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3719 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Oct 2001 at 1:28 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-12 02:10:11 PM  
Tucci: *whooooosh* tomato comin' right atcha.
2001-10-12 02:10:27 PM  
what's the saying: Good on Ya, 3M TA3!

DB: it might be easier to get than ebola, tho (and i mean "get" as in purchase, steal, or however you "get" it)
2001-10-12 02:10:28 PM  
Isn't it possible that Anthrax issues like this already existed before this, and we're just noticing them now because of heightened security and paranoia?
2001-10-12 02:11:56 PM  
the rest of the headline was inadvertantly cut off...
while MegaDeth tours CBS
2001-10-12 02:13:04 PM  
Okay, it's off the subject but the perfect opportunity to talk with Tri state area Farkers. How about getting together for a NY Fark party? Interested parties email me and I'll try to arrange something.
2001-10-12 02:15:24 PM  
Sounds good bubba.. NJ in the house.
But oh. Wait we are all going to die from Anthrax. Oh well.
2001-10-12 02:16:15 PM  
jesterpoet: the press has reported that there hasn't been a human anthrax related death in the u.s. since the seventies.
2001-10-12 02:17:04 PM  
JoiseyBoy! Booya!!!
2001-10-12 02:18:14 PM  
Its Megadeth. Not MegaDeth!

By the way... wheres BioHazard?
2001-10-12 02:18:14 PM  
there hasn't been a case of this kind of anthrax in this country in how long... i doubt it all has been goin on for awhile and we just noticed
2001-10-12 02:18:37 PM  
If we get a lager body count

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-12 02:18:42 PM  
The headline is misleading, because Anthrax HAS NOT been found at NBC headquarters. A worker at NBC headquarters has been diagnosed with Cutaneous Anthrax, but the source has not been located.
2001-10-12 02:19:02 PM  
/looking round: Where's Phillyguy?!?

Bubba- we've been hoping to have a NY fark party for some time now! There's a great little bar on the lower east side we had in mind. I'll email ya later on.
2001-10-12 02:20:07 PM  
DB: True, but the press have a tendency to have their heads up their asses quite often, don't they?
2001-10-12 02:20:56 PM  
Parkay i think you meant this:
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2001-10-12 02:24:41 PM  
jesterpoet: well said, but c'mon...anthrax? it's a pretty rare disease.
2001-10-12 02:25:43 PM  
I'm in NYC too. Corporate_Mofo and I were tossing around ideas for a party a few weeks ago. Apparently Drew told him if we waited until November, he might come up for it.
2001-10-12 02:29:23 PM  
I love that picture they included. The organisms are the wrong color in the stain, if I remember correctly--it's been years since I had clinical microbiology. Bacillus anthracis should be a bluish-purple color, not a reddish color.
2001-10-12 02:29:50 PM  
poehitman If it hasn't been located, what I want to know is why the fark is Giuliani claiming it's been contained? Personally, I think Giuliani is lying out his ass.
2001-10-12 02:30:54 PM  
Gwinny: Cool!
2001-10-12 02:34:00 PM  
hmmm very interesting point Rpm, it appears either poehitman is confused or guiliani is lying... I love it, it's like the game Clue!
2001-10-12 02:37:29 PM  
Right, that's it. I'm gonna bathe in Neosporin and I'm gonna autoclave every bit of mail that comes to my house, while wearing a gas mask. It's the only way...
2001-10-12 02:39:41 PM  
No evidence to link 9/11 and Fla cases? I just wish the FBI would quit pissing on us and telling us it's raining!
2001-10-12 02:40:46 PM  
grrrrrowl! bathing in neosporin, my only fetish....
2001-10-12 02:43:48 PM  
BaconFarker: It has a texture hauntingly reminiscent of warm lard. Is it the bacon connection?
2001-10-12 02:44:04 PM  
Be careful what mail you open up. I wouldn't trust any "You Won" mail. But that is me.
2001-10-12 02:44:24 PM  
more people have died from anthrax this year already that hav ever died as a direct result from smoking pot.

anyone think this is being over-hyped just like the shark attack frenzy?
2001-10-12 02:44:49 PM  
FARK. The only place on earth where Anthrax is still a source of humor.

I love it here.
2001-10-12 02:45:44 PM  
2001-10-12 02:46:09 PM  
I triedto submit this article too, it said it was submitted 4 days ago? Whatever, I say we need to start doing some serious ground infiltration.
2001-10-12 02:50:37 PM  
mmmm lard...

is there an anthrax fan club? how odd would getting mail from them be? wouldnt it say ANTHRAX right on the envelope?
2001-10-12 02:51:47 PM  
JerryC: what if it's really not related to 9/11. What if it's a piggyback, someone who wants to redirect the blame to bin Laden? It'd be real easy to get away with something right now...sick but true. Everyone's already placed blame for all acts which look like terrorism on one group.

Heck, what if the white powder reports are just to redirect the investigation or throw off people into a false sense of security? People start thinking the white powder contains the anthrax but it's really a letter you get two days later...
2001-10-12 03:02:18 PM  
I love how they keep saying "This is not related to the current outbreaks in FLA and not related to 9/11....well then what the hell is it related to????
2001-10-12 03:12:22 PM  
I emailed Bubba.
2001-10-12 03:27:18 PM  
Anthrax is so old hat. More people die from choking on their breakfast cereal.
2001-10-12 03:38:46 PM  
uh I know this seems stupidly simple but , what do you do if want to eliminate all possible infections be it viral or bacterial from your daily mail? Well most all of us in the US have small de-contamination units at home and at work. How bout you pop your envelopes in the ol microwave oven, slap her on high for 35 seconds or so, might get a few sparks off any staples or paper clips but what the hey it will kill all viruses and bugs quickly and easily!
2001-10-12 03:56:49 PM  
Meez: That's a good idea, but would it actually work?
2001-10-12 04:01:03 PM  
dunno for sure I'm not a bacterial specialst, just play one on tv, I've heard some women nuke their panties in the microwave oven to kill yeast bacteria, so I imagine a good dose of radition for 30 seconds or so would kill most bugs, anybody know of a medical/research professional to ask would be good thing to know !
2001-10-12 04:06:47 PM  
BaconFarker: Ah yes...good one
2001-10-12 04:09:54 PM  
yes - and another good idea is to put any checks you must send out into the microwave...
2001-10-12 04:11:36 PM  
This is starting to get beyond ridiculous... I just got back home after sitting in traffic downtown for way longer than necessary because a fire truck was blocking the street, on the scene due to concerns about "suspicious piles of white powder"... obvious hoax, but it's all over the local news and AM radio stations anyways... Hey, KATU... there's a suspicious pile of white powder on my mirror upstairs, I think you should come check it out... *facepalms*
2001-10-12 04:13:22 PM  
I've been watching CNN and MSNBC all day. From what they said, the found an envelope containing a white powder. They tested it, and it came back negative. Since they did not say they found the source of the Anthrax, how can they possibly say they have it contained. They do not even know she got it in the building! Personally, I think they're trying not to have NYC go into a panic. They said they closed off 2 floors where she worked at NBC headquarters, but they do not even know if the Anthrax is located there.
2001-10-12 04:24:44 PM  
Microwave radiation isn't like irradiating food. It may kill germs, but I wouldn't bet on it
2001-10-12 04:25:40 PM  
. .
2001-10-12 04:34:14 PM  
well I think mircrowaves work basically by vibrating water cell structures in organic matter until they heat up, Microwave radiation kills the common daily deadly bacteria such as bochulism and salmanila found on raw chicken meat ,etc (guessing at the spelling on those ) and I believe anthrax is a bacteria , so thats my logic , dunno just an idea.
2001-10-12 04:37:19 PM  
Ok, well from the very tiny bit that i've read about this particular case (just found out), and it's obvious relation to the florida tabloid (they are both media stations), I really wouldn't be worried. The people carrying out these attacks do not seem to have the capability for mass casualty- type attacks. Instead, they are targeting influential and people they dislike for small-scale attacks. As we've seen in just these past few days, the terror factor that happens when people keep seeing attacks with anthrax is pretty big. They aren't trying to inflict mass casualties, rather they are trying to inflict mass hysteria.
2001-10-12 04:46:27 PM  
"When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout."

MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! -That was cathartic...thank you for your time. I now return you to the regular comments of biatching and whining and mutual flaming.
2001-10-12 04:52:51 PM  
I dont mind anthrax, they had some good songs

get it? like you know, anthrax the band ?
2001-10-12 05:08:08 PM  
worst. overdone joke. ever.
2001-10-12 05:09:37 PM  
not only is it overdone, it wasn't even overdone WELL
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