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(Some Guy)   Patent office rejects perpetual motion machine that was rejected by the patent office that rejects perpetual motion machines that are rejected by patent offices   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, flywheels, energy requirements, power supplies, free energy, production costs, rotors, perpetual motion, aviation  
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2010-09-17 8:51:41 PM  

fushigi: Baryogenesis: The law that entropy always increases

It doesn't. The correct statement is that entropy doesn't decrease statistically. It's perfectly welcome to hold equal or to have localized aberrations.

Way to ruin a great quote with unnecessary precision.

czetie: Conservation of energy is an implication. IF the laws of motion are symmetrical in time and space THEN energy* is conserved.

To wit:
Noether's theorem (new window)

Maybe that will help get your point across with that other fellow.
2010-09-17 8:57:46 PM  

czetie: Conservation of energy is not "a theory that has been promoted to law status".

Nor is that a possibility as scientific laws and scientific theories are different things, not just stronger/weaker versions of each other.
2010-09-17 9:53:11 PM  

Baryogenesis: To wit:
Noether's theorem (new window)

Maybe that will help get your point across with that other fellow.

I wish...

I often wonder why Noether's name isn't mentioned in the same sentence as Einstein and Bohr*. Her contribution to our understanding of physics is every bit as fundamental.

*Apart from this sentence. Obviously.
2010-09-17 11:06:13 PM  
Creating energy out of nothing is possible, but is generally frowned upon as it would destroy the Universe.
2010-09-18 3:04:05 AM  

gusbot: SJKebab: Jim_Callahan: //Hooray thermodynamics

I'll say hooray when someone figures out how to reverse entropy.

Thanks for that! I had not yet read that and it was pretty amazing.

I award you 2 internets!

I was introduced to this story by someone else on fark in a very similar fashion. You now know what to do... :P
jvl [BareFark]
2010-09-19 1:36:36 AM  

StoPPeRmobile: You have that all wrong. Let me fix it for you.

1. You don't get something for nothing
2. You can't have freedom for free


/ That goes through my head every time I think about the laws of Thermodynamics
2010-09-19 7:08:02 AM  

impaler: Yeah, but it uses the energy contained in the magnets

What? No it doesn't. Magnetic fields do no work.

Superman wants a word with you.

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