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(Yahoo)   Taliban produces poster with Bert as Evil Henchman of Bin Laden. Read comments for further explanation. It's a real poster   ( divider line
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24431 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Oct 2001 at 8:22 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-10 08:08:51 AM  
What the hell are you talking about?
2001-10-10 08:09:08 AM  
jeez! that's awesome.
I saw it before & assumed it had been photoshopped.

2001-10-10 08:09:14 AM  
Misleading title.
2001-10-10 08:09:50 AM  
Fb- look just over bin laden's shoulder, to the right of his head...
(very small but it is there)
2001-10-10 08:10:20 AM  
No it's not. Bert's in the pic. Someone find a clearer copy
2001-10-10 08:11:28 AM  
Oh, I can *kinda* see it. Where's Ernie?
2001-10-10 08:12:13 AM  
I was thinking the same thing, but if you look just above the big central Osama's right shoulder, you'll see a tiny tiny Bert.
2001-10-10 08:13:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Now, go look at the original.
2001-10-10 08:14:44 AM  
that's awesome
2001-10-10 08:15:08 AM people over there even know who Bert is? What possessed them to stick Bert on their poster??
2001-10-10 08:16:26 AM  
Here's an even clearer one. This was sent in days ago but I thought it was a photoshop. Apparently they're really using this.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-10 08:19:47 AM  
Well, that really compels me to take them seriously
2001-10-10 08:20:02 AM  
Drew, didn't you trust me .....

This photo is taken from a website of one of our Dutch newspapers, the Tubantia from Twente (near the German border). I'm mailing them as we speak were they got this picture from...
2001-10-10 08:23:11 AM  
I figured it was a photoshop already, I had no idea it was real. Boggles the mind
2001-10-10 08:25:31 AM  
good god, Bert's been in the USA for like 30 years.
Osama's been working this shiat out for a long time.
2001-10-10 08:26:01 AM  
"do people over there even know who Bert is? What possessed them to stick Bert on their poster??"

I bet that they have no freaking clue who he is... $50 says that they have ONE computer with an internet connection, and that they download all the pics that they can find of Bin Laden. Then they pick a few, and using a bootleg copy of Photoshop 2.0 make a poster...
2001-10-10 08:31:29 AM  
Okay, apologies for my previous post (Misleading title).
2001-10-10 08:32:06 AM  
I sent this to a friend learning ps as an example of good ps skills. Someone let me know what's up with this...
2001-10-10 08:33:16 AM  
"Tired of all the allegations that he was leading a homosexual lifestyle for the last thirty years with Ernie, Bert decided to leave Sesame Street and join the Taliban. But not before he started his own Jihad by flying Big Bird into Luis and Maria's Apartment"
2001-10-10 08:33:23 AM  
The strangest thing is that from two very different sources and two different photo's depicting the same poster no one noticed it. I just sent the email to the newspaper, I think they don't know what will hit them on their server in a few hours. It's spreading like wildfire.
2001-10-10 08:33:26 AM  
Here's the deal, far as I can tell.

I've seen the Bert with Osama pic floating around for a while now. What probably happened is some guy printed a bunch of Osama pics off the net and made a collage. One of them was the Bert is Evil pic. They didn't take Bert out.
2001-10-10 08:33:38 AM  
2001-10-10 08:34:44 AM  
it's still awesome though, Drew.
2001-10-10 08:35:48 AM  
I wouldn't believe it either, except that source #1 is Reuters and #2 is a Dutch Newspaper with a complete different pic depicting the exact same thing
2001-10-10 08:36:07 AM  
The guy from fractalcow (home of Bert is Evil) says he had nothing to do woth the picture!
2001-10-10 08:36:18 AM  
And I thought all along that Elmo was the bad apple on Sesame Street...
2001-10-10 08:38:06 AM  
OH my God! Bert's a terrorist? When do we start bombing his farking ass? I wonder if Mr. Rogers will let us station troops in his neighborhood? Death to Sesame Street!
2001-10-10 08:40:35 AM  
just to his left is a publicity still from when Bin Laden was touring with MC Hammer. Back then he was simply known as The Nefarious U.B.L.
I have one of his first albums on vinyl, and while the music doesn't really lend itself to dancing, that Bin Laden spins one wicked rhyme. That boy is all the way live.
2001-10-10 08:40:36 AM  
I do not believe this.
2001-10-10 08:40:50 AM  
the full scoop on the pic.

It looks as though someone may be monkeying with the news services
2001-10-10 08:42:01 AM  
2001-10-10 08:44:19 AM  
so... odd...
2001-10-10 08:44:41 AM​tfri.jpg &extName=Property+of+AP

The undoctored photo.
2001-10-10 08:45:05 AM  
This is so bizarre...

Right before reading this article, I had done a search for a page I hadn't visited in a long while, the Bacon Worship Page. Sadly, this page no longer exists; however, on the first page that my search turned up, there were links to several other strange pages, including the "Bert is Evil" page.
2001-10-10 08:46:21 AM  
not that I know anyhthing about how they would think

but I'm sure they didn't put Bert in there!

The people holding up the poster would kinda wonder

or they would say

"hey that's evil bert from the internet... remember when they mirrored all those sites?"
2001-10-10 08:46:33 AM  
Gilatrout: Nice link!

I for one know the Dutch paper somewhat and the fact that they've produced the first photo makes it more stranger than clearer. This newspaper is part of the Wegener organisation which publishes some 20 regional papers in East and Middle Netherlands.
2001-10-10 08:47:53 AM  
2001-10-10 08:49:29 AM  
If we bomb Evil Bert, do we first target the Electric Company? Or does it even still exist?
2001-10-10 08:50:04 AM  
Goldstein was shown with Bert in 1984.
2001-10-10 08:50:17 AM  
Here is the Original link
2001-10-10 08:51:14 AM  
This bombing brought to you by the number "9".
2001-10-10 08:53:51 AM  
1....1 Tomahawk, ha ha ha....
2....2 Tomahawks, ha ha ha....
3....3 Tomahawks, ha ha ha....
2001-10-10 08:54:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

They're using the whole gang!
2001-10-10 08:54:51 AM  
Anyone ever see that Family guy episode where Seasme Street crossed with NYPD blue? They showed Bert's naked ass as he was getting out of bed with Erine? So if he was gay, shouldn't the Taliban stone him, or send him out to be eaten by 10,000 fire ants?
2001-10-10 08:59:11 AM  
Another piece of that same collage has him in front of some cheesy Photoshopped "fire" that looks like it was taken from Osama's Geocities page or something.
2001-10-10 09:09:23 AM  
I can't believe supporters of Bin Laden would keep it in. Something isn't right here.

Although I want to know what Bin is holding in his lap in the top of the poster. Looks like a liqour bottle to me. Drinking is wrong.

2001-10-10 09:09:51 AM  
AngryInch: Just... too funny. Respect to you, sir.
2001-10-10 09:10:09 AM​tbig.jpg &extName=Property+of+Reuter

Is where the big poster is.
2001-10-10 09:12:44 AM  
Thats the funniest thing EVER!
2001-10-10 09:14:52 AM  
Rubber ducky.
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