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(via Obscure Store)   Gamer tries to steal rival's online character by claiming he died in WTC   ( cleveland.com) divider line
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2001-10-11 12:35:56 PM  
2001-10-11 12:37:28 PM  
ummm nothing says "fark WASTE SPERM CHUGGING LOOSER" like having to buy or steal a fantasy game charater!
2001-10-11 12:37:41 PM  
Ahh, dragonrealms..... the shoot off of the game that sucked my life away from me when a freshman in high school, Gemstone 3 ;-) What a fantastic game. Ah, to be Lord Sharvan again..... hehe, or not...

But anyway, about this..... this is pretty sick.
2001-10-11 12:38:17 PM  
Excuse me, people pay $35 000 to assume a videogame character? losers
2001-10-11 12:39:05 PM  
His character should be killed off for his own good. Unless he'll enjoy being a waiter the rest of his life.
2001-10-11 12:48:52 PM  
2001-10-11 12:49:15 PM  
I remember DragonRealms.. played that on AOL

......farking .... A LONG TIME ago.........

liked the game, but hated the service, but it was my roommates anyway.. :)
2001-10-11 12:49:51 PM  
did I say it..... LOSER!!!
2001-10-11 12:52:27 PM  
These are the same people who goto Star Trek convetions dressed up as spock and grill Uhora why in episode 2F87#(56 she was wearing her boots up to her knees, in all but 1 scene where they were 3 inches below her knees.
2001-10-11 01:05:16 PM  
Man, video games are fun and all that but jeeezuz, $35000? I draw the line at $60 actually screw that, just hack the CD Key and play the game for free.

2001-10-11 01:06:05 PM  
$35,000? What the hell?
2001-10-11 01:12:09 PM  
Ya... 35g's for a fake person, thats awesome. I should spend 30 bucks on the game, and cheat my way to an awesome character, and sell it on eBay for that much. Losers is a def. good word for that. I think the longest time I ever spent on a game was maybe... 7 hours? on Metal Gear Solid. good game, can't wait for no. 2
2001-10-11 01:13:03 PM  
$35,000??? Parents should encourage their kids to play these games.

"Come on, only 7 more hours today. Daddy needs a new car".
2001-10-11 01:17:52 PM  
People do this for a living?....does anyone want to pay me to play Unreal Tournament?

Bidding starts at $80K a year.

I'm also willing to surf porn for considerably less.
2001-10-11 01:38:29 PM  
I might pay $35,000 to become Britney or Pamela Lee, but to pay that much money and still have to be the kind of person who sits around and gets way too into RPG's? um... no.
2001-10-11 01:44:31 PM  
I've been offered up to 9 grand for my character in a related simutronics game called gemstone3, lots of shiat sells online now like crazy.

There was even an article here on fark a week or so back about players who make it a job or something out of selling their online goods from what diablo2 and junk.

takes all kinds I guess.
2001-10-11 02:08:19 PM  
man check out the last sentence in the article, "The customers are my family."
Bull shiat.
2001-10-11 02:10:57 PM  
Man! These guys would be SO much better off if they just spent $200 for a hooker every once in a while.
2001-10-11 02:12:16 PM  
If anyone needs a good laugh, just go to eBay, and do a search for games like Everquest, Ultima or wharever. Look at some of the items...and prices people try to get for them. Oh, why don't I spend real money for some virtual property..or some cyber cash hahaha
2001-10-11 02:34:22 PM  
Phishy: Wow, I never thought of that... play for a few months, and grab a quick $35,000 dollars. This could actually become a way to make money!
2001-10-11 02:46:03 PM  
With apologies to The Onion:
[image from graphics.theonion.com too old to be available]
Above: Internet gamer holds up a picture of his alleged Canadian girlfriend.
2001-10-11 02:46:14 PM  
Mistake number 1: Game players don't have wives. Nice try.
2001-10-11 03:00:25 PM  
...at that point the Dungeon Master rolled a 12 on the "Loser" table.
2001-10-11 03:44:56 PM  
StatGrape You're totally wrong on that one. Very many computer gamers have wives...the stuff is so addictive it can affect everyone.
2001-10-11 03:55:09 PM  
"I think it's the most sickest thing in the entire world."

Well put.
2001-10-11 04:06:24 PM  
Ok, what's more pathetic? The fact that this guy has been playing this for three years to build up his "fantasy" stature, the fact that someone actually uses the WTC bombings to steal this "fantasy", or the fact that other geeks are willing to pay 35 grand for it? And he wonders why he's 28 and still busing tables. Also, StatGrape, good call on the wife thing.
2001-10-11 04:19:12 PM  
Ok the guy using wtc to try and snag a game character is lame, but I ask you if

Folks who don't play online games but instead are sports fanatics and buy shiatloads of memorabilia and spend cash to go to games all the time are such a high degree better?

or folks who sit around all day long at work and cruise online sites (fark heh) are such prestigious judges of morale character, Saint Fark eh?

People who make aquariums out of old computers and actually get people to buy them?

Folks who gather with other people they only met online to drink beer and talk about shiat, when they probably don't even know the names of the neighbors living next door to them in real life?

The list goes on, I'm not judging anyone and say its easy to judge the hobbies of another person just because you don't enjoy the hobby they do.

Is it sad that folks will pay 35k for what basically amounts to nothing real? yes

and plus this guy may have reached his upper station in life as a waiter much earlier than his online gaming addiction started.
2001-10-11 04:21:04 PM  
RE: Ebay

what's crazy is the people that pay real money for fake money, just look at all the "platinum coins" being sold on ebayola
2001-10-11 04:45:31 PM  
Yeah, while your complaining, we're laughing all the way to the bank.


you'd be amazed at what people buy ;)
2001-10-11 04:55:13 PM  
Oriana suprised? not really... I have sold some really farked up shiat.....

people are sheep.........
2001-10-11 04:56:07 PM  
Good point Kalkin
2001-10-11 06:11:28 PM  
Christopher_Walken: actually, a bunch of people i know who are into fantasy stuff like this, don't give a shiat about Star Trek,SF, etc.

StatGrape: Actually, I agree with SoylentGreen. My buddy is married and he's a level 59 (of 60) Bard on Everquest. With 4 other characthers of high level. He could make some good cash on that shiat on Ebay according to this.

Courtney Cox-Zucker:Hmm, that looks like another one of my friends girlfriend :)
2001-10-11 06:53:30 PM  
Tiiiiime to get laaaaaaaaaid.
2001-10-11 09:50:26 PM  
Online characters are worth $$$? I had NOOOOOO idea.

I have an old Zork character from 1986 for sale, if anyone is interested...
2001-10-12 01:15:08 AM  
Zork????!!!!!! Really haven't played that since 85 or 86 I will give you one million dollars..coff coff sorry bout that got caught up in the moment.
2001-10-12 01:48:36 AM  
Heh - This reminds me of the "Hopeful Parents" Far Side cartoon :

The kid is playing Nintendo and the parents are standing behind him optimistically imagining newspaper classifieds like "Can you save the princess ? 85k package + car" and "Zoid Wars experts needed now! Call 555-1234"

2001-10-12 04:57:27 AM  
You all do reliase that after 3 years of playing a game your character is going to be pretty damn good, my ultima character is only a year old and is pretty powerful, and no I don't play 24/7 (although I might do if the wife let me!)
2001-10-16 05:46:33 PM  
Want some rye? Course ya do.
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