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(Fark)   NYC Fark Party, July 25-27. Be there or be square   ( divider line
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1830 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jun 2003 at 4:55 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-13 11:15:08 AM  
i LOVE peculiar pub! but that strecth of bleeker on a saturday night is REALLY B&T'd out. makes for good eye-candy though. all those underage suburbanite girls strutting around in spaghetti straps and miniskirts...


seriously, i think even on a busy night, we can pile a bunch of farkers into peculiar pub, and they do have one of the best tap selections in NYC.

how bout the parkside lounge on houston? or maybe DBA on 1st ave and houston. another good draft selection there. and not too expensive...
2003-06-13 11:18:09 AM  

"i must concur, if we have upwards of 20 people, it might be a little too much for rudy's. but it's gonna be hard to find a good pub anywhere in manhattan where we can just waltz in with 30-40 people and not pack the place. know what i mean? we should probably reserve a place, but most places that allow reservations are snooty $8/beer places. and i HATE those..."

Here's a great pace for Saturday afternoon:

They rent our to private parties and it is perfect for a sunny day.
2003-06-13 11:21:06 AM  
The theater district would be a good idea for a venue, since after the shows start, the bars around there are pretty mellow (and don't attract a B&T crowd).

With that idea in mind, we could go to O'Flaherty's on W. 46th Street - it's pretty big, and they have a garden. It's NOT AT ALL COOL but would meet all the other requirements of a large group gathering...

I mean, I live in the East Village and while I know of many good non-touristy bars in that area, I can't think of any that would be big enough for a lot of folks.
2003-06-13 11:21:59 AM  

roof bar: looks snooty. i bet they're cheapest beer is like $6. i mean, they have a wine list!!!

/cheap bastard
2003-06-13 11:23:43 AM  

2003-06-13 11:26:36 AM  
Hello Trelane and fellow Farkers.

Perhaps it would be best to point out one event out of the weekend's plans to come to for people who are a little short on time for maximum turnout and good times.
2003-06-13 11:31:57 AM  

It's true it's not a Village dive bar. Beers are $5. It's more like a nice backyard kegger-party vibe. You can have a group conversation there.
2003-06-13 11:53:52 AM  
Rudy's is all the way up in Hell's Kitchen. Let's stay EV/LES!
2003-06-13 11:56:03 AM  
What about No Idea on E. 20th St.? I am not sure if it still exists but they have a back room and you can bring in your own food because they don't have a kitchen.
2003-06-13 11:59:31 AM  
It's funny we can't agree on anything.
Question: How many geeks does it take to organize a party?
2003-06-13 12:02:12 PM  

everything MUST be PERFECT!!!!! and by the way everybody, NO WIRE COAT HANGERS!!!!!
2003-06-13 12:08:54 PM  
My two cents:

swifts. in the neighborhood (e6 and bowery) , beautiful interior, 20 taps, and nice long caferteria like tables in the back which are usually empty during the week.

and if there's any young ones the crowd, they tend to turn their head...
2003-06-13 12:15:03 PM  
Why don't we go to Chucky Cheese? This way the kids in the group can play & the real men can chase MILFs.
2003-06-13 12:15:11 PM  

It's still there (and you can get Magic Hat #9 on tap) but it's tiny.
2003-06-13 12:32:07 PM  
Well - Bleeker is ALWAYS packed - due to the fact that NYU is literally around the corner. Having grown up in that neighborhood, I remember it as being a HUGE underage drinking scene as well. Well, at least it was 10 years ago when I was still underage.

Down the Hatch - I can't move in that bar - EVER...and there's nowhere for the ladies to pee without having to wait on a big 30 minute line. Always always always matter what.

There are a few good places in TriBeca - but they tend to be pretty expensive.

I don't know - I wish I could offer up suggestions but I always go to the same places because they're good with the buy-backs.

And I won't be going to the porn and pizza party. I think that would be a little strange with a bunch of strangers.
2003-06-13 12:37:50 PM  
Just chiming in on the location bit:
Like Gwinny said, even though Brooklyn SEEMS like a good idea (you can find a nice space to meet), when it came down to it, the attendance fell off real sharply. Definitely consider having it in Manhattan.
2003-06-13 12:41:32 PM  
Maybe once a few more people show interest we should take a vote. I think I'd rather skip the porn, too.
2003-06-13 01:07:54 PM  
I_think_i_dwank_too_many_melonades You're smoking crack! Wo Hop is the bomb! Drunk, Sober, it's all good! Everyone goes to wo hop - nyc cops, corporate executives, college students.. everyone!

and the food is actually pretty good. better than any chinese takeout i've ever had - that's for sure.
2003-06-13 01:08:50 PM  
I leave on the 25th!! So unless the oarty starts at like 8am or something im not gonna be able to make it!!
(grew up on Mott and Spring)
2003-06-13 01:42:44 PM  
there is an awsome place by the Seaport now its all the way downtown and huge and wont be super crowded... JERMEY's ALE HOUSE serves 32oz beers as the norm you get a 32oz cup of Sam Adams for like 6 bucks it was listed as one of te best hapy hours in Manhattan and its not to hard to get to

2003-06-13 01:51:53 PM  
06-13-03 11:53:52 AM Corporate Mofo

Rudy's is all the way up in Hell's Kitchen. Let's stay EV/LES!

Ken, if you can think of an EV/LES bar that can hold 40-50 Farkers along with the regulars -- a bar that isn't touristy or B&T -- then I'm all for it...

If you can't, then I'm suggesting the Theater District as an alternative.
2003-06-13 01:53:14 PM  
EvilHomer: Great Call, food is super cheap & it's a classic shiat hole. Bras hanging from the ceiling & all. No A/C. If the party turns out to be a dork-fest you can mingle with the other folks partying there.
2003-06-13 01:55:36 PM  
but the theater district is like a whole THREE STOPS from the e. vill.!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!

/astoria guy who rides the train everyday and doesn't care what neighborhood we end up in
2003-06-13 02:06:56 PM  
I hate No Idea. Bad dating show memories.

An EV/LES bar that can hold us all? Easy: The Raven.
2003-06-13 02:35:10 PM  
I, and everyone I know whose seen the New Planitarium show has found it sadly and sorely lacking.
2003-06-13 02:37:21 PM  
I'd like to recommend the Silver Swan (across from No Idea). It's not that big, but it's the friendliest place I know with a unique clientel. And on Saturdays, after 11, it's quite the unusual place.
2003-06-13 02:51:56 PM  
Thank you all for your ideas, comments, et al. I'm gonna work with Corp Mofo and Gwinny to secure a place for us Sat night. Stay tuned to the website for updates :)
2003-06-13 03:23:38 PM  
How in the world does Drew have permission to attend this so close to his wife's due date? In any case, I'm in. See ya there Drew.
2003-06-13 03:27:56 PM  
Im telling you Jeremy's is clutch for Sat
2003-06-13 03:43:05 PM  
Do we need to bring our propellor caps?
How will we know who the group is?
2003-06-13 03:44:56 PM  
well im going to be the good looking guy with all of the muscles. OOOhh Yeah and chicks al over me ...I'll be aesy to find
2003-06-13 04:20:52 PM  
Oh my god you HAVE to take people to CBGB's bathroom! The NASTIEST bathroom in the world, just go in and look at it then leave! It's a historical landmark for alot of people!
2003-06-13 04:29:29 PM  
My friend Vinny and I were in CBGBs and he had to do an Ashcroft. He used the women's bathroom. Coming out, one of the resident punk grrrrrls said to him, "You do know that's the women's room, right?" and he said, "Have you SEEN the guys' bathroom?"
2003-06-13 05:01:32 PM  
oh , HERES a crowd that'll get into all the bars, no problem
2003-06-13 05:19:08 PM  
Look what I missed by going to work! A few comments:

I_think_I_dwank: I LOVE Rudy's! Hands-down the best bar in NYC that I've been to. Largely because I know a lot of the regulars. The back garden is indeed open now; actually, a friend of mine (initials R.T., do you know him or J.K.? I'm serious - a lot of Rudy's regulars seem to) did the construction and it looks great. Closes at 10, though, so the neighbors don't complain. Gotta love Johnny Dirt. I don't go as often as I should.

Sadly, Rudy's will NOT be able to host even 30-40 Farkers. I have trouble fitting five of my friends in sometimes, and that's even WITH french-kissing the bouncer (please god don't ask).

"All the way up" in Hell's Kitchen? shiat, some of us live here.

Peculiar Pub is another great spot. Huge beer menu, and much more space to fit a large crowd. I second the notion that it'll fit Farkers better than Rudy's (sadly; Rudy's is worth checking out with a small group, but is not for the claustrophobic on a Saturday night).

Cerebus - thanks for the link. I'll have to share that with my friends who have been to Peculiar.
2003-06-13 05:24:47 PM  
Just to clarify, that's the Rudy's BACKYARD that closes at 10... the bar goes till 4...
2003-06-13 05:33:11 PM  
Ok my last shot at Jeremy's

also Brother Jimmys Uptown is awsome also alot of fun and I know the bartenders means cheap drinks for all
2003-06-13 06:01:22 PM  
Count me in

Went to a great Malaysian place in Chinatown a few weeks ago that was cheap (not dirt cheap) -- a scaled down version of the Penang chain. I will let you know when I remeber it.

Brother Jimmy's is a good place (I have a hookup down the street at the Gin Mill)

Always had fun at ACE bar on 5th between A and B -- darts and pool

Generally up for anything but Peculiar is a bit too B&T during the weekend
2003-06-13 06:07:31 PM  
can't wait for the NYC throwdown!!! Queens representing to the fullest! 7 train rocks!
Good luck trelane trying to organize this insanity, may the fark be with you....

if it matters to anyone and i doubt it does, I vote for less trendy, more cheap-space to talk & meet ambience. otherwise $12 martinis all around. ie - campbell apartment at grand central. i kid, i kid.
2003-06-13 10:41:07 PM  
i'm in. chinese?: on chatham sq Fuleen Seafood is good and economical 11 Division ST
2003-06-13 10:49:04 PM  
as for a place where 10/20-30 can walk in with no problem: Whitehorse Tavern near Bowling Green on BridgeST
2003-06-13 10:53:37 PM  
Another venue to consider - Solas on E 9th St. They're huge, take reservations for portions of the bar, no charge (though you have to guarantee them a minimum # attending or you lose your area) and the drinks are fairly reasonable.
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