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A quick note on Digg v4, and some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 8/22 - 8/28
Posted by Drew at 2010-08-31 1:19:33 PM (110 comments) | Permalink
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I really wasn't planning on making any comment on the new version of Digg, but enough people have asked me about it so here it is. As it so happens, botched site relaunches are something I know a thing or two about.

Back when we were doing Fark TV, someone emailed in a complaint that I've never forgotten. They said they didn't like the show because it was a sketch comedy show that had the name Fark stamped on top. There wasn't really anything Fark about it. You can't just stick the Fark name in there and expect the Fark community to just adopt it as their own, they said. Whoever sent that in was right.

Digg just made the same mistake. They just scrapped their existing site, replaced it with a new one, and told everyone it was Digg. That's what everyone's angry about: it's not Digg, and they really resent being repeatedly told that it is.

As for the actual Diggv4 site concept, I have no idea if it's genius or stupid. I can't tell, maybe it's the next Twitter, maybe it's the next MySpace. Time will tell.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2010-08-22 to Sat 2010-08-28:

   Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day. I cut down trees, I rob some banks, I go to the lavatory. On Friday I'm arrested, and charged with a felony    
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   Woman gets third tattoo at age 101, apparently unconcerned that it's permanent    
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   Camel milk expected on European shelves next year. Promoters claim it makes great sheiks    
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   Two-foot-long alligator found hiding under NYC car. It was apparently subletting it for $1500 a month    
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   Air bag technology has made it safer for equestrian riders who fall off their horses. That is super, man    
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   Chiropractor accused of masturbating and ejaculating on woman's back. In other news, a chiropractor actually did something to someone's back    
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   Man sets world record by spending 114 days with 40 dangerous snakes, beating the previous record held by a congressional staffer    
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   Vagina tree in Thailand tempts locals to Bangkok    
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   Woman found dead on wedding day. Now they just have to find something old, something new and something borrowed    
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   Japanese researchers develop touchable 3D TV images. "This technology could create a virtual museum," said researcher with a straight face    
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   A tourist snapping photos of a Iranian sunrise is jailed and subjected to "white torture,", which, I don't know for sure, but I think involves brunch and Steely Dan music    
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   Ben Roethlisberger returns to the field in Steelers' preseason game, seeing his first serious action since early this year in a Georgia women's restroom    
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   Tiger Woods divorce settlement becomes the most expensive 18 holes he's ever played    
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   The Rocket faces his toughest opponent yet, U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton. REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE    
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   Depressed teen plays Xbox 15 hours per day. If only there were a way to console him    
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   Wired youth in China and Japan are forgetting how to write, eat with forks    
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   Multitasking DOING ONE THING is for people AT A TIME who don't like WORKS to think BETTER too much    
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   Jon Gosselin to write book about parenting skills. Hopefully it's thick enough to make a good coaster    
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   U.S. Marshals fail to take Wesley Snipes to prison. This sounds very, very familiar    
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   Oprah Winfrey wants to host her talk show's series finale inside a stadium next fall. Wrigley Field would work perfectly; it's never used after August    
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   "Democrats should run on their record instead of reacting to Republican characterizations of it," says columnist unaware Democrats are not of the phylum Chordata    
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   It took a microscope and Sharron Angle saying some Congressmen may be enemies of the state, but Harry Reid's spine has finally been located    
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   Estimates show that there would be fewer jobs and larger deficits under the Republicans' plan. Republicans say that's impossible, they don't have a plan    
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   Bay City Rollers frontman Les McKeown wants the group to reunite. That seems like a lot of work to get people together to sing just one song    
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   Jimmy Page is releasing his autobiography later this year. It will contain 500 pages of text, 650 photographs, be individually autographed, and sell for $688 before shipping and handling    
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   Iron Maiden likes to keep their tours simple, like their fans    
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   The bad economy makes people rethink renting rather than home ownership, soon be followed by rethinking living with parents, then living on the street, then the sweet sweet release of death    
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   Sex toys prove recession-proof, inflation-friendly    
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   Johnson and Johnson recalls hip implants after complaints of hip failure, accelerated Pelvic Thrusts    
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2010-09-01 01:14:03 AM  
Never heard of Digg until now, but someone better let them know Facebook stole their skin.
2010-09-01 01:18:18 AM  
Whatever Drew, everything you say is invalid, you hate boobies.

bare moobs = acceptable
boobs in bikinis = not acceptable

Farking lame.

/no, I'm not over it
2010-09-01 06:39:07 AM  

someahole: The kids over at Digg have their panties way too much in a twist

Rightfully so. It used to be mostly user-generated links. Now it's 100% corporate shill links.
2010-09-01 07:27:50 AM  
I've been a Digger as long as I've been a farker, and thats a long time as far as internet years go.

That said, I'm damn near ready to drop Digg due to this change. No I won't get over it. Its just that bad.
2010-09-01 07:48:22 AM  
I joined Digg the last part of 2006. I submitted all sorts of content, became INVOLVED in it, had a large friend/fan base and enjoyed the community.

The new layout makes users pretty much irrelevant.

Deleted it this week, won't be bothering to look at them again.

Heck of a job, Kevin. Heck of a job. You killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.
2010-09-01 08:08:16 AM  
Dammit, the only time I'll ever see a Bay City Rollers thread and it's already closed! Well, I'll just have to do it here ....

R O double L E R S
Bay City Rollers are the best.

An older relative seemed to think it was funny to teach that to a 3 year old (over and over and over), but he's not paying for my farkin' therapy all these years later, is he?
2010-09-01 09:02:00 AM  

Seamer: Never heard of Digg until now, but someone better let them know Facebook stole their skin.

2010-09-01 09:04:32 AM  

rockforever: I've been a Digger as long as I've been a farker, and thats a long time as far as internet years go.

That said, I'm damn near ready to drop Digg due to this change. No I won't get over it. Its just that bad.

Me too, and I did drop it. The water's just fine over here.
2010-09-01 04:42:31 PM  

Silenced is foo: Shazam999: Most, if not all, top Digg stories were from something like fifty users. So really, the place was run by a small cabal of users.

What nobody wants to admit is that MrBabyMan et al actually submitted good stuff. Replacing them with corporate feeds is not an improvement.

Ultimately, scrape away the ego and all that, and most Digg users go to Digg to see a front-page full of interesting news and good user commentary. Same as Fark. Only a small number of vocal users care where the news comes from.

Well, thing is, they touted themselves as a place where anyone could submit a link, and the top dugg stories were the ones that went to the top. This, of course, was gamed in the first few months of the site.

It's fine to say that the top users were good contributors. So maybe they should've just said so, but then that means that the main appeal of the site would disappear.

And right now, that front page sucks. In fact, it's pushed off to the side, and instead defaults you to show a page of stuff you're following. And that stuff you're following is even worse, because unless you've gone hardcore and tracked down all the best contributors, it's full of the corporate stuff they suggested you follow when you signed up.

Yes, holy crap, that front page is useless.
2010-09-03 11:04:23 AM  

Xanthobilly: rockforever: I've been a Digger as long as I've been a farker, and thats a long time as far as internet years go.

That said, I'm damn near ready to drop Digg due to this change. No I won't get over it. Its just that bad.

Me too, and I did drop it. The water's just fine over here.

Not only that, but Reddit allows NSFW content on the front page, and doesn't censor salty language.

If it weren't for the threaded conversations (which, imho, are a misfeature and Fark's flat conversations are way better) I'd look at replacing my Farking with it.
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