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2001-10-12 10:22:30 AM  
how stupid can you get?
2001-10-12 10:22:38 AM  
For all men everywhere... cool.

Let's all go eat raw meat and shoot things.
2001-10-12 10:24:46 AM  
2001-10-12 10:26:06 AM  
I find all of today's sexist articles to be pretty offensive. And so freakin' stupid.
2001-10-12 10:28:49 AM  
I didn't even get to read about manly men... all the god crap at the beginning made me sick.
2001-10-12 10:30:44 AM  
This article is right on the money. It's not sexist, it's a recognition of a certain kind of man being appreciated again. And it's true. If you're a fire-fighter in New York right now, women are THROWING themselves at you. We all know this. We've all read the article.

I, for one, applaud this article, largely because I've noticed it's true. Women today notice and appreciate "gentlemanly" behaviour, and tend to go more for "masculine" guys. Expressing your feelings with a woman is a great way to get a best friend, but a terrible way to find a mate.

Anyway, school calls. I'm going to go flirt by taking off my shirt, rippling my huge muscles, and moving some debris. Ciao.
2001-10-12 10:30:51 AM  
I am soo manly, I likes my womens manly too....
2001-10-12 10:32:17 AM  
Let that be a lesson to those of you who HIDE behind a computer monitor, and call that work.............
2001-10-12 10:32:20 AM  
Still doesn't change the fact that Drudge is tabloid radio at best. Ugh.
2001-10-12 10:34:41 AM  
Radio? Drudge has a radio site? And this isn't even on Drudge's site, I linked to it off of his site.

Oh, this is my first article submitted.
2001-10-12 10:34:59 AM  
I find the link between macho and homo-eroticism inherently amusing.
2001-10-12 10:35:35 AM  
That was fine.
2001-10-12 10:37:13 AM  
I find it very amusing when people denouce drudge when over 90% of the time he just links to other articles much like fark.

silly liberals
2001-10-12 10:37:59 AM  
Goat, if you see a fireman and think homo-erotic thoughts, it's less likely a link with machismo and more likely that you're gay.
2001-10-12 10:38:43 AM  
Oh, this is so sickening. So scarey. By the way, I farked God last night and she came three times!
2001-10-12 10:41:37 AM  
A real woman will appreciate "gentlemanly" behavior, as my wife did. From the day I met her, I always opened her car door, along with any other door she may run into. She has always appreciated it, and her friends are constantly telling her how jealous they are of her "manly man". Oh, and she's also glad that I don't wear "sissy boy" (her words) clothes, and I don't put gel in my hair.
I shoot guns, drive a truck, spit when I need to (not in the presence of women), stand when a woman enters a room, treat women with the utmost respect, say "Yes Ma'am", and open doors for them. That's what being a Gentleman is all about. I do it not because it's manly, but because it's the right thing to do.
2001-10-12 10:43:18 AM  
I want to go eat grunt, sweat and eat some potted beef products...
2001-10-12 10:43:48 AM  
Holy crap that article was long. So i'll do what everyone else does and read the comments and base my opinion on them (Dont say you've never do that.)

Bah this woman is on crack. She is so sexist. And Drudge is such a BS website/radio/etc.
2001-10-12 10:44:07 AM  
or maybe not eat grunt, just grunt, unless grunt is some form of potted beef product
2001-10-12 10:46:10 AM  
Bejamin: It's not the thinking of homo-erotic thoughts I'm talking about, it's the fact that the image of "Real Men" is often used in a homo-erotic manner, eg WWF, Wham!, Village People etc.

Especially WWF - I like watching the fans trying to be all cool and hard, completely oblivious of how camp the whole thing is. It's even better when they start slagging off "fags"
2001-10-12 10:46:45 AM  
Is this man now the King of Style ?
[image from movies.go.com too old to be available]
2001-10-12 10:48:36 AM  

If your wife keeps runnig into doors, you might want to take her to get her depth perception checked, she could be a serious hazard on the road...
2001-10-12 10:50:26 AM  
Ms. Noonan is a raving psychopath... with statements like "Good vs. Evil" and "God is Back" and trying to draw conclusive evidence from the devil-face and the cross... I want to send her the complete "God-man" series by Ruben Bolling.
2001-10-12 10:52:28 AM  
damnit, link
<img src="http://www.salon.com/comics/boll/2001/10/11/boll/story.gif"
2001-10-12 10:52:50 AM  
How glorious to see you feminists and wussy boys all get your collective panties into a big vagina-flavored bundle because an article dared sing the virtues of tough men!

2001-10-12 10:53:13 AM  
I am a fool, someone delete this crap please
2001-10-12 10:54:33 AM  
doesn't that just make your testicles swell with pride?
2001-10-12 10:55:06 AM  
This article's author must have been on drugs! I've seen better written articles by high-school kids.
2001-10-12 10:55:14 AM  
I agree with LUPA. "Raving psychopath" is a bit strong, but what can you say about a mother who tells her children that there was a devil's face in the smoke of the rubble? Sheesh, whatever happened to looking for duckies and sailboats in the clouds? This woman scares me.
2001-10-12 10:55:16 AM  
sissy boys can open doors and stuff too.. why does a man have to be all rough and gruff to be polite?
2001-10-12 10:57:01 AM  
"feminists and wussy boys all get your collective panties into a big vagina-flavored bundle..." Ohh yum, sounds like a party to me.
2001-10-12 10:58:08 AM  
Manly men are back in style? Ok somebody tell me when short skinny men had all the women going nuts, because I missed out!
2001-10-12 10:58:14 AM  
And you say FEMINIST like it's a bad word! The whole thing behind being a feminist is that you want women to be equal to men. Yes, I know there are differences between men and women but there are some places that women should be equal. Like getting equal pay for equal work.
2001-10-12 11:01:24 AM  
I must say, I think that that is also one of the most pretentious articles I've read on Fark. Business classes gaining respect for the working classes for fvcks' sake...
2001-10-12 11:01:48 AM  
She maybe slightly "Special" But don't you think she kinda has a point? I mean it is true the guys that are fighting for and protecting our country are the blue collar type of guys. Men whose hands have seen Manual labor and like it. We need more people like this in our country not a bunch of pansy ass lawyers who are useless for anything but suing the enemy. Fark Lawyers, White Collar Pansies and Chicken shiat assholes who won't lift a finger to help.
2001-10-12 11:03:03 AM  
Fuzzy-- LOL!
Thirdrail-- you have a point there...
Vilainefemme-- don't go getting your panties in a bunch! ;) :p
2001-10-12 11:05:32 AM  
FishBulb watches as this thread tears down in flames with all the 'liberal' name calling and 'feminist' rhetoric spewing. JOY!
2001-10-12 11:06:36 AM  
I embarrassed a nice man who was attempting to help a lady. I wasn't lady enough to let him. I bet he never offered to help a lady again. I bet he became an intellectual, or a writer, and not a good man like a fireman or a businessman who says, "Let's roll."

As much as I appreciate the gist of the message she's trying to convey, I'll have to agree with LUPA: This woman is quite clearly insane.

So men, if you're ever hanging out and some shark tries to munch on your woman, be sure to kick its ass.

And a m00se 0nce bit my sister...
2001-10-12 11:08:51 AM  
This broad's on the heavy juice. Nice to see the intellientsia get their faces slapped by reality, and awaken to what everybody else already knows. Still, she disparages 'them' as grunts. So now they're good enough to eat, huh? What a hypocrite.

Having said that, I wanna go and smake a Marlboro while I take my mighty steed out and ride the fence line.

Who says you can't be an educated, highly paid professional, and simultaneously laugh at GQ and get sweaty and muddy and grunt?

These people need to get out of the ivory tower more often.
2001-10-12 11:08:56 AM  
List of guys who are 'Manly men':
Soldiers & Marines
(Grudgingly - heh heh): Sailors, Airmen, & Coasties
Construction Workers
Truck Drivers
Professional Sports (not the thugs who get arrested every other week, but the ones who do their job and quietly support charities, do community service, etc) Athletes
and catch-all:
guys who are "quiet heroes" who go to work every day, (help) provide for their families, (help) with child-rearing, housework, etc., are polite to ladies, children & the elderly and never expect any special recognition for it because that's the way things should be.
[the reason for "(help)" is because women work, too, and men should not expect women to do all the household stuff -
This is as close to PC as you will ever see me get.]
31 yr old atheist reserve forces soldier....
2001-10-12 11:09:34 AM  
I think real men know it and consequently don't feel the need to bolster their insecurities or massage their egos.

But I also think she's right. Time to get naked and punch something.
2001-10-12 11:10:13 AM  
She completely has a point. hasn't anyone heard the stories about firefighters being the easiest lay in NYC now?

as for the religious crap, she was pointing out that reliogious people were seeing the symbolism in those things - as they are wont to do. No biggie.

Geez, people. i like arguing as much as rhe next medium-sized city of guys does, but really.....
2001-10-12 11:12:44 AM  
I'm really glad that her kids are growin up sane, because she certainly isn't. And what's wrong with intellectuals? They're the ones that made the materials that keep the "Good Men" from killing themselves when they run into a fire to save people. They are also the people who invented the firetruck.

If the entire world was made of "Good Men" we would still be running around in manly loinclothes killing animals.
2001-10-12 11:17:39 AM  
The "manly man" has never gone out of style in the world, as far as I know.

Otherwise I'd not be getting laid.
2001-10-12 11:18:20 AM  
How do you know I'm even wearing any? :)

Sorry for ranting, I'm in a crabby mood. I don't have the patience to clean off old computers without using the mouse.
2001-10-12 11:20:59 AM  
Yeah, but it's even more in style now than it was.

'Manly men' aren't just in style at the moment, they're uber-men!
2001-10-12 11:22:11 AM  
Vilainefemme-- :o

2001-10-12 11:22:46 AM  
Good point Statusquo- and while we're at it, let's remember, boys or girls-- we're all hunched over a computer somewhere, typing away--real tough. The ppl here that really want to be 'manly men' can go off pounding their chests into the woods for all I care. In fact, I really wish they would. There are all types of 'real men' and like someone said above, they don't nead to be reminded all the time. They do their thing, and don't sit around biatching about how they are the victims of feminism and shiat.
2001-10-12 11:22:57 AM  
"So the shark let go of his wife and went straight for him. And it killed him. The wife survived to tell the story of what her husband had done. He had tried to deck the shark. I told my friends: That's what a wonderful man is, a man who will try to deck the shark."

Remember, a gentleman always sacrifices his life for a lady.
Anyone else notice that her sources were tabloids?
2001-10-12 11:24:47 AM  
Drudge *IS* a tabloid.
2001-10-12 11:27:38 AM  
Her point is on, but she writes like a kid in junior high school.
2001-10-12 11:31:17 AM  
Perhaps I won't have to be so ashamed of my hairy back!! Woohoo!
2001-10-12 11:43:24 AM  
To elaborate Thirdrail's point, manly men have never gone out of style. In fact, there's no such thing as "in style" when it comes to finding a significant other. You date whoever you want, and that's what's "in style". And if you're the kind of person who needs to sleep with the person that everyone else sleeps with -- in other words, if you're the kind of person who has to rely on other people's opinions to figure out who you're really attracted to, stay the fark away from me!

If Ms. Noonan likes burly men, fine. But trying to pass off personalities and occupations as fads is a very stupid idea.
2001-10-12 11:48:20 AM  
Religious nut jobs make me ill.
2001-10-12 11:51:24 AM  
The comments posted here really show how weak, ignorant, and pathetic this audience is.
However, many of you are still very funny.
I guess this is like the "Woody Allen" crowd that the article mentions.
2001-10-12 11:53:22 AM  
}{owie, thanks for elaborating, I agree 100%.
2001-10-12 11:55:11 AM  
I bet he never offered to help a lady again. I bet he became an intellectual, or a writer, and not a good man like a fireman or a businessman who says, "Let's roll."

So intellectual, writer equal unhelpful, bad men? Nothing like the good firemen who are manly and burly.

Though manly men have always been attractive, give me a nice intellectual man who is kind any day of the week. Oh wait... I already married him!

Ms. Noonan is obviously a boob. She confuses women's desire for autnomy as biatchy man-bashing. While I am quite independant, I have no problem with a man who hold the door for me, and often I rreturn the favor.
2001-10-12 11:56:56 AM  
In other news,

Women with nice asses and boobies are back in style.
2001-10-12 12:00:35 PM  
YIKES...Wham! and The Village People are the image of "Real Men"...ffs Might as well just hop on the mantrain to fudgetown.
2001-10-12 12:02:56 PM  
Right on Brittler.

LOL Thirdrail.
2001-10-12 12:06:33 PM  
What I think she is sort of trying to say in the article is not that people are becomming more attracted to the manly men...but that the blue collard workers are finally betting appreciated for all the work that they do, instead of people looking down on them as being dumb.
2001-10-12 12:08:46 PM  
being a burly, traditional, flannel-shirt/t-shirt, jeans wearing kind of guy, I certainly hope that my type comes back in style

because then maybe the burly manly men that I find attractive will find me attractive as well, instead of the nelly queens and gym-and-circuit-party bunnies they usually go for

whoo hoo

(and I don't mean the village people caricatures of real men, I mean real men)
2001-10-12 12:11:54 PM  
Zoharf, you wife truely is a lucky lady. Thank you for being such a gentleman in our world of "equal rights."

Redbull, he always has been! For some strange reason (because he's no hottie) Paul Hogan is still dreamy to women...and it's because he's a gentleman...not because he thinks about it, but because he is. There's no specific reason to open a door for a woman, you just do it.

Vilainefemme, what does "equal pay for equal work" have to do with opening doors for and offering a chair to a lady? "Feminism" has been twisted into "Women Power" by some extremist women who have turned the majority of the world against the cause.

As for my own opinion of the article, I don't believe that she intended to equate "manly men" with grunting and spitting and beating up animals. I believe that she meant men of action. Gentlemen (a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior; MW) are men who don't put their own purposes before those of women, children, and the elderly. A Gentleman is polite; spitting is not polite, grunting is only polite when you're doing physical work, beating up animals is only polite when you're defending someone.

my ¢ 2
2001-10-12 12:13:47 PM  
Alterian, thank you...excellently put!
2001-10-12 12:14:03 PM  

Anthrax case confirmed in New York. NBC employee tested positive.
2001-10-12 12:17:57 PM  
Who posted that? "Neato opinion piece"--Neato??? "I miss John freakin' Wayne"???? That lush-head Bircher? Mercy!
2001-10-12 12:20:06 PM  
Well put Alterian...a shame she used all those poorly chosen words and phrases to say something that could have been said in a paragraph or two. Where's Mike Royko when you need him?
2001-10-12 12:20:58 PM  
I'm a lumberjack, is that OK?
2001-10-12 12:22:51 PM  
It depends - do you wear suspenders and a bra?
2001-10-12 12:23:22 PM  
i dont think it was very proper to force her personal sexual fantasy in the column...
2001-10-12 12:24:05 PM  
Oh yeah...what I really meant to say: So basically what she's trying to prove is that all the liberals from the 70s have become conservative 'hawks' and all the feminists have become Donna Reed (or whoever had that 'stereotypical 50s mom' show named after her...you farkers know...way before my time).
2001-10-12 12:25:30 PM  
She almost made a good point a few times, but the incessant "good vs. evil" and "satan in the smoke" crap...


And uhmmm... she thinks an intellectual man is not a "tough" man, huh?

I would love to see her "man" kick ass on THIS "intellectual" male.

It is quite obvious that this woman is psycholgically
damaged goods.
2001-10-12 12:32:05 PM  
He's a lumberjack, he's ok..
Sleeps all night and he works all day..
Chops down trees, he eats his lunch..
Wears Panties and a bra....

(Monty Python rules...heh heh)
2001-10-12 12:36:29 PM  
I try to do my duty.
And for the record. I am a chick and I love a chivalrous ((I can't spell..)) man. And no I'm not going to be a 50's housewife and get married and breed. I'm going to college to be an Engineer! Going to a school when sometimes I'm the only girl in all my classes and they end up treating you like one of the guys, its refreshing to come across a nice guy who can treat a lady nice.

I think its a matter of vices and extremes. Its bad to be horribly manly and try to rule over females and be dominant in all aspects...but its not also good to become homogenous and act like men and women are the same. Theres beauty in diversity. Its not a matter of men doing manly things and belitting a female...women do things for men too... its a partnership, not a contest.
2001-10-12 12:41:19 PM  
Since when did manly men go away. But my real beef with this article is all the Christian mysticism shiat at the beginning. If you are looney enough to believe that there are deep, supernatural, religious events surrounding all this, then there is a place waiting for you at the table of Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban.

Cause you are just the kind they are looking for.
2001-10-12 12:42:33 PM  
That's a good point Alterian. And it is also what most feminists believe, despite what Rush Limbaugh and a few clowns round here would say (women want to be men, etc. blah blah blah). My partner is my best friend. We take care of eachother. Whoever gets to the door first, holds it for the other. We love and respect eachother and it works.
Don't need to be some sterotype to be happy and have a good life. I feel bad for those that do.
2001-10-12 12:43:56 PM  
'Ms. Noonan is a contributing editor of The Wall Street Journal. Her new book, "When Character Was King: A Story of Ronald Reagan," will be published by Viking Penguin this fall. Her column appears Fridays.'

All I have to say is that her book upholds Ronald Reagan as a paragon of character...who's next? Tricky Dick Nixon? Hacksaw Jim Dugan?
2001-10-12 12:45:09 PM  
My sweetheart and I play fight to get the door for eachother. I've been told we're sickenly cute ^_^ whatever makes you happy as long as you don't try to force your ideas on people that aren't causing others harm...
2001-10-12 12:49:33 PM  
I almost couldn't get past the 'good vs. evil' 'god is on our side' and 'the devil's face was in the smoke' inanity. Insanity? Whatever.

Then I did and I'm half laughing, half pissed. Intellectuals killed John Wayne? Well good.

What I want to know is why didn't she care or notice that firefighters, EMTs, and police officers put their lives on the line and indeed DIE in the line of duty every day before this happened? Now its 'oooo, how manly?'. Fark you.
2001-10-12 12:51:45 PM  
Cowboy: her point is questionable at best..... But Thanks! Someone at least agrees with me in reagrds to her poor writing skills! :-)
2001-10-12 12:54:52 PM  
Alterian: As a 'geer, yoo dont needs to know how to spel! (That's what the tech writers are for).
2001-10-12 01:00:08 PM  
I have a boy bring me my pipe and slippers, and regularly beat him. This arouses me. I also beat my wife if she speaks out of turn, and I expect men to bow before they speak to me. What am I?
2001-10-12 01:01:01 PM  
yeah yeah I know...and I'm finding out that my bizzare handwriting doesn't matter either!

Its just funny to me how I could figure out how to turn a word into ASCII and then into binary and display it using my fingers faster than I could to try to figure out to correct spelling of something ^_^
2001-10-12 01:01:11 PM  
Give me some butter and salt for this corn.

2001-10-12 01:02:55 PM  
Goatman: I have a boy bring me my pipe and slippers, and regularly beat him. This arouses me. I also beat my wife if she speaks out of turn, and I expect men to bow before they speak to me. What am I?

A Troll
2001-10-12 01:04:42 PM  
2001-10-12 01:16:49 PM  
Who labelled this "COOL". Its totally lame.
2001-10-12 01:23:19 PM  
I like how the article implies that all the non "manly" men have proven to be absolutely useless in the wake of the disaster. My guess is that there are just as many thick necks sitting on their butts doing nothing about it as there are dweebs. On a side note, being of the skinny wimp variety myself, I can assure you that meat heads have always been on top and always will be. Just because certain women are now more inclined to breed with more athletic males means nothing.
2001-10-12 01:26:45 PM  
less-good men become the kind of men who are spoofed on "The Man Show"--babe-watching, dope-smoking nihilists. (Nihilism is not manly, it is the last refuge of sissies.)

Uhh ... Does she really think that "The Man Show" is spoofing men? The people who watch the show generally like girls jumping on trampolines, beer, etc. I guess that is not manly enough for the author. BTW John Wayne smoked pot does that make him a 'manly sissy'?

Later, I am off to work on becoming some kind of sterotypical man that she can approve of.......
2001-10-12 01:36:59 PM  
This lady actually believes in that face-of-evil-in-the-smoke crap? Damn, how retarded! And doesn't she realize that any building is made out of thousands of crosses (except maybe igloos) and it's just coincidence? Boy some (most) Christians sure are stupid!
2001-10-12 02:03:22 PM  
Oooh look! A new trend I just farking invented!

Shut your ass, sister.
2001-10-12 02:27:35 PM  
"Shut your ass" ?!?!?!


Thanks Gidget.

Hey wanna go surfin with me?
2001-10-12 02:48:12 PM  
OcterDoctopus: lol - well, she's surely not speaking from the upper part of her body near her BRAIN.
2001-10-12 02:54:41 PM  
Peggy Noonan is a lousy writer? She writes like a junior high school student? What the FARK?

I'm not a fan of Ms. Noonan. Really, I'm not. But I hold a degree in Rhetoric and am a trained speechwriter. Peggy Noonan holds a degree in English, I believe, but she's one of the finest speechwriters that any American President has ever had. Period. (She was one of Ronald Reagan's speechwriters for a couple years, and she was also the Head speechwriter for the senior George Bush during his presidential campaign.)

Her style may sound simplistic to some, but it is a style without peer when it comes to appealing to a mass audience. I don't like her, but I admire her skills.
2001-10-12 03:23:08 PM  
Yes, she wrote all of Reagan's speeches. And we all know how probingly intellectual they were.
2001-10-12 03:28:05 PM  
I read the first paragraph and couldn't read any more. I had to listen to 'Lords of Acid - Pussy' to recover.

'I wanna see your pussy, show it to me!'
2001-10-12 03:41:27 PM  
Arse Nice! Almost as good as

U.K. Skullfark.

...damn filters...
2001-10-12 03:43:51 PM  
We got the biggest balls of them all.
2001-10-12 03:50:22 PM  
Please excuse me while I vomit.

There, that's better.

Matchstick: Really? A m00se?
2001-10-12 04:00:20 PM  
1. "If you're a woman and you go to a faculty meeting at an Ivy League University you'll have to fight with a male intellectual for a chair, but I assure you that if you go to a Knights of Columbus Hall, the men inside (cops, firemen, insurance agents) will rise to offer you a seat."

2. I was there in America, as a child, when John Wayne was a hero, and a symbol of American manliness. He was strong, and silent.

And I was there in America when they killed John Wayne by a thousand cuts. A lot of people killed him--not only feminists but peaceniks, leftists, intellectuals, others.

I love this woman--I love her carefree, American way of saying "C'mon everybody! Let's get off the snooty Park Ave. burgeois wagon, and pick up something metal or dirty! On second thought, let's stay back here cheering you (and I mean this in the nicest way) "grunts" on! Bravo! Encore! Je t'aime, Je t'aime!"

God Bless Amerika, and our Chickens who have come home to roost...
2001-10-12 04:14:12 PM  
I agree with Croc... Anyone who could make Reagan sound like he was awake, and Bush Sr. sound like anything less than a raving loonie has to be given a great heapin' spoonfull of respect.

Oh, yah, Croc, you misspelled "Skilz".
2001-10-12 04:29:07 PM  
Seriously - this is just a horny woman fantasizing about some big, strappin' firefighter giving it to her good.

Not that that's a bad thing, but trying to intellectualize it and turn it into some sort of U.S. trend is gross.

Write a damn reader fiction story for Cosmo.
2001-10-12 04:34:45 PM  
Firemen and construction workers (and cops, to some) have always been attractive/sexy. Think about the costumes male strippers wear.

As for her comments about the dope-smoking "Man Show" image...um... the guys on the Man Show drink beer. They at most vaguely reference pot. So I don't know what the hell she's talking about...I think she just wanted to take an easy jab at stoner boys.
2001-10-12 04:37:20 PM  
I read a column once that concluded: The only thing women dislike more than a man who never asks for directions is a man who is always asking for directions.
2001-10-12 05:00:28 PM  
Sounds like a bunch of unmanley men got offended!
2001-10-12 05:10:34 PM  
Well that was farkin' stupid. a piece of my life that i'll never get back.
2001-10-12 05:45:51 PM  
Candy You must have missed the episode where Kimmel got stoned with Snoop Dogg!
2001-10-12 05:51:51 PM  
"And you say FEMINIST like it's a bad word! The whole thing behind being a feminist is that you want women to be equal to men. Yes, I know there are differences between men and women but there are some places that women should be equal. Like getting equal pay for equal work."

Vilainefemme - I agree completely, just head on down and sign up for selective service at 18 and I will be behind you 100%. If not then the 10% xtra I get is for a VERY GOOD reason. I say this as a vet of 4 years in the almost 8-5 US Air Force.

GrenWulf....Well said !!!!
2001-10-12 06:26:00 PM  
Peggy Noonan touched a nerve -- and listen to all the idiots wail!
2001-10-12 06:48:00 PM  
Marion Morrison, a.k.a. John Wayne, never served in the military and seems to have never held an adult job other than movie actor. He wasn't a hero, he just played them in the movies.
2001-10-12 07:11:21 PM  
Back hair is one of the last bastions of manliness. That and a short neck with bulging trapezoids.
2001-10-12 07:58:15 PM  
what i thought this article was going to be about was all the "it's okay to be a guy again" beer and radio commercials happening these days. applauding fictional guy's guys who, contrary to their ingrained attitudes, stoop down and pick up a sock from the floor and put it in the laundry basket. hooray! you saved the world! anyone from southern ontario can relate, it's from a commercial for mojo radio, "talk radio for guys". being a stereotypical slug of a male seems to be in fashion again. it's driving me mad.
2001-10-12 09:13:15 PM  
Thank you, Jay-zuuuuus!
2001-10-12 10:30:20 PM  
Damn, this thread smells of male insecurity... Kinda smells like when you don't have a male cat fixed, and he goes and sprays your bed to let you know who's boss. Yah, like that.

And before you ask, my bed smells of stale bourbon.
2001-10-12 11:01:13 PM  

John Wayne was gay!

2001-10-12 11:32:01 PM  
No no no, Fusillade.
The line is:

"John Wayne's a fag."

From Repo Man
2001-10-13 01:58:58 AM  
Why draw a dividing line between being manly and being intelligent? It's obviously a false distinction -- it's possible to be both. Also incredibly sexy to be both.

On the tangential point about feminism, a lot of women who call themselves feminists bother me; somehow their definition of what "equality" means seems to be a bit off. Not to mention that, in my opinion, we ought to be treated better than men anyway. Why settle for mere equality? Men were treated better for thousands of years; we should get a turn on top now (yes, I did use that phrase deliberately).
2001-10-13 02:00:14 AM  
Dammit. Stupid mistake.
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