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(Bergen Record)   Woodpecker has a woody for side-view mirrors on parked cars (with pic)   ( bergenrecord.com) divider line
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2003-06-12 04:33:30 PM  

2003-06-12 04:37:29 PM  
some picture. obviously a stock photo. now, a bird humping a car mirror: that's pulitzer material.
2003-06-12 06:20:53 PM  
I think this birds "real" competition may be dead. If he can do enough damage to take the mirror off the side of a car... just imagine what he can do to flesh and feathers.
2003-06-12 07:35:52 PM  
woodpeckers are jsut too weird, goddamit. if it was up to me we would be spending more money on finding the bones of whatever undiscovereddc disno0saur it was that they discebdbed from because theat would be one fearsome beast and might lead gto somje important other discovferies and would be fun to draw, too. damm!
2003-06-12 07:40:26 PM  
<=====jadejade: I'll do dinner, you do the cookies. then
you do breakfast....

we've got redheaded woodpeckers that have adopted the side
of a cabin to stash their acorns in. seriously it looks
like it's been machinegunned with an acorn gatling gun-
2003-06-12 07:43:07 PM  
[image from cartoonresearch.com too old to be available]
2003-06-12 07:44:06 PM  
"We were staring at it because it was just so big."

I've heard that one before..
2003-06-12 07:48:01 PM  
Pileated woodpeckers are impressive. Like the article says, 12-19 inches long. They're BIG.
2003-06-12 07:49:50 PM  
"Brown paper bag"? Oh puh-lease... some farker out there has to know what appropriate adhesive to use on side-mirrors to turn them into woodpecker hotels. We'll see how much he laughs when he's stuck to the thing while I'm commuting home at 65mph or so.
2003-06-12 07:53:17 PM  
heh heh he said pecker

2003-06-12 07:54:15 PM  
2003-06-12 07:55:02 PM  
If you remove every instance of the word 'wood' from that article, it's pretty damn funny. Behold:

"This is going to cost me 100 bucks because of the ... pecker."
"It was the largest pecker I ever saw," said Pleasantview Drive resident Kelly Luke, who saw the bird peck at her husband's truck without inflicting damage. "We were staring at it because it was just so big."
2003-06-12 07:55:13 PM  
A bird was messing with my buddies side view mirrors so he tryed to kill it with the old daisy 7700. He missed and shattered the mirror. It was quit funny.
2003-06-12 07:55:24 PM  
huh yeah and he said wood too huh huh

2003-06-12 07:59:32 PM  
Woodpeckers are cool. Woodypeckers are not (I don't think).
2003-06-12 08:00:08 PM  
Now I'm confusing myself...
2003-06-12 08:03:08 PM  
I wish I had 19" Pileated Pecker
2003-06-12 08:03:24 PM  
Damn! My pet Woodpecker attacked my monitor when he saw that pic!!!!
2003-06-12 08:10:02 PM  

** cleanup on aisle three! **
2003-06-12 08:13:10 PM  
[image from safka-bareis.com too old to be available]

This woody has a woody for his daughter and pecks-her.
2003-06-12 08:17:08 PM  
We have pileated woodpeckers out at my parents house. The males love finding metal gates and fenceposts to bang on to attract mates.

It's kind of sad and kind of impressive at the same time. I'm certainly not willing to smash my head into metal to attract a member of the opposite sex. Unless she's cute.
2003-06-12 08:21:56 PM  
"This is going to cost me 100 bucks because of the ... woodpecker."

Methinks he was going to say something else instead of that last word.
2003-06-12 08:25:43 PM  
Woo! Hometown newspaper makes it to Fark! My mother told me about the story today after she read it. Quite humorous.
2003-06-12 08:28:24 PM  
Attention FARKer posting this article:

When you include "(with pic)" next time, make sure there is an actual picture of the topic.

2003-06-12 08:29:07 PM  

A small plastic bag filled with baking powder containing an even smaller bag full of SuperGlue should do nicely.

Scratch that, too cruel.

Tri-nitro-iodine, but you lose the mirror about the time you lose the bird.

Gotta go now, my Echelon@home screen saver just caused a GPF for some reason. Funny, it's never done that before.
2003-06-12 08:31:59 PM  
I have a cardinal that does the same thing to the side mirrors on my car and anything shiny that will give a decent reflection. He hasn't broken anything but he has totaly hazed my mirrors.
2003-06-12 08:32:03 PM  
I don't think I have read an article that had so many (-)s in it. I tend to get distracted when articles are full of semi-colons, colons, camas, and hyphens. Other than that article flowed quite nicely.
2003-06-12 08:39:34 PM  
woodpeckers are edible, right ?
2003-06-12 08:42:37 PM  
06-12-03 08:39:34 PM Bored-parts-guy
woodpeckers are edible, right ?

Of course they are...
[image from whatbadgerseat.com too old to be available]
2003-06-12 08:44:09 PM  
In the same article:
On Wednesday, police received six calls before 11 a.m. about a 200-pound bear lumbering through the streets.

Sure this isn't Springfield?

This is Kent Brockman with a special report from the Channel 6 News Copter. A large, bear-like animal, most likely a bear, has wandered down from the hill in search of food or perhaps employment.

2003-06-12 08:47:22 PM  

You can eat this pecker's wood.

[image from luckyfish.com too old to be available]
2003-06-12 08:56:00 PM  
The woodpecker pecked on the outhouse door.
He pecked and pecked 'til his pecker was sore.

trad. arranged by R.A. Wilson

P.S. what a gorgeous bird!
2003-06-12 09:05:47 PM  
The bird/mirror thing is quite a sight. When I was a kid, we left a full length mirror on our back porch and birds would hang around, hovering in front of the mirror and peck at it all day.

My favorite bird object is a plastic owl. This keeps those birds doing their morning routine right outside my window while I sleep in late.

Brown bag those rear view windows and problem is solved.

2003-06-12 10:54:40 PM  
Animal damages my car, animal is dead. End of story.

PETA farker tries to interfere, PETA farker is never heard from again.
2003-06-12 11:54:33 PM  
Got some damn birds that do that shiat to my cars in my driveway. Drives me insane, they shiat all over the door by the mirror and leave marks that look like scratched paint that thankfully polish out nicely. Little bastards, I mean I'd hit em with a pellet gun but there's the windows on the car to think of plus it might look bad to the neighbors too.

Maybe some sticky mouse/rat glue traps would work, tape em on the spots they land on and let that send a message to all the little winged farkers who dare land on my vehicles. Muhahahha suck on that PETA, it's inhumane and cruel and best of all it deals with the birdshiat on the car problem.

Better yet I'm gonna get some of that 3x expanding foam in the aerosol can from Home Depot and entomb them in where they nested in a brick column on my house. God I hate birds.
2003-06-12 11:56:48 PM  
Also, quite thankfully the birds on my cars don't break the mirrors they just rub their beaks on em and leave marks but I still hate the little bastards with a vengeance.
2003-06-13 12:23:37 AM  
SkiInstructor, that sounds like Acorn Woodpecker behavior, especially if you're in California.

Anyway, I wish this bird were an Ivory Billed Woodpecker...
2003-06-13 12:40:44 AM  
Yaknow, the folks interviewed in this article sound like the kind of suburban asshole who ran into my shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot last weekend, shaking up my beer and smashing my raspberries, and then tried to blame *ME* because *THEIR* vehicle was damaged.

I just moved back into $city a couple weeks back, and already I'm hating suburbanites. Wow.
2003-06-13 01:22:16 AM  
2003-06-13 01:23:53 AM  
Let's try this again...

2003-06-13 02:45:34 AM  
"This is going to cost me 100 bucks because of the [insert expletive here] woodpecker."

2003-06-13 03:18:20 AM  
Christ Allmighty Hytes Xian, order yourself a damn dialing wand.
Or learn to spell...
2003-06-13 10:32:55 AM  
I saw this on the news last night. It was one of the funniest things i have ever seen. They had footage of all teh cars, now with socks and bags covering the mirrors.
2003-06-13 11:18:31 AM  
Don't harm him? Screw that, I say make some Woodpecker-kabobs. That'll teach those little creatures they can't mess with the humans. I mean he's a big woodpecker, that should be quite a bit of meat. I'd eat it.

Yeah, and hearing that a woodpecker is just too stupid to recognize his own reflection is idiotic. How do they know how smart the woodpecker is or is not? He could just be having some nice woodpecker vadalism fun...did they ever think of that?
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