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(Y100 Radio) Boobies Vote for Philly's Hottest Teacher (possibly not safe for work?)   ( divider line
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99211 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jun 2003 at 1:45 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-26 02:04:18 PM  
Now if Jeri Ryan really was a teacher instead of playing one and lived in Philly and had her 7 of 9 outfit...
2003-06-26 02:04:21 PM  
Is Philadelphia ground zero for that navel jewelry crap? God I hate that chic trendy crap. It ceases to be chic trendy when every woman of every shape and size does it. I hate to say it but the under 30 crowd today is :

Getting the latest style from watching MTV.

BIG Mistake.
2003-06-26 02:04:22 PM  

2003-06-26 02:04:42 PM  
#2 - LISA
if you heathens do not immeadiatly vote for Lisa you will be found guilty of being homos
DAMN YOU G.E.D. damn you
2003-06-26 02:05:55 PM  
German teacher at South Eugene High is suuuuuper fine.
2003-06-26 02:06:31 PM  
For all of you Lisa fans, you might like this
2003-06-26 02:07:08 PM  

She would get my vote.
2003-06-26 02:07:25 PM  
I would fail evey year if Lisa was my teacher.

Eventually she would do me.
2003-06-26 02:08:47 PM  
My high school French teacher was, without a doubt, the hottest teacher EVER. She had a habit of leaning over my desk and giving me a show. Believe me, she had a lot to show!
2003-06-26 02:09:00 PM  
Speaking from experience..these are not even close to being the hottest teachers in Philly!
2003-06-26 02:09:11 PM  
Vote for #5 Samantha
2003-06-26 02:09:36 PM  
LISA all the way
2003-06-26 02:09:40 PM  
Colleen says the most satisfying part of her job helping young people realize their potential.

I realized it
2003-06-26 02:10:32 PM  
Yeah, #3 has a hot, slutty, pornstar thing, but I'd have to vote for #5 - she's got a girl next door, Rene whats-her-name-in-that-Tom-Cruise-sports-agent-movie thing going on.
2003-06-26 02:10:40 PM  
Not even a contest, Lisa wins hands down. She's a 10 (from that list) and the runner up is a 6 at best.
2003-06-26 02:10:52 PM  
iamhalucn8ing Is'nt that a "school girl dress". It definatly looks better as a "school teacher dress". Should be mandatory attire.

/hot for teacher
2003-06-26 02:11:36 PM  
I could not see any pics after reading RED TEXT ON TAN retinas have be engulfed in flames~
2003-06-26 02:12:31 PM  
There are a ton of hotties in Philly and its suburban regions. This is only a sampling. Many of them have too much self-esteem to be in this contest but low enough self-esteem to let you blast them with a splooge cannon.
2003-06-26 02:12:59 PM  
...I don't FEEL tardy!
2003-06-26 02:14:17 PM  
red text on an orange background?
2003-06-26 02:15:30 PM  
On a related note -- is there a good website featuring girls dressed up like school teachers and/or librarians? That whole conservative attire/glasses on a sexy lady thing really does it for me for some reason. I doubt I'm alone on this count.
2003-06-26 02:16:15 PM  
Oh man...I loooooooooooove hot teachers.....
2003-06-26 02:16:31 PM  
morden -- something tells me there are one or two...
2003-06-26 02:17:46 PM  
I only go through halfway before my patience wore out..

I really dont' know what to say.. Lisa had me at first but the second pick of her kinda creeped me out.. don't like her skin or bone structure, maybe it was just a bad position for her.

It looked fine in black and white then I kicked my Hiding level on Ghostzilla to show color and was like GAH!

Carrie looks like a bimbo and Phys Ed Teacher's shouldn't count.

Then I was going go with Jennifer #10 but she's just trying to hard..

Think I will go with Tracey #30.. she's cute and has a believable teacher look.
2003-06-26 02:18:11 PM  
In fact, you could get more specific than that, morden. I bet there are hundreds of websites devoted to overweight, left-handed redheads dressed as teachers, vomiting after gagging during oral sex. Whatever yer 'pleasure,' there's a site or 50 devoted to it, it seems.
2003-06-26 02:18:16 PM  
I believe this site is well on it's way to being farked. It's taking forever to download anything. Gratz, Y100!
2003-06-26 02:18:17 PM  
And no, I don't care if they aren't real teachers. As long as I keep thinking they are!
2003-06-26 02:18:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available] + [image from too old to be available] = [image from too old to be available]
2003-06-26 02:18:42 PM  
Colleen. She can watch tv like that in front of me any time she likes.
2003-06-26 02:19:02 PM  

And I brought my pencil!
2003-06-26 02:19:52 PM  
If it helps, let me clarify why most of these hot teachers weren't around when you were in school. Fully 1/3 of Philly teachers got their certification under an emergency provision. They didn't go to school to become teachers, they farked off and got a sociology or women's studies degree, got out, realized they couldn't get a job and then became teachers through a nine week night class. If you want to teach in the ghetto, then Philly will give you a ton of loot. Our standards are insanely low so ANYONE can get a job teaching here.

So, they aren't 'teachers' in the traditional sense.
2003-06-26 02:19:59 PM  
wow, slow too.
2003-06-26 02:20:35 PM  


NO! I want to see the pictures of the pretty teacher ladies! Aaaargh!
2003-06-26 02:21:43 PM  

$483.67 for the new LCD after 4 oz. of Mt. Dew jetted from my nose onto your post.

2003-06-26 02:21:59 PM  
man i went to school in Philly, i never had hot teachers like that...wdf...
2003-06-26 02:22:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available] Yummy
2003-06-26 02:23:03 PM  
You know what would be funny? If they made countless "biology" jokes about the biology teachers. Oh. Wait.

Never mind.
2003-06-26 02:24:00 PM  
#2 - LISA All The Way Baby!

I wish I could go back to school!! At least this time I'd attend class... still wouldn't get a damn thing done - but WTF? Who cares with eye candy like that?
2003-06-26 02:24:05 PM  
Hey teacher I brought my pencil.....give me something to write on.
2003-06-26 02:24:13 PM  
Jennifer and Lisa make my pants tight. They also make Baby Jesus weep. But I call my goods Baby Jesus and well, I guess that's not technically weeping.
2003-06-26 02:24:32 PM  
holy crap these women are hot.
It's been less than 10 years since I finished high school so my memories are still fairly fresh, and NONE of my teachers even came close to this.

Although if they did I probably would have failed instead of being an A student... so many boobie distractions.
2003-06-26 02:24:36 PM  
2003-06-26 02:25:08 PM  
#10 Wins
2003-06-26 02:25:16 PM  
a much better pic of lisa :-P
2003-06-26 02:25:54 PM  
She looks a little like a boy to me. meh. I like my women to look like women.
2003-06-26 02:26:00 PM how'd this get in there?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-26 02:28:29 PM  

Way to spoil fun with reality!

Next you talk about how all of our sports teams all suck and that the current Mayor is a shady jackass.
2003-06-26 02:28:51 PM  
Here's what my teachers looked like (note that the site I found it on lists her as a teacher of massage, in case it wasn't scary enough already)

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-26 02:29:00 PM  
idioteque - Thanks for the link. damn my memory is bad....
2003-06-26 02:30:11 PM  
Clearly, #2 wins by a mile.
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