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(The Sun)   J-Lo and Ben Affleck have to reshoot scenes for new movie because test audiences felt no sexual chemistry   ( thesun.co.uk) divider line
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2003-06-12 05:18:50 PM  
If they marry then she'd be known as J-Aff or J-Lo-Aff?

[image from duckgear.aflac.com too old to be available]
2003-06-12 05:18:55 PM  
I miss Jennifer Lopez, the actress from My Family and Out of Sight. Instead we are stuck with J-Lo, no talent diva with a big ass.
2003-06-12 05:19:02 PM  
Yipes...just yipes. I wonder if they're cognizant of how bad they've got it. Poor bastards.

/Clerks cartoon
2003-06-12 05:19:10 PM  
This deserves the IRONIC tag
2003-06-12 05:19:17 PM  
Kyleh - The nation's lone hispanic hot chick is and has been Salma Hayek for some time now.

J-Lo is a sideshow.
2003-06-12 05:19:19 PM  
Maybe, but i think she seemed to really fit the role. Plus the Karen Cisco character (who appears in a few other Leonard books) is one of my favorites, Actually its probably more her character than it was J'Blo.
2003-06-12 05:19:56 PM  
thanks for the link patent... reminded me of someone who hates cameron diaz because she "looks like a downie - hairlip n all"
2003-06-12 05:20:05 PM  
wake me up when her 15 minutes are over
2003-06-12 05:20:51 PM  
I am, as some may know, a stranger from a distant planet who's come from a far future via the inscrutably ancient pre-Atlantean past who has been bombarded with gamma radiation, bathed in cosmic rays, bitten by several radioactive critters, attended school on Graymalkin Lane, interned at Wayne Enterprises, mastered the mystic arts, invented countless technological wonders, been involved in quite a few lab accidents featuring exotic elements and alien chemistry, been both cursed AND blessed, and own many powerful talismans including what appears to be a jade ring with a lantern image on it. In short, I've got super-duper powers and even I cannot muster the strength to give a damn. But I'll try again.

*Hnnnngggggggg!!!* Nope.
2003-06-12 05:22:26 PM  
RightSaidSteve - I never read his books, but one thing I did like is that they got Michael Keaton to play those couple of scenes as the same character he played in Jackie Brown.
2003-06-12 05:22:37 PM  
Once upon a time, I cashed my paycheck in all $2 bills.

Of course, this was 15 years ago when I was making $3.50 an hour at an after school job. It was fun to buy stuff using only $2 bills, and then watch the cashiers search in vain for a slot in the cash drawer to put them in.
2003-06-12 05:24:48 PM  
She is a horrid actor. I had to sit through that damn "Angel Eyes" flick.

Also whoever is responsible for that shiatty Pearl Harbor movie.
2003-06-12 05:25:13 PM  
They both can sick my duck.

2003-06-12 05:25:49 PM  
She has taco-flavored kisses.
2003-06-12 05:26:06 PM  
SherKhan: LMAO!
2003-06-12 05:26:50 PM  
Looks like Mitch Connor's cashed in his last chips.
2003-06-12 05:28:51 PM  
Not only does this deserve the IRONIC tag, but the use of the OBVIOUS tag for a story that is not also deserves the IRONIC tag.

The only thing OBVIOUS about this is that farkers would comment on whether this was IRONIC or not.

The whole this is ASININE.
2003-06-12 05:29:18 PM  
--- Ben and J'Lo have no sexual chemistry ---

In the words of Nelson from the Simpsons, "Ha, ha!"
2003-06-12 05:30:25 PM  
Yeah Leonard's characters cross into all of his books. and your right about salma hayek, she makes me all warm and tingly...
2003-06-12 05:33:06 PM  
Damn, you patent! You made my penis cringe so bad it is only 12 1/2 inches instead of the usual 3 feet. Stop the madness.
2003-06-12 05:35:58 PM  
MrNeutron: True Master of the non-sequitur or posting in the wrong thread? Either way, I think I'll agree.
2003-06-12 05:36:53 PM  
Did anyone else picture J-Lo with a strap-on dildo ?
2003-06-12 05:38:25 PM  
that is because ben affleck is ass deep in taco flavored kisses.

2003-06-12 05:39:59 PM  
I bet J-lo looks like that old fat lady behind her in the no makeup pic with in the next 10 years.
2003-06-12 05:42:28 PM  
You're right, Christina was old n' busted before I even knew what she looked like. Genie in a bottle indeed!

Maybe we'll get a new and completely unheard of hispanic woman this time? I really haven't been paying attention to who's been waiting in the wings.
2003-06-12 05:46:41 PM  
Who's your favorite New Kid!

/obscure Affleck reference
2003-06-12 05:47:05 PM  
I love you Ben, you almost make me stop thinking about......

2003-06-12 05:47:07 PM  

S.W.A.G. rocks.

I like elmore's stuff better before he got sober.
2003-06-12 05:51:02 PM  
call me donnie, call me joey

/not so obscure
2003-06-12 05:54:01 PM  
Jennifer Loffleck. thats it hehe
Try watching J-Lo in Maid in Manhattan i had to take my sis and her friends to the movie when it came out, i kind of wanted to cry its soo bad..
BTW.. off topic sorry but Semi Sane.. very attractive pic in your profile i must say.. just cruising around some Farkers profiles.. yours is good:)
Ben Affleck is kind of attractive i think though in Pearl Harbor, with the uniform maybe its just me..
2003-06-12 05:55:42 PM  
50 points awarded to SandMonkeyJihad
2003-06-12 05:58:21 PM  
Hmmmm... read about J-Lo sucking (or, not sucking well enough) or look at Page 3 girl Lauren... what to do what to do.

Kittens beware.
2003-06-12 06:05:57 PM  
As J-Lo's celebrity becomes more and more about J-Lo's butt, I predict that she'll win a 2005 MTV Video Music Award for a 3-D colonoscopy set to an old-skool Rick James sample loop.
2003-06-12 06:08:14 PM  
J-Lo said yesterday: Benny is someone who has helped me in countless ways and I thank him profusely.

You know your acting totally sucks if your taking advice from Affleck. Why don't you take golf lessons from Charles Barkley while your at it?
2003-06-12 06:09:58 PM  

I think that it is the girl from that really bad new movie, 'Wrong Turn'. Her name is Emmanuelle something or other. Yep, I'm lazy.
2003-06-12 06:12:06 PM  
Hmm, she calls him Benny... sounds like shes talking about a 6 year old..
Why wont she just go away. no more movies, no more records, no more clothing lines, no more perfumes, just please retire while your still young..
/cant stand either of em anymore..
2003-06-12 06:17:43 PM  
I'm not jumping on any bandwagon. I've ALWAYS thought J-Lo was undeniably nasty, and the pic in the article is my proof.

Shakira is the new hot Latina. Poot!
2003-06-12 06:22:17 PM  
06-12-03 06:08:14 PM Casper

J-Lo said yesterday: Benny is someone who has helped me in countless ways and I thank him profusely.

You know your acting totally sucks if your taking advice from Affleck. Why don't you take golf lessons from Charles Barkley while your at it?

I'm pretty sure she was talking about Benny Medina, her ex-manager.
2003-06-12 06:23:02 PM  
Oh, that color didn't come out well. Now my eyes are burning.
2003-06-12 06:31:54 PM  
Thanks KittyKatE
2003-06-12 06:41:04 PM  
Jennifer Lopez (I REFUSE to feed her marketing machine by calling her anything else) is the worst kind of no-talent there is: The dreaded, nefarious, TALENT BLACK HOLE. She is so utterly devoid of talent that she sucks in and makes disappear the talent of those she associates with (See also: Ono, Yoko).

Nature abhors a vacuum.

And, y'know...I actually LIKE Ben Affleck. I'm a Kevin Smith fan, so it goes with the territory. But when he's around her, he becomes nearly as vapid and sucky as she is. I just hope she doesn't suck in all of Kevin Smith's talent, too. I mean, it was bad enough when he announced that he wouldn't be making any more Jay & Bob movies. But when he turned around and announced in the next breath that his next movie would also star HER, I sank to my knees and wept.

I fear. DEEPLY.
2003-06-12 06:43:10 PM  
I am so glad that everyone is tired of Jlo. I remember not even six months ago people in these threads kept talking about how fine she was.

when i was a waiter, i waited on that skank. 3500 in food, and a $50 dollar tip. I hope anything evil that can happen, does happen to her.
2003-06-12 06:45:45 PM  
Has anyone noticed that she marries men that can help her current career venture.
First she was with puffy so he could fund her clothng line and teach her how to sing (which he failed at) now that her new thing is horrible acting, she got with the worst of them all
2003-06-12 06:46:22 PM  
Wait, am I to understand we will now have no Jay, but J-Lo?

Jay - Grating and annoying, but in a funny and entertaining way.

J-Lo - Just plain grating and annoying.
2003-06-12 06:54:51 PM  
I'm pretty sure she was talking about Benny Medina, her ex-manager.
See what happens when you don't read.

Remember kids stay in school, and finish college or you might just end up like this bum....

[image from cleveland.com too old to be available]
2003-06-12 06:57:10 PM  
Now that nobody faps to J-lo anymore my cat fredo is safe again.
2003-06-12 06:58:06 PM  
2003-06-12 06:58:27 PM  
/me kills sun.com

i dunno, any time i go there, it crashes internet explorer and windows explorer the first time, and gives me a _noisy_ popup the second. like, always. good to see that the web site is as good as the paper.

PS J-lo = dog. Or indeed, a biatch, in all senses. sorry, but you know it's true.
2003-06-12 07:01:31 PM  
Cubansaltyballs: EXACTLY!

Hmm. If J-Lo's earnings start to go down the drain, do you think her ass and/or b00bies will suffer some kind of unfortunate and amazingly convenient (but unprovably fraudulent) accident so she can claim on that $1 billion dollars they were insured for?
2003-06-12 07:02:42 PM  
Ok i am gonna try this one more time
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