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(Reuters)   What's australian for "big ass dinosaur"?   ( reuters.com) divider line
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2001-10-10 01:08:41 PM  
It's the same they just say it funny and then go drink some Fosters.
2001-10-10 01:08:58 PM  
2001-10-10 01:09:20 PM  
"So your therory on Dinosaur is that they are small on one end, get big in the middle and then get small at the other end?"

2001-10-10 01:12:57 PM  
2001-10-10 01:20:20 PM  
Australia, home of weird ass freakish animals.

"Australia, Australia we love you"-
Wooden nickel for anyone who knows that reference.
2001-10-10 01:20:25 PM  
Is this just posted as an excuse for someone in here to make the old "Lick-a-lot-a-puss" "Got-a-sore-ass" jokes again?!
2001-10-10 01:24:48 PM  
Sburbncwby: Bruces sketch. Python.

"...unearthed on a sheep property..."

Sheep can own property in Austrailia?
2001-10-10 01:29:04 PM  
Kim Beazley?
2001-10-10 01:32:27 PM  
As far as I've heard, Australians dont really like Foster's. I think it's considered a cheap beer comparable to bud light or Busch.
Just what I've heard.
2001-10-10 01:32:28 PM  
Did have a pouch, this upside-down beasty?
2001-10-10 01:33:06 PM  
Australia, Australia, Australia! We love you. Amen.
2001-10-10 01:49:55 PM  
Shipman's right. But, they love vegimite. So, there tastes are already a little off.
2001-10-10 01:50:48 PM  
You can tell the dinosaur was Australian because it weighed between 22 and 30 tonnes instead of tons.
2001-10-10 02:03:46 PM  
Homemade vegimite recipie

3 oz eye buggers
2 oz snot
1 oz coffee grounds
4 rat testicles, finely chopped
1 medium gopher spleen

mix well, place in mason jar. refrigerate after opening
2001-10-10 02:10:47 PM  
The average American's watered down beer consumption (myself included) compared to Foster's. Yikes. If Fosters is light in Australia, I'd hate to see what's 'heavy.'

(I still have nightmares of blue oil cans... make it go away.)
2001-10-10 02:24:32 PM  
Carl Everett says dinosaurs didn't exist.
2001-10-10 02:31:37 PM  
Fosters, Canadian for Bud
2001-10-10 02:48:30 PM  
Yeah, Foster's isn't even Australian, it's Canadian
2001-10-10 03:01:43 PM  
except in canada, the bud isn't even bud. it's labatt with a bud label. apparently nobody wants to drink our swill.

so i stick w/ schaeffer.
2001-10-10 03:28:17 PM  
I wonder if "Elliott" got picked on by the other Sauropods. With a name like that..
2001-10-10 03:52:05 PM  
I'm still waiting for my wooden nickel.
2001-10-10 04:10:55 PM  
I thought it was mega-sour-ass
2001-10-10 04:27:43 PM  
I went to the Kangaroo and Kiwi Pub (Seattle's only Australian/New Zealand pub) last week to watch the AFL Grand Final. Place was full of Aussies. Sat up the bar the whole night, didn't see a single Foster's bought. The only other Aussie beer was Coopers (from South Australia). Typical conversation.

Aussie- Got any Coopers left?

Publican- All sold out.

Aussie- What else you got that isn't American?

Publican- Steinlager, Beck's, Guinness, Fosters...

Aussie? FOSTERS? fark Fosters...Give us a steinlager...

Fosters tastes different in Australia, where it is brewed with Australian water (which tends to be a bit cleaner. Aussie coke tastes different, too). No-one drinks it over there either.

Melbourne- Victoria Bitter, Tooheys Blue, Carlton Cold, paint thinner

Sydney- Tooheys Red

Perth and Brisbane- XXXX

Adelaide- Coopers

Tasmania- Cascade Ale (Australia's BEST beer)

Darwin- whatever's handy

By the way, i don't drink. I just used to hang out with a lot of drunks.
2001-10-10 05:18:21 PM  
Elliott the dinosaur probably died of thirst rather than drink Australian beer.

Either that or he drowned because he could't get to Noah's Ark when it started raining.
2001-10-10 05:39:23 PM  
yeah, it's vic bitter, (VB) that's the most popular one.
2001-10-10 05:46:55 PM  
Prngr44: If you want a 'heavy' Australian beer try Sheaf Stout. It comes in 24oz bottles and is so dark that light does not shine thru it.
2001-10-10 07:02:21 PM  
at the storey bridge hotel (under the storey bridge) in brisbane, there'a a beer festival every year which boasts some 93 aussie beers. i went one year. i got drunk.
2001-10-10 07:08:51 PM  
Doomi -

Tooheys Red in Sydney? ? ? ?
You've obviously never been here.
It gives me the shiats when people try and say stuff they know nothing about. Do you see giving advice on the behaviour of Seattlians? (If that's what you call someone from seattle)


Tooheys Red is gross. Only homeless people drink it
2001-10-10 08:21:01 PM  
Yeah Fb-, there you go again, not givin' a shiat about what our politicians are screwing the world....

Oh, wait. wrong article.
2001-10-10 09:08:19 PM  
Platapus, koalas, TazDevils, rues - thoses Ozzies sure have a farked up continent.

Call it a Butta-Australo-pithicus
2001-10-10 09:41:24 PM  
Sara Marie from Big Brother.
2001-10-11 12:06:51 AM  
Vitamin B!!!
2001-10-11 12:55:38 PM  
Oystaman- never been to sydney. I'm from Melbourne. i thought they drank Tooheys Red in Sydney. so sue me.
2001-10-11 12:56:00 PM  
Pete's Dragon was named Elliot too!
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