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(TheCarolinaChannel)   Officials call smell indescribable at home of man with 55 animals and so much trash he dug tunnels to move around   ( divider line
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2001-10-10 4:34:35 PM  
Smells like Osama
2001-10-10 4:35:14 PM  
Every time in the future when somebody makes a vague reference to this man's as compared to their house, punch them.
2001-10-10 4:43:26 PM  
Wow, and what a succinct headline!
2001-10-10 4:54:30 PM  
Was it my house? Cause it looks like somebody has been messing up the trash piles and all the animals are spooked.
2001-10-10 4:56:27 PM  
..i now approve of the death penalty
2001-10-10 4:57:20 PM  
Hey, I know this guy. His name's Ralph Earp Buick...
2001-10-10 5:00:44 PM  
you "now approve of the death penalty" because of this? the tag is right. the guy is clearly sick in the head. all kindsa paranoid schizo.
2001-10-10 5:06:48 PM  
Enas: I'm with you. Fry this farker.
2001-10-10 5:08:24 PM  
Damn,they can hear other animals in the trash but can't find them!Lock this guy up!He needs to stay out of the gene pool.
2001-10-10 5:16:12 PM  
did you watch the clip, that dude looks scary. YIPES!!!
2001-10-10 5:23:16 PM  
i thought he kinda looked like the unibomber. dudes crazier than a shiat house rat
2001-10-10 5:27:15 PM  
When you start digging the first tunnel through trash just to get around your house...isn't that when you realize there's a problem?


Almost makes me have less hatred for the stinky peeping-tom neighbor upstairs. Almost.
2001-10-10 5:32:26 PM  
Death penalty for this guy? Come on people! Yes it is horrible the neglect of the animals, but why don't we take a smaller step of instituting the death penalty for rapists and child molesters first?
2001-10-10 5:36:15 PM  
Oh No, humans are not as cute and cuddly as animals. Who cares about child molesters when someone is shooting Bambi?
2001-10-10 5:41:00 PM  
Reminds me of that couple in New York who foraged for trash at night time, and utterly filled their apartment with useless crap... tunnels and booby-traps and what have you...
2001-10-10 5:42:08 PM  
Yeah, certain Death Penalty case. Anyone this insane is a lost cause and needs to be removed. Get the animals out, throw him back in the house, and burn all the garbage at once.
2001-10-10 5:44:38 PM  
No, sweet Candy. It's when you find yourself digging through the three foot pile of dirty clothes looking for the underwear that won't give you a case of the funky monkey.
2001-10-10 5:52:28 PM  
I called up a few of Andres' neighbors and talked to them about the mess. Here's what they had to say. If my links don't work then look in

kid next door I called the person living to the left of Mr. Terrill's house and talked to him.

guy next door I called the man who lives to the right of Mr. Terrill and pretended to be with FARK Radio.

All his neighbors sound like they're out of the movie Forest Gump. I tried calling a few neighbors across the street because I was going to pretend to be Andres and ask if I could borrow some trash bags but they were either not home or their phones didn't work. I also called both of the numbers working in Andres' house but just got his machine.

2001-10-10 6:24:57 PM  
Millenium hand and shrimp!
2001-10-10 6:45:11 PM  
Rbcp: Is Dino Allsman still around? This guy might make a good replacement is he isn't...

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-10 6:45:51 PM  
Okay, that came out wrong, I meant the guy with the dogs, not Cletus.
2001-10-10 6:59:13 PM  
Bmartin: Dino surfaced recently. I wrote the details in which was last year. Nothing ever happened with him which was expected.

Nice Simpsons pics, could easily be a Dino relative!
2001-10-10 7:03:34 PM  
goddamn Rbcp that's some funny shiat.
2001-10-10 7:19:21 PM  
Damn Afghans! Moving over here and living like they do back home!
2001-10-10 7:28:52 PM  
South Kackalacky. I love the smell of urine, feces, and ammonia in the morning.
2001-10-10 7:35:28 PM  
I think this is the 1st time ive seen the "sick" tag.
2001-10-10 8:05:02 PM  
At no point in this article did they say what kid of animals the man had. Normally they give a list; so many cats, so many dogs, so many ferrets or whatever. (Yeah, I know they showed some in the video but it's still some crappy reporting.)
2001-10-10 9:23:12 PM  
it says: "In all, officers removed 34 animals........ Terrill is facing 27 charges of animal cruelty...."

police can't count? - or did he just happen to be nice to 7 of them??
2001-10-10 9:32:55 PM  
This is attrocious! He needs to be brought to justice.
They should lock him in a house full of trash, animal feces, urine, and mangy pets to give him a taste of what it's like to be one of his own pets!
2001-10-10 9:48:18 PM  
Feed him to that snake!~
2001-10-10 9:55:04 PM  
Hmmm... I think I live next to this guy's twin sister. She's got somewhere around five hundred of the most vile, parasite-ridden, inbred mutant cat-things you've ever seen, and their numbers just keep increasing no matter how many I run over and chuck into the dumpster behind the pack-a-sack. I caught rabies once already, and I'm just about ready to start shooting the worthless brutes on sight. I'd call the police or the cruelty-to-animals people, but I don't think they'd be able to do much besides lock up the crone, and when she got out she'd probably have her hellbeasts kill me in my sleep. The house itself is actually in pretty good shape, so I can't get it condemned. I wonder if there's a type of Ebola that only kills cats?
2001-10-10 10:26:21 PM  
"They should lock him in a house full of trash, animal feces, urine, and mangy pets"

Um, that's already how he lived. They're taking all that away from him. Or are you being sarcastic there? You'll have to excuse me if I'm slow.
2001-10-10 10:50:31 PM  
Kill him.. Kill rapists.. Kill everybody. Leave me alone and stop conflicting with my own personal moral sense!!

I laughed out loud when I read it..
"How'd you fall in there, Earl?"

I wonder how many cops are still running through that maze.
2001-10-11 2:08:11 AM  
Holy Crap thats a lot of .. crap.

In my county there was a guy like him. He was a farmer and he let pigs live in his house. They ate, slept and crapped in the house. He sometimes drove into town on a tractor with a garbage can on the back where his retarded brother would ride. They went into the Hardware Store where my Dad worked and they both smelled so bad the other costomers left. The farmer would always pick on his retarded brother because he carried a purse. A pretty sad site.
2001-10-11 12:38:32 PM  
Bijou I think they're only charging him with 27 counts of animal creulty because there were only 27 actually in the house (or perhaps 27 in the house that met the guidelines for animal creulty).

Those are going to be some farked up dogs and kitties.
2001-10-11 1:40:46 PM  
They said that they can hear more inside, but can't find them because of the trash.

That is so farkin' scary.
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