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2001-10-09 10:37:18 PM  
Quite possibly the single worst use of the ironic tag on fark ever.
2001-10-09 10:39:33 PM  
No we've had worse
2001-10-09 10:39:45 PM  
Oh yea. boobies ;)
2001-10-09 10:41:07 PM  
Hey!! I submitted this and I totally used the interesting tag, so don't blame me if a mod changed it!
2001-10-09 10:41:58 PM  
Is this link our first taste of the unfiltered, premium Fark?
2001-10-09 10:42:20 PM  
Now, dont get all mad at the mods... they can't do that anyway. It's just the admins
2001-10-09 10:43:20 PM  
Who posted this, Alanis Morrisete?
2001-10-09 10:43:23 PM  
"the series resumes with Game 2 on Thursday at 4:20 p.m."


oh yeah, let the baseball hating begin!
2001-10-09 10:53:17 PM  
Typical Seattle team - chokes in the post-season.
2001-10-09 10:57:14 PM  
Amusing, Yahoo's headline said "Mariners Undone by Dominant Colon"

2001-10-09 10:59:27 PM  
A few years ago, there was a Plain Dealer headline that read "A Whiff of Colon." Gotta love Spanish pronunciations.
2001-10-09 11:01:24 PM  
Schilling just handed the Cards there ass.


GO Reds in 2002!
2001-10-09 11:01:35 PM  
Thanks Dude for giving permission for baseball hating. I wouldn't have known what the fark sport any of you were talking about otherwise. The ESP article sure as shiat didn't explain anything to non-Americans.

So how does the game work?

Best I can figure out is that a bunch of guys wearing shoulder pads, helmets, shin pads, crotch protectors etc (what pussies) stand around chewing, spitting, and runbbing their crotches and one of them throws a big fat ball at some other dude who is carrying a weapon normally used to rob liquor stores.

Meanwhile, some other dude who got lost on the way to a horror movie set squats behind the liquor store felon like he wants to take a dump but instead flashes gang signs.

How do the umpiures score it?
Size of the dump by the horror movie dude?
Fattest spitwad?
Most stains left on pants by the crotch rubbing?

It all looks hugely entertaining to me but I just don't understand how it works.
2001-10-09 11:01:44 PM  
Schilling was awesome looking. Two shutouts to start each of the division series
2001-10-09 11:03:30 PM  
Do people in New Zealand really say 'dude'?
2001-10-09 11:06:31 PM  
Jeff: Mods, admins., whatever. I still didn't use ironic. ;)

Why do those who hate baseball even click on the link, let alone post in the threads?
2001-10-09 11:07:33 PM  
Schilling was awesome looking
yeah, Hanky... I think he had a new haircut.
(j/k Schilling is the first guy I've looked for in each of the last 5 yrs of fantasy-baseball)

Feral-Kiwi: I think someone could come up with a similar 'boy, that game must be nonsense' description of any sport. (Rugby, Footbol, Cricket (which I loved playing as a lad), shuffleboard)
2001-10-09 11:09:44 PM  
Feral-Kiwi: I made the effort to learn cricket, rugby, and soccer (excuse me, I mean football), you can learn baseball. It's about as complicated as cricket, but a hell of a lot shorter :-)
2001-10-09 11:19:27 PM  
Oh don't even get me started on soccer.

And he kicks the ball to that other dude, then some other dude takes the ball, then he loses it and trips and falls on his head, oh and someone passes it to another guy...

2 hours pass....

Oh my god it was a 1 - 1 game, what an amazing moment in history folks, I was on the edge of my seat. Tune in next week when we shove icepicks under our toenails and superglue golf clubs into our assholes out of sheer boredom.
2001-10-09 11:29:00 PM  
Seattles biggest choke job has to be the in the 1994 playoffs, First Round, Denver vs. Seattle. (from NBA.COM archives) Dikembe Mutombo secures the series-ending rebound and collapses in a heap of joy as No. 8 Denver shocks No. 1 Seattle.
2001-10-09 11:32:01 PM  
Bob Wickman=my favorite baseball player! Go Tribe!
2001-10-09 11:32:42 PM  
Hardyz: I popped for your line.
2001-10-09 11:33:47 PM  
"I shall fight no more forever"
2001-10-09 11:34:32 PM  
Dude, this New Zealander says dude on the odd occasion . . . and anything remotely connected with baseball seems very odd to me.

It just seemed appropriate, dude.
2001-10-09 11:37:14 PM  
Sports ranked for manliness:

1. Hockey
2. Rugby
3. Australian League Football
4. N.F.L. Football

Yadda, yadda, yadda

279. W.N.B.A. Basketball

Blah, blah, blah

4632. N.B.A. Basketball

Duh, duh, duh

295,237,388,514,344. Baseball
2001-10-09 11:40:57 PM  
The WNBA and LPGA aren't manly, but they are butch.
2001-10-09 11:45:20 PM  
Its great that you've bothered to learn about cricket, rugby and soccer, Bmartin, but I most definitely don't want to make the effort to understand baseball.

If I knew anything about it or took it even half as seriously as most of the people in this thread, the entertainment value would probably disappear.

Cricket's only redeeming feature is that when it gets too boring, you can at least watch the grass grow in the outfield.

Soccer is played by undoubtedly skilled competitors who just happen to turn to total cry-baby pussies as soon as they fall over. And any sport where the total score often equals less than the number of testicles on an average player is always going to be very boring.

Rugby is the national sport in New Zealand but is also known in this country as Thugby. Its on a par with ice-hockey for both violence and intelligence.
2001-10-09 11:51:12 PM  
I've got to assume that the "hockey" mentioned in Bigpeeler's 10-09-01 11:37:14 PM post is ice hockey and not the kind played by girls . . .

. . . mind you, some of those girly hockey players look quite manly with their hairy legs and armpits.
2001-10-09 11:51:57 PM  
BigPeeler good god, your new picture scared the shiat out o me... where is the smiling motorcycle peeler? You in a new phase, like Picasso's blue period?

Feral-Kiwi Baseball is a great game, but I'm not sure that it translates well if you hadn't played as a child.
Kinda like Soccer in the US. I played as a wee one in England, so I have some appreciation of soccer. Can leave the game on and do my thing, check on game occasionally.
(Still loved watch Camaroon in the world cup (1988?) Rogaaaaaaa Millaaaaaaaaa)
2001-10-09 11:53:49 PM  
Feral-Kiwi: The ultimate fun-nes (I like making up words) of any sport is how much fun you can have watching it while drinking. Baseball can get really fun because you can get pretty wasted in 3 hours, even if you're taking it easy. On a related note, the most fun I ever had watching soccer was in a Biergarten is Munich, even if I did accidentally cheer for the wrong team.
2001-10-09 11:53:55 PM  
295,237,388,514,344. Baseball

[image from baseball-almanac.com too old to be available]
2001-10-09 11:58:37 PM  
[image from sunspot.net too old to be available]
2001-10-10 12:01:39 AM  
Thanks Bmartin, I had already figured out the sport + booze = more fun equation but thanks for reminding me anyway.

Skydiving must be real fun after downing copious quantities of your favourite poison.
2001-10-10 12:41:01 AM  
Skydivers take jumping while intoxicated very seriously. We save it 'till the end of the day, then all bets are off :-)
2001-10-10 12:47:16 AM  
Try getting hit in the jewels with a baseball going very quickly and you'd be wishing you had a cup on, too. I remember a young pitcher getting his first shot at the bigs a few years back getting hit there...haven't seen him since. I heard he had to have one of the boys removed.

Also, I don't really recall any ball players wearing shoulder pads. Funny, reminds me of when a chick sees somebody hit a home run and asks if they just scored a touchdown...
2001-10-10 12:51:07 AM  

i would attempt to explain baseball to you but you obviously wouldn't be able to comprehend its complexities with your closed-minded neanderthal brain.
2001-10-10 12:57:28 AM  
Wow? Lighten up Beer baron.

Or perhaps you could go and join the humourless "nuke all towel-head" cheerleaders on another thread.
2001-10-10 01:33:34 AM  
2001-10-10 01:34:03 AM  
2001-10-10 01:39:29 AM  
"Colon shuts down vaunted M's offense"

I don't watch gay porn, butt....
2001-10-10 02:24:12 AM  
I figured from the headline this had something to do with a group of Native Americans shocking the Seattle police.
2001-10-10 04:14:55 AM  
you all are need to get ready for the POWER of the TRIBE.....

they shall.... "scalp" them all....

VIVA LECHE!!!......

2001-10-10 06:34:16 AM  
Being a Tribe fan in the mid-late '80's was absolutely no fun (a couple of 100 loss seasons) the last 7 years have been a BLAST!

Go Tribe! I just hope Finley doesn't self-destruct tomorrow night.
2001-10-10 08:17:47 AM  
Baseball is the most boring sport known to man, besides golf. I can't believe people pay to watch that crap.
2001-10-10 09:05:03 AM  
Colon was throwing 99-mph heat in the 8th inning. We have this series already. Go Tribe!
2001-10-10 10:07:03 AM  
Hell yeah, Cleveland is the shiat. F the yankees.
2001-10-10 10:51:50 AM  
It's all about this guy too -
2001-10-10 10:53:01 AM  
Apparently it's all about my HTML sucking arse. Imagine a picture of everyone's favorite fat closer Bob Wickman eating a burger. 1-2-3 ninth for Wickers.
2001-10-10 12:07:43 PM  
Wick's not fat dammit! He's big boned. And the best farking closer in baseball!
2001-10-10 09:44:39 PM  
Feral-Kiwi: You must die now.
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