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(ESPN)   The long offseason is finally over. No questions, just your Week 1 NFL Sunday discussion thread. Football   ( espn.go.com) divider line
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1282 clicks; posted to Sports » on 12 Sep 2010 at 12:00 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2010-09-12 01:07:18 PM  

T-Luv: Would everyone like to hear about my fantasy team?

Please list 8 WR's and ask us to choose 3. I'd really like to read about that 20 more times before the late games.
2010-09-12 01:07:31 PM  
Steelers are rolling, liking it.
2010-09-12 01:07:51 PM  
Well maybe it's a good thing my Oakland stream isn't working :-/
2010-09-12 01:08:05 PM  

DevilsHorns J: J - E - T - S!!!

Yeah, I know we don't get going until tomorrow, but that won't stop me from barging in on all the fun today...

[Link][i58.photobucket.com image 300x300]

Hooray fellow Jets fan! What you watching now? I've got Patriots and Bengals, rooting for the Bengals. Fark the Patriots
2010-09-12 01:08:25 PM  
COMCAST is screwing up my HD Fox here in Harrisonburg!
2010-09-12 01:08:43 PM  
Vince Young running the option?

Going to be one of those games eh.
2010-09-12 01:09:06 PM  
The NFL needs to do something about helmets coming off before someone gets killed. There is no reason for it to happen that often.
2010-09-12 01:09:18 PM  
Falcons, Skins, Chargers, Ravens, Raiders, Miami, Cults, Bucs, Broncos.
2010-09-12 01:09:24 PM  

netweavr: Link me the Oakland game

Sorry, actually watching it on TV, so can't help there.
2010-09-12 01:09:29 PM  
Di Atribe: OK i haz an idea.... Instead of emailing me if you're not on the list, just add yourself to this spreadsheet (new window). That way I can have all of you in one place. Here's the main list (new window) of what I've got so far, in alphabetical order by login.

I am now in your pie chart.

Errr.....ummm.....YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
2010-09-12 01:09:37 PM  
Another first for Pittsburgh, very nice.
2010-09-12 01:09:37 PM  
The Bills first drive is all I expect from them this season.
2010-09-12 01:09:39 PM  
2010-09-12 01:09:42 PM  
Armoured Wankball is back!

Go Giants!
2010-09-12 01:10:06 PM  
Brady's hair.... I... I... I like it. He's so....

2010-09-12 01:10:12 PM  
denver punted? haha
2010-09-12 01:10:29 PM  
Lions hold
2010-09-12 01:10:41 PM  
Lions D turns around and makes a stop. Nice!
2010-09-12 01:10:56 PM  
Falcons ain't letting Dixon scramble! 4th down!
2010-09-12 01:11:04 PM  
Nice goal line play from the Lions.
2010-09-12 01:11:06 PM  
Is that James Casey in at TE for Houston?
2010-09-12 01:11:09 PM  
Bears stink in the redzone
2010-09-12 01:11:12 PM  
Bears can't get into Detroit's endzone on 3 plays from the 2.
2010-09-12 01:11:22 PM  
Anyone got a Bear / Lions feed? ATDHE isn't workin;'
2010-09-12 01:11:29 PM  
Big play for the Pats.
2010-09-12 01:11:33 PM  
2010-09-12 01:11:39 PM  
Goddammit, Brady :(
2010-09-12 01:11:39 PM  
goddammitsomuch Cincinnati!
2010-09-12 01:11:50 PM  
Vince young fumbles!

2010-09-12 01:11:58 PM  
Because the Chicago Bears' best player is their kicker...

3-0 Chicago.
2010-09-12 01:11:59 PM  

roflmaonow: Chargers fans who's your #1 WR? Is M Floyd going to take over V Jaxs? I Ask for FF's sake.

Gates is pretty much the de facto #1 now, but Floyd, Crayton and Nannee seem to be WR by committee now.
2010-09-12 01:12:10 PM  
Pitt up 3-0.. and someone with Reed got the 50yd FG Bonus.
Still, Go Falcons.. win the division.
2010-09-12 01:12:15 PM  
Well my teams found out what defense is and limited Chicago and Pittsburgh to field goals.

[we'll take it]
2010-09-12 01:12:18 PM  
Well fark.
2010-09-12 01:12:19 PM  

InferiousX: Well maybe it's a good thing my Oakland stream isn't working :-/

No sir Oakland D got their 1st turnover!
2010-09-12 01:12:25 PM  
Gus Johnson doing the Miami/Buff game, so there's at least 1 reason to watch that game.
2010-09-12 01:12:27 PM  
No one in Italy would get within a thousand feet of that "pizza."
2010-09-12 01:12:34 PM  
2010-09-12 01:12:36 PM  
touchdown Pats
2010-09-12 01:12:41 PM  

menolikepoopybad: The NFL needs to do something about helmets coming off before someone gets killed. There is no reason for it to happen that often.

Ironically, they say that the helmets are more safer than ever.
2010-09-12 01:12:44 PM  
Delhomme to Hillis for fourteen yards on the first play, woooooooooooh!
2010-09-12 01:12:50 PM  
TD pass by the 4th Jonas Brother!
2010-09-12 01:12:50 PM  
51-yard Steleers FGA - good!

3-0 Pittsburgh, 7:51 1st.
2010-09-12 01:12:51 PM  
Welker for the TD!!
2010-09-12 01:12:52 PM  

4NSpy: Vince young fumbles!



Can't wait to get the F outta her so I can actually watch this game.
2010-09-12 01:12:53 PM  

TD Pats. That was a pretty efficient drive.

2010-09-12 01:13:03 PM  
Welker be TDing!
2010-09-12 01:13:21 PM  
Blockers in place to the left, quick pass to the back? I used to use that as a "stupid computer AI" play in Playmaker Football 15 years ago.
Who'd have thought the Bengals were worse at strategy than a MacSE30?
2010-09-12 01:13:21 PM  
Well, you know, if I can't watch the game I want, I can at least watch Vince Young make a laughingstock of himself to the Raiders.

2010-09-12 01:13:33 PM  
A dirty bird can't fly with a broken wing.
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