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(The Sun)   Avril Lavigne moons crowd at MuchMusic Video Awards. The Sun is there. Somewhat not safe for work   ( divider line
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181311 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jun 2003 at 4:37 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-25 07:10:37 AM  
That was pretty hot. Well, until she turned around and reminded us that she has a sloping forehead. Nice ass, though.
2003-06-25 07:22:29 AM  
I wonder what David Bowie would say.

2003-06-25 07:26:45 AM  
Where's the 'TAINT?

Don't worry - she'll be a burned out has-been by the time she's 20. Haw haw haw!

2003-06-25 07:28:54 AM  
"anything higher than that and it flies right over your heads."

Yet we're able to create the most technologically advanced nation in the world? Such a stumper.

But hey, congrads on making such an advanced music awards thingy You must be real proud ...
2003-06-25 07:32:49 AM  
Never knew who she was. Saw "Al TV" over the weekend and Weird Al did and "interview" with her. It was kind of stupid, but I wonder if it brought out the real her. (His interview with Eminem was great (tore Eminem a new asshole for not letting Al make a video for his cover song [which is much better than Eminem's, I personally think]).
2003-06-25 07:39:15 AM  
Do you know why Canadians say "eh" all the time?

Well, once the Americans have figured that out we'll move on to "B"


Couldn't resist
2003-06-25 07:41:17 AM  
2003-06-25 07:42:25 AM  
Who are these people?
2003-06-25 08:06:56 AM  
, because those were real interviews.....?
2003-06-25 08:07:31 AM  
That was to Booboo
2003-06-25 08:16:24 AM  
Being away from Canada for a few years, I often wondered what this Avril thing was. Now I know, I SO don't care.
2003-06-25 08:19:21 AM  
What amazes me is how she could write so legibly on her own butt...

</Lisa Simpson>
2003-06-25 08:23:14 AM  
you really don't think "sexy" when you think of canadian women, do you?

/rhetorical question
2003-06-25 08:26:40 AM  
Careful Miss Lavigne! You were dangerously close to being socially divergent for a second there!

You really *must* keep better track of your contract clauses which clearly state that you must be "cheeky" but not sexual. Oh, and keep scrunching up your face, it makes you look hardcore. Or constipated. One of the two, anyway.

I despair of the popular music industry.
2003-06-25 08:29:42 AM  
14 minutes 56 seconds... 57 seconds... 58 seconds...
2003-06-25 08:31:45 AM  
I do like her album, but I don't like her. I think some separation between music and image is in order here.

I read an interview with her a while back where she was a total biatch though (the only link I can find is on some kind of blog here), and she's about as punk as the Queen. Mooning is SOOOO 1970's (Ozzy or AC-DC anyone?).
2003-06-25 08:32:07 AM  

Yet we're able to create the most technologically advanced nation in the world? Such a stumper.

Canada's actually a much more wired country than the U.S. - sorry.
You know, we were sitting back as an experiment waiting to see how long it would take Americans to figure out that you should put mayonaise in a squeezable bottle instead of a messy jar, and we had to wait until the year 2000.
I thought I was supposed to have a personal jetpack by the year 2000.
Way to go.
2003-06-25 08:36:59 AM  
Yeah, like no-one's ever done that before.

/not impressed
2003-06-25 08:37:21 AM  
she's hot.
2003-06-25 08:38:02 AM  
Mayonaise in squeezable bottles!?!?

Tell me again how technically advanced that is.

Jelly in squeezable bottles is where it's at.
2003-06-25 08:40:01 AM  
Her Music is lame and she is a tool but I'd still hit it.
What can I say, I like the pseudo-skater look.
2003-06-25 08:40:36 AM  
Personal jetpacks aside, I should also add that Avril's music ain't my bag, but at least she writes all of her own songs, unlike most of the pre-packaged crap out there that's written by 40-year-old men and sung by 20-something whores.
2003-06-25 08:40:48 AM  
"Canada's actually a much more wired country than the U.S. - sorry."

So basicaly you took other peoples technology and strung it up quicker?

Good job.

"out that you should put mayonaise in a squeezable bottle instead of a messy jar"

I like the jar. You still need a knife to spread the mayo.
2003-06-25 08:49:28 AM  
i like avril.

EVEN though she didn't write her hit singles (read the issue of rolling stone with her on the cover).

i like her cause i was one of the few who knew about her before she got famous -like about a year before her complicated song got overplayed on the radio. i don't think she's anything but a good singer with a good sense of style. she's no slut. she just as immature a kid as you were when you were 17.
2003-06-25 08:50:18 AM  
You Canadians must have some thin-arsed watery Mayonaise if you can get it out of a squeezy bottle.
2003-06-25 08:50:32 AM  
sens if canada's "more wired" i assume it's because canadian teenagers, driven to despair at the lame canadian blandness of their snowbound lives and their blandly rebellious musicians, make their parents get elaborate web connections so they can spend all day arguing about Nas vs. Jay-Z online to grasp at some semblance of reflected american "coolness".

/would be flamebait if canadians could be aroused to anger
2003-06-25 08:52:22 AM  
She doesn't write her own songs. A songwriting team known as "The Matrix" wrote most of her record. They are currently working with Liz Phair.
2003-06-25 08:55:19 AM  
Physically, this chick is absolutely perfect. What a body, what a face...
2003-06-25 08:58:14 AM  
just in time to promote her new single "M1nga Tw@t"
2003-06-25 08:59:54 AM  
Gotta love those Candians
2003-06-25 08:59:54 AM  
That's not mooning!

Mooning requires FULL BUTT EXPOSURE!
2003-06-25 09:00:06 AM  

Damn, she's so punk. Look at her crazy off-the-wall antics! I bet after the awards ceremony she's gonna OD on caffeine and tip over a chair in her hotel room. Oi!

Ha ha! That's hilarious!

I'm so sick of this girl. Am I the only one who looks at Avril, and sees Tanya Harding?

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-25 09:02:11 AM  
I dunno what ROlling Stone says, but I saw her latest video yesterday and she's listed as the only composer.
They also showed an interview with her where she's angry that she doesn't get enough credit, saying she writes her own stuff, etc.
She might not write them all, but she writes some, which is better than most.

As for arguing about technology, well, I don't have time to do the research, but Canada's done more than its share when it comes to technology patents, you'll just have to trust me. Our government is also the most wired in the world, according to some report last week that I don't want to bother looking up.
2003-06-25 09:03:35 AM  
I remember the first time I heard that complicated tune. I remember quickly changing the channel as well.
2003-06-25 09:04:25 AM  
i thought i read that the australian government has retina scanners

and they got plastic money

they win
2003-06-25 09:05:26 AM  
I can't believe this got posted.. I remember reading The Sun and saying... I should post this.. but its absolutely dumb and there would be no way that the admins would let this through.

Then I saw it on Totalfark, and I began regretting it.

Apparently you have to think low when you want an article posted.
2003-06-25 09:09:17 AM  
I heard her talk in an interview for the first time the other nightwhat an airhead! Shes definitely not complicated. But, hey, shes still a kid.
2003-06-25 09:09:23 AM  
I don't want to know your name!

I just want bangbangbang!

/shiggedy shiggedy shwa
2003-06-25 09:14:03 AM  
Yep, punky little Avril Lavigne--who, a mere two or three years ago, was attempting to become the next LeAnn Rimes.

Next fad, please.
2003-06-25 09:14:49 AM  
she is really really really hot. I would hit it in a millisecond.
2003-06-25 09:16:38 AM  
2003-06-25 09:16:45 AM  
I'd tap the little heiney....
2003-06-25 09:17:18 AM  
She didnt exactly "drop her trousers" as the Sun put it, there was just a little butt cleavage.

Geez, if you're going to scream "Avril's Ass!" at least have the decency to get some full-ass pictures.
2003-06-25 09:24:03 AM  
yeah i'd classify that as more of a partial lunar eclipse
2003-06-25 09:25:13 AM  
I like the jar. You still need a knife to spread the mayo.

Well said.
2003-06-25 09:27:27 AM  
I think that IS Avril's full-ass...
2003-06-25 09:29:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-25 09:30:12 AM  
its the same thing like you see with hot topic. Back when i was a "rebel" noone did it, u didnt see it on mtv, u couldnt buy the clothes in wal mart. Its cool now to dress like a freak, and i find it funny. What really made me sick was one time i was in hot topic with my freind joey and this 14 yr oldish girl brought her grandma in and her farkin grandma got a pair of bondage pants for her self also. That just scared me. Music is more a business anymore than a ART...rather sad..NIN needs a new cd
2003-06-25 09:30:59 AM  
kind looks like Axl Rose to me.
2003-06-25 09:36:09 AM  
Umm with fashion being what it is you see more crack at an 8th grade graduation party.
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