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(NPR)   Meet the man who sneaked into Auschwitz, stayed for two and a half years and then escaped   ( divider line
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2010-09-28 03:33:31 AM  
My friend's Great Uncle, a Roman Catholic, was a political prisoner in Auschwitz.

/Just sayin'
2010-09-28 04:52:53 AM  
We could build a space elevator tomorrow if we could somehow harvest the millions of tons of carbon nanotubes contained in this guys balls.
2010-09-28 08:23:36 AM  
He was murdered by his own marxist government, a fate suffered by more than 150 million other people during the last century. But that doesn't mean we should concern ourselves over the fact that our government is quickly evolving into a marxist government. Those were bad marxists and they didn't know how to do it the right way. Our marxist leaders are good and we should trust them with all the power over us that they ask for.
2010-09-28 09:18:43 AM  

jingks: For those arguing that there is a definite, unchanging "right" and "wrong" to the English language, you don't speak the same English as was spoken a few hundred years ago.

For thofe arguing wot there is a definite, unchanging "right" and "wrong" to the Queen's Englifh, you don't fpeak the fame Englifh af waf fpake a few hundred yearf ago.

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