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(The Sun)   Avril Lavigne moons crowd at MuchMusic Video Awards. The Sun is there. Somewhat not safe for work   ( thesun.co.uk) divider line
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2003-06-25 09:37:16 AM  
Who wants to see a little boy's ass beside Catholic priests?
2003-06-25 09:37:32 AM  
Ah. A yank-bashing potshot..
photogeek spewed forth the following:

it's called 'dumbing down for the american masses'. everybody up here knows you yanks won't get it at all, so we only send the stuff out third graders can easily comprehend. anything higher than that and it flies right over your heads.

This from the same country that belched forth Celene Dion and Avril Lavigne? A whiny nutjob and an asshat poser... Yeah.. But what can you expect from a county with so much French influence?


- end of line
2003-06-25 09:37:59 AM  
Booboopriss -- you know those Al TV interviews were fake edited interviews, right? (I think that's part of the reason they are funny)...
2003-06-25 09:41:54 AM  
OI OI OI.. indeed.
2003-06-25 09:45:11 AM  

Don't forget the Barenaked Ladies.

God I just cringe with hatred everytime I hear their crap on the radio.
2003-06-25 09:46:04 AM  
Avril looks like Satan's version of Jennifer Aniston, who in turn looks like a female impersonator.
2003-06-25 09:52:34 AM  
I hate her music, it's pseudo pop-punk, but I'll admit that, as a girl from buttfark Napanee, Ont., she has exactly the right attitude right now.

Oh, and albtraum, I'll take the bait:
make their parents get elaborate web connections so they can spend all day arguing about Nas vs. Jay-Z online to grasp at some semblance of reflected american "coolness".

All that Nas vs. Jay-Z posturing was a pathetic attempt to recapture the immediacy that hip-hop music possesed in America after the Tupac/Biggie murders.
The problem with that, like the problems with so much else in America, is that ordinary asshats like you only started paying attention when people started getting killed.
Yep, you guys got the "gangsta" posture down cold.
And y'know what, I love hip-hop, but if you think that boild down to reflected coolness that comes with a "beef", you're an idiot.
The last time The Roots played in Toronto, they mentioned how niceit is to play somewhere that doesn't expect them to come onstage acting like thugs. They enjoyed the fact that they could use their talent for music to actually jam for a few minutes without someone screaming "Play 'You Got Me'"

Keep your overtly commercial culture to yourselves please, I don't want no part of it.

/writes all this knowing, sadly, that a large portion of Canadian 15 year olds would disagree, and tellme all about how Nas smoked Jay-Z in that beef because Nas talks "knowledge" while Jay-Z is about the "bling-bling"
2003-06-25 10:00:45 AM  
As much as it's canned pop stuff, it's a good album. There's really only one throw away. I'd say "The Matrix" are going to make some decent cash.

I mean, I want to hate her, but I can't. :)
2003-06-25 10:03:03 AM  

"you really don't think "sexy" when you think of canadian women, do you?"

I refer you to Shania Twain and Pam Anderson, two of the most celebrated women for their hotness in your country over the last decade. There's also Natasha Hestridge, Kim Catrall, and Carrie-Anne Moss, right off the top of my head.
2003-06-25 10:05:53 AM  
Speaking for meself, RedEyedWings, I wasn't paying attention even AFTER people started getting killed. A bunch of children playing at cops and robbers, trying to make out like they are "big time gangstas". whooptie-farkin'-doo. The whole "gangsta" thing was tired when it started.

But then, I can't stand most (c)rap anyway. An idiot or two with a glib tongue, a large vocabulary of vulgarities, a drum machine, and a library of stolen audio clips, and you have this week's (c)rap flavor of the month. whee.
2003-06-25 10:08:20 AM  
"I like the jar. You still need a knife to spread the mayo."

Accually you dont need a knife, The top has a slit instead of a hole. 3 quick passes and a bread slice is perfectly covered.
2003-06-25 10:09:06 AM  
Your list is great, GuyCaballero (SCTV.. One of Canada's finest contributions to the comedic art form), with one exception, and that would be the skankness that is Pam Anderson. She's not a woman, she's a movie prop. She hasn't been hot since her Home Improvement days. Even then, Heidi was hotter. ;)
2003-06-25 10:09:12 AM  

Physically, this chick is absolutely perfect. What a body, what a face...

I couldn't agree more. Have you seen the pics that surfaced recently in Rolling Stone of her on vacation in Austalia? She's got a smokin' little body for sure.

I agree she's trying to act like she's all punk and what not..but she seems like she'd be wild in bed....

summary: I'D HIT THAT SHIAT!
2003-06-25 10:10:43 AM  
see, redeyed, we have the difference between the US and canada spelled out right here... i'm here doggedly trying to provoke a ruckus by throwing out crude insults, and your response was relatively well-reasoned and articulate.

's no fun picking fights with you cold-blooded folk
2003-06-25 10:14:51 AM  
"Avril Levigne is like 4 foot 11, 98 freakin' pounds."
"I'd do 'er."
"You'd break her!"
"So long as I finish."
2003-06-25 10:16:33 AM  
She looks like Jennifer Aniston's rebellious kid sister.
2003-06-25 10:17:03 AM  

2003-06-25 10:18:40 AM  
Hell yeah, Sol. There's gotta be a picture of her in a bikini somewhere. She is the prototypical female... Thin, beautiful face, that eye makeup that makes her appear sullen and pensive...
2003-06-25 10:19:32 AM  
I have no faith in the tastes of anyone who saw her perform at the Grammy's and stll thinks she is a good singer. I swear the music industry has to be like the boy band episode of the Simpsons, where they just push the pop magic button to convince people that marginal to awful singers have talent.
2003-06-25 10:22:59 AM  
right, i'm sure all the stoners at Bonnaroo where the Roots played wanted nothing more then to see them thug out.
2003-06-25 10:23:05 AM  
I don't know if people were serious or not but the the thing on her ass stands for "Much Music Video Awards"
2003-06-25 10:23:34 AM  
She reminds me a bit of Lara Flynn Boyle, who used to be the hottest chick in the world until Avril turned 16.
2003-06-25 10:24:04 AM  
Her ass says MMVA...like MuchMusic Video Awards.
2003-06-25 10:24:25 AM  
... She is the prototypical female... Thin, beautiful face, that eye makeup that makes her appear sullen and pensive..."

our ancestors would disagree

[image from art.wlu.edu too old to be available]

i could see avril as the prototypical prepubescent boy or girl, maybe. female, nah
2003-06-25 10:25:35 AM  
GooberMcFly:lol, took the words out of my mouth.
2003-06-25 10:27:46 AM  
Avril Lavigne is a hot little eyeliner-raccoon and no amount of "FUHH FUUHH SHE'S NOT PUNK, D00D SHE'S A TOTAL POZER!!" remarks will ever change that.

Of course she's "not punk." This is somehow news? People are proudly patting themselves on the back for pointing out this little secret that managed to slip by the rest of us? Way to go, Team Obvious!

Hot, hot, hot little raccoon, though.
2003-06-25 10:29:43 AM  
[image from simpsons.metropoliglobal.com too old to be available]

Lisa: I'm impressed you were able to write so legibly on your own butt.
2003-06-25 10:30:11 AM  
UNDERAGE raccoon.. In my opinion, she won't qualify for hot for another 3 years at least.
2003-06-25 10:31:53 AM  
Regardless of her being a record company construction, she IS hot.

I'd hit it!!!
2003-06-25 10:33:13 AM  

Nice ref...

"Now your a maaayon, a manny, manny mmmmaaaaaaaooooooon!"
2003-06-25 10:33:40 AM  
I proclaim her the New Sinatra!
2003-06-25 10:34:48 AM  


If you'd prefer, I could overreact:

You damn Yankee bastard with your blasting of Canadians. You are all war-mongering bastards. That's why we didn't join your little war, because we knew that you lied. Every American president is aliar and every Canadian prime minister tells the truth.

There is no AMerican culture in Canada. Never!
2003-06-25 10:35:57 AM  

She reminds me a bit of Lara Flynn Boyle, who used to be the hottest chick in the world until Avril turned 16.

Damn Down! We agree on women, that's fer sure. I used to just about cream my pants every time I saw a pic of LFB....until she lost 250 pounds and started banging Jack. She was incredibly hot at one time though, no doubt.
2003-06-25 10:36:51 AM  
Not-a-Girl:Mmmmmmm Izzard. I would so hit that.

Avril, on the other hand needs to go away. She's annoying. Maybe we'll be seeing her in porn in a few years.

2003-06-25 10:38:57 AM  
see, NOW i'm happy!

i need pointless conflict and violent unsubtlety. it's my cultural heritage as an american and i'm proud of it.
2003-06-25 10:39:13 AM  
"I like the jar. You still need a knife to spread the mayo."

Accually you dont need a knife, The top has a slit instead of a hole. 3 quick passes and a bread slice is perfectly covered.

My wife got one of these squeezable mayo bottles with the slit in the top. The thing put so much mayo on my sandwich, it was nasty. I ended up putting just one stripe on, and then spreading that with a knife. I prefer the jar of mayo over the squeezable bottle any day of the week.
2003-06-25 10:40:54 AM  
How many people just looked at the pic and didn't bother to read the thing? Really?

You're the smart ones.
2003-06-25 10:42:29 AM  
"Apparently you have to think low when you want an article posted."

Truer words have never been spoken.
2003-06-25 10:44:28 AM  
You just hate women, albtraum.
2003-06-25 10:44:28 AM  
She needs to die. This shiat is making our stupid kids dumber. Real punk chicks are nasty and mean, like greasy ferrets. Thank god for Kazaa, the last real DJ.
2003-06-25 10:45:44 AM  

15 minutes is up ma'am.

nice ass ? can't even see her ass.

Why can't somebody post a pic of her WITHOUT make-up.
2003-06-25 10:45:51 AM  
I don't know what's creepier, the fact that she looks like a young Axl Rose from behind or the fact that I'd still hit it despite the fact.
2003-06-25 10:47:29 AM  
Of course, by dying, I mean go into Hardcore porn. (actually, she isn't all that good looking, but she does have a porn worthy body) Thing is, hot chicks aren't that hard to come by, I've seen hotter chicks just walking around at the mall.
2003-06-25 10:47:44 AM  
"You just hate women, albtraum."

nah, i just like curvy women. you don't have to agree, i was just poking fun at your calling her a prototype
2003-06-25 10:48:39 AM  

Depends, do you mean Welcome to the Jungle Axle, or Crest whiting plastice nose Axle?
2003-06-25 10:49:16 AM  
Damn my plastice!
2003-06-25 10:51:20 AM  

Sweet Child of Mine Axl...
2003-06-25 10:53:33 AM  
Mmmm...excellent year.

wait, I need to stop before I'm gay!
2003-06-25 10:57:18 AM  
Someone please post that pic of her ugly-ass face with no makeup. She is a dog's dog, and a talentless waste of flesh to boot (though I guess that goes without saying to anyone with even a sliver of musical taste).
2003-06-25 11:00:29 AM  
Apparently the queen of misspelling decided that having a stupid name and l33tspeak song titles was not enough and decided that she must join the upper echelons of Christina Ugularia crack showing. Are they training to be plumbers?
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