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(GJSentinel)   "That was fun" says man after high-speed police chase   ( divider line
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3406 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Oct 2001 at 7:32 PM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-10-10 7:34:11 PM  
2001-10-10 7:35:56 PM  
Sounds like this guy was trying to get the cops to shoot him. They call it "suicide by cop." According to his recent history, sounds like he's in a load o' caca anyway.
2001-10-10 7:35:58 PM  
whats with the 1/2 numbers on Rosevale Road?
2001-10-10 7:38:07 PM  
Gary Gulliford, 42, 3671/2 Rosevale Road, was arrested after the brief pursuit ended in the driveway of his home just before 11 p.m. Sunday

Wow, his address is in the paper. Wonder how he'd feel if he got fan mail? We should all send him "Get out of Jail Free" cards for shiats and giggles.
2001-10-10 7:41:23 PM  
That would be funny as hell. Suddenly i feel like playing monopoly.
2001-10-10 7:44:30 PM  
Watch out,don't get caught!The cops will randomly cornhole sheeple!
2001-10-10 7:47:55 PM  
I dunno about most places, but the Chippewa Falls WI and Eau Claire WI papers both print out addresses after a conviction. This kind of sucks, I'll have to avoid any convictions while I'm here.
2001-10-10 7:50:14 PM  
What a hoot! An address in the wrong hands (farkers) could be delicious! Pizzas, we could send pizzas. Haaaaaa
2001-10-10 7:51:00 PM  
Yahhhhhhaaaa a lot of things are fun...WHEN your drunk.
2001-10-10 7:51:47 PM  
All this guy needs is a bottle of Jack, a M-16, a couple of bandoliers, and a free trip to Afghanistan. War over. The Taliban & al Queda (Or whatever the fark it is) will suddenly implode from the redneck radiation.
2001-10-10 8:19:42 PM  
Recklessly endangering the lives of others aside.... it probably really was fun.
2001-10-10 8:35:57 PM  
::::traveling at more than 50 mph:::

He's a madman I tell you, a madman!!!!!
2001-10-10 9:04:19 PM  

Let's try third gear! Whee!
2001-10-10 9:09:54 PM  
Shlabotnik: 1/2 street addresses are usually duplexes.

What part of NH are you from? I grew up near Franklin.
2001-10-10 9:26:40 PM  
This idiot deserves to be flogged in public.
2001-10-10 9:32:08 PM  
What a moron that guy is going to get a 15 years for what he did all the things listed were felonies and you can go to jail for no less than 1 year for each one and up 15 I think. The misdermeaners are about a year apeace
2001-10-10 9:34:19 PM  
I've never seen a duplex with a 1/2 address. I've always noticed 1/2 addresses being cruddy little houses, probably put in after the rest of the houses on the block had been assigned.

Not to say that a duplex can't be a half, I've just never seen it myself. I see a lot of duplexes showing L and R in their addresses for left side and right side.
2001-10-10 9:45:53 PM  
woah woah... they list your home address before you're convicted of anything? isnt there an innocent until proven guilty clause in the places?
2001-10-10 10:14:30 PM  
ISawThisManDrivingRealFastDownTheRoadGettingChasedByCopsAndHeSaid Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2001-10-10 10:18:00 PM  
Coyoticus: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2001-10-10 10:36:46 PM  
I couldn't resist, I called one of Gary's neighbors and asked to borrow their car. It turned out to be his landlord. What are the odds.

Gary's landlord Excuse the sound quality, this man must have been talking on an old crank phone or something. You may have to turn your speakers up a little to hear him.
2001-10-10 10:53:58 PM  
It isn't the sound quality that bothers me it is the Real Player format.
2001-10-10 10:55:10 PM  
Gary Gulliford, 42, 3671/2

Umm How the hell do you live at a "1/2" address?
2001-10-10 10:58:49 PM  
Maybe he is there only 1/2 the time, or he is only 1/2 there. Anyway the universal DWI excuse in South Dakota is "But I was drinkin'". FAS is alive and well.
2001-10-10 11:17:43 PM  
Oh yea!
Its time for a ROAD TRIP
2001-10-10 11:26:29 PM  
Gonads and Strife....
2001-10-10 11:27:32 PM  
I have heard of the 1/2 addresses. I have heard of "B" addresses. I have heard of Upstairs and downstairs. I think it is all the same.
2001-10-11 12:23:16 AM  
"Bad boys, bad boys..."

"3M TA3", your handle was tried as a license plate by a fellow in Washington (state) and worked great until a cop saw it in his rear view mirror and suddenly realized what it meant. Made him get a new one. No sense of humor...
2001-10-11 11:19:56 AM  
If ever a post deserved the "Hero" tag...

OW...stop hitting me!!
2001-10-11 11:21:58 AM  
Gonads in the LIGHTNING
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