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(TDN)   Ultimate Frisbee competition draws 500 competitors, not a single one could find a date   ( divider line
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5308 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jun 2003 at 11:42 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-06-22 7:03:50 PM  
The team's rigorous 40-hour a week training regimen of running on a track and practicing three times a week is the key to Riot's success, Cussen said.

Wtf? All they do is throw a damn frisbee.
2003-06-22 7:48:30 PM  
An ultimate frisbee.
2003-06-22 8:33:16 PM  
Now I believe that they actually call it a 'disc' and are quite protective of that.
But I do remember my days of rugby and training for it back at shcool when we all laughed at the ultimate team. OH those were the days. EVERYDAY after school, while we practiced they even tried to take our field. Not a chance that was gonna appen.. A few stray rugby passes later...
/apologies to anyone that was on that team ( :P )
2003-06-22 8:48:00 PM  
I believe that at the end of every game you're supposed to sing a cheer for the opposing team. Sounds like the athletic equivalent of a "Let's be friends" hug.
2003-06-22 8:50:05 PM  
Did they hold it in the parking lot of the convention center where the Star Trek Convention was going on?
2003-06-22 9:34:37 PM  
Do they cry when it lands on a roof?
2003-06-22 9:59:44 PM  
2003-06-22 11:15:31 PM  
Do they cry when it lands on a roof?

Yeah, I've seen them freak when that happens.

To their credit, several of my best friends used to play this rather often (I never really dug it) and they all did pretty well as far as dating was concerned.
2003-06-22 11:27:28 PM  
Most people who play ultimate are actually former or current soccer players (both games are similar in that they require tons of sprinting). Soccer players as a whole have rarely had a hard time getting the ladies. The hippies play ultimate casually, but in a serious game they can't really compete - not when the guy they're guarding does full speed sprints for the whole game.
And people refrain from calling it 'frisbee' because Whammo owns the copyright on that word and loves to sue tournament organizers over using it. So it's not us being anal about it :-)
2003-06-22 11:29:41 PM  
I also don't think 500 people is a big crowd. That's about average for college tournaments. But hey, it's fun to make fun of stuff that's different.
2003-06-22 11:48:13 PM  
2003-06-22 11:49:08 PM  
Ultimate Frisbee, huh? That's a pussy game compared to Extreme Nerf, biatches!
2003-06-22 11:49:44 PM  
Ultimate frisbee/discs ?


Okay, possibly the one time when it would look like more fun to watch a soccer game. Hell, even NASCAR beats this out.

Then again, being a computer guru ain't exactly getting me laid all the time....
**considers taking up ultimate frisbee***

2003-06-22 11:51:57 PM  
Feh...I got a blue ribbon on Field Day in the 6th grade for frisbee throwing.... can go back to sleep now....
2003-06-22 11:52:06 PM  
one of the coolest things about ultimate (atleast at the level I play at) is that it's co-ed. Most girls I've met playing Ultimate are very hot!

so I don't get this bit about not finding a date... obviously somoene's playing for the wrong teams.
2003-06-22 11:52:28 PM  
Hey cscx - I appreciate the thought behind your link, but it tried to give me Gator. Clean links are much more welcome.
2003-06-22 11:54:16 PM  
We all know disc golf is much better. ;)
2003-06-22 11:56:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-22 11:56:55 PM  
Uh, whoever wrote that headline doesn't seem to be aware that most ultimate games are coed. Athletic hippy chicks are yummy.
2003-06-22 11:58:53 PM  

Oh you mean ultimate golf? Yah I remember that, thats when you drive your golf ball as hard as you can in a miniture golf course. Extra points if you score on a different hole.
2003-06-22 11:59:02 PM  
sounds like a good sport to me

next critic, pipe up with what sport you can play
2003-06-23 12:01:07 AM  
2003-06-23 12:03:45 AM  
2003-06-22 11:59:02 PM bmihura

I'm pretty good at channel surfing. :-P
2003-06-23 12:38:25 AM  
It is definitely a sport but there's way too much running for me. I run from things, not towards.

/loathsome smoker

2003-06-23 12:39:45 AM  
alright, not to be a dick, but probably nobody who has commented on this page could run for even a half with the people that were out there playing disc. The guys out there are serious athletes who, as has been pointed out, train an incredible amount.

In my personal, not-so-humble, very biased opinion, ultimate frisbee is also very entertaining to watch. If anyone wants to know more about it, check out Ultimate Handbook for more information.
2003-06-23 12:40:52 AM  
I played on a college team for a year. It's not a chump sport by any means, and people get very serious about it. It is a lot of ex-soccer players, and people who are good at it are in very good shape. Throwing a disc well is very different from chucking that brick that is a football. It's also a ton of running. I'm not sure where this joke about not getting any came from, because I've never heard that as a stereotype for the sport. Now, hippie pot smokers, skirts, and whatnot, now that would be an appropriate joke.
2003-06-23 12:41:33 AM  
Ditto on ultimate handbook. I actually learned a few things from that site, and our captain always told us to go there.
2003-06-23 12:42:11 AM  
It's a fun time, and takes a lot more skill, strategy, and energy than you might think.

But that won't stop anybody from being afraid of new things.
2003-06-23 12:43:02 AM  
And with a completely off-topic post, SherKhan not only referes to himself in the turd person but he also pipes up about a musical group (The Sons Of The Never Wrong) who, it just so happens, have a cover version of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" that reduces him to... the third person?....
2003-06-23 12:44:01 AM  
True story - girl I used to work with invites me to a party. Supposed to be a big blowout, so I figure what the hell.

I get there at about 11 on a Saturday night, and there's no music, about a dozen people there, and honest to god, they're watching Ultimate Frisbee videotapes. Yep, everyone there was an ultimate frisbee competitor. Now, I would expect Ultimate Frisbee to involve some really cool tricks, but it was pretty lame. Not quite as lame, mind you, as watching it on videotape.
2003-06-23 12:51:37 AM  
Frisbee should #1, be fun. And practice, training and entry fees are contrary to the old days of the disc and its hemp/beer,music,chicks,sunshine glory days. Ya can't never go home again I guess. Some of the best days of my life were spent, wasted and throwing perfect spirals into the warm summer air currents.
2003-06-23 12:52:27 AM  
I knew before reading the article that the story was from the northwest. I went to college at Humboldt State and all the stoners seemed to be way into Ultimate Frisbie.
2003-06-23 12:58:47 AM  
I suppose once you get too old to play tag, hide-n-seek, or kick the can then you move onto ultimate frisbee. Since schools are outlawing dodgeball maybe we'll see them substitute all contact sports with something as ghey as this.
2003-06-23 1:02:10 AM  
pontechango, WATCH THAT "y" word: "Yummy" is reserved for ultimate frisbee players and gushing girls..
2003-06-23 1:02:59 AM  
amazing women:
amazing athletes:

lots of drinking, nakedness, and amazing play
no refs, no sore losers, no lousy winners

welcome to what sports could be (and personally what i think the future of sports will be)
2003-06-23 1:04:26 AM  
40 hours of training a week? you wouldn't think it would take that long to remember not to spill your beer or drop the joint.
2003-06-23 1:22:04 AM  
Frisbee is a stoner game (trust me on this one) I think they need to bring back Jarts just to thin the herd.
2003-06-23 1:28:23 AM  
Yeah, ultimate players are wimps.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-23 1:29:58 AM  
I just don't know why so many people have such a resentment towards ultimate. closed-mindedness at its finest. I just challenge anyone who has never played a serious game of ultimate to do so. If you have, and don't like it, well, no big deal, but don't knock it til you try it.
2003-06-23 1:36:26 AM  
Huge Wimps.
[image from too old to be available]

Seriously, just a bunch of stoners.
[image from too old to be available]

img src=" ns/600x400.jpg">

2003-06-23 1:54:30 AM  
The Ultimate Frisbee people at my college seemed to have pretty decent social lives. Apparently Salisbury University had a good team. Hell, I was in a Sci-fi club and I still got dates...
2003-06-23 1:58:46 AM  
Seriously, all you guys saying ultimate frisbee is for wimps... STFU! Ultimate frisbee is HARD! I've only played it at my high school, but damn! It's the most strenuous sport we play during the year!
Picture this, you get the frisbee, you pass it to a team mate, you RUN down the field, and once you pass him, he throws it. yer chasing after that thing for a good 30 yards, you dive for it, and run into an opponent! you're both on the ground now, in serious pain. You've got a halfway busted up knee, because of a bone bruise (that's when the bruise is so bad your bone feels like mush, and it hurts even after the visible bruise heals), and he does a face plant! After diving and running and throwing for a good half an hour nonstop, this is what finally takes you out! this happened 2 weeks ago and my knee STILL farking hurts like a biatch!
Now imagine doing this on astroturf, in a t-shirt. Ever had a turf burn? it's like a rugburn, only you lose about 3 layers of skin and you start bleeding.
oh yeah, definately a wussy sport, huh? farking asshats.
2003-06-23 2:05:34 AM  
It's funny reading this thread... 'cause you know, just sitting around and dumping on people who are actually getting out there and exercising is making us all real Casanovas!
2003-06-23 2:06:25 AM  
i tried playing ultimate once. too much running. i'll stick to playing goalie in ice hockey. not as much running.
2003-06-23 2:11:54 AM  
Ah.. Years ago... While I can still throw a nice spiral there is no way I can do from one end of the football field to the other sprints like I used to. Sort of makes me wish I had known in time to go check them out.
2003-06-23 2:33:18 AM  
When I saw the headline I made a beeline for the comments to defend ultimate (I play disc in college), but it seems things have already been done for me. Ultimate tends to attract athletic people who aren't jocks and nerds or stoners who aren't athletically inept, and I'm not surprised to find plenty of the latter on fark. If you've never played ultimate/have only played one or two casual games and are making judgments on it based on the fact that it uses a disc, you should consider not posting. Watch college teams or clubs or some of the better high school teams play and you'll be hard-pressed to not call it a sport. laid back w/bud light, are you listening?

The post-game cheer thing is only done in informal leagues and pickup-style games; I've never seen it done in serious competition.
2003-06-23 2:57:19 AM  
UF is cool...maybe NBC will buy rights to it sometime soon...
2003-06-23 3:14:22 AM  
They can't get dates because they are dogs! Get it? Dogs play frisbee too! LOLOLOLOL!!1!1!!!111!!!1!11
2003-06-23 4:02:26 AM  
I played a game of ultimate once. When my heart exploded, I decided it wasn't for me.

My advisor plays ultimate and he's married, so he couldn't have had too much trouble with the chicks. Another faculty member in the department met her husband playing ultimate.
2003-06-23 4:44:48 AM  
I've played basketball and soccer on varsity levels for 3 years in High School, and I can honestly tell you that Ultimate require more pure athleticism than either of those sports. Sure you dont need the strength, but in terms of just being able to RUN, jump and all that, Ultimate requires much more than even soccer.

And while I'm sure that many of you can throw a backhand 20 yards, trying throwing a low forehand 70 yards with accuracy sometime and then come back and tell me its easy.
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