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(Washington Post)   Since May 1st, D.C. has received nine times as much rain as Seattle   ( washingtonpost.com) divider line
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2003-06-19 02:00:19 PM  

I thought we NEEDED global warming... Im tired of being cold and wet. Earlier I was standing outside with 2 spray cans trying to speed up the warming. I also clubbed a baby seal on the way back inside.
2003-06-19 02:02:13 PM  
Not really that strange. There's not that much rain in the northwest during the summer. It's gorgeous, really.
2003-06-19 02:03:33 PM  
[image from alpaca-info.com too old to be available]
We haven't had one nice weekend here since *maybe* April...you want to talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder???...SCREW YOU!!!! Some of us would like to go out and Camop or Golf or do FRICKING ANYTHING OUTDOORS ON THE WEEKEND without having to wear a pair of fricking WATERWINGS!!!!

[image from roxanne.org too old to be available]

/going to go run the lawn mower through my kiddie pool!!!
2003-06-19 02:07:01 PM  
Seattle is good except for the people that have lived here a long time. They are so proud of their areas..ohhhh Fremont is special..ohhhh Ballard is neato...NO THEY ARE NOT
2003-06-19 02:10:07 PM  
oddly, Marvel has received much less rain than Seattle.
2003-06-19 02:10:57 PM  
who cares...
2003-06-19 02:13:25 PM  
Raining here almost all month and this is our "dry season"? Should quit just in time for the 1st hurricane of the season. Then we can look forward to 15-20" of 120 mph wind-driven rain. Followed by mosquitos, rats, snakes and fireants invading the remnants of the home while they search for high ground.
2003-06-19 02:15:08 PM  
Add Boston, MA to that list.
2003-06-19 02:19:48 PM  
Welcome to my hell.... STOP WITH THE FREAKIN RAIN!!!
2003-06-19 02:20:24 PM  
I wish people would get over the Seattle=rainy notion. There are tons of places that get more rain than us. And non Seattle-Farkers, don't think the weather here is bad all the time; for the past three weeks or so, it has been absolutely GORGEOUS.
2003-06-19 02:22:15 PM  
2003-06-19 02:29:13 PM  
Tarvuz, I always thought the various "areas" of Seattle were pretty cool and unique. I've only been here for two years. Coming from Atlanta where we have about 2 interesting places, the variety of communities in Seattle is refreshing.
2003-06-19 02:29:18 PM  
okay, everyone talking about the seattle rain can just quit it. We dont care about that. What we do care about is that the east coast is getting farked in the ass because our summer is now one big puddle. I love living in SC because of the summers, but now it has turned suckville because of all of this rain.
Can we do something about this?
2003-06-19 02:30:20 PM  
Well I did some research at NOAA.gov and I found that so far in June NYC has had 11 days of at least some precipitation (including both weekends), and with rain forecast through the weekend, that'll be 14 days (of 22) of rain. May wasn't so great either, with 17 days of rain and 20 days of cloudiness...and only one weekend with no rain (May 3-4). Of course, the average temp on those days was in the 50's. Same goes for the only weekend without rain in April. This sucks.
2003-06-19 02:31:19 PM  
Nature cleans itself with rain. Its just scrubbing extra hard that nasty stain between Maryland and Virginia.
2003-06-19 02:34:04 PM  
Yes, we have a lot of rain in the East, but I haven't seen dogs snuggling with cats yet, so I think we are safe from the apocalypse right now.
2003-06-19 02:40:39 PM  

[image from snhca.com too old to be available]
2003-06-19 03:02:11 PM  
The town recently sent me a letter saying "mow your damn lawn." SURE, I'D LOVE TO.
2003-06-19 03:03:54 PM  
I sit here at home early today because I just can't mow lawns with an inch of standing water on them. My wallet is suffering due to this rain, but I will not complain.

Usually this time of the year I have to skip 1/3 of my lawns because the grass has died (can't convince anyone to water) and I end up eating dust and pollen. Instead I have lush growth and wet conditions to deal with. Given a choice I pick the wet.

Stop stop complaining. It might quit raining and become 100 degrees outside and I really, really hate that.

After 7 years of drought this NC resident is happy about the rain.
2003-06-19 03:05:49 PM  
Let's not forget about the abnormally large amount of snow we had too. The trend extends into Winter. Sucks.
2003-06-19 03:17:19 PM  
Having a hard time getting crops into the ground here in NE Ohio also. Still have peppers and tomatoes that are not planted yet. Almost to late to put them in now.
2003-06-19 03:17:45 PM  
Now you east coasters see how it is, you get one rainy season and you start to turn into whiny seattle-ites about weather.
Wah, its raining too much here, when will it stop, wah.

You'd fit right in.
2003-06-19 03:57:30 PM  
I miss that giant, orange orb in the sky. Please bring back my giant, orange orb. I'll pay good money! Me love you long time! (etc. etc. etc.)
2003-06-19 03:57:42 PM  
If I wanted to live in Seattle, I would. Had the chance in 1997, but chose Hartford, CT, instead.

Why? Didn't feel like living in a shower.
2003-06-19 04:04:36 PM  
Yeah, all this rain sucks. I'm a huge fan of global warming now.
2003-06-19 04:15:09 PM  
DC-ite here saying that our Washington Monument will open a big ol' can o' whupass on your Space Needle, any day!
2003-06-19 04:27:36 PM  
jesus christ that's a lot of rain. woo.
2003-06-19 04:29:55 PM  
Everyone complains about the rain, but no one does anything about it....
2003-06-19 04:34:51 PM  
Generation_D: Now you east coasters see how it is, you get one rainy season and you start to turn into whiny seattle-ites about weather.

But when you move to Seattle you expect the rain. People who whine about the rain in Seattle are like the dumbasses who move next to an airport and complain about the noise.

On a positive note, my office has a nice view of a busy intersection in town. The rain still seems to sneak up on women without umbrellas.
2003-06-19 04:48:52 PM  
The irony is that most eastern states get more rain annually than the Seattle area. The eastern states just get it dumped on them hard periocally whereas out here we get is spread out over 9 months.

But the pay off is we only see 90 degrees about once or twice a year. Woo-hoo!
2003-06-19 04:54:01 PM  
Space Needle would whoop the Washington Monument, SuperCrackMonkey. It's a little known fact that the top can detach, much like the saucer section of the Starship Enterprise, and fly around, fireing photon torpedos at that punk-ass obelisk.

Buck buck.
2003-06-19 05:28:29 PM  
I'm sick of it too, can i sue god?
2003-06-19 05:43:34 PM  
I play baseball here in DC. We have played 3 games-- and had 10 rained out.
2003-06-19 05:49:45 PM  

But when you move to Seattle you expect the rain. People who whine about the rain in Seattle are like the dumbasses who move next to an airport and complain about the noise.

Actually, that's been in the local DC news lately too. There's this bunch of whiners who live near Reagan National Airport biatching about the noise. Umm, the airport has only been there since the 1930's... and you bought your house when?

Metro DC, home of the largest concentration of whiners east of the Mississippi.
2003-06-19 06:23:21 PM  
This is why I love having a convertible! Oh wait. No, it isn't.
2003-06-19 06:33:24 PM  
LordJupiter, last time I checked there wasn't any more trailers here than in any of the other 15 supposedly "trailer ridden" states I've visited. Tornadoes, however....do happen every 2-3 years (at least here in Minnesota), otherwise pretty calm. I was just stating that every state has their problems. Where do you live, by the way? let me know so I can dish some dirt on your location.

/chuck you,farley.
2003-06-19 06:35:15 PM  
2003-06-19 07:38:16 PM  
No farking kidding! I haven't needed to water my lawn in June for a decade. This sucks! I want whoever's responsible fired!

On the other hand, my rose bushes are doing stunningly well. And my neighbors that laughed at my air conditioning are suddenly my new best friends.. hmmmmm....
2003-06-19 08:13:52 PM  
Goddamn Denver, which is actually situated in an environment pretty close to high desert, has been inundated with rain too.

Its rained every day for weeks now.

I keep track of these things because I usually commute by sportbike. And screw riding one of those in heavy rain.
2003-06-19 08:28:09 PM  
Its rained for 44 of the last 49 days, and I was out of town for 3 of the clear days, goddammit.

2003-06-19 09:03:01 PM  
And 51 dead...
2003-06-19 09:05:50 PM  
If I remember correctly from my 8th grade science report over 30 years ago, some mountain in Hawaii gets over 400 inches of rain every year. Now that I could live without.
2003-06-19 10:16:00 PM  
ya know, if i can give up sunny days in exchange for not having months of 90+ degree weather, i'm willing to make that trade. cool & swampy is *much* better than hot & muggy. besides, i'm nocturnal. what do i need sun for?
2003-06-19 10:47:16 PM  
Yeah, it rains ALL the time in Seattle, you better all just STAY AWAY!

Florida has more rain days then Seattle does.

I have even less living in Central Washington.
2003-06-19 11:43:37 PM  
Next targets for Dubya .... Mother Nature, Iran, North Korea, the hemmeroids on his ass then the economy.......
2003-06-20 02:13:19 AM  
This is obviously a lie by the [liberal] [conservative] media. Seattle gets way more rain than DC!
2003-06-20 02:36:24 AM  
The grass is turning brown here in Seattle, and nobody has AC! Yeah, everybody has their own problems.
2003-06-20 02:56:27 AM  
Rain?, what's rain? I haven't seen rain since March. I do live in Phoenix, AZ though. And some of the trees are on fire now because there hasn't been that much rain...
2003-06-20 11:14:23 AM  
I'm in Northern VA (Falls Church) and we expect rain daily by now. I'm not sure what I'll do when / if it stops. The NWS Website has changed from predicting rainfall to predicting "measurable rainfall"
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