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2001-10-12 01:29:38 PM  
I wasn't us.
2001-10-12 01:30:22 PM  
Hey more Anthrax jokes PLEASE!
2001-10-12 01:31:35 PM  
Oley Chit!
2001-10-12 01:31:36 PM  
Anyone else thinking that someone with Anthrax is pissed off at American media?
2001-10-12 01:32:20 PM  
Well, that's one benefit of being unemployed.
2001-10-12 01:33:31 PM  
Fark needs a new tag, simply called ANTHRAX.
2001-10-12 01:34:19 PM  
Man, I hope they don't hit Cosmopolitan magazine headquarters!?!?! Where else will I learn more about my G-spot?
2001-10-12 01:34:53 PM  
crap! and its not like no regular anthrax... its like "super anthrax"

"cutaneous anthrax" - which is contracted through the skin rather than through breathing.
2001-10-12 01:36:17 PM  
Peaches - I could learn you a couple things.
2001-10-12 01:36:55 PM  
Actually, she is expexted to make a full recovery. It's pussy Anthrax...
2001-10-12 01:37:27 PM  
hey, i made a new word! expex
2001-10-12 01:37:42 PM  
BAconfarker- Go re-read the article Fark ran a few days ago about the types of Anthrax. The kind you get through the skin isn't as bad as the kind you can inhale.
2001-10-12 01:37:51 PM  
Okay...I refuse to open any letter that looks like it contains a bill...er...umm...I mean anthrax.
2001-10-12 01:38:39 PM  
I am pretty freaked out, one block away.
The GE building is blocked off, and there are cameras everywhere.
2001-10-12 01:38:39 PM  
Ok, now we're getting beyond coincidence.
2001-10-12 01:39:02 PM  
reports that gene shallit has contracted transafrotaneous anthrax have been denied.

I'm joking because I work 5 blocks from rockefeller center. :O

2001-10-12 01:40:25 PM  
Yeah, rub it in Phillyguy, rub it in.
2001-10-12 01:41:43 PM  
alright then. you just go contaminate yourself with the pussy anthrax and come back and tell me how "not bad" it is.

its anthrax nontheless. "less lethal" fine... but still lethal.
2001-10-12 01:42:54 PM  
2001-10-12 01:44:12 PM  
Fruck anthrax. Get it the fark out of my newsfeed.
2001-10-12 01:45:17 PM  
FuzzyMonkey, don't bring home any mail from work today.
2001-10-12 01:46:39 PM  
If those arab countries want to play dirty, I say we give it to them. Spray Iran, Iraq and Afghainstan with some of our nastiest biological weapons and call it even.
2001-10-12 01:48:28 PM  
I started submitting this article within minutes of its release, to no avail. Bah.

I'm about 6 blocks from NBC. so what? you get anthrax via direct contact with the anthrax cooties.

The moral of this story: don't open suspicious mail (not even the kind that says "You may have already won 1 million dollars").
2001-10-12 01:48:49 PM  
Fb-: Wishiat was that easy, instead we play political games with their sponsors until we get sucker-punched in the back of the head again...
2001-10-12 01:48:50 PM  
This might be some Uni Bomber kinda guy who just hates the American media.

Just doesn't seem like the same guys who would land a freakin' plane in the middle of a building to me. This seems very wussy and not well thought out in comparison.

Blow me.
2001-10-12 01:48:52 PM  
I told them that anthrax was a virus and not a herb.
2001-10-12 01:49:35 PM  
they nab four in one week, compared to 6000 in a day? these terroists are getting slack. all the good ones must have died in the plane crashes.
2001-10-12 01:51:04 PM  
great idea fb.
so if it was an american taking advantage of the current situation should we unleash anthrax on america?
2001-10-12 01:52:06 PM  
There is no evidence that this one( a news and media outlet hit by anthrax that was delivered in an envolope with a powdery substance) had any relation to the sun's headquarters( a news and media outlet hit by anthrax delivered in an envelope with a powdery substance) or the one sent to the new york times i guess ....:-\ hmmmm......GOTTA LOVE THAT MISINFORMATION!!!!!!!
2001-10-12 01:53:26 PM  
yeah Playa! McVeigh killed what? 300? Hes from upstate New York right? yeah! lets "spray" upstate NY and the Arabs!
2001-10-12 01:55:10 PM  
you guys need to realize they dont need body count to make US citizens terrified....u have a few random scattered anthrax attacks and u get people running around buying out supermarkets, fighting for gas masks, until it gets to the point were we walk down the street and start jumping arabic mailmen thinking they are handing out death envelopes......then they can slip in with a body count attack and send us over the edge.....and whats better high exposure and more chance of getting reported then news agencies...next we'll here someone on capitol hill....or the fbi building.....just wait and see...
2001-10-12 01:55:32 PM  
Figures, I posted this same story about 20 seconds after it made it to MSNBC's website, and I did not get it.
2001-10-12 01:56:55 PM  
DB: you don't need to kill 6000 people via anthrax to get 280 million people paranoid. spread 20-30 infections around the country and all of america will be in price clubs/costcos stocking up for the long winter in the nuclear bomb shelter.
2001-10-12 01:58:42 PM  
How does it go? If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck , and looks like a duck.

Hmmm, seems like to much of a co-winky-dink to me.
2001-10-12 01:59:57 PM  
Yeah, I posted it from CNN too...guess our headlines must've sucked.
2001-10-12 02:01:02 PM  
Sorry - I was at lunch and then a meeting... thanks to the 186 people that submitted this article :-)
2001-10-12 02:01:08 PM  
My sources are leaking info that the latest person infected (at NBC) is the assistant to Tom Brokaw.
2001-10-12 02:01:47 PM  
News: NBC agents found in NBC?
^^^--nuclear, biological, chemical
^^^National Broadcasting Co.
2001-10-12 02:01:55 PM  
"talks like a duck"


reminds me of that AFLAC commercial. isnt it "quacks like a duck"
2001-10-12 02:02:20 PM  
dammit it stripped the leading spaces that would have made the arrows line up. Oh well, you get the picture.
2001-10-12 02:02:30 PM  
Look on the bright side: NO LETTERMAN TONIGHT

2001-10-12 02:02:51 PM  
My headline wasn't funny, but it was better than this one.
2001-10-12 02:04:02 PM  
2001-10-12 02:04:50 PM  
Does this mean the Taleban's 'going postal'?

2001-10-12 02:05:11 PM  
Remember US Military Policy:

Chem and/or Chem = NUKE

If we get a lager body count, and if this is traced overseas, I hope whoever did this likes their new parking lot.
2001-10-12 02:05:38 PM  
Hey people. Look. Another case of a deadly virus has been found, and you shiats are whining about why your submission wasn't posted out of the 100s submitted?

2001-10-12 02:05:40 PM  
er bio and/or chem...

2001-10-12 02:07:04 PM  
"DubyaNNNNNBC! "

(Stern reference)
2001-10-12 02:07:25 PM  
i really think anthrax is a terrible idea for a biological weapon. hell, it's not even contagious.
2001-10-12 02:08:41 PM  
may not be ideal for a weapon, but its relatively easy to produce, transport and deliver when compared to other bioweapons.
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