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6041 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jun 2003 at 12:01 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-22 07:39:18 PM  
Most pretentious and uncritical article ever. I mean, a dog's-eye-view video sounds interesting and all but Jana Sterbak, Canada's representative at this Biennale, confronts the viewer with a sense of pain and the floating fear that occurs when the familiar and the unknown come together.? Come on. It's a jerky video; anyone who's had the misfortune of seeing the Blair Witch Project has seen it all before.

Could have been worse though; at least it wasn't the "Flesh Dress."
2003-06-22 08:59:08 PM  
I heard some audience members became nauseous from the jerky camera during the leg humping scenes.
2003-06-22 11:28:14 PM  
Those leg humping scenes were hot!

2003-06-22 11:38:13 PM  
those are the coolest dogs! I always said they were probably smarter than me.
2003-06-22 11:55:15 PM  
So big friggin deal.. Alanis Morisette made a video?
2003-06-23 12:05:24 AM  
Red rocket! Red rocket!
2003-06-23 12:07:34 AM  
...this is art?
2003-06-23 12:07:41 AM  
If Lemieux's work might be described as containing residual despair at the human condition, Stanley's perspective has an immediacy that veers, on one occasion, into an outdoor theatre of cruelty.

Yah, the Pens have no chance at the cup next year.
2003-06-23 12:08:01 AM  
I hate Jack Russel Terriers. They just don't shut up. I've got one that lives across from me. It just runs, and barks, except it doesn't just bark, it's this insane high yapping, and chases its tail, and bites its tail, and realizes that hurts, and then continues chasing its tail. I want to punt the thing field goal-style.
2003-06-23 12:08:15 AM  
Aren't all the films out of Canada made by dogs?
2003-06-23 12:10:15 AM  
Awww looks like my puppy i have at home.. i lub him...
Very interesting, that can just strap it to him/her and then the doggy goes, that'd be a good investment for people whose dogs get lost alot... a lil videocamera attached to their back, showing their exact location, anyone agree? or am i alone in this? hehe jk
offtopic i know, sorries
And ricardo: Jack Russel Terriers are very smart dogs... if thats the dog thats shown in the pic on the page that is.. mine's very intelligent i'd have to say...\
2003-06-23 12:12:28 AM  
Can't be any worse then Attack of The Clones. Especially when the dog goes and swallows the Jar-Jar action figure. That's just GENIUS !
2003-06-23 12:13:38 AM  
Arf, eh?
2003-06-23 12:14:44 AM  
This is where a Canada tag would come in handy.
2003-06-23 12:15:34 AM  
woofety-woof woof.
2003-06-23 12:15:59 AM  
Arnold Swartzenegger stars in "The Poopinator"
2003-06-23 12:16:57 AM  
You guys think that if I fling poop on a canvas in random areas that it would be called art?
2003-06-23 12:18:40 AM  
You guys think that if I fling poop on a canvas in random areas that it would be called art?

Been done, and that person suckceeded.
2003-06-23 12:19:28 AM  
Instead of "Ricardo" there, i was actually referring to Bugdog... oooppsies:)
Its the nails haha, just got em done... hard as hell to type with nails sometimes damn!
2003-06-23 12:19:40 AM  
Letterman's Monkey Cam is so much more interesting.
2003-06-23 12:19:59 AM  
There a little Jack Russell Terrier in Mianus.
/Johnny Knoxville
2003-06-23 12:20:09 AM  
I'll be more impressed when they tap into the dog's visual cortex to relay exactly what he sees. Double bonus points if you can also probe into the pleasure and pain centers to make the dog steerable. I'd like to control the mutt with a joystick.
2003-06-23 12:20:25 AM  
Jogey: I call it art when I do it. If, by "random areas" you mean the livingroom. And instead of "canvas" you mean "leather sofa"
2003-06-23 12:21:13 AM  
Jogey - Anything can be called art nowadays. Put an outrageous price tag on it and some pretentious asshole will just have to have it.
2003-06-23 12:21:56 AM  
Hmm...what about if we bomb a country and take pictures of the craters? I swear, this world is getting weirder and thing ya know e. coli patterns on a person's body will become art...
2003-06-23 12:23:19 AM  
Tisk tisk... cvmike, you must be all the talk at the old folks home =P
2003-06-23 12:23:20 AM  
Canada has video now? I'll be durned
2003-06-23 12:25:14 AM  
Young_Fart, continuing the work of the remote controlled rat?

Knowing that someone has actually done something like this is creepy.
2003-06-23 12:25:31 AM  
I remember going to a big Canadian art museum in Ottawa about 10 years ago. Among the exhibits was a big black and white spiral, a hanging toilet bowl, a bunch of different colored paints thrown at some glass, and a black cube (which it said they paid 2 million canadian dollars for).
"Canadian Art" has been an oxymoron to me ever since.
2003-06-23 12:28:19 AM  
Was this a dogumentary?

c'mon people, are you asleep?
2003-06-23 12:28:50 AM  
You gotta love that "Art Speak". I swear, every artist/student/critic who starts talking about art sounds like they come from the same BS factory. It really doesn't matter what sort of crap you call art, it's all about selling it with cliches that say nothing.
jbc [TotalFark]
2003-06-23 12:36:21 AM  
I bet the DVD with the director's commentary is really gonna suck.
2003-06-23 12:43:23 AM  
Jbc - ha ha good call!

It would be like - woofity woof woof - ruff ruff woofity woofity woot woot!
2003-06-23 12:50:30 AM  
Article.... so boring..... and pretentious.......

/passes out on floor
2003-06-23 12:51:26 AM  
Albinoman, yeah, it's a little creepy, but it is just a rat. Nonethical human use aside, doing more of it will probably lead to more useful medical treatments for people, like maybe a cure for Parkinson's disease, or a spinal cord patch cable for paralysis victims. A bioport to interact with a computer might be cool, too. If you could store a gig of data in your head, what would you put there?
2003-06-23 12:55:40 AM  
wow, we could see the matrix without standing in line!!
2003-06-23 01:06:26 AM  
Hey, hot donuts now!

[image from too old to be available] Get her while you can boys. She even goes for short guys.
2003-06-23 01:42:58 AM  
Jana Sterbak, Canada's representative at this Biennale, confronts the viewer with a sense of pain and the floating fear that occurs when the familiar and the unknown come together.

Translation: It stinks, therefore it must be profound.
2003-06-23 01:46:09 AM  
great, except they stole the idea from "Music(al?) Jamboree", by John Saffron(?) in which a film clip was made by a camera on (amazingly) the same breed of dog and entered in a national music video program to satirise video film clip values. ffft.
2003-06-23 02:01:14 AM  
Woof woof, eh? Another reason to keep them from having an army.
2003-06-23 02:07:47 AM  
"Confronts the viewer," my ass. She strapped a camera to her dog and let the critics come up with a reason why it should be considered profound-- and sure enough, they came through. I hope the artist is secretly laughing her ass off rather than believing her own press.
2003-06-23 02:14:35 AM  
I think art should stand on its own. If the "artist" has to explain to you beforehand what its purpose/intent/message is, then it obviously has no merit.
2003-06-23 02:14:54 AM  
Methinks this film will be better than 99% of what is being put out by Hollywood.

What I really want to know is, does the dog drink molson or labatt?
2003-06-23 02:31:20 AM  
Actually Magik_Smoke, Canadians drink American beer. They laugh at all of us idiots who drink their pisswater and call it good because its Canadian. I'm not saying american beer is good by any means, but it sure as hell is better than anything they make. :)
2003-06-23 02:50:20 AM  
Hey, once that dog had a belly full of 'meat dress', it had to do something to earn its keep.
2003-06-23 03:31:04 AM  
Actually Magik_Smoke, Canadians drink American beer.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that doesn't care for it. Of course, I don't care for most of the major-label American beer either, although Sam Adams is pretty good. The best beers of course come from Ireland. Britain's Bass is nice, too.

Also, I've heard that Corona is considered a peasant's beer in Mexico, and I can understand why, it really sucks. Try a Dos Equis instead.
2003-06-23 03:46:08 AM  

She ripped off Johnny Safran. He shot a music video using a camera strapped to a Jack Russell's back ages ago.

That's SOOO 2001, dahlink.

[/wet blanket]
2003-06-23 03:52:20 AM  
Guys, you're not going to believe this, but she totally ripped off this man named Johnny Safran.
2003-06-23 04:49:06 AM  
For the record, Candians, for the most part, do NOT drink American beer.
They do occasionally drink swill like Budweiser, but even that beer is brewed in Canada and tastes a little better than Budweiser made in the states.
Accordingly, Canadian labels such as Labatts and Molson that are sold in the states are also made in the states, and so taste pretty much like any other American beer.
I guess the delicate American constitution can't handle the stronger stuff Canadians drink.
It's just a fact - American beer is weak and pissy, and Canadian beer ain't the best in the world, but it's much better than American.
Sam Adams is the only American beer I've ever had that didn't make me want to change my next order to a glass of scotch.
2003-06-23 08:40:14 AM  
I'd rather see something you all came up with. Really. Then we could have a caption contest. Guaranteed to make anything in Art News look old and busted.

I would have submitted the video of the Star Wars Kid redux. He's a Canadian. Then we could have an overly involved dialogue about the helplessness of reality.
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