've always been a light sleeper (still am) and would wake at the drop of a hat. When I would wake, there they would be wandering around my room. Darker than a proper shadow.
Of course I was afraid of them. I would hunker down in my blankets, making sure no part of me was sticking out except for my eyes (on the more brave occasions). I remember one occasion, waking up, there were four of them at the foot of my bed. They were standing together. Two tall shadows, one was holding onto a
shadowy child sized thing in its arms and a short one in front of them. Despite the fact they were overlapping each other, I could distinctly make out each form individually. I laid there awake and petrified until I managed to pull the blankets over my head. Eventually the lack of oxygen lulled me to sleep. I would see them less frequently the older I got. Until eventually they stopped.

So a couple of years go by, my parents are going through a divorce. Dad is no longer pretending that he lives at home. My mom is very depressed and I'm at a loss. Its summer and late saturday night and I just helped my friend do her paper rout.
Sundays were always way bigger than any other day of the week so it took us a while. When we were done, I had to pee really bad. We walked back to my house since it was closer. The door was unlocked, because that's the kind of town we lived in. And the house was pitch black. When we walked in this wave of the most god awful stench hit us. Like rotting garbage, vomit, diarrhea and burning hair. I'm walking with my legs tight together, I gotta pee so bad. My friend is waiting by the front door. I start down the hall , meaning to flip on the switch next to the bathroom door. The door to my older brothers' room is standing ajar and the street light from their window is illuminating the hall enough for me to make my way down. Then standing in front of the bathroom door, right next to the light switch is this shadow. It's blocking the light from the lamp outside. It was the right height and roughly right shape and seemed pretty angry, I assumed it was my mom. I start apologizing about getting home so late and what I was doing out so late and all that. The figure isn't moving. There isn't anyone there, but it is there.
I rush back to my friend and beg her to go to the bathroom with me. She calls me a baby but agrees to at least go turn on the light for me. I don't tell her about what I had seen. I stand next to the kitchen light switch, waiting. She walks down the hall confidently. I'm thinking to myself, that she doesn't see it. It isn't really there. Then she stops right in front of it. Just stops. She starts to raise her hand, and I turn on the kitchen light. She screams, I scream. There isn't anything there.
There isn't anyone else home. I asked her "did you see it?!" all frantically. She doesn't know what she saw. She wants to leave. I walk her back to her house, so I can use her bathroom. (managed to not piss myself) Then I walk back home by myself and stay outside in the middle of the night until my mother finally returns.

Suburb house built in the 50's or 60's. No one died there, not even of natural causes.

/all true
///other really weird things in that house.
2010-10-31 7:37:38 PM  
I said it in the Walking Dead thread, but this applies here as well:

If you have not seen (and do not in fact own a copy of) Dellamorte Dellamore, you're a twat, your taste in terms of movies sucks and your wife will later leave you for a professional WoW player who moonlights as Frankeinfurter in your local RHPS reenactments.

horrorstew.comView Full Size
2010-10-31 7:51:00 PM  
...and he went outdoors with the kids to trick or treat...and it was Halloween 2010...and it was EXTREMELY COLD OUTSIDE. So cold, his BALLS FROZE OFF! Now, every Halloween, his testicles come and haunt him in the middle of the night... oooOOoOOOooooOOOooooo...

/it's F*cking cold out there!!
// :-/
2010-10-31 8:00:27 PM  
I just saw a college student in a Slave Leia costume.

Wait, that's not spooky, that was pretty hot.
2010-10-31 8:03:57 PM  
Katie Couric.....election coverage....
2010-10-31 8:18:12 PM  
I was seven years old, my sister five. We were in a hotel room in Carlsbad, NM, with our father, about this time of year.

Early in the morning, around 1:15 am, I woke up and heard a strange sound. There was silence for a bit, and then I heard it again: a very unpleasant moan that slowly grew louder and higher and began to quaver and wail. It was farking unearthly and terrifying, and I didn't know what the hell it was. It went on for about a full minute before dying off abruptly, and there followed a minute of silence.

It had been so close it might have been in the bathroom. I got up and checked the bathroom: there was nothing there. As I headed back to bed, it started up again. I was really farking creeped out, and I was suddenly scared that whatever it was, it would hear me moving, even breathing. I quietly crept back to bed and lay there in a state of terror as it continued to come and go, lasting about a minute each time, with a minute in between to gather energy for the next wail. Whatever it was out there, it was not human.

After five minutes of this shiat, I was pretty sure I was getting ready to scream, and then it would come and kill me, whatever it was out there. I have never known anything approaching the level of terror I felt that night. It was more than I could bear to listen to that thing. At this point my sister woke up. She heard it too and it absolutely freaked her shiat right out. Her eyes were bugging out of her head and she was whimpering. We listened in silent terror to several more of the wailing shrieks, coming from just on the other side of the wall, and finally woke our father.

Oddly, the screams stopped once we woke him up. He didn't believe us that we'd heard anything important, but we were so insistent that something was wrong that he called the front office and asked them to call the police to check it out. He soon went back to sleep. I was awake till dawn, and I don't think my sister slept much either. We were farking terrified. In the morning, we were zombified from lack of sleep.

Dad went out to get some breakfast. When he came back, he suddenly had us pack everything. We were in the car before we even had a chance to eat breakfast. He whisked us out of town and found another hotel about 25 miles down the road and we were checked in before nine a.m. We could tell something had him freaked out, but he refused to talk about it.

Of course, one man is no match for two children, and by that evening we had gradually worn him down and he slowly told us what happened: a man had been stabbed to death right behind our room, not ten feet from where my sister and I crouched in abject terror. (I'm never going back to a Holiday Inn!) The attack was slow and brutal. It took the guy forty minutes to die. We only heard the last 10 minutes or so. And of course, two little kids like us, we were just gobsmacked. The whole thing was a total mindfark. I can still hear those farking screams today, and I could never do them justice: it was the farking scariest experience of my life.

/true story, bro
2010-10-31 8:28:47 PM  
And then I went to a Fark party but the whole place ran out of beer.

And someone said, "that's ok, we can all rely on our witty conversational skills with out it."

I turned around and he wasn't in costume, but actually a Juggalo.

There were no Farkers, because I went on the wrong day.

Then it turned out this was really a LiveJournal party and the doors were locked.
2010-10-31 8:38:36 PM  
I have a teenager living in my house.

And a wife going through menopause.

/Scary enough for ya?
2010-10-31 8:55:27 PM  
The scariest Halloween in my life ever. EVER.

My friend lives in a residential area of a small town so I go to his place every year to give out candy (no one's going to come half a mile down our dark dirt road for candy.) Last year about 50 kids came to his house, total.

This year...8:15 p.m. Not one. NOT. ONE. Not even ONE.

No one on the sidewalks (we went out and looked). No one on the whole street as far as we could see.

They finally killed Halloween. YOU BASTARDS!

/True story bro.
//Not cool. Not at all cool.
2010-10-31 9:08:37 PM  
Werewolf bar mitzvah

/Boys becoming men
//Men becoming wolves...
2010-10-31 9:09:03 PM  
Hi Farkers. You're welcome

/The Color Out of Time is still my favorite
2010-10-31 9:13:16 PM  
Mrs. E.J. Ellis's Story-"The Old Woman's Cat"

My wife, writes Mr. Ellis, who was brought up in Germany, and who is not sufficiently confident about her English to attempt to put down anything for publication in that language, tells me the following story for the Occult Review:-
"When I was a little girl living with my family near Michelstadt in the Odenwald, I remember an old woman like an old witch, whose name was Louise, and who was called 'Pfeiffe Louise,' because she exhibited pipes for sale in her cottage window, along with the cheap dress-stuffs, needles and threads, and simple toys for children which were her stock-in-trade. She had a favourite cat which was devoted to her, but its attachment doesn't seem to have been enough to make her happy, for she
married a young sergeant named Lautenschlager, who might have been her son-or indeed her grandson-and who, as everyone said, courted her for her money. She died as long ago as 1869, and during her last illness the devoted cat was always with her. It kept watch beside the body when she was dead, and refused to be driven away. In a fit of exasperation Lautenschlager seized it, carried it off, and drowned it in the little River Mumling, at a place where the road from Michelstadt to the neighbouring village Steinbach runs near the water's edge. It was bordered with poplars then, but chestnut trees shade it now.
"Soon after his first wife was buried Lautenschlager married again, and opened an eating-house in Steinbach, where he established his second wife. He had a sister whom he placed in the cottage of poor 'Pfeiffe Louise.' She carried on the business, and every day Lautenschlager used to walk over
from Steinbach to see how she was getting on, returning in the evening to his wife, who used to relate to my mother that he frequently came home terrified and bathed in perspiration, for as he passed the place where he had drowned the cat, its ghost used to come out of the river and run beside him along the dark road, sometimes terrifying him still more by jumping in front of him.
"After a few years of married life the second wife died, and Lautenschlager married a third. The little cottage business had prospered, and in its place he now had a considerable draper's shop in Michelstadt. He continued to walk over from Steinbach, where now the third wife lived in the eating-house, and the ghost of the cat continued to frighten him by appearing at nightfall as he walked beside the river.
"I can remember hearing his third wife describe his dread of it, and my mother has told me how both the sister and the second wife used to say the same thing, though I was too young then for
them to tell me about it. Lautenschlager used also to complain to the country people who came to dine at his eating-house. He considered himself an ill-used man, and felt that the supernatural powers were treating him very hardly, and subjecting him to a real persecution. I have only the
conversation of his wife and the gossip of the village to vouch for his sincerity, and the genuineness of the apparition is supported only by Lautenschlager's word, but his evident anger and agitation were accepted as genuine, and no one dreamed of doubting his word. He was not at all a dreamy or imaginative man, and did not drink. His passion was merely momentary. He was not only a draper and caterer but a usurer, and realized something of a fortune by lending money on good security to
peasants and farmers who, it was said, did not consider how they bound themselves when they signed the papers he put before them.
"Lautenschlager continued to be haunted by the cat-ghost at irregular intervals for more than twenty years, and it made a marked change in his character. He became serious, and during the
latter part of his life would only talk about religion and read sacred literature. He died about ten years ago."

~ Elliott O'Connell, Animal Ghosts (1913)
2010-10-31 9:29:33 PM  
A few months before my wife and I found out she was pregnant, she was... "visited" by a shadowy figure in the shape of a girl- maybe 8 or 9 years old. She woke up in the middle of the night and the kid was at the foot of our bed, silhouetted against the hallway night light. My wife doesn't remember what was said between them, if anything, but she didn't feel threatened at all.

/daughter will be born soon
2010-10-31 9:41:51 PM  
And this one time.....

2010-10-31 9:48:37 PM  
Here's one.

I study nuclear science. I love my classes! I've got a crazy teacher who wears dark glasses. Things are going great, and they're only getting better....

the scary part?

I was 3 when this song came out and I remember it though I moved to a foreign country shortly after!
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