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(The Sun)   Avril Lavigne moons crowd at MuchMusic Video Awards. The Sun is there. Somewhat not safe for work   ( divider line
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184498 clicks; posted to Main » and Entertainment » on 25 Jun 2003 at 4:37 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-06-25 1:15:06 AM  
Whooo!!, wait. That's actually rather boring. Bugger this, I'm going back to my midget porn. Those midgets aren't afraid to show a little skin.

"Its turning into a bot of a habit for the Sk8ter Boi singer."
This sentence confused me more than I thought any single sentence in a news article could. They spelled a word with numbers. That just doesn't even begin to make sense.
2003-06-25 2:02:44 AM  
Damn, she's so punk. Look at her crazy off-the-wall antics! I bet after the awards ceremony she's gonna OD on caffeine and tip over a chair in her hotel room. Oi!
2003-06-25 3:02:34 AM  
Yeah, the only place that's not safe for work is probably Liberty University.
2003-06-25 3:44:47 AM  
That poor girl has no butt.
2003-06-25 3:45:44 AM  
2003-06-25 3:52:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-25 4:19:27 AM  
She makes me want to stab myself in the eyes.
2003-06-25 4:35:56 AM  
2003-06-25 03:45:44 AM wldncrzy14

Maybe that's what happened to her.
2003-06-25 4:41:30 AM  
Excuse me while I use the bathroom
2003-06-25 4:42:20 AM  
Punk lives!!! I'll bet those hardcore punks from Good Charlotte are going to do something similar!!! Woo!!! Rawk!!!
2003-06-25 4:43:07 AM  
she uses a powerbook! so punk!
2003-06-25 4:46:33 AM  
isn't she canadian? if she isn't she deserves to be

bo ring
2003-06-25 4:48:27 AM  
Sigh. I miss Much Music. Those bastards at the cable company took it off the air due to "low ratings and viewer comments".

I farking hate living in Virginia. They put BET Jazz and another frelling sports channel on as replacement. Like they didn't have the room on farking digital-farking-cable! Nine hundred something channels, and only four that I watch. Including the music channels. fark Cox.

/rant off

The cable modem speeds are decent though...
2003-06-25 4:49:05 AM  

...shes a canuck...but got to love the beaver pryde...
2003-06-25 4:49:19 AM  
that or from florida
2003-06-25 4:49:36 AM  
This has got to be the most indecipherable story in the histroy of journalism (bottom of page):

"ITS Week 3 in Lig Brother and loud-mouth reject ANOUSKA is determined to get back on top of my BB liggers league.

Cr*p premiere parties score big points, so first-week evictee Anouska, pictured with boyfriend Andy, hot-footed it down to the celeb-light opening party of Nicholas Nickleby.

She earned bonus points for telling snappers: I think thats enough pics for now.

Unfortunately for the five-minute wannabe, Anouska still trails Big Lover JUSTINE. She hit the jackpot last week by being rumped in a toilet cubicle. Back of the net!

Competition hots up this week with FEDERICO and JON on the loose but I suspect the only bash well see the latter at is the Tunbridge Wells Computer Club cheese and wine do.
2003-06-25 4:50:03 AM  
stuff like this makes me really glad I haven't listened to the radio regularly since Live105 started to suck dong (putting Stern on was the final blow, plus the music sucked by that point anyways).

I think I can safely say I've never head an "Avril" song.

Of course my girlfriend bought me the new Weird Al CD, and I hadn't heard any of the songs he was making fun of, which was kinda weird.
2003-06-25 4:52:09 AM  
Since when are there two T's in skater?
2003-06-25 4:52:42 AM  
Don't you think you should have heard something before deciding you don't like it?
2003-06-25 4:55:11 AM  
Chrisifa-I thought the same thing when I read that blurb. Oddly though, it makes me want to watch that show...or whatever the hell it was they were talking about! laf!
2003-06-25 4:57:37 AM  
Ugh, what a poser. And what the hell does she have written on her ass? MDMA? Does she even know what that is?

And if she's so punk, why is her hair always in the same perfectly-combed position? And why is she always making the same stupid scrunched-up face during every photo-op? Is that supposed to look badass? Why? So many, many questiosn I ask!
2003-06-25 4:58:32 AM  
RingToll - since when was there an "er" in skat?

2003-06-25 5:08:40 AM  
Chrisifa:- That all makes perfect sense to me

/strangely ashamed to be (kind of) British
2003-06-25 5:24:05 AM  
Akai:stuff like this makes me really glad I haven't listened to the radio regularly since Live105 started to suck dong (putting Stern on was the final blow, plus the music sucked by that point anyways).

Ah, yes. Those were the good old days. Days I didn't mind not having a CD changer in my car.

Bring back Alex Bennett!

I also remember when Carson Daly was the 2-6am flunkie on that station.

F*** Infinity and Clear Channel.
2003-06-25 5:27:17 AM  
April Lane pulled a Britney. I'm so... placated.
2003-06-25 5:29:31 AM  
What's that she has written on her ass? DVDA?
2003-06-25 5:31:04 AM  
FatherG, you aren't missing much. I have Cox in AZ, and so far i have gathered: a)Much Music went insane and renamed itself "fuse" and b)It's exactly like MTV now. Don't get me wrong, Rap and R&B and hiphop are fine, but do we really need it on every channel?? There doesn't seem to be a "rock" music channel anymore, just like we're fast running out of "rock" radio stations. A little variety wouldn't hurt.
2003-06-25 5:32:15 AM  
Did Much Music do this in Canada as well? I know they sent a different feed to the US.
2003-06-25 5:39:28 AM  
Wtg, Avril. Yet another sign of your complete and abject uniqueness, and originality as such a trendsetting mother of invention.

Azz R0x0rz!
2003-06-25 5:40:08 AM  
Ok, ok

SOMEONE please post a picture of that beaver saying "I'd hit it - for Canada!"

I like that pic.

I'd hit it if she paid me enough.
2003-06-25 5:45:46 AM  
She reminds me of one of those old and busted, yet freakishly young looking, anorexic porn models. You know the ones..
2003-06-25 5:47:50 AM  

he was a skater boy, she said cya later boy, he wasn't good enough for her, now he's a superstar, slamming on his guitar.

*smashes equipment like Avril, since both of us can't play most instraments*
2003-06-25 5:52:57 AM  
Talentless no-ass whore.
2003-06-25 5:54:24 AM  
Why does she have to make things so Complicated?
2003-06-25 5:55:54 AM  
The MMVAs are a big deal in Toronto-weeks of hype, and then a good portion of the block around the Much building are shut down for stages, performances, etc. Although I don't really follow their playlist anymore, I like the award show format. It's not yet another hall and stage like every other award show.
2003-06-25 5:56:00 AM  
Ms.Lavigne needs to put down the skateboard & put on a dress.

WTF happened to femininity?
2003-06-25 5:57:28 AM  
Avril Lavigne shows her ass, the sun is there. HA!
2003-06-25 5:58:16 AM  
I'd still rather have my 10-year-old daughter trying to be like Avril as opposed to being like Britney.

Didn't Avril at least write her cr@p?
2003-06-25 6:05:45 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-25 6:06:46 AM  
MuchMusic becoming Fuse:
2003-06-25 6:15:36 AM  
2003-06-25 05:32:15 AM spiralscratch

Did Much Music do this in Canada as well? I know they sent a different feed to the US.

it's called 'dumbing down for the american masses'. everybody up here knows you yanks won't get it at all, so we only send the stuff out third graders can easily comprehend. anything higher than that and it flies right over your heads.
2003-06-25 6:20:50 AM  
Ah! An executive transvestite!
2003-06-25 6:21:54 AM  
I always love it when someone tries to make a point by being insulting.

*looks at photogeek*
2003-06-25 6:30:57 AM  
"anything higher than that and it flies right over your heads."

much like our stealth bombers will, raining down fiery destruction if you keep making unamerican statements like that, buddy. live free or die, you freedom hating syrup slurper

/average american's response
2003-06-25 6:48:11 AM  

Maybe shes just a mormon down on her luck

2003-06-25 6:49:16 AM  
Canadian music sucks.
2003-06-25 6:53:49 AM  

Anyone ever see her without makeup? She's not *bad* looking, I guess I just don't know what all the fuss is about, I see hotter chicks every day walking around than her.
2003-06-25 7:01:38 AM  
I kinda dig Avril's look. And Christina's ... with the black hair. I like the dark and moody attitude look. That's what my wife was all about when we met 12 years ago in high school. She was into Depeche Mode, Netzer Ebb, Front242, NIN,Dead or Alive, Cure, Love and Rockets ... now corporate America has her shopping at Casual Corner. Now THAT sucks.

/just rambling
2003-06-25 7:09:13 AM  
oh boy! another canadian! This will be as exciting as Anne Murray (or the barry manilow of canadian feh-males, Celine Dion)! woo hoo.

/stupid k'nooks
2003-06-25 7:10:27 AM  
Yeah, but has Liz Phair mooned anyone recently?
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